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Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Andover Mills™

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Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee Review
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Traditional elegance, regality and modernity converge in the gorgeous Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee.

The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a gorgeous, comfortable and elegant sofa. Boasting exceptional quality for unparalleled value, the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a beautiful furniture piece that will make any room more cozy! This small couch is a great solution for rooms or spaces in your home that are difficult to furnish (such as a hallway, foyer, second living room, a large bedroom, etc.). It is an ideal choice for small rooms, as it is compact and not as large as other sofa types; however, the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee can also be used to furnish rooms that are extra-large, as it can provide a unique way to distinguish a separate seating area within a room that otherwise may look too big. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee also makes a beautiful addition to any living room or family room, to enhance a warm and inviting atmosphere. Keep reading for information on the features, pros, cons, and style tips for the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee.


The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee has numerous features that add to the beauty and functionality of the piece. From an aesthetic point of view, the tufted upholstery of the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee adds a warm and inviting look to your home living space. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee features rolled arms that add an elegant look to the piece. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is available in either a linen or velvet (polyester) fabric finish and numerous colors:

Linen Color Varieties

  • Beige Linen
  • Brown Linen
  • Charcoal Linen
  • Gray Linen
  • Cream Linen
  • Mocha Linen
  • Burgundy Wine Linen
  • Navy Blue Linen
  • Violet Linen

Velvet Color Varieties

  • Dark Turquoise Daily (velvet)
  • Violet Daily (velvet)
  • Scarlett Daily (velvet)
  • Slate Daily (velvet)
  • Dove Gray Daily (velvet)
  • Beige Daily (velvet)

The variety of colors allows you to select from either a beautiful neutral or bold color assortment and expertly match the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee to your existing home décor. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee features sturdy and ornate solid wood legs to complement a traditional style, as well as matching button decals on the tufted (back) portion of the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee also has foam padding on both the seat and backrest to enhance the comfort of the furniture piece. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is made of polyester, which is known for its strength, resistance to mold/mildew, and overall durability. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is available in either a linen or velvet fabric; the linen fabric is available in a neutral color palette, is gorgeous, and enhances a traditional and classic aesthetic. Linen fabric is a beautiful complement to a rustic, antique, and/or coastal design style, as it is very natural and earthy. The plush and luxurious velvet material that is available is a perfect complement to enhance a modern and contemporary aesthetic. The shape of the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee also adds a regal, sophisticated and elegant flair to your home décor.


Function and Versatility

There are numerous pros to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a gorgeous and elegant furniture piece that is versatile and functional; it not only looks great, but it can be used as an every day furniture piece/sofa. The versatility of the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee allows you to include the furniture piece in a variety of room sizes and types, such as a foyer, a bedroom, or a living room. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a functional sofa that can be used for either decorative purposes (such as in a room that isn’t frequented as much as other rooms) or for every day use.

Wide Range of Colors Available

Another pro to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is the availability of different colors and fabrics (linen or velvet) to suit your needs, design preferences, and styles. There is a wide range of neutral colors to select from in the linen fabric, and a variety of bold colors in the velvet material to choose from; there’s truly something for everyone!

Different Fabric Selections

The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is available in either a linen or velvet finish. The linen fabric is soft and enhances a warm and inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy. The velvet fabric finish is plush and luxurious; this can complement a modern, contemporary or art-deco style perfectly while providing a bold focal point in your home.

Ease of Assembly

Assembly of the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is fairly simple and straightforward; moving the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is also fairly easy, as it is a smaller and more compact furniture piece; once assembled, the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee weights about 40 pounds, so it’s ideal if at least two people are able to move/position it (although one person could likely move it on their own as well).

Easy to Style

The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is an easy furniture piece to both style and use as an enhancement to your current home décor motif. You can easily add decorative throw pillows or cozy blankets to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee to enhance the relaxing and cozy aesthetic. To further enhance the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee, you can add an eye-catching end table or coffee table that either matches or contrasts nicely with the sofa. You could also style two Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee together (facing one another) to create an intimate seating area, separated by an ottoman or coffee table.

Petite and Distinguished Proportions

The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a distinguished sofa that is small and compact with a straight/upright back and rolled arms. The wooden support legs are delicately ornate, yet sturdy, and enhance the overall look and feel of the furniture piece. It is an ideal choice for a variety of spaces; it can furnish rooms that are too big or small, as well as awkward spaces, such as hallways or foyers. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is ideal for one or two people to sit on at any given time.



There are a few disadvantages to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee. The biggest drawback to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is the smaller size; it is relatively small and only seats two people comfortably. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is available in one size (59 inches wide). If you’re looking for a sofa that has adequate seating space (i.e. for a large family), the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee wouldn’t be an ideal selection. While it may not prove to be a functional, every day use furniture piece for some people, the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee can still offer a gorgeous focal point in your home if placed in a room for décor purposes.

Stiff/Firm Structure

Another drawback to the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is the stiff structure/straight back; while the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee seat portion is upholstered and padded, the straight back of the sofa may be too rigid and uncomfortable for some people. Some individuals prefer sofas with a more relaxed and reclined backrest portion for increased comfort. Settee sofas are built with a more upright back compared to other sofa types.

May Be Difficult to Clean

Depending on the color/material selected, the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee may be difficult to clean (this of course depends on both the selected color of the sofa and the spilled item); certain polyester upholstery is easier to clean than others (for example, linen versus suede). It’s best to consult the manufacturer or any included guide/care package included with the Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee to ensure you are cleaning and maintaining it correctly.


The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is an elegant, classy and stunning furniture piece that makes a beautiful addition to any room in your home. It is versatile, functional and gorgeous; it can seamlessly integrate with your existing home décor, while enhancing the beauty and elegance of your home living space. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee offers a classy and traditional style that is both functional and practical; the sofa can be used as an every day piece or as a decorative furniture item. The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a furniture piece that can complement a range of different style motifs, such as traditional and contemporary; and it can beautifully enhance your existing style by adding an eye-catching focal point to any room! The Bjorn 59'' Rolled Arm Settee is a sturdy and long-lasting furniture piece that will last for years to come.

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There are many types of sofas. And this sofa contains the characteristics of 2 types of sofas. The following will introduce their characteristics for you.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.


A Settee is a unique type of sofa, it’s an upholstered seat with arms and a bark designed to accommodate more than two individuals sited in a reclining position. The settee can be dated back to the 17th century in Europe, when the variations were just the backrest and armrest settee. All different types of settees out there have derived their names either from their style, function, or someone associated with them. A good example is the Chaise longue it’s a kind of an elongated chair that comes with an inclined back.

In today's designs, a settee's closest version is the famous loveseat, however historically settees were usually narrower than the modern day loveseats. Since settee are designed like dining room chairs only wider, they can turn out to be really uncomfortable. Despite being a nice foyer piece, a settee can hardly fit two people, plus no one would wish to sit there for a longer period since they are slightly uncomfortable despite their beauty.

The choice of color has a great influence on the overall style of the house. Is there any of the following 7 colors that suits your home style? Please read the following suggestions and choose your favorite!


Blue is a neutral color sofa it mixes and matches colors from all hues to create a classic or dramatic setting. It pairs well with energetic tones, flavors up highly contrasting tones, and plays pleasantly with different neutrals. When it comes to sofas, the blue color is a unique color option and also true to your style. You can make the room bold or vivid or let the blue color sofa set the tone while it highlights the neutral colors you paired with it.

Blue is a very adjustable shade it can be adjusted in any type of room. Blue functions admirably with various tones so it won't lose your shading range, yet can add a dash of surprising tone. A blue color sofa in your living room provides a perfect canvas and you can invest in it because it gives a cooling effect to your eyes and the living room's overall setting.

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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue


Cream is the richest and impartial shade of the couch. It's a line among tasteless and enchanting with regards to white couch décor. It upgrades the magnificence of your living room giving some invigorating and characteristic look. The cream couch can without much of a stretch fit with any remaining insides of the living room and give them more charm. It gives you more solace and a cooling impact on your eyes. It will loosen up your body so; burn through cash on things that will comfort you. It won't divert you, along these lines, you can undoubtedly zero in on your investigations. Cream shading gives you a neighborly climate in your lounge.

A finished cream sofa will host the allure of the parlor. With cream couches, you can proceed with any shading plan since it offers an astounding difference. The cream shading couch in the living room is a combination of both style and design.


Burgundy is an alluring tone. This tone can change the game for your receiving area. You can go for a burgundy cowhide love seat for the living room or plan with a burgundy couch that can do ponders. Burgundy's flexibility isn't hard to see as the concealing journeys effectively through a wide extent of styles. Burgundy genuinely increments a receiving area elaborate format plot. Even a direct impartial landscape can awaken with the introduction of the burgundy living room and coordinated burgundy table light, or several burgundy window wraps and a planning mat. Burgundy adds a huge load of visual warmth, so does a particularly unbelievable option for the individuals who need to change a virus-looking room.

Burgundy is an unadulterated shading tone it offers harmony to your eyes. The burgundy shading love seat gives a sentimental and reviving perspective to the living room. It will help your room also.


We are discussing the cool couch that reflects eminence and extravagance. Yes! The fantastic and adaptable purple couch. It is an important expansion to your lounge, particularly if it's a purple velvet couch. The purple couch set is the ideal lounge more splendid and can rapidly fulfill your brilliantly hued couches. It's certain to turn into a point of convergence for the room. Purple blends well in with dim so attempt this shading range for the parlor or family room. You can paint the dividers steel dark and possibly a couple of delicate traces of characteristic wood just to add warmth to the stylistic theme and cause the space to feel better.

It is not associated with royalty; it is also true that it makes any space classic and fascinating. It will also make your living room brighter. It is easy to clean and gives a neat environment in your room.


Yellow is a bright and eye-catching color and it would be an amazing addition to a living room. It will become a masterpiece of your living room. It is not a typical color but it will immediately brighten up your living room. It will give you a fresh and cheerful element in your living room. It will give a simple, stylish, and versatile look to your living room.

It will make your living room more welcoming, cheerful, warm, and comfortable. It will help you to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

A yellow couch will bring such a lot of lively character into space and transform it into the most cheerful room of the house. The yellow color is naturally pairs well with various other components. To cause the space to feel considerably cozier, a yellow couch is an extraordinary decision – especially when it will coordinate the lovely yellow dividers. A yellow couch has a lively character and will be enough to inspire the state of mind in a white lounge.

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They call it mellow yellow

They call it mellow yellow


A sofa in a gray tone can beautifully anchor the living space. The gray color sofa in the living space is an ideal shade to supplement some exquisite, quieted colors. A neutral gray is an excellent shade that compliments nearly every shade scheme. In a room brimming with nonpartisan tones, a gray sofa appears to be a characteristic decision. A gray sofa mixes into the room plan and fills in as an incredible background for improving pieces with complex patterns.

The gray color sofa helps highlight other features in the room such as artwork and various accents. Lighting is the main part of your living room it is best paired with a gray color sofa. It pairs excellently with light color wood and bold patterns. A gray color sofa is the ideal blend of style and comfort. Complete the appearance of your dark-themed living room with a dark sofa. Its dark color fills the space pleasantly. The gray color sofa is an eye-catching color. This gray color is rich in texture which makes it attractive.

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Grey Sofa Functionality Ideas for the Living Room

Grey Sofa Functionality Ideas for the Living Room


Beige is a beautiful impartial tone that works out in a good way for plenty of tones and configuration styles. Thusly, it's the ideal tone for a love seat. This is particularly significant considering the way that beige is perhaps the main household item in a front room plan. If you want to keep a steady nonpartisan shading plan in the room, at that point an enormous, overstuffed beige sofa will fit in impeccably.

A beige sofa mixes directly into a room loaded with natural surfaces. The rattan seat, wooden furnishings, and branch-style structure a warm look. Incorporating beige couches into the room creates harmony with different components. The beige color sofa has a unique texture and pattern and best for a lovely one. This will break up any dullness in the living room. A beige sofa allows you to evaluate the accents in the living room. It makes your room feel welcoming and complete.

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A beige sofa, is it boring or an inspired choice?

A beige sofa, is it boring or an inspired choice?

This standard-designed sofa is very practical. The following is a description and advice of this design.


This style of the couch is about the moderate plan and cleans lines. There are numerous assortments of this style of couch. It's intended to look great and be agreeable – the outcome is it's not the most agreeable furnishings, but rather is combined with the correct home plan, it can look fantastic. The standard couch merges with the features around it. . Think of a standard sofa as a fresh start with an infinite number of stylistic layout blends possible.

The standard sofa is the most ideal choice for a home flaunting any design style as they pair well with a wide range of shading plans and are immortal and a lot simpler to keep clean. . It will absorb the busy patterns, and these patterns allow sitting more comfortably within the overall scheme. A standard sofa in a living room provides a perfect canvas to add to your style.

Sofas in different materials will bring different experience to users, such as durability, comfort and visual effects. You may also need to make purchases according to your actual requirements. Please read the following suggestions to know the characteristics of the materials that constitute this sofa.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a sturdy and enduring wood type. The wood adjusts to an assortment of completions. This makes it ideal for both present and customary furnishings. It's additionally frequently utilized for Mission/Arts and Crafts furniture plans. Solid-wood sofa will centuries ago with appropriate consideration. Solid-wood sofa is frequently known as scratch-and-color safe wood if appropriately wrapped up.

Its tone fluctuates from extremely light to a warm medium tone, however, normally; it flaunts a delicate blonde tone. The solid- wood sofa is flexible for configuration however is generally normal in the contemporary inside plan. Solid wood is the best wood for a sofa made for ecologically cognizant families and current plans. There are a few grain designs accessible relying upon the kind of Solid wood you are keen on. It is regularly utilized for deck, sofa, and kitchen furniture. It is genuinely economical, be that as it may.


Foam sofas are a lot firmer in contrast with fiber sofas and can give more body uphold while sitting. While there are various evaluations of foam accessible, the foam couch will likewise hold its shape obviously superior to the fiber couch. It doesn't change its shape after individuals have sat on the cushions. Foam couches are likewise more strong and seen as being safer in contrast with fiber couches. As the foam couch doesn't trap dust or different particles, a foam couch can be simpler to clean without requiring expert consideration. In the event that you have a bustling family unit with pets or children, this by itself could be a driving element in assisting you with picking them.

While foam couch will in general be the most famous decision, comfort is an individual decision and what works for one individual may not totally work for another.

Polyester Blend

Polyester-blend couch texture is made with manufactured filaments which may incorporate microfiber, material, faux leather, velour, glossy silk, tweed, or twill. It is regularly used to upholster furniture since it stands up well to sun openness just as in everyday use and traffic. It is solid and sturdy. It holds up above and beyond time and against the regular stressors that would wear normal strands all the more rapidly. Moreover, it is very close to development makes it simpler to keep clean.

Polyester-blend couches are stain-safe and hypoallergenic. A great polyester-blend couch could last more than 10 years whenever really focused on appropriately and utilized sensibly. Then again, polyester-blend probably won't be the most ideal alternative in the event that you need something gentler or more regular, or if need something of the better quality, similar to top-grain leather. It is the most ideal alternative of bed room sofas. Generally, the dull tones are utilized as the stains don't show up as much as in the lighter tones.


In case you're searching for exemplary upholstery texture, you can't show improvement over linen. Produced using the strands of the flax plant, the material have been around for over a millennia. It's cherished today for its excellence, feel, and sturdiness. Linen has gained notoriety for eco-neighborliness. Flax is not difficult to develop without compost or water system and it's normally impervious to infection and creepy crawlies, requiring little utilization of synthetic compounds (as a correlation, cotton utilizes multiple times a larger number of synthetic compounds than linen).

Linen's strength is unbelievable. It is the most grounded of the plant filaments (roughly 30% more grounded than cotton) and its solidarity increments when wet. It feels cool and smooth to the touch. In any case, while the long linen filaments are acceptable because they don't pill and stay build-up-free, they're not extremely versatile. It makes your sofa soft and comfortable.


Sofas made of wood are durable and long-lasting. Wood is moderately hard it very well may be impervious to scratches and imprints. It has an even grain and is non-harmful. The wood couch is normally climate safe. The wood couch finishes well and has a delightful completed look. Additionally known for its ubiquity use for old-fashioned furnishings, wood is a centuries ago with the legitimate consideration. It is viewed as a valued wood sofa among experts. The wood couch is frequent speculation that will take care of the long haul.

The species' delightful appearance and fair shading make it an incredible wood type for the present-day sofa. it has an exquisite, clean-line grain that supplements the shortsighted inside plan. This wood can only with significant effort be broken or harmed, so comes in as quite possibly the most wood couches. It additionally has a delicate to-contact surface so can be cleaned off with no issue.

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Wooden Sofa Style and Purposing Ideas

Wooden Sofa Style and Purposing Ideas

This sofa has the feature of single-cushion-seat. Do you want to know more about it? Please read the buying advice below.

Single Cushion Seat

Single-seat cushions look smooth; however, over the long haul, they may begin to "grin" (lift on the closures and list in the middle). Classy, some of the time somewhat ladylike lines; useful for little spaces. A single-seat cushion can help a little space look greater. In congested spaces, you should have to check the framework that can easily fit in your zone. With regards to your couch, a style with a thin profile and single seat will look sleeker (and more modest) than a cumbersome, moved arm twofold or triple-cushion number.

A single-seat cushion looks neater, even with heaps of cushions. If you love a flawless and clean front room yet also love your toss cushions, a single-seat cushion couch can be a decent trade-off. A single-seat cushion (no doubt appended) can be made to adjust impeccably to the bends of your couch, giving it clean lines and an agile shape.

You can find the style natural on this sofa. Do you like it? The following text will provide you with suggestions from the user's perspective to help you know this sofa.


The look of this eco-friendly sofa is fun in a nutshell! Available in over 53 different variants and bold color schemes, this sofa can add vibrant colors to even the dullest spaces. Choose from shades of pink lemonade, blue, orange, and many more colors. The sofas are made from a soft, hypoallergenic fabric that is friendly to the skin and also strong enough to prevent wearing out. The cushions are also made with high-quality fiber to prevent thinning due to pressure. Aside from that, these sofas come with three-leg finishes to choose from. There is so much that is taken into consideration when creating the natural sofa so as to ensure they maintain their quality and comfort. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and you can select your ideal design depending on your preference. If you are looking for that natural look in your living room for sure this is the sofa to go with.

Sofas with tufted-back like this sofa are special, do you want to know why? Please read the following and you will get it!

Tufted Back

This classic sofa has been crafted from a solid oak wood frame. The sofa has six tapered wooden legs. This sofa has been added some fine details which include; softly curved arms and a low back which has flared arms. This can add a flirty touch to your home. It also has springs and a webbing support that provides cushions which are removable and also gives you comfort as you sit down. The foam fill also offers a padded place that you can lean back on and relax in your own living room. The sofa also adds a finishing touch for the small spaces in a living room. The sofa is made from a solid wood and also has a classic and a modern silhouette touch in a neutral hue which means that it can be easily paired with almost anything. The good thing about this sofa is that it can blend with almost anything without looking out of place.

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