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Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen
Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen
Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen
Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen

Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen

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25793 Reviews
$127.09 - $160.80
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Clean lined simplistic design of this upholstered bed lends itself to a variety of home decor options. With a neutral black faux leather upholstery, matching this to your home is made easy...
product dimensions
86.6"l x 64.4"w x 50"h

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25793 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
Let me start by saying i was iffy on purchasing this item , i read through allllll the reviews and so far here’s what i think , I received the bedframe today ( two days earlier than expected!) and the package had a few dings ( to be expected cause i live in Hawaii so it’s pretty far to ship from mainland ) anyways the package wasn’t as heavy or big as i thought. But pushed my mattress and box spring up and began to work . Took me about 45 min to put together since i was going this alone ( plus i had the kids distracting me ) so one thing i wanna clearify is the color i got was “stone” and it’s a queen the color isn’t a tab nor a light grey bust somewhere in between . That’s one thing i was worried about since i was purchasing online ( but i really like the color . The material is good no rips everything was super simple to put together . Definitely love it with the box spring even though it doesn’t need one i feel if i didn’t have it the head board would be a little too high . All parts were there you really only need a skewdriver . It’s only been a day but so far seems sturdy , no noise , i love it great price , great bed ! If i ever needed one I’d buy one again
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Beautiful bed, easy to assemble. Looks great in our coastal themed guest room.
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Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen review
I was super skeptical when I got this. Reviews on Amazon are no longer what they used to be so this was a total shot in the dark for me.I got it and I got a friend to put it together for me. He literally did it in 30 min. I suppose I could have too but he offered and why say no when you're a single girl. :-)It fits my queen size perfectly. Definitely need a box spring. The slats on the bottom are super thin so I will hit up Home Depot for wider slats just to be safe. My "activities" tend to be fairly... unbridled with enthusiasm. LOLOLOLEither way... happy with purchase and quality for the price. Definitely not super high end but worth it for someone on a budget like me.
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Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen review
Travis Grabowski
Pros: great look, easy to assemble (even with a broken hand)Cons: not much headboard padding at all. Had to toss extra pillows when watching a movie in bed. Side rails didn't fit flush together. The lack of pilot holes when attaching the slats made it difficult due to my broken hand, but I managed.Thoughts: definitely needs 2-3 extra slats. 4 for a king size bed isn't enough to support the box spring / mattress properly.Overall; I personally wouldn't buy it again. The quality of it is cheap and for the price I feel it could've been made better. I recommend it if people are looking for something along the lines though. Looks great and made of wood.
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We purchased this bed frame for my Mom who had just got her new Dreamcloud mattress. It’s 15” in height. It has a bit of a gap but after the mattress extends to its full expansion the gap should get smaller, plus with a comforting set & pillows it should be completely fine. Overall for $115.00 you can’t go wrong. It’s actually a pretty nice bed. Only it did have a couple of tears which I didn’t notice until after it was already put up and after my husband reinforced it because as you can see from the photos, those skinny wooden support beams didn’t seem to sturdy. The tears and support beams were the only reason why I rated it a 3 Star. But it does serve its purpose and looks nice.
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Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen reviewCrown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen reviewCrown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen reviewCrown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed in Black, Queen review
Started to love the bed frame and though it was very nice, then it completely started to fall apart the slacks broke and the side where the wood was holding up the bed completely came off and I was very disappointed.
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First, I'd like to say that this bed is cheap. It's not expensive to begin, but it's not at all worth any of the money you pay for it. It's made with extremely cheap materials, is absolutely ridiculous to put together, and is not stable whatsoever. I am not an extremely large person and this bed should support myself and a mattress.I bought extra slats as well, to ensure this would be sturdy because design with 4 slats looked iffy to begin. Putting together is so hard. Nothing lines up correctly, and the wooden "feet" that go on each slat (4 each) do NOT EVEN touch the floor. I did exactly as stated in instruction and did not fully tighten everything until it was level and lined up. Which was impossible since nothing lines up correctly anyway.After sleeping on the bed 3 times, the slat nearest the top (head board) broke in the middle of the night. Broke right in half, and bent the bolt that held the foot on. My head is not that heavy. When I took off the mattress to investigate I saw that not only that foot had come off, but all four. Not one was still screwed in. These bolts are 2 inches at least and there should be absolutely NO WAY this can happen. But it did.Had to use a drill to semi fix what had happened and will now have to purchase more slats and drill into the frame to ensure this won't happen again. So extremely disappointed and now sleeping on the couch. Save your money and purchase something sturdier and well made. This is literally particle board and 4 cheap thin slats. Nothing more.Read more
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What a true nightmare! I ordered this product and is soon as it arrived I arrange for a handyman to come over and put it together for me. After he was halfway done he saw that the headboard had nail place things that were in the incorrect spot and couldn’t finish putting the bed together. Not only did I have to pay the handyman for his time and he didn’t even get to put the bed together but I also had to pay him to help me return it because it was so heavy. Never again
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Questions & Answers

Can this be taken apart easily (at least headboard separated from frame) to move?
Yes. The Allan key that comes with it will easily help disassemble everything. It took me about 15min with a broke hand and my 2yr old son putting it together.Everything comes stored packed inside the headboard. The only semi difficult part was screwing the slats down as there was no pilot holes drilled (pre drill… see more
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Full es el mismo tamaño que matrimonial
No el full está más chiquito que el matrimonial
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Does it come with the mattress?
No ,I had already had a mattress
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Does a boxes spring and matters go on the frame?
Yes, you need a mattress and box spring for this frame
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