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Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"

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Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60" Review
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The Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60" is a beautiful and modern take on an otherwise traditional furniture piece. Featuring open shelves, contemporary design elements, and thoughtfully-designed features, this TV stand will instantly become a favorite household furniture piece. An ideal addition to enhance a modern, contemporary, or industrial home décor motif, this TV stand is a subtle and sophisticated furniture piece that will create a warm ambience in your home living spaces. Keep reading for more information on the features, assembly information, and pros and cons of this particular TV stand. Key decision-making factors for this specific product category will also be discussed and reviewed.


There are countless features of this TV stand that make it a beautiful and versatile furniture piece. The frame of the TV stand is crafted from metal and features faux pipe joints, while the shelves are crafted of durable and strong engineered wood. Six open shelves provide you with ample storage space for décor pieces, books, devices and electronics. The wood is crafted to have a stunning grain pattern that provides a contrasting look, which further enhances the appearance of the TV stand. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. A cable management system discreetly stores long wires to give a clean and organized look. The top portion of the TV stand can accommodate flatscreen TVs that are up to 60” in length. Built-in ventilation features ensure devices don’t overheat when in use. This TV stand is available in two colors, namely:

  • Grant Oak
  • Wood

Both of these finishes are subtle yet highly sophisticated. Engineered wood also takes well to paints or stains, should you ever wish to change the color or finish of the TV stand.

Assembly Information for the Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"

Full, adult assembly is required for this TV stand. The manufacturer recommends that two people assemble and install this TV stand. The company recommends avoiding the use of power tools (to avoid splitting or cracking the wood); you will also require a screwdriver for assembly, which is not included. For your convenience, the installation and assembly guide is included online, however, you will still get a physical copy with the package.

Styling Tips for the Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60"

There are numerous ways to style and enhance the beauty of this TV stand. You can add décor pieces to the table top portion, add books to one of the shelves, and place the TV stand atop a beautiful rug. By styling the TV stand, you effectively create a more beautiful and attractive furniture piece and area in your home. Each of the styling tips are discussed in greater detail below.

Add Décor Pieces

You can add beautiful décor pieces, such as floral arrangements or greenery, a stylish clock, or a unique statue. By adding décor pieces to the TV stand, you can further enhance the style of your home and create a focal point around your television.

Add Decorative Books

Similar to the display picture, you can add decorative books to one of the shelves of this TV stand. In doing so, you create a gorgeous focal point around your TV watching/entertainment area.

Place the TV stand Atop a Beautiful Rug

Placing this TV stand atop a beautiful rug can enhance the look and style of the furniture piece. Depending on the finish selected, you can choose a contrasting color rug to make the TV stand color and design pop.


Crafted of Engineered Wood

Made from a combination of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and metal, this TV stand is built to last and withstand years of (regular) use. In comparison to other TV stands, this particular TV stand is a superior choice, as it will be a long-lasting and durable furniture piece.

Thoughtfully-Designed and Built

This particular TV stand features a thoughtfully-designed cable management system to ensure long device cables or wires are discreetly managed. The TV stand also has ventilation management features to avoid overheating from devices. Not every TV stand is built to include these features, so this makes this particular TV stand a superior choice over other TV stand units.

Warranty Available

This particular TV stand is sold with a 1-year, Limited warranty. This Limited product warranty protects you with regards to issues with the product (i.e. damage). When compared to other TV stands, this is a huge bonus that’s available to you at no extra cost.

Can Enhance Different Home Décor Motifs

The subtle and neutral colors of this TV stand, paired with the unique, faux pipe detailing can enhance a range of home décor motifs, including modern, contemporary, industrial, and rustic-chic. Of course, by adding tailored décor elements, the TV stand can further enhance your home décor motif. With regards to other TV stands, this is a significant selling feature; many TV stands are specifically designed and only really enhance a particular home décor motif.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Each and every unit is one-of-a-kind; it’s made with natural wood grain color variation, meaning each piece is distinctive and has characteristics unique to that piece alone. With respect to other TV stands, this TV stand is distinctive, unique, and one-of-a-kind.


Limited Color Options

There are only two colors/finishes available for this particular TV stand, including Grant Oak and Wood. While this may seem extremely limited, it should not deter anyone from purchasing this particular TV stand. The two finishes that are available are subtle and neutral and can easily integrate into an existing home décor motif.

Assembly Required

This particular TV stand requires assembly. As previously mentioned, this TV stand requires two-person, adult assembly and installation. While this may seem inconvenient, assembly shouldn’t be too time consuming. The nature of the product also means you likely won’t have to move it, so once it’s in place, you’re done!

Made of Engineered Wood

This particular TV stand is crafted of engineered wood; however, this should not deter anyone from selecting the TV stand. Engineered wood has many benefits, including its strength and durability.

Key Decision-Making Factors

There are a variety of key decision-making factors that consumers consider prior to purchasing a TV stand. Such factors include: Storage (including cable management systems), Ease of Assembly, and Overall Size. Each of these key decision-making factors will be discussed in greater detail below.


Many people may consider the available storage on a TV stand; for décor, electronics, devices, etc. This particular TV stand features six open shelves that are large and spacious, providing you with ample room to store different items. In comparison to other TV stands, this TV stand has lots of available storage, for electronics, décor, and other items. The open shelves provide a gorgeous aesthetic look to your home.

Ease of Assembly

With most any furniture piece, a significant key decision-making factor is the level and ease of assembly of a product. This particular TV stand requires two-person, adult assembly. While this is not unusual for most TV stands, it may be inconvenient for some people. With respect to this key decision-making factor, this particular TV stand may ‘score’ a bit lower than other similar products that don’t require assembly. However, it doesn’t require as much assembly as some other TV stands do, so it’s still a top choice in this product category.

Overall Size

Many consumers consider the size of a television stand prior to purchasing it. It’s a significant key decision-making factor, as it can affect the particular product you decide to purchase, as well as the television that you’ll be using it with. The overall dimensions of this particular TV stand are 54” x 24” x 15.5”; this furniture piece is large enough to accommodate a flatscreen TV up to 60” and doesn’t take up more room than necessary, leaving you extra living space to enjoy. In comparison to other TV stands, this product is a superior choice, as it is the perfect size without being too bulky or sacrificing on available storage.


The Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60" is a gorgeous and versatile furniture piece that can be used to enhance a range of home décor motifs, including modern, contemporary, industrial and farmhouse. The neutral design and available finishes of this TV stand makes a beautiful complement to different color palettes. This particular TV stand is easy to style and has ample storage. It’s been thoughtfully-designed to feature both cable management and ventilation systems for your various electronic devices. You can easily enhance and style this TV stand by adding curated décor pieces or books, as well as placing it atop a gorgeous rug to add a dynamic visual element to your home living area. In comparison to other TV stands, the Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60" has ample available storage and is a perfect size to accommodate flatscreen televisions up to 60”. Although this TV stand does require some assembly, it should not be a time-consuming process or require many tools. The Millen TV Stand for TVs up to 60" will make a fine addition to any home furniture collection; not only will it enhance the beauty of your living spaces, it will also enhance the aesthetic and overall organisation as well.

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When you are lounging on the sofa, the TV stand is often the most eye-catching piece of furniture, so the choice of its finish is especially important. The following will show you the finish of this TV stand to help you make your purchase easier.


A TV stand is an important piece of furniture but not all TV stands are equal. Natural finish TV stands blend with the rest of the furniture in the room and enjoy your favorite shows or movies on the television. Natural finish TV stands complete the look of the living room. The natural finish of the wood quality gives a superb look. TV stand with a glossy finish or rustic entertainment media space will like to have as a piece of furniture in the living room. Natural finish TV stands keep your living room simple and sleek with an urban design that is well-suited for everywhere. Natural TV stand comprises today’s selection of television-centric furniture. Combining several elements of the TV stand as furniture, a natural finish TV stand is a perfect introduction. Natural TV stand has always been the most traditional furniture and is also the most common TV stand construction. This gives a luxurious model with a natural finish and rich surface tones which recently rose in popularity.

The TV stand and Entertainment Center look similar , but it's very different. Read on to learn more about its features.

TV Stand

Modern and contemporary tv stands are the new way of life. They come in various designs and styles, some are usually floating, and others are mounted on walls and floors. Tv stands don't house too many media items; unlike entertainment centers, tv stands are meant to save on space and use the smallest space available. They are classic and elegant; when blended well with the rest of the living room decor, they make the living room an excellent chilling spot. Tv stands are functional, meaning they can fit in all areas depending on the dealing selected. It is easy to decorate this stand and finish it with artifacts to bring it to life. Tv stands tend to make your living room modern no matter what the rest of your decor is. Some tv stands are composed of shelves to allow you to house minor accessories like remotes or players.

This is a TV stand made of composite materials. There are 2 kinds of materials. Please read the following, and then you will be amazed at the experience brought by the combination of these materials.


Wondering which best tv material for your tv stands? Worry no more. For a tv stand that is contemporary and modern, metal is the way to go. Metal produces rudimentary designs that are attractive and elegant. The tv stand made from this material is sturdy and will serve you for decades. Metal is easy to maintain. Metal can easily be curved into different shapes that make it easy to work with. Depending on your choice, metal, when furnished with paint, your tv stand will be attractive. This material, when used on tv stand it is shinny, and the edges can be seen. Metal being ductile makes tv stands look fantastic. Metals stands can also be blended with wood to make final tv products. Even though metal can rust, special alloys are applied to reduce or evade rust. Metal materials are readily available and easy to work with.


Wood tv stands are one of the most popular types of tv stands available on the market-and for good reason! Wood is a versatile, beautiful, and natural way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces. A wood tv stand can be different colors/tones or finishes, including painted, stained, or airbrushed. Due to the extreme versatility of wood tv stands, they are able to complement nearly every home décor style, including traditional, modern, coastal, farmhouse, antique and mid-century modern. A wood tv stand would make a great choice for people who enjoy DIY projects; wood is very conducive to painting or staining, so you can easily change the look of a wood tv stand should your style preferences change. A wood tv stand would make a perfect addition to your home living spaces and will create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in your home.

I like the feature storage of this TV stand very much. Next, I will introduce my understanding for you in detail, and hope to help you.


Keep clutter to a minimum in your living room by getting a TV stand that is fitted with some storage area that can be used to conceal and organize all of your living room necessities, starting from your children toys, magazines, remote controls, novels, to any other form of clutter you might have in your house. Such a piece of furniture do really come in handy as it allows you to store more both in style and without having to occupy so much space. For most living room, TV stand fitted with storage such as cabinets, shelves, safes, or hutches are stylish storage additions especially for modern or traditional living room designs, as they tend to bring some sense of style to your space while still providing you with plenty of storage.


An Oak wood tv stand will make a beautiful and stunning addition to any home living space. Oak wood is known for being extremely durable and long-lasting with an intricate wood grain pattern throughout the wood. Oak wood is a stunning brown color that is also very resistant to any wear and tear (with normal use). Oak wood tv stands make a beautiful addition to any home living space and will enhance a welcoming and warm atmosphere in your home. Lighter than other ‘traditional woods’ like Maple, Oak wood is lighter in tone, making it easier to see the gorgeous wood grain patterns throughout the surface. Oak wood is an ideal wood variety for stains or polishes, so if you ever want to change the appearance of your Oak wood tv stand, you can easily use a stain or polish to update the look of the furniture piece. As Oak wood is highly resistant to any wear and tear, this makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets. An Oak wood tv stand is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces and create a calm and serene environment.


Hardwood is a robust wood species that is long-lasting when used on furniture, especially tv stands. The wood species is highly preferred for suitable materials for making tv stands; this is because the species is durable, designable, and has classic appeal. Owing to its durability, the wood species produces sturdy tv stands that will serve you for decades. It is easy to maintain, and when treated well with oils, it withstands or elements that may cause decay or wood borers. Hardwood produces numerous styles and designs of tv stands, making them much easier for you to pick from. Since the species is durable, it can withstand and tv weight. Unlike other species, this wood species has hues and lines that make it look even more attractive. The tv stand made from hardwood species can be part of any design scheme or blends well with the rest of the living room decor.

The width will determine the number of items that can be placed on the TV stand. Please read the following to understand the characteristics of each width.

Standard(48-67 in.)

The word standard is a universal size for tv stands width. This size is ideal for a living room and will offer plenty of clearance to place your Tv. With this width, the stands will offer just the right amount of surface area and storage capabilities, making it easy to elevate the height and style of your TV – no matter the size of your space. The width can accommodate any tv screen of 49 inches to 70" comfortably. Safety risks must, however, be checked in the event if you have toddlers; they might push your tv down. The width clearance is comfortable to set up and helps your media look visually balanced. Depending on the size of your screen, you can decide to mount the tv on the wall to hang below the stand, or you can place it on top of the surface.

When you buy a TV stand, you must pay attention to its height, because a TV stand that is too high may block your wall socket or decoration, and a TV stand that is too short will affect your viewing angle of the TV.

Tall(over 32 in.)

A tv stand with over 32 inches can accommodate TVs up to 78". This stand is perfectly ideal for those who want to have a broad view of their living room. Anyone entering your living room will notice your stand because of the height. On average, people spend up to 6 or more hours watching tv. This time may pose a big difference on your health, hence tall in tv stand will provide the comfort you need. Tall TV stands might make all that sitting time more comfortable and the screen easier to see — not to mention adding ample storage space underneath. However, when it comes to portability, this height will demand an extra workforce to carry the stand. With tall over 32 inches, you rest assured of enough storage units and shelves for you're personal items or display purposes. This height is best suited for more giant TVs, forming an eye-catching view.

The max-tv-screen-size of the TV stand is directly related to the size of the TV you want to place, and this has a huge relationship with your viewing distance and living room area. Read below to understand the performance of this TV stand in this regard.

60-69 inch TVs

For television with a range of 60-69 inches, a media stand at least 57-inches wide is recommended. Consider going a little larger if you want to add any decor to the surface of the TV stand since the width of your TV here takes up the entire surface of this TV stand size. But if you don’t have a ton of extra room to play within your living room, this size will work just fine. For a little extra breathing room and more interior storage, you can try an option that’s at least 80-inches wide. This is also a great way to fill up a space with a large, empty wall. This screen size is comfortable when watching and perfectly blends well with medium tv stands. You won't worry about the safety of the tv because the screen sizes on your tv stand have a sturdy base.

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