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Caila Vanity
Caila Vanity
Caila Vanity
Caila Vanity

Caila Vanity

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Etta Avenue™
159 Reviews
$239.99 - $339.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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31'' H x 42'' W x 18'' D
4.2'' H x 14'' W x 17.9'' D
Overall Product Weight
Primary Material
Solid + Manufactured Wood
Top Material
Glass; Solid Wood
Seat Included
Drawers Included
Number of Drawers
Drawer Glide Mechanism
Wood Slide
Felt Lined Drawers
Finished Back
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Non Residential Use; Residential Use
Level of Assembly
Partial Assembly
Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details 2
Does not cover normal wear and tear, customer misuse, or modifying the product in any way

Featured Reviews

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159 Reviews
Would Recommend
53/59 recommendations
Featured 59 Reviews
The vanity came exactly as pictured and was easy to put together. I will have to use Windex to get the remaining sticker residue that is left on the vanity drawer.
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Caila Vanity review
It arrived 2 days after I ordered it, in the midst of the Christmas deliveries! It was packaged well and there was no damage. I was worried about that since it is pretty much all mirror. It is very easy to assemble since all you need to do is to screw in the legs and the knobs. What I also like about this particular vanity is that it has a good amount of width to the top since it’s 18” wide. Overall, it is well priced and well made and fits my space perfectly. I have never been unhappy with any of my purchases through Wayfair.
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Caila Vanity review
Very well made. Sturdy. Mirrored on all legs and drawers. I changed the knobs to add more sophistication. Looks great with matching stool and mirror. Happy wife.
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My Favorite Corner!This Table is very charming and beautiful. At first I plan to use for vanity but during waiting the Hollywood mirror so, I turned it to be my working table. Now this corner became my favorite space. Absolutely love it.This is my first time order from Wayfair and very happy with product. The shipping was fast and very easy installation. Recommended
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Love it! Made well, easy to put together.
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I am so pleased with the Caila Vanity! It is absolutely exquisite and completes the "glam" makeover for my master bedroom. I especially like the height of the vanity and its solid construction.
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Very glam for my daughter's bedroom.
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Using this as a desk in my teen’s room. Perfect to transform into a vanity too. So pretty
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A very pretty addition in my bedroom! Love it. The quality is really good and sturdy.
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Love !!!!!
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Very good
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Beautiful and well made.
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Is beautiful & good quality!!
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Is Very Beautiful.
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Beautiful table
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It’s great quality and looks amazing with the rest of the mirrored items I have in the room
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Exceptionally well packaged. Solidly constructed. Mirrored top glass has beveled edges, nice touch. Each leg has 2 large diameter bolts. Very quick and basic assembly. Matching bench is recommended. Bench has fabric cushion top. Wife prefers vinyl in bathroom. Great universal appearance with a fair price.
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Good quality, drawers run smoothly, brings light into the room with the reflection of the mirrored surface
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I love my vanity table easy set up!!
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Nice quality and easy to assemble.
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I'm giving it 5 stars for how it ended up...It arrived damaged. The front face of one drawer was broken off and the back corner was scratched. I contacted customer service and they were incredibly efficient and helpful. We made the decision to repair the drawer face ourselves (a fairly easy task) and the scratch was in the back so we are just ignoring that. They gave us a partial refund to handle the damage. We were given the option to replace the piece. Aside from the shipping damage, it is beautiful and sturdy. It's not heavy either. The gold trim combined with the mirrors is very elegant and it fits in a small space. It serves as a small desk in a guest room. We paired it with a ghost chair, but the design gives a lot of flexibility for a chair style.
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This is high guilty material. Its a beautiful piece. I get many complaints o this Vanity. Elegant and sheek
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Great! My daughter was impressed with the quality of this desk.
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I have been searching for the perfect mirrored vanity, and once I found this Vanity, I knew it was the one. Overall it was fairly simple to put together. All that needs to be attached is the legs and drawer pulls. The top screw in the front legs were a bit difficult to reach because the drawer gets in the way, but I just took the drawer out to make it easier. As for the drawer pull did NOT come with instructions, but I was able to figure it out with a few minutes of putzing around. They arent super obvious as to how to put them together, but it is doable if you set you mind to it!
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Perfect vanity for my teenager.
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I Love his vanity. Very versatile and plenty of workspace. Easy to assemble and packaged very well
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really cute, perfect size. chic!
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Jasmine Le
So fun classic mirror vanitydesk
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Love what it’s doing for my bedroom
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Love it, perfect for my bedroom. I put it together in 15 minutes on my own. There were no instructions but its pretty straight forward. the handle came crushed but wayfair are sending me another one, slightly disappointed but love the vanity unit so much still giving it 5 stars! worth the money :- )
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A real show stopper. Very please with the sturdy structure and couldn't be more pleased. Also, simple to assemble.
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Beautiful and very easy to assemble!
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So glad I purchased this vanity ! It looks perfect in my daughters bedroom !!
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Was hard to get out of the box but the assembly was super easy to put together and looks great!
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I love the way it looks in my bedroom
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Lovely and feminine addition to my glam bedroom!
Helpful Helpful 0
Item exactly as described and easy to put together. Loved it thank you!
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Beautiful. Arrived carefully packaged, no damage or scratches. Eady to attach 4 legs. Compact design for office or makeup desk. I love it.
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My husband purchased the Basalt Vanity as a surprise gift and I absolutely love it!
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Betty New
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Absolutely beautiful it is a dream!!
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Great vanity, best bang for the buck! Solid wood. Just bummed it arrived damaged.
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Fancy! Easy to clean! Had no problems putting together. Packaged well!
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Caila Vanity review
Love this entire collection. Originally purchased the sideboard, 2 side smaller nightstands, and one dresser. So happy with the quality, glam look and delivery. Decided to place a second order for another guest bedroom. Ordered a jewelry armoire, desk, 2 larger Nightstands, and a sideboard. Only had one issue with a damaged Nightstand, which Wayfair immediately resolved.
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Really happy with how this looks in my bedroom. Paired it with a round crystal trimmed mirror and crystal accessories
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I love it! Nice size 42x18 deep which is perfect. 2 drawers. Beautifully packacked. Looks so glam with the mirrors. Only had to secure the legs.
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It’s perfect!
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Caila Vanity review
Easy and sturdy assembly
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This is pretty vanity. In the picture the top looks painted. It is mirrored like the rest of the piece. The drawers are hard to pull all the way out but I have gotten used to it and like the way the vanity looks so I will keep it.
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Arrived damaged, but customer service promptly replaced it. It’s a beautiful addition to my daughters room.
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It is a really nice looking table. Arrived slightly damaged. The piece of wood that holds the drawer slider in place was broken but fixable with wood glue. Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars.
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This piece is so pretty, but be warned: the legs are hard to put on and my boyfriend and I broke up and got back together 5 times during the time it took to put those bad boys on due to the complexity. Make sure someone is holding up the drawers (and making sure they don't drop them on your fingers) while screwing in the legs. I took off one star only because of how annoying that process was. Other than that this was beautiful!
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It’s a beautiful vanity and perfect for what I was looking for. My only complaint is that I wish the drawers opened easier, they are a little clunky.
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Caila Vanity review
Looks nice but big warning that chemicals used can cause birth defects! DO NOT USE if you are pregnant, have kids, or plan on becoming pregnant! Very deceptive. Mine was also missing both knobs. Otherwise pretty, but it’s a shame they decided to use harmful cheap materials.
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It is a beautiful and sturdy vanity, but it did come damaged despite the fact that it was packed really well. The support for the drawers are the weakest point and considering that they have to the support a drawer, they should be made of stronger wood. Fortunately we were able to fix it ourselves. Also, the drawer depth is not as advertised. From the outside it looks like they're about 4.2 inches, but the bottom is raised up to make room for the mechanism that moves the drawer in and out so the depth of the drawers is actually 2.3 inches. I bought it for the drawer depth so this is very disappointing. Also, when turning the piece over to put on the legs, be careful not to scratch the mirror top. We did, so now I can't even return it! :(
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This was a very inexpensive piece but still well done for the money.
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Beautiful table. Photos are exactly the same as the real table. Only problem is the wood split on the legs where the screws are to be inserted and the holes were too big.
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I love this product however when I received it there were scratches all over the vanity.
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I received the desk and two legs were badly broken. I think it may collapse at any time. It looks beautiful though.
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