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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa
Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa
Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa
Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa

Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Ebern Designs
13 Reviews
$629.99 - $689.99
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33'' H x 81'' W x 33'' D
18.9'' H x 64.6'' W x 18.9'' D
Leg Height - Top to Bottom
Overall Product Weight
Sleeper Sofa
Product Type
Seating Capacity
Upholstery Material
100% Polyester
Leg Color
Light Brown
Frame Material
Manufactured Wood
Seat Fill Material
Synthetic Fiber
Seat Construction
Pocket Spring
Back Fill Material
Synthetic Fiber
Removable Cushions
Stain Resistant
Arm Type
Flared Arm
Seat Style
Multiple cushion seat
Back Type
Loose back
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Weight Capacity
330 lb.
Level of Assembly
Partial Assembly
Adult Assembly Required
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
All Tools Included
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year

Featured Reviews

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13 Reviews
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8/10 recommendations
Featured 10 Reviews
I was so excited when we ordered our Castlethorpe sofa. We needed an affordable sofa for our kids tv room. We have a small area for it to fit into and we needed a sofa that could handle pet hair and kids messes. We purchased the perfect sofa for them. We received the sofa quickly after ordering. It was wrapped extremely well. We just had to unwrap and attach the legs and we were in business. I was pleased to see this sofa set lower to the floor and has a lower back. That helps with items being stuffed under the sofa and being able to see over the back of the sofa. The kids love their new sofa. My husband and I have even relaxed on this comfy sofa. There is enough room for our 4 kids or 3 adults to sit comfortably. It really has very nice plush seating. The arms are very attractive. They are rolled out giving more room to sit close to the arm. It has a very modern look. The legs are pine finished and very sturdy. The seating has pocket spring seats for extra support. The couch has Live smart Performance fabric.This means it is soft, moisture and stain resistant. This helps when the kids spill their drinks or when the pets sit on the couch it is easily cleaned. I had to get cat hair off the couch and it easily came off with a sticky roller. The one feature that we love the most about this couch is all the cushions can be removed for easy cleaning. When putting the cushions back on there is Velcro to keep the cushions in place. This was a very smart feature that Castlethorpe brilliantly thought of. We look forward to enjoying this couch for years. This couch would be great in any room of your house. It is modern and very comfy. We are looking to buy another for our formal sitting room.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
I looove this couch. I put it on my wishlist initially because I thought it looked really comfortable and it totally is. I was a little nervous about putting it together but it was much easier than I expected. (Although I would definitely recommend having a second person help!) I got mine in Charcoal, which is a lovely dark grey that has a hint of blue in it. I’m glad that I waited until it was back in stock because I’m so so happy with my purchase. (Also pictured my dog Westley and the Kamile 3 Legs Coffee Table. Dog not available for purchase but you can find the coffee table here on Wayfair.)
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
Absolutely beautiful taking it out of the package has got it halfway finished this is the last piece very sturdy very beautiful very stunning the black is very rich looking will make any room look fantastic and absolute Plus
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
The color of the sofa looks a lot darker in the advertisement. However it is more of a gray or light black charcoal in color. The fabric is SOFT. I really like the feel of it. At first, I thought there is no way this sofa is 80 inches long, however after assembly, it does reach that length with the arms attached. (see picture of the delivery)Width of the sofa is 64" but with arms, it does measure 80".The assembly: Does come with hardware however one bracket was bent bent so you had to take the screwdriver to unjam the bent part in order for that one part to fit correctly. I did not want to call Wayfair customer service and wait for a new part.The installation can be done with one person but if you had two people, it will be fast and easier.This sofa could be easily waiver from 3 to 4 stars but with my luck the one part was wonky. It was an easy fix. I didnt love it that the two back cushions didn't fill out as much as I hoped. I enclosed the pictures.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
I usually don’t buy anything but leather, however I like the pine finished legs. Plush isn’t the word I would use. The back pillows are softer than the bottom pillowscushions which are as soft as the ones on my leather sofa. Love the fact that it is stain resistant and can be cleaned with an upholstery cleaner. I think it does add a more modern touch to my bedroom. If your decor is more modern than this sofa would be a great addition.cushions.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
Good for the price. Paid for assembly and the deliveryassembly team was so nice and worth every penny. They said it didn’t come with assembly instructions but they luckily figured it out. Not the most sturdy of couches, when he first assembled it he gave it a push from the side and showed it wobbles slightly, but sturdy enough and comfy enough.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
A bit stiff but overall it was a good purchase.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
Quality but smaller than I was expecting. Has good support, even in the middle. Extremely easy to put together! I easily and quickly put this together at 38.5 weeks pregnant with zero strain. Great, high quality fabric that seems easy to clean. The legs are beautiful wood. It slides easily on wood flooring but would be stationary on carpet. The back pillows could be easily squished down if you have children. The back a gap that the bottom cushions cover. Would be great for a smaller room as an accent couch. Still very comfy quality!
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
Assembly fairly easy. Fabric acceptable for an inexpensive couch. Design is bad. As you can see in pics, there are gaps everywhere... between back and arms, between bottom and back. The zipper broke on one of the cushion covers when trying to close it, very cheaply made. Velcro holds flap to cover frame in back, and to hold cushions to couch. This is definitely a sofa you sit down slowly on and I would say one that doesnt see a lot of activity or main use. Doesnt feel like its that well made.
Helpful Helpful 7
Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa reviewCastlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
Picture does not look so bad, but I'm sorry to say that this is without a doubt the WORST new sofa choice you could possibly make. Assembly does not bother me, but hardware was not properly aligned, so straight away there was a negative. Cheapest padding you could ever imagine. No support or springs, just a hard platform and formless lumpy fiberfill pillows (imagine that disgusting bed pillow you had in your college dorm room, or the old one you just gave to the dog). And of course since it came not assembled, it's up to YOU to stuff those lovely pillows into the cushion covers first. And if you want to sit on it? First, there is a weight limit of 250 pounds, so only 1 big person, or 2 skinny people, or maybe 3 children. It also sits uncomfortably low, with top of seat cushion measuring 18" from floor BEFORE compression from sitting. This thing absolutely screams "I'm CHEAP!!" as it squeaks as you sit and squeaks again when you rise. Feels terribly unsturdy and unsafe. Listed at $624.99 retail and $469.99 on sale***PAUSE FOR LAUGHTER***. Seriously overpriced, I'd be hard pressed to pull out $50 if there wasn't another sofa on earth. And of course it's made in China. Huge fail from EVERY angle.
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Castlethorpe 81'' Flared Arm Sofa review
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Flared Arms

A flared arm sofa is the type of sofa that blends with any type of room no matter the design. However, with its gently sloping arms this type of sofa bring about a delicate and cozy feeling in to your living room space without taking up large space. A flared arm sofa usually provides you with extreme comfort due to the well-designed armrests. This type of sofa combines a clean lined design with a modern look making it one of the most compact picks for any apartment or small spaces. Despite all that this type of sofa does not compromise when it comes to comfort, since its arms offer the right amount of softness. A flared arm sofa is the kind of trend or design that everyone is always praying and hoping it never goes away, mainly because of its superior level of comfort.

Loose Back

A loose-back sofa is a sofa with a loose or semi-attached cushion on the back. These are the sofas that you sink when you sit down. Pillows can be obtained from the fiber all the way to the bottom and can be softened or hardened to your liking. The comfort of a loose back sofa is the first big advantage. If you like to snuggle up to the sofa, you can enjoy a relaxed back feeling. The loose-back sofa has a lot more style variations. You can go from hypermodern to traditional and mid-century modern. Get your living space one of these stylish loose back sofas. There are many designs and sizes will ensure that the sofa goes with any style and pieces of furniture already present in your home.


Brown is the most popular and elegant color for sofas. The brown color is a decent decision on the off chance that you have pets or youngsters who may follow soil onto the couch. The brown color isn't only for cowhide, it can glance great in different textures like fleeces and polyesters as well. Brown color may not be the most energizing tone around however it can add warmth and grittiness to the inside for those looking for more natural color palettes.

The brown color sofa makes your room warm and elegant. The dramatic color combination with brown color sofa makes everything appear more sophisticated and expensive. Decorative wallpapers are best paired with this color tone. It is a valuable addition to your living room, especially if it's a brown color sofa. It reflects royalty and luxury. Brown is a pretty flexible tone; it extraordinary enhances the glamour of any room and can be used in different styles.


A sofa in a gray tone can beautifully anchor the living space. The gray color sofa in the living space is an ideal shade to supplement some exquisite, quieted colors. A neutral gray is an excellent shade that compliments nearly every shade scheme. In a room brimming with nonpartisan tones, a gray sofa appears to be a characteristic decision. A gray sofa mixes into the room plan and fills in as an incredible background for improving pieces with complex patterns.

The gray color sofa helps highlight other features in the room such as artwork and various accents. Lighting is the main part of your living room it is best paired with a gray color sofa. It pairs excellently with light color wood and bold patterns. A gray color sofa is the ideal blend of style and comfort. Complete the appearance of your dark-themed living room with a dark sofa. Its dark color fills the space pleasantly. The gray color sofa is an eye-catching color. This gray color is rich in texture which makes it attractive.

Light Brown

Light brown is the most adjustable color tone that lightens up your living room. It gives a touch of comfort to your room. It merges easily with all types of hues to give your living room a classic look. It can hide strains. Light brown is a calming tone and the reality it's a shading found all through nature makes it a fantastic couch tone for a living room. The light brown-colored couches aren't restricted to a solitary enlivening style. It merges well together because of the coordinated color palette.

Light brown is a natural color and best fit with a nature-loving person. Light brown-colored couches function admirably with cool blues and greens. Use highlight seats, window boards, or brilliant cushions in cooler tones to add calming shading to a space secured by a light brown-colored couch. The light brown color sofa anchor the living room and also easy to clean. It will make you feel brighter as well.


This style of the couch is about the moderate plan and cleans lines. There are numerous assortments of this style of couch. It's intended to look great and be agreeable – the outcome is it's not the most agreeable furnishings, but rather is combined with the correct home plan, it can look fantastic. The standard couch merges with the features around it. . Think of a standard sofa as a fresh start with an infinite number of stylistic layout blends possible.

The standard sofa is the most ideal choice for a home flaunting any design style as they pair well with a wide range of shading plans and are immortal and a lot simpler to keep clean. . It will absorb the busy patterns, and these patterns allow sitting more comfortably within the overall scheme. A standard sofa in a living room provides a perfect canvas to add to your style.

Stain Resistant

An advantage of stain-resistant texture on your upholstered furniture is self-evident. These stain-resistant materials don't assimilate stains and spills and accordingly are simpler to clean and they last more. Such textures are impenetrable to unplanned spillages by red wine, oils, and other regular fluids. Rather than being promptly retained, they are effectively cleared off with a dry or moist material. This element makes them particularly neighborly for substantial use family room couches.

Toughness is another advantage of a mess stain-resistant couch. The texture can be cleaned with practically any family cleaner, including fade. If it gets messy, plain water will deal with most circumstances, yet it's acceptable to realize that you can utilize solid cleaners if fundamental. It is not difficult to tidy up and make your lounge perfect. It is the best to fit for a home with kids and pets.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.


In the event that you love a consoling 'sink in' feeling from a couch, at that point fiber is your companion. Fiber fillings will in general be produced using polyester and it brings about a delicate, cushy feel to your couch.

Think delicate and soft, at a lower cost than its foam-filled partner. You should consistently full cushions to guarantee the air is reestablished between the strands. Normal cleaning and vacuuming is required as well, bringing about significantly more upkeep in contrast with foam. Fiber seats have a lot of air caught between the strands. At the point when you sit, the air is siphoned out and your base may wind up well underneath your knees. This is not really an open to the sitting situation as your back can't get legitimate help all things considered. At the point when you rest, the sinking is well on the way to be much more profound. The fiber couch is stain-safe.

Polyester Blend

Polyester-blend couch texture is made with manufactured filaments which may incorporate microfiber, material, faux leather, velour, glossy silk, tweed, or twill. It is regularly used to upholster furniture since it stands up well to sun openness just as in everyday use and traffic. It is solid and sturdy. It holds up above and beyond time and against the regular stressors that would wear normal strands all the more rapidly. Moreover, it is very close to development makes it simpler to keep clean.

Polyester-blend couches are stain-safe and hypoallergenic. A great polyester-blend couch could last more than 10 years whenever really focused on appropriately and utilized sensibly. Then again, polyester-blend probably won't be the most ideal alternative in the event that you need something gentler or more regular, or if need something of the better quality, similar to top-grain leather. It is the most ideal alternative of bed room sofas. Generally, the dull tones are utilized as the stains don't show up as much as in the lighter tones.


Synthetic fabrics oppose stains and blurring and will in general be tougher than regular strands. The engineered fabrics might be joined with characteristic strands to accomplish a more grounded weave. A Synthetic fabrics couch opposes the hooks of family pets more productively than natural fabrics, yet it will draw in feline hair. Synthetic fabrics couch can be woven to imitate the vibe of natural fabrics yet at a large portion of the cost. Synthetic fabrics are the most grounded, least expensive manufactured of all; it overwhelms the classification of the fabricated material.

The Synthetic fabrics couch pulls in people groups since it gives a cooling impact to the eyes and the lounge by and the large surface it will feature the space of the family room with its delightful surface and unpredictable examples. The living room with the Synthetic fabrics couch looks exorbitantly flawless and contemporary. The couch can be easygoing and even way straightforward yet looks delightful.


Sofas made of wood are durable and long-lasting. Wood is moderately hard it very well may be impervious to scratches and imprints. It has an even grain and is non-harmful. The wood couch is normally climate safe. The wood couch finishes well and has a delightful completed look. Additionally known for its ubiquity use for old-fashioned furnishings, wood is a centuries ago with the legitimate consideration. It is viewed as a valued wood sofa among experts. The wood couch is frequent speculation that will take care of the long haul.

The species' delightful appearance and fair shading make it an incredible wood type for the present-day sofa. it has an exquisite, clean-line grain that supplements the shortsighted inside plan. This wood can only with significant effort be broken or harmed, so comes in as quite possibly the most wood couches. It additionally has a delicate to-contact surface so can be cleaned off with no issue.


The regular 3 seater couch has boycotted the dreary straight example of the bygone eras and now accessible in different new symbols to charm the purchasers. Their appearance can make anybody go frail in the knees. Sure they have all the striking looks, materials, and styles yet that has not brought down the bar of common sense. Three-seater couches, even today, are the staple furniture bits of each home due to the fine usefulness. 3 seater couches will tackle 80% of the furniture game plan issues in the parlor since the greatest product is good to go. A three-seater couch for a region, which is space-bound, can clear a path for other enhancing pieces as you don't need to fret over the seating structure now.

A three-seater couch profoundly supplements the corner couch and is an ideal ally to the huge excellence in an enormous space. In any case, this is a standard game plan one can offer a chance with these two couches, the visual effect is considerably engaging.

Shallow (under 21")

For the more diminutive people that like to sit upstanding and for more modest spaces, they'll presumably need a more shallow seat profundity (under 21" inches) so your feet will contact the ground. The normal couch seat tallness measures under 21" from the floor to the highest point of the cushion. Remember, on the off chance that you do have down in a seat cushion you may sink somewhat more than an implicit cushion that will be firmer. Moreover, an overall principle is that the more profound the seat profundity, the lower the seat stature should be and the other way around. This guarantees that you're getting something both steady and ergonomically stable.

The filling utilized on base and back cushions can have a tremendous effect on agreeable love seats. The high-thickness froth is very normal and is known for its solace and toughness.

Standard (width 71" - 86")

A standard sofa seat size width measures 71-86 inches. Compared to other sofa sizes, standard-size sofa widths are less than a king-size sofa and more than a full-size sofa; a king-size sofa measures over 100 inches wide, and a full-size sofa measures under 100 inches width.

Although width can fluctuate, the stature of the linen couch is genuinely standard. A standard couch can give you a lot of space for nestling up with your Standard friends and family and additionally fuzzy companions? A norm and be the way into a very much planned lounge. Normally, a standard couch will have three seat pads and a normal of around 71-86 crawls long. If you intend to have an end table before your couch, make a point to permit yourself 12 to 18 crawls in the middle for a lot of legroom.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.

Modern Contemporary

Modern-Contemporary sofas are sofas that were built after the 19th century and were heavily influenced by the modernist art movement that was more involved in simple visual designs. The Modern-contemporary sofa takes its cue from the popular trends in the market. It comes in a dynamic design that makes it look different from the normal contemporary design. A Modern-contemporary sofa incorporates various features from a variety of styles such as clean lines and simplicity, making the interior feel more comfortable and welcoming. The main purpose of a Modern-contemporary sofa is to make a bold statement while still being simple and uncluttered. Any sofa with a simplistic design and have modern materials can be referred to as a modern-contemporary sofa. Today’s trends in modern-contemporary furniture design can create a stunning finish to your living room.

Light Wood

Many of today's living rooms are anything but gloomy, with shades that range from wispy dove to rich charcoal, a Lightwood sofa is easy to effectively incorporate into any living space despite the style. Light wood sofas are timeless and versatile such that they work particularly well in any living space despite the décor or style. You should consider a light wood sofa especially for your living room sofa or outdoor sofa due to its versatility, since it can adapt to any given style or decor. A Lightwood sofa is a natural wood-accented furniture that gives your living space that organic feel and touch. You can always choose a Light-wood sofa to define your style and make your living room stand out by acting as the focal point and balancing out your living room general look.

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