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Carson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest
Carson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest

Carson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Carson Carrington
14 Reviews
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Add depth to your modern decor with the Halmstad chest. Constructed from wood and MDF, the walnut-finished frame contrasts four slanted white drawers. Cement your mid-century style with an...
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Mid-Century Modern
Walnut Finish
Assembly Required
Bachelors Chest
Dresser Type
Wood Tone
Light Wood
Model Number

Featured Reviews

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14 Reviews
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6/10 recommendations
Featured 10 Reviews
It’s cute once put together, but I would not buy unless you you ares,idled at reading schematics and can work with basic tools. Took our contractor three hours to put together.
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Yolonda W.
The quality seems great but I have spent almost 12 hours trying to put it together. It's finally finished and it is fabulous! I love it!
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This dresser is beautiful! it is just the height I wanted and it looks so cool with the matching nightstand I also purchased. It was a little more time-consuming than other pieces but not difficult and it went together nicely. One of the drawer guides was bent but still usable to provide smooth operation of the drawers. The drawers are not deep, 4" which was clearly stated in the dimensions, so I will make it work for the cool look of this piece!
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This chest exactly what I expect.. I wanted to have mid century style drawer.. But I give 1 less star because the edges of chest are really sharp.. So need to be careful especially for children...
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Looks beautiful. But hardest piece of furniture I’ve had to put together in my entire life. Over 100 manual screws. Hours in and I’m halfway done.
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debra l.
I love the shape of this dresser. It was a little hard to put together. The drawers are slanted and that's where I had trouble, but I figured it out. I wanted this dresser for a project. I have completely decorated it with mirrors. It was beautiful to start with now it's fantastic.
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Bryson W.
This was just the depth of dresser I was looking for, it looks great and functions but the drawers only open about 1/3 of the way so that's the reason for the lower review, I'm sure it's a safety feature so it doesn't tip being so shallow.
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Carson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest reviewCarson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest review
Vivek B.
Nothing great, just like the picture. The drawers are very narrow but the material is strong
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Stephen P.
Parts came totally defective and without manual. Did not realize it was defective until we hired and paid a handyman to completely assemble it.
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Carson Carrington Halmstad Mid-century White and Brown 4-drawer Chest review
If i could give this zero stars that would still ve too much. Worst product I have ever bought in my entire life..DO NOT BUY THIS HORRIBLE P.O.S!! WE have purchased furniture for two entire houses and have never had a problem assembling, the directions are wrong and after we spent countless hours figuring it out and using our own screw supply, etc..the drawers don't even open properly..my husband already loaded it up to take to the dump!
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My daughter liked the style
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A dresser and a chest function the same, but the difference lies in the piece which is designed. A dresser and chest of drawers are some of the most important elements serving both as storage and décor piece. Organize your interior with a brown colour dresser and chest finish. The streamlined brown colour drawers offer a modern style with minimal fuss. A wood dresser and chest in a neutral, classic, or contemporary finish will work with any décor. This type of dresser and chest finish is very luxe and are also versatile giving a warm rustic beauty that fits comfortably into any bedroom décor. The rich look flows beautifully over the decorative framed details and flawlessly captures the true feel of the rustic design which is the perfect choice for any home environment. No matter its style, colour scheme, and design, the dresser and chest have a lot of functions from storage to creating an atmosphere that will also serve you for years to come.


Depending on your choice, a dresser and chest can simply serve as functional pieces of furniture which are practical and useful and also create a very appealing look in the house. An alternative to a dresser is also a chest of drawers which is usually taller than a standard dresser. Creative white colour dresser and chest will give you a warm and cozy feeling in the bedroom after a long hectic day. The white colour works with any interior style providing a modern, classy and clean look. You may feel touched while picking the white colour dresser and chest for your bedroom which will be a perfect choice. It looks nice while you organize your stuff in the drawers and make the surface neat and clean. The white colour dresser and chest presents a traditional style in the room and also compliments the other furniture and décor of the room perfectly with its basic look finish. The white colour will blend flawlessly and serve as a statement piece of furniture in the room.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard is a material that consists of recycled solid wood leftovers, resin, and fibers all glued up together with wax. One huge advantage of a medium-density fiberboard dresser is that it is quite affordable as compared to solid wood dressers. This is because medium density fiberboards are readily available in the market. In addition, it's quite easy to paint when it comes to customizing your medium density fiberboard dresser, unlike a solid wood dresser. It also comes with its own disadvantages, such as it's relatively easy to damage, especially if you have little kids who are always playing around the house. Unlike most people would imagine, a medium-density fiberboard dresser is relatively heavier than a solid wood dresser, making it quite hard to move around when you rearrange your space. Plus, it cannot support too much weight as it risks breaking down.


Wood is classified into two major categories, that's is softwood and hardwood. Softwood is easier to work with hence making elegant dressers and chests in your room. On the other hand, hardwood is the most durable material when it comes to furniture making. Wood is well treated to the longevity of dressers & chests. Users can pick either softwood or hardwood for their preference. Both kinds of wood need care and maintenance and from time to time wipe your wood perfectly. If you love personalized touch in your dressers and chest, you can always go for these materials because it's easier to work with compared to metals. Wood does not rust but if not well treated it can get attacked by wold borers or termites. A wooden dresser can be enhanced by applying a finish to give your dresser an attractive final look. Wood is sturdy and durable hence making your dresser & chest give you service for decades.


If you enjoy the tranquility of having your chest and drawer and be able to store items alone without sharing with a family member or a friend; 4-drawer will be a great addition. Having such a small number of drawers is manageable and easy to track items compared to having many drawers. This way you save on time when you want to pick specified items. These drawers can be positioned to form different patterns, which determine the size and style of your drawers. The drawers can also be customized to form an authentic view that is not only attractive but also modern. 4 drawers can perfectly fit in a low-spaced bedroom or even a large spaced bedroom. It is ideal to fit this number of drawers in of bedrooms, where two people can share. Having this size of drawers can also reduce the number of furniture in your bedroom, allowing free flow of air.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern furniture are furniture’s that are designed to resemble the 1950s furniture industry, a good example is the mid-century modern dresser and chest which are quite popular in most modern day themes. Some of the reasons that are associated with the popularity of mid-century modern dressers ad chests is the fact that they are quite elegant and are designed with a less-is-more approach, making them statement pieces and timelessly iconic with their quality designs. If you are furnishing your bedroom and a streamlined approach is what you are after then a mid-century modern dresser and chest would be a great way to go. Mid-century modern furniture are said to be eclectic as they can be easily mixed up with different type of furniture with different styles, and still leave your bedroom space looking astonishingly beautiful. There is no need to second guess yourself when it comes mid-century modern furniture as you will absolutely love it.


Modern day furniture are some of the appealing furniture you will find in the market, with advancement of technology modern day furniture such as dressers and chests are now being designed with the outmost precision to meet all your needs. If you are in the market for a dresser or chest some of the main reasons why you should go for a modern day dresser or chest is because they have designed to complement some of the most popular modern day interior decors. Plus when it comes to durability there is no better furniture that you could go for than a modern-day furniture, as most likely it is newer, hasn’t been used, and has been designed to withstand the modern day harshest environments. Modern-day dressers and chests are also quite affordable as they have been produced in larger quantities as compared to traditional dressers and chests, this is due to the economics of scale and demand.


Chests of drawers look narrow, tall, and provide maximum storage while conserving floor space. With this chest being narrow and tall, it is also a great space saver. The chest has got multiple drawers for the storage of private documents or jewelry, however, one can arrange what they want inside the. If you're living in a tightly spaced room, the chest comes in handy because of its size. In a big-sized room, a chest becomes the center of attraction because it can be decorated using a flower vase. The top surface reflects lights. Depending on your preference of colors, chest age is available in different arrays of colors for you to pick from. With this product, one gets extra space to add other furniture compared to dressers which tend to occupy large space. The chest can be placed in an office or bedroom and still serve users perfectly.


Hardwood is a durable wood species that is long-lasting when used to craft dressers and chests, it produces durable and sturdy products that will perfectly fit in your bedroom. Owing to its durability, the wood species produces a sturdy dresser and chest that will serve you for decades. It is also easy to maintain compared to manufactured wood. To avoid attack from wood borers, this wood species is treated to borers or other elements that may cause decay. This species is over of the most preferred materials for not only crafting dressers and chests but also another wooden home; it is designable and has a distinctive appeal. Hardwood produces numerous styles and designs for dressers and chests allowing users to pick from their preferences. Unlike other species, this wood species has hues and lines that make it look even more attractive. Dressers and chests made from hardwood species can be part of any design scheme or well with the rest of the bedroom decor.


Walnut wood is a richly-colored, dark wood that best complements a traditional style. The characteristic richness of walnut wood has made this wood type a sought-after variety. Walnut wood dressers or chests complement a traditional, vintage or antique style best, however, it’s a versatile wood type that would also look sharp when paired with a more eclectic design style (such as Boho). Walnut wood has gorgeous wood grain patterns and knots throughout the surface, which is perfect for adding a distinctive flair to your home. Walnut wood dressers and chests would be best used and displayed in larger rooms, as the darker color would make small rooms look even smaller (or more cozy, depending on the way you look at it!). A walnut wood dresser or chest will add a sophisticated flair to your home décor.

Light Wood

The light wooden tone has a bright tint. This tone on the dresser & chests will portray an outstanding product in you're room The grains are very smooth and have a modern chic look. You will often find this wood in Scandinavian furniture and homes. If you're looking for super blonde wood in its natural form, this is probably your best choice. Light-toned wood for dresses & chests is great because, it does not easily show dust, dirt, or scratches. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Your dresser & will be well illuminated in your room making it a focal point of view. Furniture made using the tones speak or themselves, because the tint is so bright, and the toned and eye-catching. It also matches easily with the rest of your room or house décor. To ensure you maintain the wood tone apply a clear finish.

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