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Flash Furniture 30'' x 48'' Rectangular Table Top with Natural or Walnut Reversible Laminate Top
Flash Furniture 30'' x 48'' Rectangular Table Top with Natural or Walnut Reversible Laminate Top

Flash Furniture 30'' x 48'' Rectangular Table Top with Natural or Walnut Reversible Laminate Top

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Complete your restaurant, break room or cafeteria with this reversible table top.The reversible laminate top features two different laminate finishes. Choose your color of choice and bolt ...
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1953 Reviews
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M. Bennett
This is high quality, and I was very happy to buy it without the legs, which I didn’t need for this project.If you have a good sized dog, and one of the awesome Midwest Crates, this tabletop fits perfectly on top of the Midwest 42” crate (second largest crate they make) Tiny overhang, maybe 1/2 inch, but you’d want that to make sure the weight transfers to the vertical sides, vs pushing/sagging the roof.I used with this crate: Large Dog Crate | MidWest iCrate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate | Divider Panel,... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000QFT1RC/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_qXCyFQfF1ynK7
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I rarely bother taking the time to leave a review, but I feel like I owe it to customers like me out there who read every single review carefully, including the negative reviews on this table top. Usually more than 3 negative reviews about lackluster quality (“you get what you pay for”) will keep me from making an online purchase, but in my case, the price was too good to not take that chance anyway.Pictured on the left is my table set I bought about 5 years ago on Wayfair. Back then, my family was a size of 2. Now that we’re a size of three and my son is big enough to sit at the table with us, we wanted to invest in a new dining set.I’m writing this review during the COVID19 quarantine so the option of buying locally isn’t an easy option right now. So I jumped down the online shopping rabbit hole instead and learned very quickly that decent sized/quality high top tables are very expensive. My husband is 6’3 and didn’t want to compromise for a counter height table.Then I looked underneath our pub table and realized the table top screwed off fairly easily, why not just look for a big enough table top and swap them out? Furthermore, just wrap the top with marble patterned vinyl to give the illusion that we paid an arm and a leg?I revised my search on Amazon, entered the measurements I wanted followed by “table top” and this was the first one I clicked on. Less than $50 compared to the $1000 I was going to spend for the exact size I wanted? Heck yeah!The table top came today (5 days sooner than expected!) pictured on the right. What you can’t see is how well made it is - very thick, heavy, and beyond my expectations. I was expecting a thin piece of particle board based on the negative reviews, but I assure you, it is not.The marble wrap hasn’t arrived yet, but my husband and I actually love the look as-is. If we do end up wrapping it with the vinyl, I’ll update this review.Regardless, I am so happy the search for a new table is over! Best online purchase I’ve made in a long time!Read more
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Kindle Customer
Love it! I know this isn't exactly it's intended use but perfect for what I needed as a stove cover.
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Sarah Paul
I am happier with this table top than I thought I would be. It is a good heavy weight, black on one side and a nice red mahogany on the other. I used it to replace a broken glass table top on a small round dining table with wrought iron legs. Glass replacement tops were too pricey for me. This looks like a Parisian cafe table, and to my surprise, everyone likes it and comments on it. No more worries about breaking the glass table top! The laminate is nicer looking than I expected. It scratched when I had a heavy decorative object on it, with a rough bottom, so now I am aware of that. But other than that, it wears well. It is what restaurants use. Washes off like a dream. Does not stain. I would buy it again.
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John B
My greatest surprise on delivery of the "24x30 inch table top" was that there were two identical tops in the package, both reversible. I've searched the ad over and over again and find only the description "one pack" with no clarification of what that really means. All the references are to "THE table top." Yes, two tops are depicted in the ad but that can simply be to show the two different laminated finishes ... or, so, I thought. I'll make use of the two tops but, surely, the ad could have been more clearly written.As for the finish, both tops have noticeable defects, making them less than perfect. For my purposes, the surface defects are not important but they could easily be so to others. Don't expect top and bottom to be immaculate!As for delivery, for unknown reasons, it was a day late. I'm giving this 4 stars because I expected to receive only one top but now have two which I can use. Otherwise, my rating would have been 3 stars, ie, just average.
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Jim Applebaugh
Came with multiple dings & scratches! The odd thing is the box it shipped in was flawless so I think it was sent damaged. Then again it was only cardboard folded around it so there was zero protection. Either way it had 4 gashes & 2 chipped corners, all but one around the edges. Luckily most of the marks are on the black side & I put that side down. The edge that was the worse is against the wall. Definitely should have been packaged better! Makes me really hesitant to get a 2nd one for a matching table.It's a pretty solid table top. For the price, I couldn't find anything better for a desk top. To bad it was so marked up. Color & pattern are nicer than most things I've bought in the last few years.UPDATE: I get multiple emails a week from them asking to take down my 3 star review for a $20 gift certificate. Now it's 1 stars! Fix the shipping problems & this would be a 5 star product.
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A black dining table is one of the options for a table. It can be used in combination with chairs of a different color. This will establish an eye-catching relationship between them, allowing these elements to complement each other. Use a black table in combination with green, red or yellow chairs for a striking contrast. Black finish will most likely blend in unless you choose a different option. The table itself won’t stand out but you can use elements around it that do. For example, the chairs are a great bet. The same role can be taken on by the area rug or the lighting fixture in the room. Each black dining table has its own set of properties which allow it to stand out in various ways and to interact with the surrounding space in its own way. However, black color will easily show dust hence making your clean more. The color when scratched it shows the dents making expensive to maintain.


A reversible kitchen table is a unique and practical way to showcase your décor style. Reversible kitchen or dining tables oftentimes adapt into a type of game table, such as a poker or billiards table. Reversible kitchen or dining tables are typically crafted of wood; most often, they have a single pedestal support and a cover or table top (made of the same material as the base of the table). The cover (table top) can be reversed simply by lifting the portion off the table and either turning it upside down to reveal a playing surface (for example, felt) or removing it completely to reveal another playing surface. Typically, reversible tables are designed to provide users with a space to play poker/card games, pool and board games; most varieties of reversible tables can seat up to 8 people. A reversible table is an ideal solution to save and maximize space, as well as to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Reversible tables are perfect for people who enjoy games and entertaining guests.


A laminate kitchen or dining table is available in a range of styles, designs, and sizes. Laminate table top finishes are available in different styles, such as wood, marble, and solid colors. Laminate table top kitchen or dining tables are versatile in design to suit a range of décor motifs. Gorgeous marble or wood laminate kitchen tables enhance your style and provide you with a beautiful dining space. Laminate kitchen or dining tables are an ideal choice for a range of room types, as they are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your particular needs. Laminate kitchen tables clean very well and are easy to maintain. Assembly of a laminate kitchen and dining table is fairly simple; laminate tables are light weight compared to other table types, so these tables are easy to move or reposition. A laminate kitchen table is an ideal choice to enhance the beauty of your kitchen or dining room.


A melamine kitchen or dining table is a table that is crafted of wood and then covered with melamine sheets, which adds a smooth and sleek surface layer. Melamine kitchen tables have been popular for decades, as they provide an affordable, durable way to decorate your space. Melamine itself is a resin made of plastic that is hardened with heat and then applied to a wood surface/base. Melamine kitchen and dining tables are an ideal choice to enhance a modern design motif. These tables are durable and are easily cleaned and maintained. Melamine tables are an ideal choice, as they are heat resistant, water resistant, and clean easily, making it a perfect furniture piece for a kitchen or dining room. Oftentimes, melamine tables are used in restaurants because they are extremely durable and withstand near constant use. A melamine kitchen or dining table is available in a wide range of designs and styles to suit any preference or need.


Rectangular tables are the most common type of kitchen dining table these days. A rectangular kitchen dining table has functional and styling features. If you have large dining, then you can go for rectangular dining tables. Rectangular kitchen dining tables are available in a variety of sizes as per need. This type of table is flexible for various party sizes and compositions. A rectangular kitchen dining table is a good shape for more than four people. Rectangular tables tend to have space for food and tableware and make your dining experience and more comfortable. The right design will change the ambiance of your home. The advantage of a rectangular kitchen dining table is that it helps generate equality. Rectangular tables can be customized according to one's needs and choice. Rectangular dining tables can easily accommodate an extra number of guests. You can choose different kinds of materials like wood, metal, or glass to give a unique and eye-catching look to your table.


The Casual style of dining table is a style that gives you freedom to either customize according to your preference. Casual styles are informal, hence making the colors used are neutral and soft colors. The dining table style is extra elegant and eye-catching, hence making them a focal point of view. Casual style has unique features to that are modern and comfortable dining. With causal style it gives the user a chance to decide on the kind of dining table they want for kitchen or dining room. The designs are also modern and crispy. The furnishings are inviting and comfortable, offering a relaxed boho feel that is enhanced by natural materials and fabrics. Casual styles of dining table will give your kitchen or dining room a cozy or comfortable look.


Natural style of dining table is a style that seeks to embrace simplicity and nature. This style is well suitable for people who love simple tone color’s and shades. With natural style one can easily add some natural colors to blend well with the rest of dining room or kitchen. You can even install aquarium life in your kitchen to lighten up your kitchen. This style will indeed illuminate your room making it elegant and brightens up everything. It also as unique curves on the legs to give a cottage look on your desk. The style can also give your room a natural look because of the curves hence making it a focal point of view. Natural dining styles will provide you with a mind-blowing working environment for your kitchen.


Cherry wood is a type of wood species, that has been used over the years to produce good kitchen dining tables. This wood species has beautiful grain and the wood's ability to darken and warm over time offers a beautiful and rich look for your dining set. The wood also has a very smooth grain and coloring that begins as a light pinkish color and then darkens over time to a dark reddish hue. It's a photosensitive wood, meaning it darkens over time with exposure to light. This makes your dining table blends well with the rest of your kitchen décor. The wood is easier to clean when stained and its paint doesn’t fade over the years, Cherry has a fine, straight grain that ranges from reddish-brown to blond. It's easily shaped using wood machine cutters, and it polishes well making it illuminate your kitchen. Unstained, the wood it has a rich, beautiful color.


Hardwood wood types are extremely versatile and easy to work with. Some examples of hardwoods include oak, cherry, maple, ash and poplar wood. Hardwoods come from trees that have leaves and produce a fruit or nut. Any type of hardwood variety can be used to craft very durable, long-lasting furniture pieces. Hardwoods often have distinct markings in the wood and beautiful variations in the colors, grain patterns and textures of the wood. Hardwood varieties vary in their tones/colors; however, most are a warm, rich color. Kitchen or dining tables crafted of a hardwood variety are available in a range of designs to suit different home décor motifs; for example, some kitchen tables can be crafted to be more modern or industrial by adding glass or metal to the table. Hardwoods are an ideal wood to create distinct and ornate details on the tables; this enhances the beauty and elegance of the table.


If you’re looking for a kitchen dining table that is elegant and timeless, mahogany is the choice for you. This wood species for your dining table will make the table durable and long-lasting. Mahogany wood species is elegant and timeless, especially large pieces like dining tables. The grain and color lend a warmth that modern materials can't imitate. When the wood is polished, it displays a gorgeous red sheen and is considered a very durable wood. Mahogany wood absorbs colors well and when painted it tends to illuminate the kitchen very well. Its straight grain and characteristic red-brown color, polish, and oils are very well and can be buffed to a very high shine. The wood species has a pleasingly fine, straight grain. Because of the trees' large size, mahogany is produced on large boards. This makes it perfect for focal point dining tables. This wood is also resistant to wood borers and takes dents well.


Walnut wood is a beautiful, strong wood type that is often used in furniture making. Walnut wood has a gorgeous and inviting color/tone that will enhance the beauty of your dining space. Walnut wood is a versatile wood type that can complement a range of home décor motifs, such as rustic/farmhouse, modern/contemporary, and traditional, based on the finish. Walnut wood is an extremely tough and durable wood type, which makes it an ideal choice for high-use furniture like kitchen or dining tables. Walnut wood is a perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room and is an ideal choice for people who love a rustic, traditional or contemporary style. A walnut kitchen or dining table will enhance the comfort and cozy feel of your home. A walnut kitchen table is an elegant choice to include in your dining area and will ensure your dining experience is top notch.

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