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Austwell TV Stand for TVs up to 78"
Austwell TV Stand for TVs up to 78"

Austwell TV Stand for TVs up to 78"

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Brayden Studio®
173 Reviews
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173 Reviews
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Featured 50 Reviews
Masoud Rahimi
Great and nice!! Easy to assemble
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Very happy I bought this! I just wish the instructions were in english
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I am extremely happy with my purchase. It offers an excellent combination of aesthetics and mobility. Now I can put consoles in my TV stand with wires running though discrete openings and I can reposition it for ease of viewing for my guests.
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Really beautiful just as it shows in the picture!!! Some parts of the instructions were a little confusing but we made it work!
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I love love my tv stand. Granted had to wait almost a month for it due to Covid but I assure you it’s worth the wait. The color is so beautiful and it took a little work to put together but I did it
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Look and function amazingly for my requirements.
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I loved this TV stand! It looks beautiful and easy to assembly.I’m very happy with this purchase!
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The stand was not hard to put up at all. The wood was labeled around the frame which made it easy to put together. I love the stand it look good in my living room!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Now this really was "Just What I Needed/Wanted" I knew putting it together was not going to be easy, but with the help of my 14 year old Grand Daughter it was fun and a learning experience for her and a bonding event for the both of us!
Helpful Helpful 0
Even better in person! Blends nicely with other woods and would work in a variety of decor settings.
Helpful Helpful 0
its beautiful and exactly what I expected...even more
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble, super customer service, great for my new 75” tv. Worth every dollar
Helpful Helpful 0
We get a lot of compliments on this TV stand, it is very sleek and good quality!
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful tv stand that has a great clean finish to it and some wonderful natural tones! Very simple to assemble as well.
Helpful Helpful 0
A little tricky to put together but I finally got it together. I love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks great and easy to put together. Have already gotten a lot of compliments on the modern look of it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice piece And easy to put together!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Durable materials and haven’t experienced any wear and tear.
Helpful Helpful 0
Shame there are only five stars. Great website, fantastic selection, superb prices and outstanding service at every stage. Our account managers have always been unbelievably helpful and just when you think you may have a problem with something - you realize you do not actually have a problem because Wayfair always sorts it out quickly and efficiently. An inspirational shopping experience whether for home, work, gifts or whatever it may be. Could not imagine life without Wayfair now. Iain & Alison
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Love this television stand. It's sturdy and sleek. It adds a nice warm touch to our very modern and cool hues. So happy with this purchase!
Helpful Helpful 0
Awesome looking easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
I purchased this for my son and his fiancé. They are very happy with it, and didn't think it was as complicated to put together as some of the reviews had stated :)
Helpful Helpful 0
I'm very happy with my purchase of this tv stand! It arrived in a timely manner and was well packaged! It looks just like it was described and is very good quality! Perfect! Five stars!
Helpful Helpful 0
a very nice entertainment center. Wayfair handled the replacement of damaged parts well but packaging by the manufacture could be better
Helpful Helpful 0
Over all very happy with this item
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It looks nice and holds my 55” tv, my surround sound receiver, my three front speakers, and my sub. There aren’t many (if any) others that are capable of that in this small of a footprint.
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Great for the price. It isn't a really wood stand, but real wood costs a lot nowadays. This table stand is really easy to scratch though. And punch holes in. So be careful when putting it together
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Instructions were terrible, but once we got it, the assembly got easier and the TV stand came out to be beautiful. One negative is the holes for both of the closed doors were not created so I had to make the holes myself.
Helpful Helpful 0
Great looking TV stand as described on the site, cool addition to my living room with okay quality match with the price I pay...would give 4.5 star if I can. Thank you!Pros: Great value, cool unique styleCons: Economical grade compress saw wood match up with the price. Don't buy if you want real wood or high quality stuff.
Helpful Helpful 0
it takes a while to assembly but final product is great
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Aline Rozman
Easy to assemble and modern design!
Helpful Helpful 0
Fit the space perfectly. The dimensions pics of each piece help a ton.
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice design but a little bit unsteady for my TV. So I removed the rollers.
Helpful Helpful 0
Wouldve given 5 stars except the color of the MDF wood area was darker than I expected. And the wheel underneath the cabinet in the middle of the base, is to high, making it hold all the weight. The outside wheels dont seemingly touch the ground unless you tilt it on one side or the other. I thought about shaving off some of the pressed wood under the center wheel to help level it fully so all wheels are supporting the base.
Helpful Helpful 0
This was very easy to assemble... and look Exactly like the picture....the only issue I had was the the holes were not pre-drilled for the Door hinges...... this was a good buy
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks great, but had some trouble lining up the doors during assembly. So we just didn't use them. Looks fine without them
Helpful Helpful 0
took a while to assemble but love it! Beautiful color
Helpful Helpful 0
just what the space in my daughters Cindi needed
Helpful Helpful 0
Great piece, took a some time to assembly only i think because it was a one woman project, lol but all in all i love this piece wish it came with a matching coffee table..
Helpful Helpful 0
great looking and great idea but the "wood" is a fake veneer... almost formica like. Need major assembly. Would be amazing if it was real wood... but then the price would be much higher too....
Helpful Helpful 0
The appearance is good and was not too difficult to put together. However the cabinet doors are a little flimsy and sometimes sag inward which does not look good. I placed some books behind it so it stays straight and looks nice but now we don't use the cabinet doors.
Helpful Helpful 0
Kind of cheaply made but looks pretty good
Helpful Helpful 0
This took hours for me to put together on my own, once together I discovered the door handle was broken, I have yet to reach out to customer service, but they're usually good to work with, I'm not expecting difficulty in getting a replacement part. It is darker than the pictures, this is the reason for the 3 star rating. If I had known how dark it would be, I would have ordered the lighter one. My husband loves it. It serves it's purpose, but it really isn't the "look" I was going for.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very very hard and tiring to assemble and the doors didn’t fit correctly. The solution was to give me $50 to get a local service to fix them (it would cost more) or get a replacement, but I don’t want to spend another 4 hrs on assembly so will live with crooked doors. Do not recommend.
Helpful Helpful 0
Somehow, my review got deleted, so I will go ahead and re-post it so buyers are aware. I spent months while on deployment picking out furniture on this site for my new place. This was the first product ordered once I returned home. Shipping was fast and the box came undamaged, but once I opened the package in my place, the purchase took a turn for the worse. The instructions were in Spanish, very few holes were drilled for placement of pieces (leaving me to eye ball placement), the hinges for the doors were smashed, the decoration wheels were scratched and dented, and some pieces of wood were scratched and damaged. I was able bend out the hinges, I put the decoration wheels in back and screwed the black cheap wheels in front, I was able to eye ball pretty good and made my own holes, although some things are slightly crooked, and as for the damaged wood, it is mostly in the back of this piece of furniture and the rest is minor enough for me to not care. If I was more picky, I would have returned this stand and demanded my money back, but I hate an empty home and have a hard time finding good things in stores. Hopefully my next buying experience from Wayfair.com is better and maybe my review and comment wont get deleted this time. Companies shouldn't have the option to delete bad press.
Helpful Helpful 0
Cheap wood, broken pieces, instructions was not english and poor quality. Pre-drilled holes for part # 0338 did not fit. Do not purchase this...waste of money
Helpful Helpful 0
Multiple broken pieces (including a huge crack in the base), cheap wood, and the color is way darker than it looks. Don't waste your time buying this.
Helpful Helpful 0
Was very disappointed. The picture shown was not what we received. In the picture it looked like it had a talk back on it with recessed lighting.
Helpful Helpful 0
I have received with few items damaged, please send me a replacement ASAP. I've been ordering from your site the past 2 years but never had an issue except this delivery.
Helpful Helpful 0
Please dont't buy it !!!! Horrible quality and such a cheap look !!!
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Keep clutter to a minimum in your living room by getting a TV stand that is fitted with some storage area that can be used to conceal and organize all of your living room necessities, starting from your children toys, magazines, remote controls, novels, to any other form of clutter you might have in your house. Such a piece of furniture do really come in handy as it allows you to store more both in style and without having to occupy so much space. For most living room, TV stand fitted with storage such as cabinets, shelves, safes, or hutches are stylish storage additions especially for modern or traditional living room designs, as they tend to bring some sense of style to your space while still providing you with plenty of storage.


A TV stand is an important piece of furniture but not all TV stands are equal. Natural finish TV stands blend with the rest of the furniture in the room and enjoy your favorite shows or movies on the television. Natural finish TV stands complete the look of the living room. The natural finish of the wood quality gives a superb look. TV stand with a glossy finish or rustic entertainment media space will like to have as a piece of furniture in the living room. Natural finish TV stands keep your living room simple and sleek with an urban design that is well-suited for everywhere. Natural TV stand comprises today’s selection of television-centric furniture. Combining several elements of the TV stand as furniture, a natural finish TV stand is a perfect introduction. Natural TV stand has always been the most traditional furniture and is also the most common TV stand construction. This gives a luxurious model with a natural finish and rich surface tones which recently rose in popularity.

Tall(over 32 in.)

A tv stand with over 32 inches can accommodate TVs up to 78". This stand is perfectly ideal for those who want to have a broad view of their living room. Anyone entering your living room will notice your stand because of the height. On average, people spend up to 6 or more hours watching tv. This time may pose a big difference on your health, hence tall in tv stand will provide the comfort you need. Tall TV stands might make all that sitting time more comfortable and the screen easier to see — not to mention adding ample storage space underneath. However, when it comes to portability, this height will demand an extra workforce to carry the stand. With tall over 32 inches, you rest assured of enough storage units and shelves for you're personal items or display purposes. This height is best suited for more giant TVs, forming an eye-catching view.


Wood tv stands are one of the most popular types of tv stands available on the market-and for good reason! Wood is a versatile, beautiful, and natural way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces. A wood tv stand can be different colors/tones or finishes, including painted, stained, or airbrushed. Due to the extreme versatility of wood tv stands, they are able to complement nearly every home décor style, including traditional, modern, coastal, farmhouse, antique and mid-century modern. A wood tv stand would make a great choice for people who enjoy DIY projects; wood is very conducive to painting or staining, so you can easily change the look of a wood tv stand should your style preferences change. A wood tv stand would make a perfect addition to your home living spaces and will create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in your home.

70-79 inch TVs

For television of range 70-79 inches, consider getting a sturdy tv stand of 61.1 into 36.8in. With these screen sizes, they tend to occupy the whole top surface of the tv stand leaving behind a tiny space that can not be used to add other accessories. The recommended viewing distance for this screen is 8.75" to 15.5". This screen size on your tv stand is elegant, and anyone entering your living room will notice the blending of your tv and the stand. It is also comfortable to watch tv from this distance mentioned above. Cleaning and maintenance of the stand and tv may, however, be a tedious task; wiping the dust from the back of this tv may be a challenge. Getting a more significant-sized tv stand for this range of screens is an excellent idea to help sort clearance space issues for your tv. A small tv stand may not be suitable for this range of inches for tv.

TV Stand

Modern and contemporary tv stands are the new way of life. They come in various designs and styles, some are usually floating, and others are mounted on walls and floors. Tv stands don't house too many media items; unlike entertainment centers, tv stands are meant to save on space and use the smallest space available. They are classic and elegant; when blended well with the rest of the living room decor, they make the living room an excellent chilling spot. Tv stands are functional, meaning they can fit in all areas depending on the dealing selected. It is easy to decorate this stand and finish it with artifacts to bring it to life. Tv stands tend to make your living room modern no matter what the rest of your decor is. Some tv stands are composed of shelves to allow you to house minor accessories like remotes or players.

Long(over 67 in.)

Long width for your tv stand will ensure a sturdy base supports your tv. With this width, it may feature sleek built-in drawers, shelving, and co, apartments; large TV stands bring an attractive way to showcase your style and conceal wires and cords – all while supporting your TV. Long width stand is ideal for people seeking to make they're living a focal point of admiration. Anyone entering your living room will notice this stand because of its size. Standard long-width stands are entertainment centers, media consoles, tv consoles. The stand can support tv inches of up to 73" inches. With this space, you can choose to blend in some artifacts to make it even more lively and unique. Depending on the style you want, you can decide to mount your tv on the wall or place it on top of the stand; this width will be ideal for any set-up.

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