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What is VigsHome?

The VigsHome website is owned by VIGS INC. Our team consists of a group of members who love home life, including interior designers, freelance writers, data analysts, etc. We are working hard to find the latest trends, unique inspirations, and more life and home concepts every day, to bring new experiences to users. We cooperate with many merchants to provide high-quality product search functions to help users find the most suitable household products for them. More importantly, we are not only cooperating with big brands, we are also committed to showing products of niche and distinctive suppliers to our users.

Why should I trust VigsHome?

We spend a lot of time every day to optimize and screen the product lists we access from many merchants, and analyze them to ensure that we can provide users with the best choice. At the same time, our experts team will regularly draft different types of furniture shopping guides, as well as research and analysis reports on specific products to help consumers make reasonable decisions. We do not accept money, gifts or samples from merchants and manufacturers in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews.

Who writes the product reviews on VigsHome?

We have assembled an experienced team of writers, researchers, editors, and testers around the world to research products and write non-biased reviews.

Will VigsHome charge fees from furniture manufacturers and merchants to change the evaluation of specific products?

All of our products reviews are 100% objective. We do not accept money, gifts or samples merchants and manufacturers in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews. We make money only if a user clicks through to a vendor and makes a purchase. If we fail to win your trust and guide you to a purchasing decision, we do not make any money. We earn a referral fee on any item you buy, so we are not biased to pick one item over another. Our sole focus is on delivering the best content possible.

Doesn't earning money from your reviews make you biased?

We only make money if we earned your trust and you click to purchase a product after reading a review, which is meaning that we will never charge any fees from merchants and furniture manufacturers to change the evaluation of specific products, so we will maintain absolute fairness.

Can't find a merchant, brand, or specific product I like?

We are always trying to grow our portfolio of merchants, brands and specific products. However, due to the huge number of businesses and brands on the Internet, we cannot achieve 100% collection and real-time update. If you cannot find your favorite merchant, brands or specific products, please contact us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Why do I search for a product with a specific color, but the image in the search result shows a different color?

Usually, we only select one picture for each product that best matches its characteristics. So when a product has multiple colors, the picture displayed by the product may be different from the color you search.

I don't agree with your review of a product. what can I do?

We love hearing from our readers and know that every now and then our content is outdated or we made a mistake. You can write to us using the contact link above. Unlike a lot of companies, we take pride in answering every email consumers write to us!

How can I contact VigsHome?

We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. The easiest way would be to use the contact link at the top of the page.

Can I write for VigsHome?

From time to time, VigsHome seeks out additional freelance writers to regularly contribute to VigsHome. If you're interested, please contact us for more info.

Can I link to VigsHome pages?

Absolutely! To link to our homepage, link to https://www.vigshome.com. To link to a particular page on VigsHome, include the entire url to the link you're interested in.

Can I copy reviews from VigsHome onto my website, blog, or forum?

No. All of our reviews, unless specifically labeled otherwise, are protected by copyright. You are not allowed to copy content without express written consent. If our reviews are of interest to your website visitors, you are welcome to link to any of our pages.

What is VigsHome's privacy policy?

We take our users' privacy very seriously; please view our Privacy Policy page for details.

What are the terms and conditions of using VigsHome?

Please view our Terms and Conditions page for details.