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Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Mercury Row®

The coffee table received an average score of 4.76 from 4549 buyers.

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Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage Review
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A coffee table is the most staple piece of furniture in any living room setup, with the ultimate power to make or break the design of the living room. This coffee table is no exceptional especially with its amazing design that is out of this world! Nowadays coffee table are not just for placing your feet on as you watch your favorite show, modern day coffee table such as the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage are being designed with extra room for extra storage. Most of the modern coffee tables have shifted from just being stylish but also being functional too.

This coffee table is definitely an unearthed piece of gem in this world of modern design, that will bring a touch of gram in any type of living room or den that it is placed in. Its gleaming finish is artful applied to reveal its warm chrome and metallic Gold undertones in this masterpiece. Created using a metallic frame and tempered glass as the counter the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is definitely built to last. In fact it’s a great coffee table choice for anyone who wants a high style coffee table that do not come with a high price tag. Plus it comes with a storage space for all your valuables such as magazines, remote control, ash tray, and novels.


1.It is fitted with a tempered glass counter top.

The tempered glass is not just an aesthetic of the coffee table design, it’s also a statement piece. The tempered table top is much stronger than the regular annealed glass as it does not crack or get scratches easily. Plus its shatter proof, unlike most glass that when they break they shatter into thousand pieces, this tempered glass does not shatter or scatter in to thousand pieces. Despite not being totally unbreakable the tempered glass is shock proof, and with that in mind its, atleast you will have some peace of mind that when someone hits it a little too hard it will not break.

2.It’s available in Metallic Gold and Chrome finish.

Applying the perfect finish is usually the last step in designing any piece of furniture and the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is no different. This coffee table is available in two different and unique finishes which are:

Metallic Gold Finish

A gold finish is usually an amazing decorative touch for the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage, it makes a bold statement, plus it also makes your coffee table look more appealing, elegant, and somehow expensive. The metallic gold finish looks like the real deal, making the coffee table a really amazing decorative piece. The only downside of having an old finish is that it does not tarnish the coffee table, however, with time tarnishing is likely to start happening.

Chrome Finish

The chrome finish is said to increase the hardness and durability of the coffee table’s metal frame, and also prevent any form of corrosion, which makes it much easier to clean your Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage. The chrome finish do come in handy especially when you have little children who are always running around and playing around within your living room, as a chrome fish is capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

3.It’s fitted with a storage area underneath.

No matter how large your living room or house is, if you have no storage space within your living room you will always have some clutter lying around especially if you have little children. Buying a coffee table or any other type of furniture with enough storage space is always a wise investment. Having a closer look at the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage it’s a great thing what some the innovative designers we have in this generation are capable of making. With the storage space available on the coffee table you can now maximize its use and get value for your money. This coffee table not only helps keep your living room stylish but it also helps keep it clear, as you can use it to hide some of your staff such as the kid’ s toys, when you are having guests over.



When it comes to choosing any type of furniture may it be a sofa, bed, or even coffee table, durability is a major factor that should always be taken with the sensitivity it requires. The Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is made out of a metal flame and two tempered glasses, which makes it quite sturdy and very durable. No matter what you throw at it this coffee table can withstand even the harshest environments, especially if your living room is the playground field for your children.

2.Handsomely crafted

The Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is well crafted to transform the look of your living room, as it will be the focal point of your living room or even serve as the art piece in the room and make your living room look even more sexy. It also provides great contrast to the other furniture in your living room, especially with its rounded shape, with no sharp balance.

3.It is easily portable

When you have a small apartment it means that you don’t have the luxury to buy any type of furniture without considering the amount of space available. Also when you have a small home or apartment it means that you will always moving items from one side of the house to the other so as to create room for another item or activity. And that’s where this coffee table comes in handy, as it is quite portable and can be easily moved from one point to another.

4.It takes up little space

Being round in shape means that it will occupy less space, while still being able to carry out all its functionality. This is what makes it the perfect coffee table for anyone with a small living room, as it can easily fit into your space without causing much congestion as compared to rectangular shaped coffee table.

5.It’s much safer for children

Unlike a rectangular shaped coffee table, a round coffee table such as the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is much safer for younger children as it does not have sharp corners that are likely to injure your child. With this coffee table you will not have to remove it from the living room each time your children are playing as you will feel they are safe with it in the room.

6.It’s better for personal interaction

One huge disadvantage of having a rectangular shaped coffee table is that during a conversation one person will always feel left out. However with a round coffee table there is always better engagement during a conversation since everyone is looking directly at each other. This makes it the perfect coffee table for a personal interaction unlike a formal interaction, which improves the chances of there or more people having a better conversation.

7.It’s quite flexible

The Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is a very flexible coffee table as it can be used with corner coaches, rounded coaches, and even rectangular coaches, unlike with rectangular shaped coffee table which can only be place at the center of a living room and the person sitting at the corner of the corner sofa will have no way to use it. Hence the coffee table is convenience for people sitting at different positions on your living room coach.


Require help to assemble

When assembling this coffee table you will definitely require some help from another individual, however if you are not that handy it’s always good to call in an expert to assemble the coffee table for you.


If you are looking for a stylish and yet simple coffee table with a storage for you to put away some of the clutter lying around in your living room this coffee table is definitely a great decision. Built with a metallic frame you can be sure that it’s sturdy and capable of handling anything that you through at it. Aside from the top of the coffee table having a tempered glass the shelf underneath also is made out of tempered glass, giving the coffee table a luxurious look, especially when it comes with a gold or chrome finish. When choosing a coffee table it’s always good to consider the number of people that are going to use the coffee table and the space that you have available in your living room.

When it comes to styling your living room this coffee table is simple and yet trendy with warm finishes, and modern luxurious features that makes it the perfect match to any type living room interior. When it comes to storage the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage have a storage area underneath where you can keep all the clutter in your living room such as your kids toys, magazines, and even your remotes. Overall the Schroeders Coffee Table with Storage is wort having one in your living room especially for its multi- functionality, exceptional styling, and quality.

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Finish can make a big difference to the look of the coffee table, please choose carefully, as it must fit your living room style. Following is a brief introduction of this coffee table finish, welcome to understand.


When looking for a kitchen coffee table furnish that will either illuminate your office or bedroom? Gold kitchen coffee table is the furnish of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, and shares several of the same attributes of yellow. This furnish will illuminate your room making it the focal point of view. It can easily blend with the rest of your coffee table room. Gold coffee table can also be used to place your best flower vase and other decorative items. It’s easy to clean. Gold reflects light making bold and visible to anyone entering your house. This furnish matches well with the rest of colors in your coffee table room. Gold will always create excellent energy. When used near any light source, the warmth of its unique glow and the mood it creates is hard to beat. To maximize this, gilt wall lampshades with gold interiors are perfect for your coffee table.


Chrome kitchen dining table is one of the best colors that will leave you wanting more. This color will illuminate your kitchen making it a focal point of admiration. Chrome is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation. Chrome is also stimulating, vibrant, and flamboyant making it also favorable for toddlers who are studying or for those who loves chrome colors. This sleek look, which is both classic and cool, will look good on any piece of furniture, and will match all the other decor in your home. Because it works on any type of metal and combined with any color, chrome plating works as part of any type of furniture, too. Chrome color on dining table is easy to clean and does not fade easily.

This coffee table is made of 3 kinds of materials, which gives it a variety of features. Read on to learn more.


When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room setup you need to first understand the type of coffee table that you desire and whether its durable on not, so as to invest in a piece that will last long and one that will not go out of style as soon as you purchase it. A good example is the iron coffee table and one reason why you should buy it is because it’s very durable, just like any other type of metallic coffee table. Plus it also has a very sturdier frame as compared to other type of coffee table made from different materials. Another advantage is that iron is frame resistance and in case something unexpected happens the iron table will withstand anything. And in case you have pet at home chances are that it will not be able to scratch your iron coffee table as it would do with a wooden coffee table.


Glass coffee tables have been a staple in living rooms for generations; they are sleek, sophisticated, and elegant. Glass coffee tables are a modern way to showcase your personal style. Glass coffee tables can enhance a range of home décor motifs, including traditional, contemporary, and antique. Styled, glass coffee tables can elevate the look of your home and enhance your personal home décor style. Glass coffee tables are unique in that their design allows you to see the section of the table that is underneath the table top. This allows you the opportunity to style or decorate not only the top portion of the coffee table, but also the portion underneath. You can enhance a glass coffee table by adding decorative elements to both sections of the table, such as photo frames, floral arrangements, coffee table books, and trays with décor pieces. Glass coffee tables are a great way to showcase your personal style and they provide you ample space to display your favorite items.

Our industry experts have written a buying guide for this tag, click the link below:

Always in Vogue, Add a Glass Coffee Table to Your Home

Always in Vogue, Add a Glass Coffee Table to Your Home


If you are in the market for a coffee table, there are so many choices that you can choose from ranging from glass, wooden, to metallic coffee table. However one of the most durable type if coffee table in the market is the metallic coffee table reason being, metallic coffee table are very versatile and as a result you are likely to easily find one that blends seamlessly with the type of décor that you are using. Plus metallic coffee table are always very durable and long-lasting since metal is a very strong element. Metallic coffee table are also very affordable as compared to other types of coffee table, this is because metal is a readily available product. One disadvantage of owning a metallic coffee table is the fact that it’s high likely to rust if it’s not well coated with a weather resistant plant.

This is a 1 number of tables included coffee table, simple and compact, you can read below to find out if it is suitable to you.


Most often when you select a coffee table, you’re selecting one individual coffee table. In other words, you are only seeking to purchase the coffee table that will likely be the focal point of your home living space. A sole (or individual) coffee table is a typical furniture choice for many people; it is easy to select an individual coffee table that will complement your existing home décor motif or enhance a particular style you have in mind. Having one coffee table allows you to create a focal point in your home living space and enhance the beauty of your coffee table. You can enhance your individual coffee table (and create a focal point in your living space) by positioning the coffee table in the centre of the room, adding unique décor pieces or floral arrangements, or using gorgeous textiles to spruce up the look of your coffee table.

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