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Fab Glass and Mirror 36" Round 1/2" inch Thick Tempered Flat Edge Polished Glass Table Top, 36 INCH, Clear
Fab Glass and Mirror 36" Round 1/2" inch Thick Tempered Flat Edge Polished Glass Table Top, 36 INCH, Clear

Fab Glass and Mirror 36" Round 1/2" inch Thick Tempered Flat Edge Polished Glass Table Top, 36 INCH, Clear

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4771 Reviews
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Annealing is a process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses after it was formed. The process may be carried out in a temperature-controlled kiln. Glass which has not been a...
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4771 Reviews
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Featured 6 Reviews
I have a 60" round glass top dining table which made getting food only possible if the dishes were passed around or one had to stand up to reach a dish. So, I realized I needed a lazy susan like they had in Chinese restaurants for large tables. Found this 30" glass top - tempered, bevel edge 3/8" for less than half the price offered at my local glass shop so the decision to buy online was sealed after reading the positive reviews. It is an awesome quality glass top and I couldn't be happier. I'm using a higher quality lazy susan turntable bought locally and the glass top sits nicely and now we can comfortably have our meals. I need to add that for those of you wary about buying a glass top online because you worry about receiving it broken or cracked, don't because this product is very well packaged.
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Lori M.
I used this glass as a dining room table. The price could not be beat. The glass came crated, plenty of styrofoam, very well packaged. We love the product, but the problem came from the delivery. They called to set up a time and day. Great communication. It arrived on a semi truck, driver would not go down our driveway, had to meet him at the highway with a trailer to put it on, uncrate it, get it into the house, in the rain. It weighed around 200lbs. My husband and I are in our late 60’s. This was a major feat for us. Only wish this was discussed with us ahead of time, or I had asked more questions. The company delivered fast and it’s a great product.
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I purchased a new heavy wooden round table dining set two weeks prior to purchasing my glass top and I wanted to protect the table top surface. A friend of mine suggested I get a glass tabletop for it. But buying locally meant higher prices for both the glass table top and extra delivery charges not to mention I wouldn't know if I were being sold a quality product. I log into Amazon which is usually my quick go to site to research any purchase and I came across Fab Glass and Mirror.The product was delivered astonishingly quick. Quicker than Amazon Prime for a large heavy piece of furniture. The table top came packaged extremely well with thick styrofoam padding covering every surface area. The box was a heavy cardboard box with reinforced styrofoam padding in the corners and very stiff corner material to prevent crumple on the corners. The box had 12 x 1/2 inch nylon straps, 6 vertically and 6 horizontally keeping it together. I found this reassuring even though it took some time to get the table top out of the box. But I appreciate the great care they took to packaging my order so well, I would not have it any other way. This company is a class act and know how to package furniture correctly.When I finally laid it on top of my table, it immediately made my table look like a high-end piece of furniture from a luxury hotel. The glass shows the brass/gold washed wood grain beautifully. The edges are beautifully beveled and the edges buffed to perfection. The tempered glass has no imperfections and really shows high-quality craftsmanship. I took the liberty to take out my dSLR with my EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens to get close ups of the beveled edges. I can recommend Fab Glass and Mirror's table tops without reservations. I am extremely happy with my purchase!Just one suggestion, these behemoths weigh quite a bit so have two pairs of strong hands to gently elevate the tabletop onto your table if you choose to get one too. Placing it on the table really is a two person job.Read more
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We purchased this glass table top to cover a delicate cocktail table with an uneven surface. It arrived when expected and in perfect condition. Dimensions were accurate. It looks great! I added a few clear bumper pads, too.
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First of all my glass arrived today and I could not inspect it before the delivery person left b/c they are not supposed to unbox it for you.....and it takes a looong time to get it out of that perfectly secured box. It was expertly packaged, and handled so well by the delivery company that even the outer box was unscathed. It took a few minutes to unpack, but the glass was in perfect condition and really beautiful (super heavy). I love the glass, but what I really appreciate was the service. I received a call a few days before to reconfirm the delivery date and time, then again the day before, and then a call from the delivery guy that he was on his way. As you might guess, I got a call after the delivery to make sure I was satisfied with the service. I am beyond satisfied. A company who really focuses on service and cares about pleasing its customers. I would buy again from this company again in a heartbeat. Thank you for the easy, no-nonsense and pleasant transaction. You really made me feel like you value my business and that means so much to. In turn I value your outstanding business practices. Thanks for everything.
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FL female
Fortunately, rarely have I written a negative review for items purchased via Amazon. However this is not the case with this particular item, which weighing at over 125 lbs., would be difficult to repackage and return. This heavy glass top was just what we wanted. The glass was packaged incredibly well, so the problem with it has to do with numerous manufacturing defects. I attempted to photograph but the images (with reflections off the glass) are not precise enough to show the issues. There are water marks along one side, water droplets in the center, and a shadow that appears from center to edge. I have placed a circular wooden tray in the center of the glass top to hide the center defects. I would return or request an exchange if the weight didn't make it expensive to have it repackaged, crated and returned by freight.
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Clear dining table are simply made from glass. This table is not only modern but also eye- catching. A clear glass dining table offers you the luxury of a medium that's easy to clean. They are attractive and fit well into any modern home. And if you have a decorative base or something artistic that supports the glass, being able to see it as half the fun. However, the dining table is expensive to maintain and clean. The glass can easily break making it hazards for kids or toddlers who might climb on top. Clear dining table reflects, making it look attractive to your guest. It blends easily with the rest of your kitchen décor. Clear dining tables are a match any wall colors used in your kitchen. A clear glass dining table is a decorating asset because it: Makes a room seem larger, goes well with many decors, including vintage, traditional, modern and contemporary, gives the base of the table and the rug underneath it a chance to shine and leans easily and is not stained by food or wine.


Dining tables can easily change the look of your dining room. When we buy dining tables, it is generally one investment. So, proper maintenance is a necessary thing. Polished kitchen dining gives a very royal and shiny look. This finish is very much durable and on other hand, it gives a cooling effect. It is generally having a bluish appearance. Polished finish is generally done with chrome plating which is done either on brass or steel after that it is being polished. Its shine and cooling effect are the main reasons that many people choose this finish for their favourite kitchen dining tables. The polished finish is very much bright in appearance and has a reflecting feature. This finish reflects more light and makes the surrounding area look brighter and spacious. This finish is very easy to clean. Polished finish kitchen dining tables also come at less expensive prices. Thus, its shine, cool colour tones, and durability can make polished kitchen dining tables a winner.


Kitchen dining tables can change the entire ambiance of your dining room. Glass dining tables add a sophisticated and classy touch. If you want a formal-looking dining table, then you can choose glass table tops. Glass is such a material which is naturally very much strong but not that much sturdy as compared to other materials but If follow some precautionary measures then it can increase the durability of glass table tops. For fine dining you can choose glass as it exudes fineness. Glass table tops can give a dramatic statement to your dining corner. You can also get a variety of glasses that will serve a different purpose like thermal-resistant glasses, tempered glasses, etc. Glass dining tables gives a very clean and minimalist look. The most attractive part of glass dining tables is transparency, which will give an airy feeling. Glass dining tables make the room appear to be spacious and eye-catching.


The dining table is more than just a place to eat but it is the social centre of the household. Many of the dining tables come in various sizes and shapes. You can prefer round kitchen tables, it will add a touch of elegance to your dining area. Round tables occupy very little space and you can easily attach them to your kitchen area. It will offer you a cozy family meal. Round dining tables give a sober and clean look. Round dining tables utilize better use of space in a small area. The main advantage of round tables is that you do not need to think too much to decorate. You can choose some dark shades of colour for your table in contrast to a lighter room. Catching someone’s attention is much easier at round dining tables. This gives a pleasant experience. Round dining tables have the same size as there are no corners that waste space. This also gives you a light and airy feel while having food with your family or friends.

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