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Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa

Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa

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47 Reviews
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Complement your eclectic design style with the Dubai sectional sofa from Divani Casa. The modular sofa is filled with high-density foam, upholstered with multi-colored floss fabric, and de...
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47 Reviews
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Featured 11 Reviews
If youre thinking about it - LEGIT JUST DO IT!!! I was scared the sofa would be too low but its perfect only a smidge shorter than your average sofa. She's firm. Very firm, which make some think it will hold up really well. Also, the colors are just as pictured. I love the versatily. Word to the wise, make sure you measure because it's A LOT of sofa. Literally the only thing in my tiny living room lol.
Helpful Helpful 4
Monica M.
The pieces are big and sturdy yet light and easy to move around for different configurations for movie night snuggling or cocktail parties! I love to sleep on it and there is even room to share with my Great Pyreness and Sammoyed (oh, did I mention? Its a breeze to clean! A damp cloth easily removes fur and drool!
Helpful Helpful 3
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
This sofa is really nice and comfortable. Looks just as pictured, actually the colors are better than pictured and better than in the review pictures. It's also bigger than it seems in the pictures, but then again each piece is 40x40.
Helpful Helpful 2
Beautiful couch very soft and comfy I would advise that you keep aLint roller on hand just because it is velvet and it’s very easy for little knickknacks from a throw blanket or your clothes to get onto the couch other than that it’s great I love it
Helpful Helpful 2
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
Melanie R.
***, this is the BEST furniture buy I have ever made! I LOVE this sofa, it’s absolutely dreamy in every way and SO COMFORTABLE and exceptionally stylish. I’ve already gotten so many compliments, it’s perfection in lounging. My friends can’t believe the price I got it for, what a deal!
Helpful Helpful 2
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa reviewDivani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
cery p.
Wow coolest sectional. Very comfortable great colors
Helpful Helpful 1
Nenter C.
So comfortable and stylish!
Helpful Helpful 1
My couch is amazing. I love it. It’s very comfortable and came pretty quickly.
Helpful Helpful 0
Jonathan M.
I too was hesitant about purchasing this item. However, when they arrived I knew that I made the right choice. Please be advised that you should also lint remover along with anti-slip rubber patches to prevent them from moving, which they will.
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Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
I really do enjoy the sectional, though it basically sits on the ground. I knew that going in and may try and see if I can change out the very short legs. I really like moving around the pieces, especially on movie nights.
Helpful Helpful 2
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
Susan T.
I bought this as a gift for my daughter who loves color. Her and her roommates say it's sturdy yet comfortable. Does slide a little. We put guards on the bottom to alleviate that problem.
Helpful Helpful 1
Divani Casa Dubai Transitional Fabric Sectional Sofa review
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Questions & Answers

Do the chair backs come permanently attached or are they detachable for getting them down a tight staircase?
No answer yet
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Please confirm height measurements of ottomans. The details stated 15in height and the other pieces are 28in height. The pictures looks like all of the pieces are the same height. Someone please confirm this information. Thank you in advance
The ottoman are 15'' H. All pieces are the same height 15''. The 28'' is the height of the back. We apologize for the confusion.
0 Helpful 0
What is the overall width of the couch
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
I am wondering what the construction of this is like under the fabric... What is the support material? Is it solid wood? Metal framing? Web?
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
Does the prices have kegs or do they sit down n the floor?
Each piece in the set has 4 small legs so it has the appearance of being on the floor.
0 Helpful 0
I’m so close to buying this I’m just wondering if any of the pieces attach to the other or if they just sit next to each other? So if I try and lay across it, will I just fall between the cracks? Not a deal break because thinking I can probably add some hardcore Velcro to secure it.
We just received our couch. The pieces do not attach to each other. The feet have plastic bottoms, so they do slide apart. We’re now looking for something to attach them to each other also. :)
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How long does it take to ship?
9 to 15 business days.
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can I get another piece
Additional pieces are not available.
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Do the pieces need to be supported by wall for back support? Can they be in the middle of a room with no issues for back support?
Our Divani Casa Dubai sectional sofa 13879 can be placed in the middle of the room with no back issues.
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When sectional is delivered does delivery put it together for you or do you put it together yourself?
The delivery included will bring the 5 individually wrapped pieces to your door (or just inside your home). You'll have to unwrap them yourselves. FOr us it was 4 full lawn & leaf bags of trash - so they were well wrapped/protected. Each piece is already assembled - so there's no tools involved - just arranging where you want them. My teenage son and I moved each piece individually upstairs with no issues. The furniture is solid, but not overly heavy.
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When sectional is delivered does delivery put it together for you or do you put it together yourself?
The only assembly you need to do is getting the bolsters (that support the back cushions) in place. The have to be inserted into fabric sleeves on the backs of the back cushions. It took2 of us pushing and pulling and lots of heavy breathing to make this happen! One person can’t really do it on their own.
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How do you clean the product? And can you use a fabric protectant?
Velour fabrics can be washed using mild liquid/upholstery soap and warm water.
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
Looks beautiful in pictures.. hope it looks like pictures.. still not sure on if and what pillows are included
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
Looks very funky! Just love it
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
0 Helpful 0
Why did you choose this product?
look and comfort
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Trying to order this. Before ordering I need to know what pillows are included and what pillows to order to give the complete look as picture shown, I see above someone supplied a item number however when I typed the item number in the search bar nothing pops up… Also is that a yellow or white rug? Best suggestion on night stands best complimented silver or gold ?
There are 5 throw pillows that came with mine. 3 striped that you see in the picture and the 2 solid on the couch - a brown and a "red". The ones with the words that are shown on the photo are not included.
0 Helpful 0
Would I be able to purchase an extra blue end piece single seater with it?
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
how is the corner seat width measured? I see that it says 40". Is that 40" on the back left width and 40" on the back right width?
No answer yet
0 Helpful 0
Are the pillows shown in the picture included when sofa is purchased?
Hello chatterjee, the decorative pillows are not included with the sectional. ITEM#: 17320650 is a gorgeous patchwork throw pillow that will look great with this sectional. I hope this info helps. Thanks for shopping with us!
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It states that the fabric is a "floss" fabric; what type of fabric is that? In the pictures it looks like it is velvet or has a "brushed finish"; are either of those accurate? Thanks
Hello discovertoday, the sectional sofa is made from floss fabric. It is an incredibly soft material made from polyester that mimics velvet. Thanks for shopping with us!
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I am interested in this product. The picture shows multi color sections yet the product listing only shows blue. Can we pick multi color or other colors? Also what is the height of the seat. We know that the height of the chair is 28" but what is the height of the seats themselves?
Hello Philip, this item comes with various chic colorful patterns. The seat height is approximately 15 inches high. Thank you for shopping with us.
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An armless sofa is the perfect sofa, especially if you are looking for a space-saving solution for your apartment or small living room characterized by the fact they have no sides or armrest. Armless sofas might not be that popular within the society since many people still prefer armed sofas, however on first sight you will notice their elegant look. One of the main reason why you should opt for an armless sofa is because it can easily settle within a limited or small space. An armless sofa is also an amazing choice for your office space, since without arms, there is no room for your employees to feel lazy. Plus, it also creates a formal look that’s ideal for any office space. They also consume less space mainly because of the lack of arms making it to fit in tight spaces. Armless sofas provide your living space with a sleek modern look.


Blue is a neutral color sofa it mixes and matches colors from all hues to create a classic or dramatic setting. It pairs well with energetic tones, flavors up highly contrasting tones, and plays pleasantly with different neutrals. When it comes to sofas, the blue color is a unique color option and also true to your style. You can make the room bold or vivid or let the blue color sofa set the tone while it highlights the neutral colors you paired with it.

Blue is a very adjustable shade it can be adjusted in any type of room. Blue functions admirably with various tones so it won't lose your shading range, yet can add a dash of surprising tone. A blue color sofa in your living room provides a perfect canvas and you can invest in it because it gives a cooling effect to your eyes and the living room's overall setting.


Brown is the most popular and elegant color for sofas. The brown color is a decent decision on the off chance that you have pets or youngsters who may follow soil onto the couch. The brown color isn't only for cowhide, it can glance great in different textures like fleeces and polyesters as well. Brown color may not be the most energizing tone around however it can add warmth and grittiness to the inside for those looking for more natural color palettes.

The brown color sofa makes your room warm and elegant. The dramatic color combination with brown color sofa makes everything appear more sophisticated and expensive. Decorative wallpapers are best paired with this color tone. It is a valuable addition to your living room, especially if it's a brown color sofa. It reflects royalty and luxury. Brown is a pretty flexible tone; it extraordinary enhances the glamour of any room and can be used in different styles.


Create a room you will love to live in. A multicolored sofa gives your room a stunning view. A portion of unforeseen tone and example can take a customary living room and give it an energizing new life. It is an ageless household item that glances extraordinary in practically any space. Multicolored hued is the ideal choice for a room, warm and agreeable, its changed shades can be layered together or injected with separating conceals, for instance, greenish-blue or blush pink or green.

It makes a warm and welcoming space in a front room. It lights up your living room and gives it an exemplary look. The surface is all that this multicolored couch gives a living room a savvy yet not very weighty look.

Multicolored can look so excellent with fragile treats pinks, and by picking a sensitive multicolored love seat, you can use it to coordinate furniture in different wood wraps up.


Red is a very attractive color. This tone can change the game for your front room. You can go for a red cowhide couch for the lounge or design with a red sofa that can do wonders Red's adaptability is not difficult to see as the shading voyages easily through a wide scope of styles Red truly increase a front room stylistic layout plot. Indeed, even straightforward unbiased scenery can wake up with the presentation of red lounge chairs and organized red table light, or a couple of red window wraps and a coordinating mat. Red adds a ton of visual warmth, so does an especially incredible alternative for those who need to change a virus-looking room.

Red is a pure color tone it gives peace to your eyes. The red color couch gives a romantic and refreshing view in the living room. It will lighten your room as well.


Yellow is a bright and eye-catching color and it would be an amazing addition to a living room. It will become a masterpiece of your living room. It is not a typical color but it will immediately brighten up your living room. It will give you a fresh and cheerful element in your living room. It will give a simple, stylish, and versatile look to your living room.

It will make your living room more welcoming, cheerful, warm, and comfortable. It will help you to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

A yellow couch will bring such a lot of lively character into space and transform it into the most cheerful room of the house. The yellow color is naturally pairs well with various other components. To cause the space to feel considerably cozier, a yellow couch is an extraordinary decision – especially when it will coordinate the lovely yellow dividers. A yellow couch has a lively character and will be enough to inspire the state of mind in a white lounge.


This modular couch is an ideal decision to raise the solace and style of a cutting-edge home. Its smooth structure, exquisite funneling, and expansive profile offer a useful yet moderate relaxing arrangement. Modular character permits you to alter the region as per inclinations and accessible floor space, while extravagant cushioning, a profound seat, and an extensive plan welcome visitors to take a load off.

The modular set offers adaptable solace and articulation style, with all highlights portable for substitute seating choices. You can likewise push them together to frame a sectional or make a twofold bed. A profoundly present-day, moderate plan with long queues gives the piece a truly ageless articulation. Extra focuses go to a launder-able cloth mix as an advantageous upholstery decision. There are numerous kinds of the particular couch. A mix of texture and leather and texture adds elements to the plan, making it an extreme assertion piece. Backrest cushions and customizable round and hollow reinforce cushions are joined to forestall sliding down.

Ottoman Included

The ottoman has lived long and flourished as a well-known adornment for family rooms and caves. An upholstered frequently overstuffed seat or lounge chair normally without aback. It's not difficult to purchase stools in various styles and to discover ones that have shrouded capacity inside where you can stash magazines, covers, books, or controllers.

Since they can be enormous, you can put a huge plate on them so they serve as an end table. You can regularly purchase furniture with a coordinating ottoman so you have consistency in your living room furniture stylistic theme. You can likewise purchase an ottoman separately. In any case, all models are intended to sit at the "foot" of the seat, so you can rest your feet at an agreeable, level tallness. Since ottoman is unattached, you can move them around to adapt to your stature, or even put them in a safe spot in case you're not in the mind-set to utilize one.


A oversized couch can likewise fill in as a point of convergence for the room. So if you think your family room, for instance, needs character, maybe this is the appropriate response. Aside from sticking out, the couch will likewise add solace to space. One motivation to purchase a curiously oversize is comfort. In this way, for instance, if you need to make your front room inviting and agreeable, an enormous couch would help. The expanded solace will be valued and will assist you with accomplishing the feel you needed.

Engaging visitors is something essential for a few. Furthermore, this is another motivation behind why one would think about purchasing an oversized couch. The bigger the couch is the bigger the number of visitors it can oblige. Seclusion is another significant explanation that could lead somebody to purchase a huge, oversized couch. Particular plans permit the different units to be reconfigured distinctively and this permits one to have an adaptable plan.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.


Foam sofas are a lot firmer in contrast with fiber sofas and can give more body uphold while sitting. While there are various evaluations of foam accessible, the foam couch will likewise hold its shape obviously superior to the fiber couch. It doesn't change its shape after individuals have sat on the cushions. Foam couches are likewise more strong and seen as being safer in contrast with fiber couches. As the foam couch doesn't trap dust or different particles, a foam couch can be simpler to clean without requiring expert consideration. In the event that you have a bustling family unit with pets or children, this by itself could be a driving element in assisting you with picking them.

While foam couch will in general be the most famous decision, comfort is an individual decision and what works for one individual may not totally work for another.


Despite your living room décor or design a reversible sofa will always be the perfect choice as it complements any style and provides unmatched comfort, plus it’s the ideal choice if you are looking to redesign or refresh your space. A reversible sofa allows you to change the placement of the sofas long chaise cushion, making it to go right or left depending on your preference. The reversible sofa is ideal for anyone who is looking for more functionality on their sofa. A reversible sofa can be flipped and moved to face the left or right side, with a reversible sofa you get the best of both worlds as it can switch around with ease. This is a very useful feature for anyone who desire to switch around their sofas by having the left facing arm to face on the right, that simple feature allows one to redesign their whole living room without having to purchase new sofas.


The Ottoman sofa is a type of sofa that has a head and no back. It may have semicircular or square ends, it’s what many upholsterers call overstuffed, which means not even a single wood is visible and can be used as a footstool or just as a stool. The Ottoman can be traced back to the ottoman empire, as its name suggest, back then it was the central furniture piece with a residential seating area. In the late 18th century that's when the Ottoman sofa first-ever arrived in to Europe where it was named after its place of origin, the Ottoman Empire.

An Ottoman can also be used as a footstool, in other words the Ottoman may be denoted as an upholstered seat without any back or arms. As clubs became more popular so did the Ottoman sofa. Ottoman’s are often sold as coordinating furniture with gliders or armchairs.


Sectional are type of sofas that consist of various distinct sections that increases the different ways one can lounge. The classic three-piece and L-shaped sofa is a good example. A U-shaped sectional will allow you to have an easy conversation while a sleeper sectional is the best fit for people who frequently host overnight visitors.

Anyone who spends their surplus time in their living room can definitely appreciate the amazing appeal of a sectional sofa, however there is one disadvantage of sectionals which is that they have fixed orientations and as a result they are really hard to rearrange. Some people tend to believe that sectionals are mainly for large families, however that's not true sectionals can also be used by a smaller number of people for an easy conversation. While you might be still attracted to several sectionals, always choose your upholstery wisely since it contributes to the appearance and longevity of your furniture.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.


Bohemian sofas tend to be colorful, fun, and texture. However there are so many materials for a bohemian sofa plus it comes in different shapes. Picking the right bohemian sofa can be a tough decision, so take your time and consider your needs before making a purchase. After all sofas are the main element of your living room. The big question for sure is how identify the perfect Bohemian sofa? A bohemian sofa style sofa can come in many different designs with features such as: it may be upholstered in a single color such as turquoise or yellow. A bohemian sofa can still be a simple linen sofa that is decorated with a bohemian style pillows and rugs, with frames made out of natural wood or rattan. A bohemian sofa is all about comfort and relaxation plus bright colors and eclectic decorations is a must have for bohemian sofa.

Modern Contemporary

Modern-Contemporary sofas are sofas that were built after the 19th century and were heavily influenced by the modernist art movement that was more involved in simple visual designs. The Modern-contemporary sofa takes its cue from the popular trends in the market. It comes in a dynamic design that makes it look different from the normal contemporary design. A Modern-contemporary sofa incorporates various features from a variety of styles such as clean lines and simplicity, making the interior feel more comfortable and welcoming. The main purpose of a Modern-contemporary sofa is to make a bold statement while still being simple and uncluttered. Any sofa with a simplistic design and have modern materials can be referred to as a modern-contemporary sofa. Today’s trends in modern-contemporary furniture design can create a stunning finish to your living room.


If contemporary or classic furniture does not suit your taste then maybe a transitional sofa is all you need. A transitional sofa represents a unique style that is in-between traditional and modern. A transitional sofa has the most appealing characteristics of both modern and traditional styles and merging them together to create a design that is loved by many home owners The results are usually warm and casual, plus elements that that turn the negatives of modern and traditional designs in to positives. Transitional sofas exclude any informal elegance mainly due to the combination of clean contemporary lines and textured upholstery. The upholstery option can range from corduroy to leather. A transitional sofa will bend seamlessly in to contemporary home and as well in spaces that are more traditional. Besides selecting a transitional sofa you should make sure that your entire living room is a blend of traditional and contemporary designs by using neutral colors.

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