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9 Drawers Wooden Dresser With Hide Drawer Design, Black
9 Drawers Wooden Dresser With Hide Drawer Design, Black

9 Drawers Wooden Dresser With Hide Drawer Design, Black

MERCHANT: Houzz BRAND: Simple Relax
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Embellished in glamorous rhinestones and glittering panels, the seven drawers and two hidden jewelry drawers dresser graces your sleep space with the seal of stylish approval. Drawer handl...
Manufactured By
Simple Relax
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W 63" / D 16.5" / H 38.75" / 158.52 lb.
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Versatile and hardworking dresser and chest contain multiple drawers but differ in design and size which is up to you while choosing for a dresser and chest. With the selection of storage furniture, the dresser and chest will be a great choice but also have to keep in mind the colour of the dresser which will match your interiors. the black colour dresser and chests are just delightful and look charming in the house. It adds sophistication to space wherever you put it and allows different touches to your room. The black finish modernizes your home and also the construction of the dresser and chest with this finish gives a stunning look. Bring bold style into your bedroom with the addition of a black dresser and chest. This makes a statement in your space with a rich and deep finish. A Black dresser and chest with sleek finish spice things up and become a unique piece of furniture that is sure to stand and will help to create the bedroom of your dreams.


A clear dresser or chest is a practical and versatile option for every home. Clear dressers or chests are inexpensive, adaptable, and are increasingly available with unique designs. The level of clarity (or how clear the dresser or chest is), can vary depending on the manufacturer; however, most clear dressers or chests are somewhat opaque, so others can’t see exactly what’s inside. There is an impressive range of different sizes of clear dressers and chests that are available to suit any size space, making clear dressers an attractive option. Clear dressers and chests are often available in a curated color selection (the base of the drawers is a particular color while the front and sides of the drawers are typically see-through). This makes it easy to find a color that matches your current home décor style and color palette. Clear dressers or chests will enhance a natural and minimalist style in your home.


Dressers are one of the few categories of furniture that are commonly made of one material, wood. They usually are wide and short, making them ideal for small and large spaces rooms. Beyond mere tradition, wood construction in dressers is simply the most versatile and reliable building material. While the majority of dressers will be wood, there are notable exceptions and eye-catching in a room, making them a focal point of admiration. They are also meant to provide a space you can dress in front of the top serves as a table to place clothes and space for a mirror. The overall design of a dresser is its most defining feature, giving way to the considerations of build, style, and any other features. Dressers function perfectly in a bedroom, where you or your guest can have easier access to clothes or mirrors if installed.

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