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Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches
Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches
Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches
Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches
Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches
Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches

Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Avenue Greene
8 Reviews
$71.99 - $91.49
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Set up your living room or entertainment space quickly and easily with the Avenue Greene Stern Grove Toolless TV Stand. This simple yet sturdy TV Stand can accommodate most TVs up to 50 in...
77.0 In. W X 23.0 In. H X 15.0 In. D
Espresso Finish,Oak Finish,Rustic
Assembly Required
Console Width
50 in
Number of Shelves
Product Features
Includes Hardware
Weight Capacity
Up to 50 lbs
1 year Limited Manufacturer
Model Number

Featured Reviews

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8 Reviews
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6/6 recommendations
Featured 6 Reviews
Diana P.
It did arrive in a smallish narrowish container and when I tried to move it from my front door into my apartment I realized it was rather heavy. However I managed and the most difficult thing about putting this unit together was getting the box open. I am 74 years old and carpentry is not my forte. I persevered and one in the end and got the thing together and probably 45 minutes to an hour. I did it alone it might have been easier with someone to help but it worked and the television is on it and nothing's caved in.
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Another great buy from Overstock. I went with the light wood color and it is nice! What most amazes me is how durable it seems to be, well of course for the price and max weight, but the wood feels so solid. I love the two little "end tables" now I don't have to buy additional small tables.
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Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches review
Amos F.
I needed a tv stand quickly because I didn't realize my old one would not accommodate the size of my new tv. This one was cheap, light weight, but still looks nice. Pros: -easy to assemble -ample shelf space - wide and deep enough for 50" tv -no solid backing allows for easy access to cords and power supply -i like the 3 tier design of the shelves cons - durability may be an issue -not very sturdy, wobbles - with open back, cords are visible, can be unsightly - will have to remove things from shelves before moving the whole piece Honestly, as long as it doesn't get bumped into and you don't take things on and off frequently and just let it be, it'll last and do a good job. Good for small living room, dorm, apartment, den etc. Would not measure up with more expensive furniture.
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Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches review
I purchased this for my elderly parents. They were able to assemble it with no help. Looks really good with the 50 in TV. It's a great value for the money.
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Kevin H.
This was really easy to assemble. It’s just particle board and plastic but it looks really nice fully assembled. Also very sturdy. Looks great.
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Avenue Greene Stern Grove No Tool TV Stand for TVs up to 50 inches - 50 inches review
Alec G.
Good quality easy to put together
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Why did you choose this product?
It is good looking at a cost I can just about afford....easy to put together is a must for me and this seems to fit that bill.
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Keep clutter to a minimum in your living room by getting a TV stand that is fitted with some storage area that can be used to conceal and organize all of your living room necessities, starting from your children toys, magazines, remote controls, novels, to any other form of clutter you might have in your house. Such a piece of furniture do really come in handy as it allows you to store more both in style and without having to occupy so much space. For most living room, TV stand fitted with storage such as cabinets, shelves, safes, or hutches are stylish storage additions especially for modern or traditional living room designs, as they tend to bring some sense of style to your space while still providing you with plenty of storage.


Beige is an excellent finish that brings out the desire for comfort, neutrality, and conformity for any tv stand. Beige finish can be easily integrated with other furniture or decor with an expressive yet clean style. It’s also easy to clean and does not fade quickly. This finish is also neutral, calm, and relaxing. On your tv stand, it makes your living room look modern and eye-catching. If you think beige is boring, think again. Beige is one of the best neutrals because it can work with different living room decor, regardless of size, natural light, or style. It is so easy to match other colors and decorations with beige walls. Beige can also add some warmth to your space as well as making it more inviting for guests. The advantage of using beige is that it can be paired with other colors, too, no matter how solid or gentle the hues are.


A black finish on your tv stand is one of the best options for a tv stand. Black establishes an eye-catching relationship between the rest of the living room decor and your tv stand. It also makes the furniture complement each other. The black finish will most likely blend in with the rest of your decor and walls unless you choose a different option. The tv stand itself won’t stand out, but you can use elements around it that do. For example, white flower vases are a great bet. The exact role can be taken on by the area rug or the lighting in the room. Each black tv finish stand has its own set of properties, which allow it to stand out in various ways and to interact with the surrounding space in its path. However, the black finish will easily show dust hence making you clean more. This finish does not take scratches and dents well, therefore expensive to maintain.


A brown finish for a tv stand is an excellent finish that stands well on its own. This brown finish on your tv stand is easy to clean, and it is durable. Brown symbolizes strength and support. The beauty of brown is that its unusual hue and natural elements. Brown is a stunning shade that boasts many facets. Brown is most prominently associated with strength, stability, and support. This finish is unique and will easily blend with the rest of your living room décor or tv stand room. Depending on your preference, brown-colored living room tv stands come with various shades to choose from. Brown tends to feel like a solid, earthy color, but it can sometimes seem drab and boring. The finish does not readily show dust, making the tv stand friendly for kids or toddlers. Brown is friendly and approachable. It's also earthy and warm and makes a perfect option for cozy areas.


Laminate tv stands are versatile furniture pieces that can enhance a variety of styles in your home living space. Laminate is a combination of synthetic materials that are combined and designed to imitate the look of wood. Laminate tv stands are available in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your style preferences. Due to the vast selection of options when it comes to a laminate tv stand, they are perfect for nearly every design motif, including traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, farmhouse and coastal. Colors of laminate can range from a warm, rich brownish-red to a sleek, modern grey. Laminate tv stands will oftentimes have distinct characteristics, including wood grain patterns and knots (of course, those resembling real wood), which add to the overall beauty and character of the piece. A laminate tv stand makes a great addition to any home living space, as the range of options is versatile and adaptable to many home décor motifs.


If you love outstanding style for your furniture, then classic style is the best pick for you. The traditional style is unique from the usual tv stands. With classic style, you won't even have to rethink it because you know it will be acceptable for decades. This style can hold any tv weight or other media players. The style is made with perfection to produce a good tv standing that is eye-catching with detailing such as lay curved or turned legs, as well as pieces with ornate detailing well with the rest of living room decor. The tv stand with classic style will illuminate the living room making creating a cozy ambiance. This style will anchor your tv stand perfectly and can withstand any tv weight. It is easy to maintain this style of tv stand by simply wiping to remove dust. It is also needless to add that classic style tv stands are durable and decades for the style to take an old glance.


A rustic TV stand is one of the most timeless and versatile piece of furniture that you can ever have in your living room, especially due to its great qualities and benefits. One huge advantage why you should go for a rustic TV stand is its ability to beautify different decorative styles you might have used in your interior. For example if you are going to put a rustic TV stand in a classic and sophisticated interior environments, it will provide a harmonious contrast bringing about a touch of warmth and comfort. Where in a more modern living room design a rustic TV stand bring about the best of your interior especially when placed next to a designer sofa or coffee table. A rustic TV stand is infact more customizable to your specific taste as it allows a more varied way of personalization since it’s wood is handcrafted and super receptive to decoupage, repainting, and mosaics.


If you like a style that blends traditional and modern contemporary design elements, then transitional style is your option. This style of the tv stand is eye-catching and crystal fresh. This style speaks for itself, meaning anyone approaching your living room will feel a big difference in class. Novelty may be the shared experience of a new cultural phenomenon or the subjective perception of an individual. Transitional style tends to balance masculine and feminine styles. It also incorporates a combination of sleek, straight lines and ornate, curved lines. This style is well entertaining and makes the guest or homeowner feel a sense of uplifting spirit because of its magnificent look. This style is classic and can last for many generations. This style will uplift your living room, giving it a modern look that is blended rustic and contemporary. This style creates a moderate look that's neither too stuffy and traditional nor trendy and contemporary.

TV Stand

Modern and contemporary tv stands are the new way of life. They come in various designs and styles, some are usually floating, and others are mounted on walls and floors. Tv stands don't house too many media items; unlike entertainment centers, tv stands are meant to save on space and use the smallest space available. They are classic and elegant; when blended well with the rest of the living room decor, they make the living room an excellent chilling spot. Tv stands are functional, meaning they can fit in all areas depending on the dealing selected. It is easy to decorate this stand and finish it with artifacts to bring it to life. Tv stands tend to make your living room modern no matter what the rest of your decor is. Some tv stands are composed of shelves to allow you to house minor accessories like remotes or players.


Hardwood is a robust wood species that is long-lasting when used on furniture, especially tv stands. The wood species is highly preferred for suitable materials for making tv stands; this is because the species is durable, designable, and has classic appeal. Owing to its durability, the wood species produces sturdy tv stands that will serve you for decades. It is easy to maintain, and when treated well with oils, it withstands or elements that may cause decay or wood borers. Hardwood produces numerous styles and designs of tv stands, making them much easier for you to pick from. Since the species is durable, it can withstand and tv weight. Unlike other species, this wood species has hues and lines that make it look even more attractive. The tv stand made from hardwood species can be part of any design scheme or blends well with the rest of the living room decor.


An Oak wood tv stand will make a beautiful and stunning addition to any home living space. Oak wood is known for being extremely durable and long-lasting with an intricate wood grain pattern throughout the wood. Oak wood is a stunning brown color that is also very resistant to any wear and tear (with normal use). Oak wood tv stands make a beautiful addition to any home living space and will enhance a welcoming and warm atmosphere in your home. Lighter than other ‘traditional woods’ like Maple, Oak wood is lighter in tone, making it easier to see the gorgeous wood grain patterns throughout the surface. Oak wood is an ideal wood variety for stains or polishes, so if you ever want to change the appearance of your Oak wood tv stand, you can easily use a stain or polish to update the look of the furniture piece. As Oak wood is highly resistant to any wear and tear, this makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets. An Oak wood tv stand is a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces and create a calm and serene environment.

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