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Berwyn Bed
Berwyn Bed
Berwyn Bed
Berwyn Bed

Berwyn Bed

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Viv + Rae™
90 Reviews
$319.99 - $339.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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Price History
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41.3'' H x 42.7'' W x 79.93'' L
9.4'' H x 39.5'' W x 70.9'' L
30'' H
18.3'' H
Clearance from Floor to Underside of Bed
Overall Product Weight
Mattress Size
Frame Material
Solid + Manufactured Wood
Manufactured Wood Type
Box Spring Required
Number of Slats Included
Weight Capacity
400 lb.
Mattress Included
Recommended Mattress Thickness
Headboard Included
Yes (Finished Back)
Trundle Bed Included
Natural Variation Type
No Natural Variation
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty

Featured Reviews

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90 Reviews
Would Recommend
38/50 recommendations
Featured 50 Reviews
Excelente y comoda, la madera es buena y se arma fácil
Helpful Helpful 3
Arrived early! All parts were included it was super easy to put together. All in all we are really happy with how it looks and my girls love it!
Helpful Helpful 2
Great BED! Looks expensive, my kid loves it. Sturdy too.
Helpful Helpful 2
The bed looks great! I hope my son loves it. It’s a surprise for him.
Helpful Helpful 0
Berwyn Bed review
Great quality bed, for a great price! We have limited room in our son's room, so space is important. Getting a bed like this one with a pull-out bed is perfect for their room. It was easy to assemble & my boys love it. I would definitely recommend this to any other parent looking to conserve space in the bedroom.
Helpful Helpful 0
the best purchase Ive ever made super resistant material I loved it
Helpful Helpful 0
Very sturdy and took 2 ppl to assemble but its pretty nice!
Helpful Helpful 0
We ordered two for our youngest boys and we love them. They are lovely
Helpful Helpful 0
Beds were easy to put together. Did it by myself and it took about half an hour.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect bed for grandchildren staying over
Helpful Helpful 0
Very classy looking. Stable and I like the color.
Helpful Helpful 0
Great product, very sturdy, solid wood , totally recommend this product
Helpful Helpful 0
Good quality, very happy with my purchase.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very simple to build, solid bed for the price.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect for what we are looking for
Helpful Helpful 0
Super simple to put together and it was exactly what we were looking for!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love. It’s was perfect for my son’s bedroom
Helpful Helpful 0
Elmer John
The bed was damaged during the delivery. I reached out and told them that it was damaged so I was given partial refund. But other than that I was very happy with it. I’m giving it a 5 star even though FedEx damaged it.
Helpful Helpful 0
ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Was super easy to put together, color matches perfectly with the dress we had and my son is so excited for his new big boy bed!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great bed for my toddler who transitioned from his crib to this “big boy bed”! Perfect size and sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed is beautiful n easy to build alone
Helpful Helpful 0
Brought this for my boys..they loved it..me and my boyfriend set it up..
Helpful Helpful 0
Fast delivery and great price. This works great for the small space I'm using it in.
Helpful Helpful 0
Excellent. Pleased with the quality and look.
Helpful Helpful 0
Item was just as described, fast shipping.
Helpful Helpful 0
Came very fast! Haven’t opened it out of the box yet, waiting until we move to surprise my son with a big boy room! Will post picture and update review then!
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice bed and great quality! Perfect for the grandkids.
Helpful Helpful 0
Just Right !Sturdy. Great style and the trundle is easy in and out. We bought two, and will get more of these if we have any more trundle needs!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great sturdy bed, pretty easy assembly!
Helpful Helpful 0
So far so good! Took my husband and I about 1 hour to assemble. Assembly was easy. It’s a cute little bed, looks just like photo.
Helpful Helpful 0
Rosalio Valdovinos
Super good design and super simple to assembling, instructions are easy to understand. Very good overall!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
For the price, the quality is appropriate. Not the best but not terrible. It is very lightweight. The assembly was easy to do by myself. I used a dollar store screw driver and the tool they provided. I think they will work out well for a guest bedroom. I have a 12in mattress on top and 6in for the trundles.
Helpful Helpful 1
Boys love it! Packing could have been better...had some marks on it.
Helpful Helpful 0
4 stars because you get what you pay for. It is not sturdy especially if your mattresses are not very think. However, for the price, we are happy. It is for a kid’s room and he has had many sleepovers with the trundle. Nothing has broken… yet.
Helpful Helpful 0
Ordered this for my 3 year olds big boy bead. It’s cute and works great!
Helpful Helpful 0
It’s ok , will work for now & he’s only 6
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful appearance and sturdy. Trundle needed a bit more support so added corner brackets.
Helpful Helpful 0
Good quality and easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed is fine for the price. We are using it for a child guest room. I don’t like the screws showing that attach the rails to the head and foot boards, it’s probably not as obvious on the gray as it is on the expresso color. Also the trundle is buckled and peeling. Overall a good solution for a small space.
Helpful Helpful 0
Berwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed review
Looks like the photo, only mine was pretty banged up from being poorly packed. Rather than return them, I decided to just deal with the scratches and dings myself. The beds were fairly easy to put together. The trundle was the hardest part. The directions were horrible and the pre-drilled holes were too big for the provided screws. That said, for the money, they look pretty good. I’m waiting to see how long and we’ll they hold up.
Helpful Helpful 0
The trundle was difficult to assemble.. holes were not started for the 15mm screws and they were difficult to get into the slats and siderail
Helpful Helpful 0
It came with chipped laminate. Some drill holes were missing on the platform pieces and and some screws,I had to make some myself taking more time to assemble. Looks nice once done we will see how it holds up.
Helpful Helpful 0
It was easy enough to put together but the bottom trundle is very delicate. It says it can handle 250lbs but it sounded like the wood cracked when a moderate amount of pressure was added. The wood did not break but there have been spliters littered on my floor after use. I suggest something a little sturdier.
Helpful Helpful 0
trundle isnt attached so doesn't line up with bed frame
Helpful Helpful 0
the bed was completely damaged and scratched, and very fragile
Helpful Helpful 0
Berwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed review
quality much lower than expected. poorly painted and wood with a poor finish. I was disappointed
Helpful Helpful 0
Berwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed reviewBerwyn Bed review
The bed wood parts were all messed up some had cracks and some were kind of bend, headboard was not painted good. I think it was chipped build and very expensive.
Helpful Helpful 0
Significantly darker than pictured. The quality of the paint job and the bed in general leaves a lot to be desired.
Helpful Helpful 0
This product is a huge disappointment. My son loves his "new bed" which is the only reason it's not coming back. The paint is terrible, single sprayed coat of grey, and the paint gun wasn't moved from a straight-on position so anywhere there is a relief, you can still see raw or dusted wood. The supplied screws for the top rails and the bed slats are too short to be used as the directions indicate. They predrilled where the screws should go in the slats so if you actually use those holes, the screw doesn't have enough length to bite, let alone hold. The headrail caps are the same, three screws hold that down with no cover of any kind so the screws are exposed and only the center screw holds it down. Again, the side screws are too short to bite. The package includes (2) sizes of screws, mediums are used for the caps and slats and the smaller screws are used for the casters on the slide-out. Also on one of the main boards, we used it as a footboard, the plywood has a defect that looks like the glue separated from the layers so instead of being flat, it bubbles and looks defective from top to bottom on one edge. Overall, I either got something that made it through quality control on a bad day or they are all made with equally bad quality.
Helpful Helpful 0
Muy malo la pintura en está muy mal todo descolorido no les recomiendo a nadie comprar perdí mi dinero
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A Twin bed also referred to as a single bed is one of the smallest bed in the market with a dimension of 38’’ by 75’’. Its compact size makes it ideal for single sleepers may it be children or an adult living in a small space such as a studio apartment. It’s an affordable and versatile bed set up for various sleepers such as toddlers and college student in the dorm. For over several decades it has been one of the most popular beds among college students and young children in their early teens as you can find it in most of their bedrooms, however in this modern age where people are seeking for more comfort and space, the popularity of twin beds is been over taken by queen size beds. Despite being great for growing children it’s also very flexible and versatile especially if you are trying to maximize the space in your bedroom.


Gray as a color can be somehow depressing and uninspiring especially in a darker bedroom, and as you already know sleeping in a gray bedroom is not as satisfying as sleeping in a brighter bedroom. Gray might not be as inviting as other colors but that doesn’t mean that a Gray bed is not a good choice for your bedroom. All you need to know before choosing a gray bed or any other no so bright colored bed is which bedroom décor is the best for that specific bed color. With a gray bed it can be really advantageous especially if you have an all-white bedroom since it will tone down the general look for your bedroom, creating some form of contrast. In case you have a bright bedroom and you wish to tone down I would definitely recommend for you a gray bed to help tone down your bedroom décor.


Many people tend to think that in order to create a dramatic high-contrast bedroom space, you need to decorate your bedroom with bright colors or moody greens, blues, and reds. Well, it’s time to think again, because now with a natural colored/themed bed you can create a dreamy, dramatic and romantic bedroom space. A natural bed gives your bedroom a cozy and romantic look which is much better that the traditional rather spooky and cave like look, that is achieved through lots of unnecessary painting. Especially if you are a minimalist a natural bed is your best option as it gives you that minimalist look since it’s perfectly fine without any clutter and unnecessary furnishing and also it provides you with a clean, serene vibe. If you intend to keep an all-natural vibe in your bedroom then you should go and get yourself a Natural bed.


You may be looking for a bed that is timeless and cost-effective and maybe your life quote is "simplicity is beauty," then you can swear by platform beds. A platform bed is a simple bed frame that has a solid foundation capable to hold any type of mattress without the need of a box spring. It also comes with built-in slats to allow airflow and breathability. And since box springs are unnecessary, you can save money if you decide to buy a new mattress.

Though simple, it doesn't mean that this type of bed is boring. Platform beds come from various materials, such wood, metal, and fiberboard. You may even have them upholstered for an added classic touch! Ideal for all ages, they are also available in different sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. Interestingly, platform beds are great for storing extra stuff since many of them come with drawers and headboard shelving, perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy.

Premium Materials

For the highest quality bed, you're going to want premium-material. Premium-material beds are the most stylish choice of all, and also the highest quality. The premium-material bed is for someone that wants the best of everything, with no sacrifices made on quality. Whether it's for a large family home, or for an inner-city apartment with a gorgeous view of the city - the premium-material bed will not disappoint, and will stand out as the star feature of any bedroom. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bed is made of the most premium materials, then this is the style of bed for you. Sleep easy knowing that you’ve made the highest quality choice when it comes to your bed. Premium-material beds look fantastic, have a stunning appearance and will last for a very long time.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.

Solid Wood

When you're after a classy, reliable and natural look for your bed - you need the solid-wood style. This style of bed is nostalgic and will be a great match for any bedroom setting. You can not go wrong with a solid-wood bed. Whether it's fitting into an elegant and inspiring bedroom that's complete with scented candles, or into a main bedroom that has a focus on simplicity and minimalism - the solid-wood style bed will be the perfect choice for everybody. With their familiar appearance, they will also feel comforting to any guests that are to sleep on them. Solid-wood frames are a nice, neutral choice - they don’t have a strong and overbearing appearance, yet they still manage to attract the eye in a subtle, comforting way. If you’re after a style of bed that can fit into every setting, yet never steal the attention away from other important features in the room - then the solid-wood bed is what you need.


A wooden bed is a very popular choice especially when you are out buying a bed for your kids as they come with a number of advantages. Such as: wooden beds are known to be long lasting. At one point in life most of us have slept in a wooden bed, plus wooden beds can be traced back in history to our Tudor ancestors. If you opt to get you kid a bed of his or her own a wooden bed is always the best choice, since they are much easier to clean and maintain since its common knowledge how messy a child’s bedroom become. What makes a wooden bed the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is its ability to withstand everything your child throws at it. This is because wooden beds are known to be sturdy and robust no matter the environment they are in.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.

Espresso Wood

When talking about coffees, espresso is the strong black one. In furniture and woods, it is actually somewhat similar to that. Espresso is a deep, dark brown color, so dark that it is sometimes mistaken to be jet black when, in fact, it stands between the two colors. If you want your bed to look elegant, go for espresso wood. It will also appear neat because dark color can magically tuck away dirt and dust. When under direct lighting, espresso gives out red hues. Cabinets, tables, and shelves that are in espresso sell more than those in light colors because many people opt for a traditional and classic look. Because of its neutral color, espresso is very versatile. It can go well with any home color scheme and design style. Since it's not black and definitely not a bright color, espresso can be pleasing and gentle to the feeling and to the eyes. It can also make you feel relaxed because of its soothing and coffee-like color, perfect after a long day at work.

Espresso may also be your favorite drink! You will definitely wake up feeling energized just by seeing your bed.

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