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Centiar Dining Table
Centiar Dining Table

Centiar Dining Table

MERCHANT: Ashley Furniture BRAND: to be updated
34 Reviews
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When nothing but the best will do, you’ll find the Centiar 42 round dining table checks all the boxes. Taking a stance for ultra-contemporary design, this modern version of the classic p...
Estimated Assembly Time
30 Minutes
Apron to floor

Featured Reviews

Here are 35 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
34 Reviews
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33/35 recommendations
Featured 35 Reviews
Perfect table for apartment living!!! Easy to put together! 10 mins all set!
Helpful Helpful 6
Great dinning table! Added some accent chairs and it turned out beautiful!
Helpful Helpful 5
Centiar Dining Table review
The dining table and chairs looked even better than it did online, and it fits great in our space. The specifications listed were spot on!
Helpful Helpful 5
Rosemary E
Table is modern, beautiful, perfect size and easy to clean. Absolutely love the round marble table!
Helpful Helpful 4
Centiar Dining Table reviewCentiar Dining Table review
LOVE!!! It’s so pretty, I’m very happy with my purchase. I have a small house and it fits perfectly. I get a lot of compliments.
Helpful Helpful 4
Lovely table. Solid and easy to put together. Did take two people because it is heavy.
Helpful Helpful 3
Deborah W
Beautiful table. Easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 3
I had searched for so long for the perfect dining set for my apartment and this one is just absolutely beautiful!
Helpful Helpful 3
Centiar Dining Table review
Our dining set is absolutely gorgeous.Exactly what we were looking for.Our salesman was very knowledgeable, proffessional and helpful. I loved the experience.The only place to find style, quality and a lovely store to find what you need and want.Thank you Ashley Furniture!
Helpful Helpful 2
The Tik Tok Doc
It's a beautiful table; sturdy and has great chairs to accompany it. Highly recommend this purchase for a small dining room table/study space.
Helpful Helpful 2
Suzy J
This grouping of table with its chairs work just perfectly in the dining room space of my apartment! I especially like the comfort of the accompanying chairs, in particular, the lumbar support of each one. For me, a great choice!
Helpful Helpful 2
Love it! Very beautiful and chairs are comfortable!!
Helpful Helpful 2
Very classy look and easy to put together!
Helpful Helpful 1
Centiar Dining Table review
This smaller sized table is perfect for the smaller sized space I needed to fill. The feel, weight, and build are great for the price point. The chairs are back-ordered, (I think?), but can't wait to have it all set up!
Helpful Helpful 1
Centiar Dining Table reviewCentiar Dining Table review
I brought the round table with 5 rolling desk chairs. It's perfect to eat and have great conversation with people you care about, or have coffee with friends. I love the table and chairs purchased from Ashley!
Helpful Helpful 1
Centiar Dining Table review
Looks great with black chairs.
Helpful Helpful 1
Zaneta B
Nice table for a modern space
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful and great quality
Helpful Helpful 0
Loved it , very nice and stable
Helpful Helpful 0
Love my table!
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect size
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice..as expected.
Helpful Helpful 0
I love love love this table in my small kitchen. It looks simple yet elegant. It is a few weeks old but my track record is if I like a look in the beginning I will feel the same down the road. A good friend was starting over again and needed everything. She really appreciates my older set. ; -)
Helpful Helpful 0
The table itself is great! Super sturdy, doesn't wobble when I lean my elbows on the table. However, assembly was fairly challenging, and I would consider myself a handy person. The instructions wanted you to attach the legs to the table top before you put the cross bar for the base on, which just doesn't work if you've attached the legs securely since the cross bar has dowels to insert into the legs. Really the instructions were poorly written, truth be told, which made for a very frustrating build. Now that it's put together, though, I truly love it!
Helpful Helpful 9
I love the look of the table but it was somewhat challenging to assemble and the instructions were not very good. It’s a little wobbly but I think my floor is uneven. The faux marble top looks great and I hope it holds up for a long time.
Helpful Helpful 7
Centiar Dining Table review
For the price I paid it was worth the purchase. My only problem is that some of the hole didn’t line up right
Helpful Helpful 7
I absolutely love my new table. It is sturdy, beautiful and fits my family of five perfect. It looks like real marble. I highly recommend this table. The only reason for the four stars is that it had a minor scratch on the top. Not really noticeable but because I know it's there, it bugs me. I didnt want to go through the hassle of exchanging it. I really do love this table!
Helpful Helpful 5
Nakeshia T
I love the table, I just wish it was a little bit bigger. Had it not came with a few niks and dings I would have given 5 stars.
Helpful Helpful 3
The table looks great but it arrived with scuff marks on the top. They are only visible under certain lighting and angles. It makes me question how durable the top is.
Helpful Helpful 1
Nice looking table that looks like it costs more than it does. I wanted a small pedestal style table for our dinette so we didn’t have to be banging into the legs It was easy to put together but there is one issue that you may need to fix yourself. Due to the narrow base unless your floor is perfectly level it may rock. Additionally the black paint underneath comes off easily and it marks the floor up with black streaks that aren’t all that easy to get off. I installed leveling feet to fix both problems but you may be able to get away with felt pads to avoid the marks on the floor.
Helpful Helpful 1
One leg is scratched - need to get it repaired after the holidays; otherwise, it's lovely‼
Helpful Helpful 0
Great design and sturdy. So far it has been good and the seats are comfy
Helpful Helpful 0
Reginald P
Nice table! Nice size! Looks great !
Helpful Helpful 0
Centiar Dining Table review
The quality seems to be fine. We like it ok. It is a little bit “glossier” looking than we recalled in the store and that kind of makes it look a bit cheaper than a more matte finish would have. Over all… it is fine. Nothing amazing but well enough made and it serves its purpose.
Helpful Helpful 5
Needs better instructions to put it together. Very vague; therefore, it’s not even put together yet
Helpful Helpful 0
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Questions & Answers

Why did you choose this?
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this?
beautiful marble look and modern
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Why did you choose this?
A gift for my daughter.
0 Helpful 0
How many inches around is this table?
This table is 42" W x 42" D x 30" H.Thanks for the inquiry.
0 Helpful 0
Is this heat resistant? Thanks!
Made of wood and engineered woodContemporary wood base with black finishReplicated Carrara marble laminate with polyurethane finish
0 Helpful 0
Does the table top come in 40 inches?
Here are the dimensions for the Centiar:Width: 41.88"Depth: 41.88"Height: 30.13"Additional DimensionsApron to floor: 28.75"
0 Helpful 0
what's the replicated Carrara marble laminate with polyurethane finish? Is it natural stone?
Made of wood and engineered woodContemporary wood base with black finishReplicated Carrara marble laminate with polyurethane finish
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The pedestal base is designed to perfection and are suitable for socializing or ad-hoc working. They are also perfect for café areas. This base has a central column designed to maximize leg space. The base is also perfect for dining tables, because the top is round and can easily sit on a single solid leg in the middle. They are stylish, architectural, and just plain useful in a dining room. The base is also comfortable to sit at. The pedestal tables are a go-to on all sorts of projects, because it's easy to nestle them into corners and avoid the hassle of working around table legs. The base makes the desk to be heavy. Almost all tables supported on a single pedestal are delicate. They are top-heavy and can sometimes lack adequate bracing. If they get tipped over, furthering their inevitable demise, and they get wobbly. This is a common problem that happens to almost all small end tables with a single pedestal.


A black dining table is one of the options for a table. It can be used in combination with chairs of a different color. This will establish an eye-catching relationship between them, allowing these elements to complement each other. Use a black table in combination with green, red or yellow chairs for a striking contrast. Black finish will most likely blend in unless you choose a different option. The table itself won’t stand out but you can use elements around it that do. For example, the chairs are a great bet. The same role can be taken on by the area rug or the lighting fixture in the room. Each black dining table has its own set of properties which allow it to stand out in various ways and to interact with the surrounding space in its own way. However, black color will easily show dust hence making your clean more. The color when scratched it shows the dents making expensive to maintain.


A laminate kitchen or dining table is available in a range of styles, designs, and sizes. Laminate table top finishes are available in different styles, such as wood, marble, and solid colors. Laminate table top kitchen or dining tables are versatile in design to suit a range of décor motifs. Gorgeous marble or wood laminate kitchen tables enhance your style and provide you with a beautiful dining space. Laminate kitchen or dining tables are an ideal choice for a range of room types, as they are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your particular needs. Laminate kitchen tables clean very well and are easy to maintain. Assembly of a laminate kitchen and dining table is fairly simple; laminate tables are light weight compared to other table types, so these tables are easy to move or reposition. A laminate kitchen table is an ideal choice to enhance the beauty of your kitchen or dining room.

Marble Granite

Dining tables play a pivotal role in styling your dining area. An appropriate Kitchen dining table can create a great impact on your guests. You can create a bold look by using granite table tops. Whenever we talk of granite then the first thing that comes to our mind is kitchen countertops or some bathroom countertops but granite dining tables can give a unique and luxurious look to your dining room. Granite table tops are highly durable and functional too. You can get different styles of granite table tops along with different shapes and sizes. You can choose any dark shade colour for your Kitchen dining table. If you prefer any light colour shade then you can opt for white collared granite dining table. White colour granite can perfectly match with any interior. You can also choose any neutral colour shades according to your choice. Thus, granite dining tables add a smart and Morden look. You can also choose some contrasting colours for the chairs. If you love some splash of colours then you use different colour granite tiles, combine them and make a unique table top.


If you want to enhance the look of your dining room then you have to choose right Kitchen dining table which will perfectly go with your surroundings. A dining table is not only just the resting place of food but speaks a lot of your home decor. We all have heard of wooden, glass, or metallic table tops, similarly, stone tops are also very much popular these days. You can get varieties of stone colours which you can choose for your table top. Stone tops give a very rich and luxurious look. Stone tops are highly durable so they can prove to be a long-term solution for your dining area. You can choose any colour stone for your table top because every stone has its own uniqueness. Stone gives a shiny look along with sturdiness and strength, which makes it more attractive and appealing. Stone table tops are very Much eco-friendly as they don’t have any toxic elements in them. They are naturally derived, so they don’t cause much pollution. Thus, a stone dining table becomes a grand statement to your close ones if you host any party or celebration.


The Kitchen dining area is a space where you get together with your family members and enjoy your meal. You can come across different materials used for dining tables. A dining table is a centrepiece in a dining room. So, you have to think before choosing the right materials for your table. Wooden table tops increase the warmth of your dining area. You can opt for wooden dining tables. You can simply add a touch of elegance to your dining area by using a wooden dining table with some mixed colours of chairs. You can also choose some dark wooden shade. If you want to create some pastel theme then you can also use some lighter wooden shade. You can simply use wooden logs as your table top. You can also choose any hardwood or softwood like oak, pine, etc. Wooden dining tables can perfectly with any of your interior themes. There are a lot of styles available for wooden tables which will give your Kitchen dining Table area a new dimension.


The dining table is more than just a place to eat but it is the social centre of the household. Many of the dining tables come in various sizes and shapes. You can prefer round kitchen tables, it will add a touch of elegance to your dining area. Round tables occupy very little space and you can easily attach them to your kitchen area. It will offer you a cozy family meal. Round dining tables give a sober and clean look. Round dining tables utilize better use of space in a small area. The main advantage of round tables is that you do not need to think too much to decorate. You can choose some dark shades of colour for your table in contrast to a lighter room. Catching someone’s attention is much easier at round dining tables. This gives a pleasant experience. Round dining tables have the same size as there are no corners that waste space. This also gives you a light and airy feel while having food with your family or friends.


A bar height table is typically between 41-43 inches high, accompanied by two bar stools. Typically, bar tables are small, round tabletops that are sold with two bar stools. There are a range of different styles and designs of bar height tables, including modern, contemporary and industrial. Bar height tables and bar stools are an ideal choice for small spaces, as they are smaller and more compact than other types of kitchen tables. Assembly of a bar height table is very simple and straightforward, and these tables are usually quite easy to move or reposition because of their smaller size. The table tops of bar height kitchen tables are typically a wood piece, either stained, finished or distressed, while the base is made of sturdy and durable steel or metal. A bar height kitchen table is a great choice for dorm rooms, apartments or condos, but can easily be added to other rooms to provide you with an elevated dining area.


A small kitchen or dining table is an ideal solution for various room types. Small kitchen tables are available in a range of styles and designs to suit many different preferences. Typically, a smaller kitchen table is available with 2-4 chairs and can be square/rectangle or round. Small kitchen or dining tables are ideal choices for small spaces like dorm rooms or condos/apartments, as they can fit most anywhere and can usually be pushed against a wall to provide you with more space. Just because a table is small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or quality-small kitchen tables are beautiful and functional. Oftentimes, small tables have intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship, and are very sturdy, durable and long-lasting. Small kitchen or dining tables are practical and functional and can easily integrate into a variety of spaces. A small kitchen table is always an ideal choice!


The standard kitchen dining table is one of the most popular dining table in most households across the world. In most scenarios the standard kitchen dining table is usually a four sitter or a six sitter. A standard dining table provides you with everything you need to enjoy and bond with a group of friends or family members over a meal. A standard kitchen dining table does not have all those extra features such as adjustability it just resembles a traditional table in terms of structure, just four legs and a counter top. One huge advantage of owning a standard dining table over an adjustable dining table is the fact that it requires less or no maintenance and it’s quite cheap. Despite it being standard it can always be added a few features or designs to make it more appealing and to match your home’s interior décor.


This style incorporates raw materials to give the space an unfinished feel. This style of dining table is simple. With Industrial style, we're describing an interior characterized by coarse structures, smooth surfaces, and a lot of metal. This is typically used for dining tales that looks as if it came from a turn-of-the-century factory building. It’s also an aesthetic trend in design, that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. If you're putting together an industrial-style kitchen dining table, consider implementing metal light fixtures with exposed bulbs, furniture with metal legs, metal. Industrial style has a mix of modern and traditional design and works for interiors that must serve as places to live, work, and play.

Mid Century Modern

The mid-century modern style is a unique style of dining tables. It is old-style yet modern, in other words, mid-century modern style dining tables will give your kitchen a modern and vintage look. The table is well crafted and suited for someone who has a taste for old and modern looks. Mid-century-modern is an upgraded old look. The mid-century modern collection is a stylish highlight of the day with your favorite nostalgic design and comfort. Hand-made improvements with the help of building techniques are indispensable, products, offers quality, collection, gifts, and family heirlooms, for future generations to love and enjoy. Aesthetics aside, this solid platform dining table offers your tired body tranquil rest. The style also matches easily with the rest of interior décor making it a center of admiration.

Modern Contemporary

A modern kitchen table is a stunning way to showcase your contemporary style and create a bold focal point in your dining space. Modern kitchen tables are available in a variety of styles; some common elements of a modern kitchen table are clean, sharp lines, the use of contemporary materials (such as metal and glass), and bold angles. Modern kitchen tables are usually available in round/oval and square/rectangular shapes, and the tables typically accommodate anywhere from 4-8 seats. A modern kitchen table is a bold furniture piece that will enhance the contemporary look and feel of your dining area. A modern kitchen table can be further enhanced when paired with modern seating and adorned with contemporary tabletop décor pieces. A modern kitchen table is an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their dining space and create a stylish, contemporary aesthetic.


When furnishing your kitchen or dining room choosing a dining table is a very crucial decision you have to make. The dining table whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room it serves the same primary purpose, as a place where you, your family members and at times even close friends come together to share a meal. A dining table comes in different sizes from one that can accommodate either a large family or a small family. They also come in different shapes from square, rectangle, to round. The popularity of the dining table can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and since then the dining table has appeared in many dining rooms across several centuries. For example, during the Victorian era dining tables were used to display of social and family status. And up-to-date dining rooms with dining tables are considered to be fancy especially when the furniture matches the design or décor of the entire dining room or area.

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