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Brieux 4 Drawer 19.7'' W Lingerie Chest
Brieux 4 Drawer 19.7'' W Lingerie Chest

Brieux 4 Drawer 19.7'' W Lingerie Chest

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Winston Porter
20 Reviews
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37.4'' H x 19.7'' W x 15.7'' D
Main Drawer Interior
7'' H x 15'' x 14''
Overall Product Weight
Manufactured Wood
Manufactured Wood Type
Dark Brown
Drawers Included
Number of Drawers
Soft Close or Self Close Drawers
Dovetail Drawer Joints
Safety Stop
Removable Drawers
Mirror Included
Finished Back
Tipover Restraint Device Included
Natural Variation Type
No Natural Variation
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Main Wood Joinery Method
Basic Butt
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty

Featured Reviews

Here are 20 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
20 Reviews
Would Recommend
13/20 recommendations
Featured 20 Reviews
Perfect size for my closet. Good quality. Drawers are not deep so they don’t fit a lot. Maybe I should have purchased two.
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Prefect seize easy to assemble lots of parts but the instructions are so easy to follow looks great
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This is exactly what I wanted and love it!!
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Love it !! So pretty fits perfectly !!
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This dresser is perfect for our space. We wanted something small for a small room and this was it!
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Perfect for our room. Looks very classy and arrived quickly. Took about an 1-2 hours to put together. But perfect for the price.
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is great in my small space
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Terry Collins
This is a great company to deal with. The instructions on my first order wasn't correct and I didn't know what to do. I called back wayfair and they sent me another dresser that was right. I'm so pleased with this company I'll refer them to all my friends
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Brieux 4 Drawer 19.7'' W Lingerie Chest review
Very nice looking. Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to put together.
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Great i love it
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Just what I needed.
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Just got what I expected.
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The color is completely different! It’s almost black. Its well made so I don’t want to totally bash if but it doesn’t match my set at all . I may return it.
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I am fine with everything but the finish. It scratches way too easy. The finish chips off.
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This looks nice but it’s cheaply made lots of press board it as nice a piece as I wanted and it comes in many many pieces and took a long time to put together. Drawers are pretty shallow as well.
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Color is extremely misleading compared to whats pictured. If not for the hassle involved I would have returned it.If you decide to get it anyway then I recommend ignoring the build instructions when assembling the drawers. Insert the bottom panels after the first two sides have been added, before you add in the last two. Its much easier and fits together nicely this way whereas putting it in after the third side is a struggle.
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Cal Wilde
The chest assembled well but has a terrible odor. I aired it out on my deck for two days but have been unable to reduce the smell. I am having to store it in my garage so that the odor is not in the house. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
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Poor quality. Drawers walls are not thick enough, and so cams break through the drawer when you tighten them. Surfacing comes off very easy, even just from removing the stickers.
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The color is not accurate. It is a black dresser and does not match my room. I inquired through a message if I received the wrong item and they never got back to me. Very disappointing
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A dresser and a chest function the same, but the difference lies in the piece which is designed. A dresser and chest of drawers are some of the most important elements serving both as storage and décor piece. Organize your interior with a brown colour dresser and chest finish. The streamlined brown colour drawers offer a modern style with minimal fuss. A wood dresser and chest in a neutral, classic, or contemporary finish will work with any décor. This type of dresser and chest finish is very luxe and are also versatile giving a warm rustic beauty that fits comfortably into any bedroom décor. The rich look flows beautifully over the decorative framed details and flawlessly captures the true feel of the rustic design which is the perfect choice for any home environment. No matter its style, colour scheme, and design, the dresser and chest have a lot of functions from storage to creating an atmosphere that will also serve you for years to come.


A natural finish dresser will create a subtle and understated look in your home. ‘Natural’ can mean many things; most often, a natural finish will be a neutral-colored furniture piece that is crafted of a subtly colored wood (like parawood). Natural-finished furniture pieces serve to enhance a rustic, coastal, or farmhouse design motif, but are versatile enough that you could integrate the piece with your existing furniture. While a natural-toned dresser or chest may seem simple, it’s anything but; a natural finish is sophisticated and distinctive, not to mention versatile. Natural-finished dressers or chests are perfect for people who enjoy DIY or home projects; the beauty of a natural finish is that you can easily paint or stain the surface to change the appearance to keep up with your ever-changing style preferences.

Standard (36 - 50 in.)

With a standard height in the range of 36 to 50 inches, this is a universal height. They tend to work very well in both small spaced and large spaced bedrooms. A standard drawer has between six and nine drawers for the storage of items. This height is the most common choice for most individuals across the world. This is because, it's not too much high or short; making access easier for items. A good example is a horizontal dresser; which is generally acknowledged as the standard dresser. It is not only the most widely available but also the most popular. It consists of two to three rows of long and wide drawers. At times, it may have a top row consisting of multiple small drawers. Apart from providing significant space for storing clothes, a standard dresser offers plenty of space for display. It is not uncommon for people to use the tabletop of a standard drawer for displaying picture frames, a row of books, or even a TV. Others even come with a mirror to match the style of the dresser.


Wood is classified into two major categories, that's is softwood and hardwood. Softwood is easier to work with hence making elegant dressers and chests in your room. On the other hand, hardwood is the most durable material when it comes to furniture making. Wood is well treated to the longevity of dressers & chests. Users can pick either softwood or hardwood for their preference. Both kinds of wood need care and maintenance and from time to time wipe your wood perfectly. If you love personalized touch in your dressers and chest, you can always go for these materials because it's easier to work with compared to metals. Wood does not rust but if not well treated it can get attacked by wold borers or termites. A wooden dresser can be enhanced by applying a finish to give your dresser an attractive final look. Wood is sturdy and durable hence making your dresser & chest give you service for decades.


If you enjoy the tranquility of having your chest and drawer and be able to store items alone without sharing with a family member or a friend; 4-drawer will be a great addition. Having such a small number of drawers is manageable and easy to track items compared to having many drawers. This way you save on time when you want to pick specified items. These drawers can be positioned to form different patterns, which determine the size and style of your drawers. The drawers can also be customized to form an authentic view that is not only attractive but also modern. 4 drawers can perfectly fit in a low-spaced bedroom or even a large spaced bedroom. It is ideal to fit this number of drawers in of bedrooms, where two people can share. Having this size of drawers can also reduce the number of furniture in your bedroom, allowing free flow of air.

Narrow (Under 38 in.)

Having a narrow width in dressers and chest is ideal for small spaced rooms. With a narrow width, everything is packed with precision and accuracy, making it appear unique. The uniqueness is widely displayed by the number of drawers in this narrow dresser and chest. This size tends to fit well in areas or corners that are hard to navigate. Narrow width is perfect for individuals living in a small spaced room. The drawers are few with the top surface narrow to hold a few items. This size common styles are gentleman style of dresser and chest. A chest of drawers this size is small enough to fit in most bedrooms but large enough to have ample storage space. Even though the drawers are also small enough, they won't buckle or sag over time. This narrow is precise in a bedroom, making it the focal point of admiration.

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