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Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)
Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)

Manzo TV Stand for TVs up to 43" (Set of 2)

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: George Oliver
5 Reviews
$299.99 - $339.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
Price History
Not available
11.81'' H
Cabinet Interior
13.19'' H x 12.2'' W x 15.75'' D
5.04'' x 21.06'' W x 15.75'' D
Maximum TV Screen Size Accommodated
Weight Capacity
Overall Product Weight
Open shelving
Manufactured Wood
Material Details
Sound Bar Shelf
Cabinets Included
Number of Cabinets
Adjustable Shelving
Media Storage Type
DVD / Gaming Storage
Cable Management
Wheels Included
Tipover Restraint Device Included
Integrated TV Mount
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Adult Assembly Required
Installation Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Screwdriver; Hammer
Commercial Warranty

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5 Reviews
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3/5 recommendations
Featured 5 Reviews
Love it. Looks amazing in my living room!
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It arrives in 2 boxes the wall mount and the stand part. My husband was able to put the stand part together by himself but definitely required help on the wall mount. The directions weren't super clear on it. We figured it out over time but wasn't super intuitive. I will say the furniture has a sheen/gloss to it that wasn't recognized by me when viewing online. I do like the product overall fits my 39 inch bedroom TV well. The bottom portion doesn't connect to the wall mount so size them as close as possible. It is a sturdy product have no concerns about it holding the TV up.
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We bought this piece for our son’s room and has been perfect. The quality is decent for the price point. One thing to note is the top portion mounts on the wall and does not attach to the bottom piece.
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Mika Tache
I really want to love this. I read the reviews so knew a wall mount would be necessary but the 2 arm standard swivel won’t work for this. I’m calling in the professionals and pray they have a solution. Otherwise, sizing, it’s exactly what I needed.
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Le meuble est beau toutefois j’avais acheté ce meuble car il y avait la mention « inclut des supports pour fixer la TV sur le panneau » toutefois il n’y a rien du tout pour accrocher la TV sur le panneau…est-ce normal C’est très décevant de devoir acheter un rack que je devrai ajouter au panneau pour fixer ma télévision. Je crois que vous devriez retirer cette mention dans vos informations sur le produit car cela induit en erreur les clients.
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Keep clutter to a minimum in your living room by getting a TV stand that is fitted with some storage area that can be used to conceal and organize all of your living room necessities, starting from your children toys, magazines, remote controls, novels, to any other form of clutter you might have in your house. Such a piece of furniture do really come in handy as it allows you to store more both in style and without having to occupy so much space. For most living room, TV stand fitted with storage such as cabinets, shelves, safes, or hutches are stylish storage additions especially for modern or traditional living room designs, as they tend to bring some sense of style to your space while still providing you with plenty of storage.


A black finish on your tv stand is one of the best options for a tv stand. Black establishes an eye-catching relationship between the rest of the living room decor and your tv stand. It also makes the furniture complement each other. The black finish will most likely blend in with the rest of your decor and walls unless you choose a different option. The tv stand itself won’t stand out, but you can use elements around it that do. For example, white flower vases are a great bet. The exact role can be taken on by the area rug or the lighting in the room. Each black tv finish stand has its own set of properties, which allow it to stand out in various ways and to interact with the surrounding space in its path. However, the black finish will easily show dust hence making you clean more. This finish does not take scratches and dents well, therefore expensive to maintain.


Buying a decent TV is one thing but choosing a perfect TV stand is another. A green finish TV console is a perfect way to improve your entertainment experience. Providing storage for your media essentials and are a solution to hide away clutter, the right entertainment which gives your home décor an injection of cleanliness and style. Green finish TV gives a cozy sleek floating TV stand that will keep your floor clear and things organized. A TV stand is a must which hides and holds all the wires neatly to organize the TV remotes, DVD players, etc. there are a wide range of TV stands with different designs and set-ups. Green finish TV stands go for a console design if you are looking for a clean and modern design. Green TV stand selection for the best in unique or custom, handmade pieces which will be the media center for your home. The color is inspired by traditional, combining style and functions for today’s urban lifestyle, and will mix with other furniture for a personal look.


If you are looking for something to bring to your home, then the off-white color will be your favorite color as it will be displayed throughout decorating your living room. Off-white TV stands are very loved TV stands. It will help natural lighting illuminates the room and becomes an attractive piece of furniture to support the TV. The off-white TV stand is a contemporary TV stand that was made with high gloss. It looks amazing in the modern living room. It is an easy TV stand and fits any style and décor and is the perfect addition to the living room area. Anyone will be impressed to see the off-white color of the TV stand. This TV stand is simply functional and also extraordinarily stylish. Off-white TV stands give a modern aesthetic look with a glossy look and feature the best modern design. Off-white TV stands will perfectly match the light living room décor. The off-white finish TV stand is made for outstanding contemporary appeal.


Nothing can be more pleasing than sitting relaxed in the living room and enjoying the entertainment on television while you are leaning on the couch. Be it a game night with friends or a binging a TV show on a weekend, everybody loves watching TV. But to make the viewing experience, you need to the right-center TV stand. If you are looking for orange finish TV stands that can mix and match colors, materials, styles with a unique one-of-a-kind feature which you will be able to find the perfect piece. Orange TV stands to help you build your perfect home with its uniqueness. There has a wide range of colors that will match your home décor but orange TV stands will give a classy look to your living room. Orange TV stand comes in a perfect blend of art. The orange finish resembles its simple beauty. An orange TV stand will be an exquisite decoration of your home for a well-furnished look of your space.


The TV is the focus of the living room, so you will want to give it a proud piece of furniture to place in the living room which will perfectly go with the room décor. TV stands are such furniture which completes your comfy living room. The pink TV stand comes in a very unique color pink. The original color pink will allow creating a unique space in your room. Pink itself consists of an incredible color that has its charm. Pink TV stands are a show stopping statement piece that you can get with high gloss. If you want to add colors to your living room, then a pink TV stand is a truly functional piece that will help your interior immensely with its charming color and will also give a traditional look with a traditional design. The pink TV stand is a style statement nowadays and the color option satisfies even the modern consumer. This turns your home into the clean, sleek, and paradise you crave.


You may feel overwhelmed while trying to pick the perfect TV stand for your TV. TV is often the focal point in the room, so, the TV stand must look as good as they possibly go together. Make sure it looks nice while you are entertaining guests socially. Choosing a TV stand color is important as it must go with the home décor and style. If viewed from the living room it needs to match the style of the furniture. White TV stand presents a traditional style to your room. TV stands with white in color compliments each other, the furniture and the décor of the room perfectly. Although white is the basic look finish when it comes to the TV stand, the furniture piece will attract as the centerpiece of the room to the guests. White finish gives a cozy feeling while you are relaxing in your house after the hectic schedule at work. The white TV stand is blended flawlessly with the room and serves as an impressive statement piece of furniture.

Tall(over 32 in.)

A tv stand with over 32 inches can accommodate TVs up to 78". This stand is perfectly ideal for those who want to have a broad view of their living room. Anyone entering your living room will notice your stand because of the height. On average, people spend up to 6 or more hours watching tv. This time may pose a big difference on your health, hence tall in tv stand will provide the comfort you need. Tall TV stands might make all that sitting time more comfortable and the screen easier to see — not to mention adding ample storage space underneath. However, when it comes to portability, this height will demand an extra workforce to carry the stand. With tall over 32 inches, you rest assured of enough storage units and shelves for you're personal items or display purposes. This height is best suited for more giant TVs, forming an eye-catching view.


Wood tv stands are one of the most popular types of tv stands available on the market-and for good reason! Wood is a versatile, beautiful, and natural way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces. A wood tv stand can be different colors/tones or finishes, including painted, stained, or airbrushed. Due to the extreme versatility of wood tv stands, they are able to complement nearly every home décor style, including traditional, modern, coastal, farmhouse, antique and mid-century modern. A wood tv stand would make a great choice for people who enjoy DIY projects; wood is very conducive to painting or staining, so you can easily change the look of a wood tv stand should your style preferences change. A wood tv stand would make a perfect addition to your home living spaces and will create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in your home.

40-49 inch TVs

A mid-sized media unit is the perfect fit for a 40- 49 inch TV. This tv inches feels perfectly balanced and leaves plenty of clearance on either side of the TV for a few small decorative accents, remote stashing, or just for some breathing room. An even smaller option, a 40-inch media console also works perfectly with a 43-inch TV. This is an excellent option for smaller homes or apartments where space might be tight! Portability is easier and much for this range of tv sizes. You can choose to mount the tv on the wall and place it on your tv stand. The recommended tv stand height for the tv is a height of 20.6 - 22.5, a width of 36.6 - 40.1. The viewing distance is 5.7' to 10.4; this distance is comfortable for those watching TV for long hours. This size is also space-savvy; it is ideal for small spaces or those seeking to save on space for other media in the living room.

TV Stand

Modern and contemporary tv stands are the new way of life. They come in various designs and styles, some are usually floating, and others are mounted on walls and floors. Tv stands don't house too many media items; unlike entertainment centers, tv stands are meant to save on space and use the smallest space available. They are classic and elegant; when blended well with the rest of the living room decor, they make the living room an excellent chilling spot. Tv stands are functional, meaning they can fit in all areas depending on the dealing selected. It is easy to decorate this stand and finish it with artifacts to bring it to life. Tv stands tend to make your living room modern no matter what the rest of your decor is. Some tv stands are composed of shelves to allow you to house minor accessories like remotes or players.

Small(under 48 in.)

A small tv stand with a width under 48 inch, offers sturdy support, sleek style, and a compact design, making it effortless to heighten your TV without taking up extra space. This stand is ideal for small spaces like bedrooms or people looking to save on space. You can decide to mount your tv on the wall then place the tv stand beneath it to offer a unique, stylish design for your living room. Although, when it comes to safety precautions for your tv, this stand may not be ideal for big screened-inch Tv. The stand can accommodate healthy tv of inches of 49 inches and below. When this width is used on the recommended tv, there will be a proportion to the tv set. Depending on the type of tv your own, either box or flat screen, a small width stand may not be ideal for supporting flat-screen TV. Small-width tv stands don't have plenty of clearance to place your tv comfortably.

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