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Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed
Walley Storage Bed

Walley Storage Bed

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Brayden Studio®
240 Reviews
$2453.32 - $2763.32
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
Price History
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89.1'' H x 64.6'' W x 89.1'' L
Murphy Bed
89.1'' H x 100.25'' W x 20.3'' L
Overall Product Weight
Frame Material
Manufactured Wood
Box Spring Required
Number of Slats Included (Queen Size)
Number of Slats Included (Full Size)
Slat Material
Center Support Legs
Weight Capacity
1000 lb.
Mattress Included
Recommended Mattress Thickness (Queen Size)
Recommended Mattress Thickness (Full Size)
Headboard Included
Finished Back
Footboard Included
Bed Storage Included
Drawers; Shelves
Compatible with Adjustable Bed
Natural Variation Type
No Natural Variation
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Installation Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Screwdriver; Hammer
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
1 Year on the mechanism and 10 years on the frame

Featured Reviews

Here are 65 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
240 Reviews
Would Recommend
55/65 recommendations
Featured 65 Reviews
Extremely happy with this purchase so convenient for guests
Helpful Helpful 2
Follow the directions. Open only the boxes in order - no more than two at a time. Pay for threshold delivery and tip the guys. No. They won't take it upstairs or help you put it together. Read the directions, all of the directions and watch a youtube video first.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a very nice bed. Looks like a built in in my sons room. Im a small framed woman and I put this bed together on my own. Instructions were pretty easy to follow.
Helpful Helpful 0
Delivered when they said. Went together real nice . Looks great
Helpful Helpful 0
Jay Kay
Read the instructions before you start. Twice! I opened all the boxes and organized all the pieces before I started. Took me two days with help. Love it. Easy to pull down. Fit my mattress well. Can’t wait to use it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Super difficult to put together but it turned out great! This will be a permanent structure to the house though...I don't picture us removing it if we move. Otherwise I feel it is perfect for what we need.
Helpful Helpful 0
This looks amazing in our guestroom. The directions were fairly easy to follow and it only took a day to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
Takes some time to put together but is worth it in the end. Definitely recommend hiring a professional as advised.
Helpful Helpful 0
When five big, heavy boxes arrived on our front porch, we were really intimidated! But the instructions were very clear, and the quality is excellent. It took us about 8 hours total to put it together.
Helpful Helpful 0
the best decision I made in 2020
Helpful Helpful 0
Great quality and looks fabulous! Changed the hardware out to a matte black on white and love the look. It took 1/2 a day to assemble. Set aside some time, its not easy task.
Helpful Helpful 0
Bought this for the second bedroom to give us more space. Love the look! A bit of a tricky install but my husband is handy and was able to install by himself!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this Murphy bed!! We moved and sold it with our house and already bought the exact same one for the new house!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Oh! yes we like it my daughter and son-in-law assemble it together no problem
Helpful Helpful 0
Well so far very pleased with the quality of the bed. Shipping and delivery went good. Assembly has been pretty simple. Bestar has been great with their support,replacing a drawer front that I messed up at no charge.So I would purchase again.
Helpful Helpful 0
Assembly was straightforward. Looks great and is working great. It has transformed our den into a guestroom.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very well made and looks perfect in my office/guest room.
Helpful Helpful 0
Was it heavy? Yes! Did it take a lot of work to put together? Yes! Was it worth it? Definitely yes!!! Perfect for our study/fourth bedroom. Looks outstanding get compliments constantly.
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful bed! Lots of storage, perfect for our room!
Helpful Helpful 0
Purchased for a client. Easy to assemble
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful unit
Helpful Helpful 0
Absolutely love this bed. We have so much more room now. Only this is, if you are thinking of purchasing this, I strongly suggest you pay the extra money for the assembly because it is a lot of parts.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a great piece. It did take my husband and a friend a couple days off and on to put together but it’s solid and looks great in our space. There is a chemical smell upon unboxing so I kept the windows open for a couple days to help air it out and then it was fine. Great solution for a guest room and a great product so far!
Helpful Helpful 0
Assembly was a pain, but very happy once it was put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
This unit fits so perfectly into a small guest bedroom that it completely transformed it from dull to cozy and charming.It took a little time to put together, about a day and a half, but the instructions were excellent and all the pieces were in good order. I love the spacious drawers, quick easy storage for the excess bedding when I fold it back up.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a well built Murphy bed. The drawers are big enough to store bedding and still leave 2 drawers open for clothes. Very sturdy and looks fantastic in our spare bedroom/game room. It took us 5 hours to complete the building of the unit, with 3 adults. I recommend watching the youtube tutorials before hand and referencing during the build. I also want to give a shout out the Tyler from customer care. Our bed had a big delay in shipping, and Tyler helped us get it found and delivered! He was very professional and gave us a refund for the hassle of the late shipment. Great customer service! Would definitely recommend!
Helpful Helpful 0
This unit is beautiful. I was happy I have more tools around my house so we had options when putting it together. But my 14 year old son and I were able to put it together in a weekend.
Helpful Helpful 0
I could not be anymore pleased! Looks great, very comfortable. It took two people about 5 hours to put this together. Easy up and down, this has turned one room into two, TV room/guest room.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks greats, just wish they had better instructions!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great solution for our small space for a guest room. Took my husband about 10 hours total but he was able to install solo. Customer service number was very knowledgeable and was able to help us locate all parts that we initially didn’t see when unboxing the 6 boxes of pieces.
Helpful Helpful 0
This bed looks wonderful in our guest room/office. Took some time to put together but the directions were easy to follow and it is very sturdy
Helpful Helpful 0
This beast was HARD to put together. It is a 2-3 person job and it took some time. The pieces and parts are spread between several boxes and it took awhile to sort out what was what. Especially since the stickers weren’t on all the pieces. But in the end it looks great and works well. Getting the panels in correctly for sure took extra hands but I am happy with the outcome.
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Walley Storage Bed review
Great bed for the buy. Only downfall….hard to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this. Took a full day for two adults to install. Looks good and works well.
Helpful Helpful 0
Really awesome!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great quality for the price!
Helpful Helpful 0
I really love this murphy bed. We have a small guest room we use as an office most of the time. Having the murphy bed gives us the option for guests when they visit while still allowing us to use the room for working from home. It is simple and classic.
Helpful Helpful 0
Great quality
Helpful Helpful 0
I’ll start by saying I’m fairly handy and assembled the bed, drawers, and bookcase in about 1.5 days with various breaks, although working time was probably closer to the 7-8 hours most people report. I was able to do everything by myself except a few items (attach a couple of horizontal pieces that needed holding by my wife and then lift the bookshelf component onto the drawers).Delivery was 6 boxes and most were heavy and bulky, but extremely well packed with cardboard and Styrofoam. I needed to unpack in one room and take them into the destination room as needed. They take up a lot of space that would otherwise be needed for assembly.Start by unpacking the long boxes as you’ll want to assemble the bed first. I also took off the baseboard at this point opposed to waiting until the bed was assembled. This allowed me to mark where I wanted it to go easier since I was tight on space and already knew I wanted one side 18” from a side wall, as an example. On this note, realize that the bed is 65” wide so you will lose any practical wall outlet usage behind it. The drawers are 35” wide but do not sit flush against the wall like the bed will – you have about 2” of space behind them so you could run an extension cord or something but also realize you should be permanently attaching this unit so my recommendation is to consider 100” on no outlet access. I will drop in another outlet via attic access.The bed goes together fairly easily. The instructions are good. I would recommend a rubber mallet where the picture indicates using a claw hammer. Some of the pieces are tight and you do have to hammer them in. A few other tips include that it’s also easier to install the wooden slats if you push down on the middle of them while inserting the black connector. There are also a couple of pieces where the wooden dowels are used for underneath support opposed to actually connecting pieces together. I remember this was a bit of a pain when assembling the bottom trim on carpet that made it hard to slide underneath.I did not care for the drawer assembly. They use a bunch of cam connectors and that unit was not as tight as the bed. It is also very tall.The bookcase went together easy and securely. They provide 3 shelves but I only used 2 spaced 12” apart. They are adjustable. I would recommend putting the cams in the drawer unit and then placing the bookcase on the top instead of the reverse, which is how the directions showed.To attach the drawer/bookcase to the bed you’ll need a 3/16 drill bit to make the hole, and, make sure the units are already touching or the screw connectors won’t reach. I would recommend getting the drawer unit exactly in place (especially if on carpet) before attaching the bookcase on top. Getting the bottom aligned is the critical piece as you can always squeeze the tops together.We bought a new 12” mattress but wound up putting an older 10” mattress on this. It fits great and I can see how there would be no way to go more than 12”. Overall we’re very pleased with this for a combination guest, workout, project room. For those interested, the unit was made in both the USA and Canada with the bed frame coming from China. In my case, it was assembled in Texas :-)
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Walley Storage Bed reviewWalley Storage Bed reviewWalley Storage Bed review
Was a little difficult to put together, but figured it out eventually. Make sure to separate everything beforehand and look at the instructions carefully. Took about 6.5 hours with my husband and my teenage daughter. Looks great and well worth the time time and money!!
Helpful Helpful 0
It is what I was looking for. There are other similarly priced wall beds with similar colors. The assembly of the bed was easy (I did it by myself in about half a day). The thing didn’t chip or get damaged. But I did scratch my floor up doing it myself. The doors didn’t screw onto the mattress frame perfectly as the directions didn’t quite match reality but it was fine. On that note it was nice to have so few pieces to assemble the support for the mattress. But two bolts wouldn’t threat nice at all. Unfortunately that was on the receiving end and not the bolts themselves. Quality control! Seems safe. The bookshelf was a bit more of a nightmare. I’d advise you to not do that alone. Lots of chipping with one particular step for he drawers but it’s mostly hidden. Though bolting the unit to the bed (as recommended) Really made a nasty chip that is visible. Pilot hole didn’t help -maybe use tape? and make sure to measure and drill from both sides instead of through to the other. Haven’t slept on it but enjoying more space since COVID has me working at home.
Helpful Helpful 0
This unit is so beautiful. We are beyond happy. I’m only giving it 4/5 stars because it’s extremely hard to assemble but everything else is perfect.
Helpful Helpful 0
This was incredibly time consuming to put together, and you’ll need power tools. It looks great once it’s complete. The drawers and shelves are free standing, so they don’t secure to the bed portion.
Helpful Helpful 0
Boxes were extremely heavy and I hired a professional to put it together. The end result was beautiful! Matches the flooring perfectly, works well and a single person can operate the bed easily.
Helpful Helpful 0
A challenge to put together, but well worth the work.Only problem with this purchase was that it went on sale two weeks after I bought it. Could have saved myself over $350.00 if I'd have waited to order.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks good - Very well made - couple of scratches on the finish
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice piece very hard to build
Helpful Helpful 0
A few of the steps were missing in the directions and therefore I missed getting the toe kick on. Otherwise I’ve been really pleased with the product! Drawers work smoothly and it’s SO easy for just 1 person to pull down. Obviously not an heirloom but not bad either. Recommend if you’re seeking functionality and simple, clean design.
Helpful Helpful 0
Other than some directions that didnt match and a few steps that would have worked better in another order, everything works well and looks great.
Helpful Helpful 0
Overall I am satisfied with my purchase. It could have been better if the boxes are numbered on the outside so one knows which to open first. There were a couple slight scratches on the paint. Also there was a board that was not numbered, but we figured out it is the headboard. The moving company was not communicative and dropped it off out on the sidewalk of our business that we had it delivered to.
Helpful Helpful 0
Had some issues with shippping (lost the order, then received only half the boxes). Took over a month to remedy the shipping issue. The product itself is nice and not too difficult to put together, it just takes a good chunk of time.
Helpful Helpful 0
love the style. works well for our guest bed/office space. we haven't had guests sleep on it yet, but it's such a space saver, I know we will love it,
Helpful Helpful 0
We were surprised as to how sturdy this unit is. Also,how spacious the drawers are. The only reason Im giving it 4 stars is the difficulty factor involved in putting it together. I would suggest hiring someone to do it for you. Other than that we are very pleased.
Helpful Helpful 0
As others have noted, it's an arduous build and tricky to attach to the wall, especially when there is base molding, but it looks nice in the room.
Helpful Helpful 0
it's ok
Helpful Helpful 0
My biggest comment regarding this bed is the instructions. The instructions are absolutely awful. Screws and parts were also not labeled well or organized well, making it a project on its own to shift through hundreds of screws to find the right one. A few boards were missing numbers, putting in a lot of guesswork to building the bed frame too. One section of the bed was chipped, but it's not visible so wasn't worth the hassle of returning. Installation is absolutely a 2 person job due to the weight and size of the frame and panels. I'd expect better quality for the price. Constructed bed looks nice exactly - as pictured - and seems sturdy and saves a lot of space. It's a nice clean look and allows you to multipurpose a room.
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful beast of a bed. Not a quick project the bed takes a major time investment. Once it’s finally together you will enjoy it.
Helpful Helpful 0
It was a bit hard to assemble though look ok
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed works well and is attractive when put up against the wall as well as when folded down and functioning as a bed. We had problems with delivery process but all was resolved in time for our Thanksgiving guests to enjoy the Holiday.
Helpful Helpful 0
Made well but overpriced. This bed is made by Bestar, search for bestar murphy bed on Google and you can find then about 1000 dollars cheaper. I already purchased mine but I don't think wayfair will price match it.
Helpful Helpful 0
The piece looks nice after being put together. It was difficult to put together and several pieces of hardware were missing and additional holes had to be drilled to make it fit. One piece was damaged but was able to cover it up.
Helpful Helpful 0
Door fell off bed after a couple of uses. Looks good but not well made
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble, but it does NOT hold the size mattress listed, so the one we bought at the size listed meant the bed wouldn't close. We had emails and phone conversations with the company, but no relief was provided. They said the end piece was meant "to impale" a mattress to keep it from sliding to the floor -- but that's not how it worked because the mattress was too thick. We've had to buy a very thin 5" mattress so the wall bed would close. Wish it was different because otherwise it's a fine looking unit, and wasn't too difficult to assemble. It's quite unfortunate about their design for the end piece to keep a mattress from sliding down!!! Wayfair's shipping was fabulous (!) and this wall bed will work for an occasional, short-term visitor... but it's not what we'd hoped.
Helpful Helpful 0
Unless u plan to use this product less than a year do not buy. The door ripped off its hinges 4 months in and 1 year later the mechanics to hod up the bed ripped right off. Wayfair provided no replacement pieces or help to get manufacturers to fix.
Helpful Helpful 0
Junk particle board and hinges ripped right out. Have to modify this on my own. Do not buy its cheap materials.
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A Queen Size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s a very popular bed as it ideal for various kind of lifestyle, it can suit a wide range of sleepers such as single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed or couple who are shopping on a budget. A queen size bed can fit in most bedrooms making it ideal for couples who want to share a bed plus also its affordability. The Queen Size bed has different variations in case you need a size larger than a normal queen bed but smaller than a king sized bed. These variations include an Olympic queen sized bed which has 6 extra inches on its width and a California queen which has 4 extra inches in length. A queen size bed will fit perfectly well in large bedrooms and smaller bedrooms.


Gray as a color can be somehow depressing and uninspiring especially in a darker bedroom, and as you already know sleeping in a gray bedroom is not as satisfying as sleeping in a brighter bedroom. Gray might not be as inviting as other colors but that doesn’t mean that a Gray bed is not a good choice for your bedroom. All you need to know before choosing a gray bed or any other no so bright colored bed is which bedroom décor is the best for that specific bed color. With a gray bed it can be really advantageous especially if you have an all-white bedroom since it will tone down the general look for your bedroom, creating some form of contrast. In case you have a bright bedroom and you wish to tone down I would definitely recommend for you a gray bed to help tone down your bedroom décor.


Many people tend to think that in order to create a dramatic high-contrast bedroom space, you need to decorate your bedroom with bright colors or moody greens, blues, and reds. Well, it’s time to think again, because now with a natural colored/themed bed you can create a dreamy, dramatic and romantic bedroom space. A natural bed gives your bedroom a cozy and romantic look which is much better that the traditional rather spooky and cave like look, that is achieved through lots of unnecessary painting. Especially if you are a minimalist a natural bed is your best option as it gives you that minimalist look since it’s perfectly fine without any clutter and unnecessary furnishing and also it provides you with a clean, serene vibe. If you intend to keep an all-natural vibe in your bedroom then you should go and get yourself a Natural bed.


A white bed is definitely a show stopper, it’s plain and simple. Despite people referring to white as lack of other colors, a white bed makes quite a statement. It gives your bedroom space a more open and timeless feel, while allowing your bedroom décor to standout even more clearly. A bed with a pure shade of white energizes your entire space giving it a vibrant new look, giving you the illusion of a more light within your bedroom. What makes a white bed a favorite for many is the fact that white as a color creates a relaxing sleep environment. And as you know choosing the right color is very important, since color is like magic and can influence your state of mind and emotions. If there is one thing you should do right is get yourself a white bed and enjoy every single moment you spend in your bedroom.


A cluttered bedroom is not pleasing and relaxing at all. Sometimes, though your things are well-organized, seeing them still makes your space crowded. Two options are available: throw away your stuff or upgrade your regular bed into a drawer or storage bed. For sure, you will choose the latter, right?

Space-saving and multifunctional, drawer beds can make you feel like you don't need shelves and cabinets anymore. They come with 2 drawers, 4 drawers, 2 full and 2 half drawers, or end drawers built in the bed frame. Full ottoman and half ottoman are also available, where the entire bed offers hidden storage space. Drawer beds can also benefit your stuff since they are hidden, they won't accumulate dust. Finding them can also be easy for you because you have just one place to look at. After all, a tidy room can make your sleep better and more comfortable. And, yes, there's no such thing as too much storage.


The home is the training ground for children. It's where they learn and cultivate their values and character. So as a parent or a guardian, you play a big role in who they will become. Allow them to be themselves, to explore what they like, and to play with their imagination. Actually, you can start with their bedroom. How? Ask them what wall color they like. If you have an extra budget for a custom-made bed, ask your little one how he would like for it to look like. A car? A train? A spaceship? A dollhouse? Or if you can, build the bed yourself! It can be a great bonding time for you and your kids.

A kid's bed can also be space-saving with its built-in drawers, which can be a way to tidy up their toys and books. Beds with bedside table, where your child(ren) can study and play with papers and crayons, are also available in the market. Of course, kids love to play. Make bedtime fun with tent beds, beds with slide, and house-shaped kids' beds! Surely, your youngster will enjoy both his waking and sleeping hours.


If you’re out of space or for one reason or another you want big space for your bedroom, then it's time to invest in a Murphy bed. Murphy is designed to save space and create space. This bed is hinged on a wall and can be folded up into a wall during the day, allowing you to have enough working space. Murphy beds have evolved into a stylish, multi-functional piece that can easily blend into one’s existing décor. Depending on your preference, these beds are manufactured in several different styles, colors, and designs. Murphy bed also offers you a chance to use the guest room for your personal use, since we don’t receive guests all the time. One can use the space for the exercise of making the room a study room, then when your guest comes you unfold your murphy bed.

Storage Included

When your bedroom space is small storage can be the biggest challenge you will encounter. Your closet could be a solution but not big enough to pack so many clothes. Well, you may want to buy a bigger cabinet, but you don’t want to pack so many dressers and cabinets into your space that it feels clunky and crowded. Storage beds are a fantastic way to get more space without adding extra furniture, and a lot of them are so stylishly designed you almost don’t notice the drawers are there. This bed design offers a great way to make the most of the space in your room, giving you a place to stash clothes, bedding, and more inside or beneath your bed frame. The best storage beds feature spacious compartments that are easy to access, and with tons of styles to choose from. The most common options are shelves built into the headboard or drawers built into the frame below the mattress. Depending on the reason you want space, a storage bed provides easy access, but if you're storing items that you don't need to get to very often, you can opt for a spacious platform beneath the bed that can be accessed when you lift the mattress. Ultimately, your choice will come down to what's most convenient for you.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.


A wooden bed is a very popular choice especially when you are out buying a bed for your kids as they come with a number of advantages. Such as: wooden beds are known to be long lasting. At one point in life most of us have slept in a wooden bed, plus wooden beds can be traced back in history to our Tudor ancestors. If you opt to get you kid a bed of his or her own a wooden bed is always the best choice, since they are much easier to clean and maintain since its common knowledge how messy a child’s bedroom become. What makes a wooden bed the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is its ability to withstand everything your child throws at it. This is because wooden beds are known to be sturdy and robust no matter the environment they are in.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.

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