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Flash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top
Flash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top

Flash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top

MERCHANT: Amazon BRAND: Flash Furniture
2087 Reviews
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Add distinct aesthetic to your restaurant, bar, hospitality dining space, or home with the unmatched look of a butcher block top. Environmental-friendly, the durably crafted solid wood tab...
flash furniture
product dimensions
30"d x 30"w x 2"h
item weight
23.1 pounds
maximum weight recommendation
150 pounds
frame material

Featured Reviews

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2087 Reviews
Would Recommend
8/8 recommendations
Featured 8 Reviews
I rarely bother taking the time to leave a review, but I feel like I owe it to customers like me out there who read every single review carefully, including the negative reviews on this table top. Usually more than 3 negative reviews about lackluster quality (“you get what you pay for”) will keep me from making an online purchase, but in my case, the price was too good to not take that chance anyway.Pictured on the left is my table set I bought about 5 years ago on Wayfair. Back then, my family was a size of 2. Now that we’re a size of three and my son is big enough to sit at the table with us, we wanted to invest in a new dining set.I’m writing this review during the COVID19 quarantine so the option of buying locally isn’t an easy option right now. So I jumped down the online shopping rabbit hole instead and learned very quickly that decent sized/quality high top tables are very expensive. My husband is 6’3 and didn’t want to compromise for a counter height table.Then I looked underneath our pub table and realized the table top screwed off fairly easily, why not just look for a big enough table top and swap them out? Furthermore, just wrap the top with marble patterned vinyl to give the illusion that we paid an arm and a leg?I revised my search on Amazon, entered the measurements I wanted followed by “table top” and this was the first one I clicked on. Less than $50 compared to the $1000 I was going to spend for the exact size I wanted? Heck yeah!The table top came today (5 days sooner than expected!) pictured on the right. What you can’t see is how well made it is - very thick, heavy, and beyond my expectations. I was expecting a thin piece of particle board based on the negative reviews, but I assure you, it is not.The marble wrap hasn’t arrived yet, but my husband and I actually love the look as-is. If we do end up wrapping it with the vinyl, I’ll update this review.Regardless, I am so happy the search for a new table is over! Best online purchase I’ve made in a long time!Read more
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Flash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top review
I really like this table top. It is very solid and sturdy. The craftsmanship is really nice and a great product for the money. It comes in a dark walnut on one side and a light wood on the opposite side. so it is versatile. I would defiantly purchase this product again.
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J. Taylor
Purchased this table top to use on a DIY dolly for telescopes. Works great as a platform to hold all of the gear for an astrophotography session. As for a table top for home or patio use (although its not water proof), would be a great, low cost solution. Packaging was great, arrived in perfect shape with no dings, dents or damage.
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Cynthia Krawczyk
Simply beautiful. Sold as used but was like new.
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Jean Creswick
We replaced our table in our trailer with this product. I was amazed that it was MORE beautiful than the photo. We are extremely happy with it.
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king toot
for $60 am so glad this thing works. I LOVE that the product comes in such a range of sizes... was able to choose the exact right one for my needs, which are weird : I ice skate, and like to warm up pre-skate with a spinner, which can only be used on a level, smooth, and somewhat hard and shiny floor. Well, thanks to COVID, warmups at the rink have to be done outside. Sidewalks and tarmac are way too rough and uneven and a simple piece of sheet metal or lineoleum (impossible to find) are not enough buffer from all that mess in the terrain. This table top, however... PERFECT. I just left the foam around the perimeter that came with the packing, and sometimes slip a yoga mat under one side to make up for ground slope. Can roll the thing, yeah it's heavy (my 36" circle one weighs 30 lb) right out of the back floor of my tiny car, across the parking lot, over curbs, etc., to wherever I want it. The surface offers the perfect amount of friction, or lack thereof, for the spinner, and so far is not showing signs of wear from the spinning (the spinner is made of a sort of plastic that feels nice and dense - ie., has some heft, has a slightly more malleable texture than the table top, is not translucent but kinda suggests translucence, ditto rubberiness, almost like it may have some silicon in it or something... hard to describe, sorry...) . When one side of the table top gets all scratched up from the spinner, if it ever does, then I can then flip it to the other side... so the $60 may go a long way. Point is, if this table top can survive my spinning, it can probably also survive slamming beer mugs or even Tom Jones. Also note, the trim around the perimeter (that I keep protected with the foam, for rolling) seems very neatly, cleanly, securely applied. Overall, the thing seems well made.Read more
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S. Santaguida
Small ding in the corner. Not worth returning but it's a shame anyway
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Flash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top reviewFlash Furniture 30" Round Butcher Block Style Table Top review
marlon pollard
Easy to install perfect fit
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Questions & Answers

How do you attach this tabletop? Can you drill through it?
While there aren't instructions per se included, assembly is really pretty straightforward. There are 4 self-taping screws included for drilling through which ever surface you're not going to use. After drawing lines from each corner to the corresponding opposite corner you've got an "X" as a template for centering the… see more
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Is the surface smooth and hard, for use as a drawing board that will not get scratches?
Yes, it is smooth and hard. It could probably be scratched with a hard, sharp, pointed object but it seems pretty durable.
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how much does the table top only weigh?
I'm not sure but it wasn't too heavy for me to lift. I weigh 129lbs and are real thin. Hope this helps.
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Is this suitable for (sheltered) outdoor use, or is it likely the laminate will peel?
This is relatively inexpensive laminate on particle board, so if it gets wet, it most likely will start to bubble and/or peel. I also suspect it wouldn't do so well in a lot of direct sunlight. For any kind of substantial outdoor use I would recommend getting something rated for use outside.
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