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Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table

Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Ivy Bronx
137 Reviews
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78'' L x 48'' D x 29.5'' H
Overall Product Weight
Top Material
Base Material
Gloss Finish
Natural Variation Type
Natural Wood Grain Color Variation
Top Color
Base Color
Dark Champagne
Tables Included
Extendable / Collapsible Table
Leaf Included
Seating Capacity
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
CPSIA Compliant
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Partial Assembly
Adult Assembly Required
Tools Needed for Assembly
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty

Featured Reviews

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137 Reviews
Would Recommend
48/52 recommendations
Featured 52 Reviews
I love this table, fits perfectly in my bay window. Feels very solid and the colors are gorgeous with my bronze and chocolate leather seating. Not quite formal and not to casual, perfect for every occasion.
Helpful Helpful 27
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
I love that I won't walk into other homes and see this exact same table.
Helpful Helpful 19
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Gorgeous table. Fits perfectly with my decor.
Helpful Helpful 14
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Im not sure what people are complaining about, but this is an absolutely gorgeous dining table that is really sturdy and has an incredibly heavy glass top. Please make sure you have some extra hands to assemble!
Helpful Helpful 11
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Beautiful chrome finish, high quality and very heavy glass top
Helpful Helpful 7
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table reviewFabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
I love this table! It’s more a metallic dark gold. But we set it up in less than 5 minutes. It’s perfect. The glass doesn’t seem as large as I thought it was going to be. And that too is perfect!
Helpful Helpful 6
Love, love this table
Helpful Helpful 5
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Beautiful table, only one complaint, no “bumpers” were included to go between the base and the glass even though there are holes for them. I’ll contact Wayfair and see what can be done.
Helpful Helpful 4
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table reviewFabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Gorgeous table! Glass piece is super heavy! Comfortably seats 6. This table does not disappoint and is hands down worth every penny!
Helpful Helpful 4
Love never expected glass top to be so heavy. Just beautiful.
Helpful Helpful 3
Gorgeous, elegant table. Such a wonderful purchase! A bit tricky to get the glass top perfectly centered on the base, but once it was there we were very happy with it!
Helpful Helpful 3
Love this table, such a great piece, quality also amazing.
Helpful Helpful 2
Very pleased with this purchase. The table is elegant and study.
Helpful Helpful 2
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
LoooooVe it!
Helpful Helpful 2
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
This table is very elegant and fits perfectly with my decor. The glass is thickweighted. The table fits six chairs comfortably. I’m using a 90” sofa and two side chairs.
Helpful Helpful 1
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table reviewFabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Gorgeous and modern... top makes it very heavy!
Helpful Helpful 1
Absolutely beautiful! The base is a beautiful metallic gold and is slightly asymmetrical... which threw me off at first but once I got the chairs around it, I loved it! The glass top was packaged really well with lots of foam and a wood frame serving as a reinforcement for the box. The top is really heavy and I was concerned the base wouldn't support it properly, especially given the tiny suction cups provided, but I've put a lot of weight on all sides and it hasn't budged. I would for sure buy this again.
Helpful Helpful 1
Beautiful table! Colors are true and glass is thick and nice!
Helpful Helpful 1
Love this! So chic
Helpful Helpful 1
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Gorgeous table. This is an elegant look for my formal dining room. I love the base and the shape of the glass top. The materials are well made and it is exactly as pictured in the Wayfair photos.
Helpful Helpful 1
table is very beautiful and practical
Helpful Helpful 0
It’s beautiful piece finally perfectly fit in my dining room! It’s very elegant and with right size. We love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is beautiful again directions were not the best and my table rocks back and forth :(
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks Great as in pic! Love itt
Helpful Helpful 0
The table is beautiful and sturdy. Only had it for week. Easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
I love my table and everything about it! Great quality. Shipped fast. Was delivered in perfect condition!
Helpful Helpful 0
Lovely table, very sturdy and heavy. Packaging is amazing, nothing got damanged. Easy assembly, definitely would buy again.
Helpful Helpful 0
So beautiful!
Helpful Helpful 0
Helpful Helpful 0
awesome, great quality
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful,excellent table.
Helpful Helpful 0
Helpful Helpful 0
Absolutely beautiful
Helpful Helpful 0
Vraiment belle!!
Helpful Helpful 0
So pretty! nice and hefty
Helpful Helpful 0
Helpful Helpful 0
Prettier in person.
Helpful Helpful 0
Just what I need
Helpful Helpful 0
Absolutely love this chic look. Quick delivery too.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
The table is beautiful and the glass too is very sturdy. I would have given it 5 stars however the delivery ppl delivered it to the wrong address which was a block away. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the glass top wasn’t so heavy. Way fair did give me a credit so I could hire someone to pickup the table and deliver to my address but no one was available and I don’t think the amount provided truly compensated me for what I had to go through to get the table to my home. Then when I started to put it together I noticed the vendor forgot to add the mini suction cups that adheres the glass top to the base so I had to also wait for that. So if you don’t mind a horrible delivery experience the table is definitely worth it.
Helpful Helpful 4
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table reviewFabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table reviewFabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Attractive table, can seat 6, but glass wobbles on base.
Helpful Helpful 3
Ka Yin
The color of the base is a bit darker than it shown in the picture, but it looks good and strong enough to support the top. However, the base was not cut properly that the top glass couldn't place stably and I need to add a small plastic grain on one of the support point. The top is really heavy that need three men to carry, and because of the weight part of the bottom packing was broken when the delivery team unload from their truck. Overall, the table is good and it is what we desired for.
Helpful Helpful 0
Fabius 78'' Pedestal Dining Table review
Beautiful table. Glass levelling required a bit of ingenuity to avoid wobble.
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful table. Is a bit uneven as will require additional rubber sticky dots to keep the tabletop even
Helpful Helpful 0
gorgeous table..very unique should have a double base or just longer base to prevent someone large weight from tipping if leaning on ends.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love the base.
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful table with a unique base. The glass is very sturdy and of good quality.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is gorgeous. It is not well balanced however. Would not order it again or reccomend.
Helpful Helpful 6
The table is beautiful. Not a good idea with little kids.
Helpful Helpful 2
Came damaged and the color of the base is not as pictured. However, wayfair immediately fixed the problem.
Helpful Helpful 2
The base of the table is very light weight!! The glass is not 78” and didn’t have the plastic buttons to cover the holes on top of the table!!!! The glass has something on it and can’t get it clean enough!!
Helpful Helpful 0
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The pedestal base is designed to perfection and are suitable for socializing or ad-hoc working. They are also perfect for café areas. This base has a central column designed to maximize leg space. The base is also perfect for dining tables, because the top is round and can easily sit on a single solid leg in the middle. They are stylish, architectural, and just plain useful in a dining room. The base is also comfortable to sit at. The pedestal tables are a go-to on all sorts of projects, because it's easy to nestle them into corners and avoid the hassle of working around table legs. The base makes the desk to be heavy. Almost all tables supported on a single pedestal are delicate. They are top-heavy and can sometimes lack adequate bracing. If they get tipped over, furthering their inevitable demise, and they get wobbly. This is a common problem that happens to almost all small end tables with a single pedestal.


When looking for a good kitchen dining table color that is brings out desire for comfort, neutrality and, possibly, conformity, go for beige color. Beige desks can be easily integrated with other furniture or decor with an expressive yet clean style. It’s also easy to clean and does not fade easily. The color beige is neutral, calm, and relaxing. This color on your dining table makes your kitchen look modern and eye catching. If you think beige is boring, think again. Beige is one of the best neutrals because it can work with a variety of rooms, regardless of size, natural light, or style. Beige has so many attractive shades and because it is so easy to match other colors and decorations with beige walls. Beige can also add some warmth to your space as well as making it more inviting for guests. The advantage of using beige is that it can be paired with other colors too no matter how strong or how gentle the hues are.


Clear dining table are simply made from glass. This table is not only modern but also eye- catching. A clear glass dining table offers you the luxury of a medium that's easy to clean. They are attractive and fit well into any modern home. And if you have a decorative base or something artistic that supports the glass, being able to see it as half the fun. However, the dining table is expensive to maintain and clean. The glass can easily break making it hazards for kids or toddlers who might climb on top. Clear dining table reflects, making it look attractive to your guest. It blends easily with the rest of your kitchen décor. Clear dining tables are a match any wall colors used in your kitchen. A clear glass dining table is a decorating asset because it: Makes a room seem larger, goes well with many decors, including vintage, traditional, modern and contemporary, gives the base of the table and the rug underneath it a chance to shine and leans easily and is not stained by food or wine.


We all want to make our dining area look spacious if we have a small dining space. If you so use natural shade for your dining table, you can easily do that. Natural coloured kitchen dining tables can make your room more lively, spacious, and attractive. As dining place is not just a place where we eat rather we gossip and spend time with other, so we should choose such colour which should have a pleasing effect. You can prefer a natural wooden look or the natural colour of any marble for your dining table. If you use natural shades for your dining tables, it will give you an outdoorsy effect. You can choose any colour shade or any material for chairs. You can also choose a mismatched theme for your dining set which goes nice with the natural shade of kitchen dining tables. You can also use natural shade as a base and you can place glass as table top.


If you want a fun and interesting place to eat with your family or you would rather have a chic and sophisticated place to eat in, a white dining table can easily match your taste. This is because white is considered a timeless color. It will never go out of style Depending on whether you are looking for a dining table color that will match with your house or room décor, White is a very calm color. It often symbolizes serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom or health. White dining table will be calm and will brings an elegant look to your kitchen or dining table. The calm color is suitable for placing your accessories or flower vase. It’s easy to clean and durable. White color it can give a totally different atmosphere of relaxation and happiness to the room. it will also add more space to the area making it more comfortable to the eye. also, if you choose light colored furniture it will add more brightness and style.


Kitchen dining tables can change the entire ambiance of your dining room. Glass dining tables add a sophisticated and classy touch. If you want a formal-looking dining table, then you can choose glass table tops. Glass is such a material which is naturally very much strong but not that much sturdy as compared to other materials but If follow some precautionary measures then it can increase the durability of glass table tops. For fine dining you can choose glass as it exudes fineness. Glass table tops can give a dramatic statement to your dining corner. You can also get a variety of glasses that will serve a different purpose like thermal-resistant glasses, tempered glasses, etc. Glass dining tables gives a very clean and minimalist look. The most attractive part of glass dining tables is transparency, which will give an airy feeling. Glass dining tables make the room appear to be spacious and eye-catching.

Plastic Acrylic

Plastic acrylic tables are available in a range of designs, styles and colors to suit various needs and preferences. Typically, plastic acrylic kitchen and dining tables are lightweight, easy to clean and are available in square or rectangular shapes (circular tables are also available). Most often, they are white plastic with darker legs/supporting beams. Plastic acrylic kitchen and dining tables are often light weight and can easily be moved; typically, plastic acrylic tables are collapsible, so you can easily transport them. A benefit to a plastic acrylic kitchen or dining table is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other table varieties. Another benefit of plastic acrylic kitchen or dining tables is that they are very easy to clean and maintain; you can simply wipe the table with a damp cloth to maintain cleanliness and shine. Plastic acrylic tables add a fun, relaxed vibe to your dining space. Plastic acrylic tables have generous space for seating; typically, a standard rectangular table can accommodate at least 8 people, so this type of table is ideal for gettogethers.

Solid Wood

Solid wood dining tables are gorgeous, authentic and elegant furniture pieces that enhance the beauty of your home. Solid wood tables are built and designed with superior care and craftsmanship, and are made to be strong, durable and long-lasting furniture pieces. Solid wood dining tables are naturally beautiful and are available in a range of wood types, styles and colors to suit different design preferences. Most commonly, solid wood tables are made of oak, pine or mahogany, but many wood varieties are ideal choices for crafting tables. Solid wood dining tables can easily integrate into modern/contemporary, rustic or traditional décor motifs. While the natural beauty of many wood varieties is stunning, a benefit to solid wood tables is that you can paint or stain the wood to suit your ever-changing preferences. A solid wood dining table is a classic, timeless furniture piece that never goes out of style!


The Kitchen dining area is a space where you get together with your family members and enjoy your meal. You can come across different materials used for dining tables. A dining table is a centrepiece in a dining room. So, you have to think before choosing the right materials for your table. Wooden table tops increase the warmth of your dining area. You can opt for wooden dining tables. You can simply add a touch of elegance to your dining area by using a wooden dining table with some mixed colours of chairs. You can also choose some dark wooden shade. If you want to create some pastel theme then you can also use some lighter wooden shade. You can simply use wooden logs as your table top. You can also choose any hardwood or softwood like oak, pine, etc. Wooden dining tables can perfectly with any of your interior themes. There are a lot of styles available for wooden tables which will give your Kitchen dining Table area a new dimension.

Dining Table

Finding the perfect dining table is key to designing and beautifying the your dining area, that is whether you are carving out a transitional space between the family room and an open concept kitchen room, or you’ve got the traditional dining room. In many homes dining tables are the gathering areas where family members come together to share a meal after a long day at work. The perfect dining table is one that fits your budget, fits perfectly into your space, and one that matches or complements your style. When choosing the perfect dining table you should always be cautious so as not to giving into trends, since if you get a dining table that is too funky or has too many details, there might come a time that you will wonder what you were thinking getting such a dining table, one thing that you should do when getting a dining table is to ensure that you keep it simple and sturdy.

8 or More

The eight or more sitter kitchen dining table is the kind of table that you are likely to find in your grandparents home when you go to visit them. The main purpose of such a dining table is to provide more space for a large number of people to share a meal over. A good example being during a family gathering at your grandparent’s house, such a table create the perfect opportunity for extended family members to bond over a meal. It can also act as your family meeting area where you all come together to discuss an issue or brainstorm ideas. The eight or more sitter kitchen dining table is usually more expensive as compared to the other dining tables with much less sitting positions. It also requires more space since it’s even larger than your standard or regular dining table.


Oval dining tables give an antique look to your dining area. It occupies less space because of the rounded corners, thus, it can easily be adjusted in your small area. You have a narrower or small dining room then oval dining tables are the best which can accommodate a good number of people. An oval kitchen dining table is perfect for style and comfort. Oval kitchen dining tables are not now but they have a historical reference also. Oval kitchen dining tables give a versatile look to the kitchen. Its unique shape allows them to look beautiful anywhere in the dining space. The angular lines of the oval dining table introduce delicate curves into space and have soft rounded edges. An oval dining table can be thin and slender which is more space-efficient. Different types of materials can be used for making these Oval tables like wood, glass, marble, and even metal. You can choose colour shades according to your preference. Thus, you can easily prefer oval tables for a luxurious look.


The standard kitchen dining table is one of the most popular dining table in most households across the world. In most scenarios the standard kitchen dining table is usually a four sitter or a six sitter. A standard dining table provides you with everything you need to enjoy and bond with a group of friends or family members over a meal. A standard kitchen dining table does not have all those extra features such as adjustability it just resembles a traditional table in terms of structure, just four legs and a counter top. One huge advantage of owning a standard dining table over an adjustable dining table is the fact that it requires less or no maintenance and it’s quite cheap. Despite it being standard it can always be added a few features or designs to make it more appealing and to match your home’s interior décor.


If you love outstanding style that speaks for themself, then you love the glam dining table style. This style is all about amplifying the shine of its metallic accents. Glam dining table pieces often feature metal frames, metallic surfaces, or metallic nail head trim. This style starts with a traditional look through lots of ornamental details creating a stunning, sparkling, all-around elegant appearance. The dining tabletop is mirrored and has light refracting capabilities. This style will not only make your dining table illuminate the kitchen but also make it a center of attraction for your guest. If you're a fan of all things pretty, fancy, and just generally extravagant, glam style may be perfect for you. The style will blend well with the rest of your house décor.


Natural style of dining table is a style that seeks to embrace simplicity and nature. This style is well suitable for people who love simple tone color’s and shades. With natural style one can easily add some natural colors to blend well with the rest of dining room or kitchen. You can even install aquarium life in your kitchen to lighten up your kitchen. This style will indeed illuminate your room making it elegant and brightens up everything. It also as unique curves on the legs to give a cottage look on your desk. The style can also give your room a natural look because of the curves hence making it a focal point of view. Natural dining styles will provide you with a mind-blowing working environment for your kitchen.


If you’re looking to maximize on space in your kitchen, the extendable dining table will be a great fit for you. Extendable dining tables are a great way to maximize the kitchen and dining room space you have available. Extension tables use mechanisms and brilliant design to give users the option to adjust the table's length, by adding and removing seating and surface space when necessary. You can expand your dining table to host parties when you need more space and collapse it when you want to create more room in your kitchen. This table is great because one has the freedom to maximize space at will, making them good for small rooms. Extendable dining table can double as a place for children to study, for family to play board games, or for friends to sit and share a glass of wine.


When furnishing your kitchen or dining room choosing a dining table is a very crucial decision you have to make. The dining table whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room it serves the same primary purpose, as a place where you, your family members and at times even close friends come together to share a meal. A dining table comes in different sizes from one that can accommodate either a large family or a small family. They also come in different shapes from square, rectangle, to round. The popularity of the dining table can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and since then the dining table has appeared in many dining rooms across several centuries. For example, during the Victorian era dining tables were used to display of social and family status. And up-to-date dining rooms with dining tables are considered to be fancy especially when the furniture matches the design or décor of the entire dining room or area.


Acacia wood-specie for your kitchen dining table has proven itself to be an extremely durable wood. This wood species density and hardness make it the perfect material for heavy-use pieces such as dining tables and dining benches. Simple maintenance is all that's needed to keep it looking its best and when properly maintained, these pieces will last decades. Acacia wood dining table can survive anything! Well, not quite anything, but it'll hold up to the roughing up that happens from everyday wear, including scratches, bumps, and water exposure. This means even when you throw keys on top of the dining table, or your toddler spills liquids on the top surface, it will hold well. This wood is dense makes it durable and can last decades with just simple maintenance. Acacia can produce good dining tables that are not only eye-catching but also blend well with the rest of your kitchen décor. When acacia is properly treated with a weather-proof finish, acacia patio furniture can survive the elements for years or even decades.


Hardwood wood types are extremely versatile and easy to work with. Some examples of hardwoods include oak, cherry, maple, ash and poplar wood. Hardwoods come from trees that have leaves and produce a fruit or nut. Any type of hardwood variety can be used to craft very durable, long-lasting furniture pieces. Hardwoods often have distinct markings in the wood and beautiful variations in the colors, grain patterns and textures of the wood. Hardwood varieties vary in their tones/colors; however, most are a warm, rich color. Kitchen or dining tables crafted of a hardwood variety are available in a range of designs to suit different home décor motifs; for example, some kitchen tables can be crafted to be more modern or industrial by adding glass or metal to the table. Hardwoods are an ideal wood to create distinct and ornate details on the tables; this enhances the beauty and elegance of the table.

Gray Wood

Gray-wood tone is a cool and neutral-toned color, that will work well on your dining table. The gray tone is neutral. We can also say it’s a balanced color. This tone is typically associated with meanings of dull, dirty, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated. The Gray wood tone is warm. Kitchen dining tables made from gray-toned wood usually make the kitchen or dining room look modern and elegant. Gray tone creates a peaceful environment when used. It’s easy to clean and maintain. A gray tone slightly will illuminate your dining table making it a focal point of view. Gray tone will give you a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. This tone is friendly for toddlers who may easily make wood surfaces dirty. It also does not fade easily too.

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