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VigsHome is one online home furnishing platform with the mission of improving the quality of home life of users. Our goal is to help users who love life as we do and want to make their homes more comfortable and beautiful to find everything they want there, and make it easier to make the right decision. VigsHome currently serves more than 1 million monthly users in North America and has now become one of the leading home and life online portals in North America.

The VigsHome website is owned by VIGS INC. Our team consists of a group of members who love home life, including interior designers, freelance writers, data analysts, etc. We are working hard to find the latest trends, unique inspirations, and more life and home concepts every day, to bring new experiences to users. We cooperate with many merchants to provide high-quality product search functions to help users find the most suitable household products for them. More importantly, we are not only cooperating with big brands, we are also committed to showing products of niche and distinctive suppliers to our users.

Meet Our Experts
Albert Shkembi
Contractor / Expert Consultant
Anne Lachance
Designer / Research Consulting
Ben Rock
Master Carpenter / Expert Consultant
Bethene Pomilia
Data Analyst / Senior Editor
Daniel Chaffin
Furniture Manufacturer / Research Consulting
Katherine Johnson
Designer / Senior Editor
Kelvin Harrell
Marketing Manager / Expert Consultant
Martin Spielberg
Professional Writer / Senior Editor
Oluwadamilola Oboye
Data Analyst / Senior Editor
Risa Marks
Home Improvement Expert / Senior Editor
Tara LeFranc
Tester / Senior Editor
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