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Foundation Worksurface, 72W X 30D, Shaker Cherry
Foundation Worksurface, 72W X 30D, Shaker Cherry

Foundation Worksurface, 72W X 30D, Shaker Cherry

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A Laminate desk is a unique piece of furniture that made out of synthetic materials that looks like wood, as a manufactured product laminate is usually made resistance to scratches and heat, meaning that with a laminate desk you don’t have to be that careful as with a wooden desk, and as a result making it more popular than regular wooden desks and other types of desks. As it is resistant to heat and scratches, this gives it a certain level of strength and as a result it doesn’t require strict maintenance like other types of desks, plus it can be used in a place where there is huge traffic as it can withstand being regularly touched or scratched. One of the downside of a laminate desk is that it’s quite expensive, however with a laminate desk you get quality, in short you are getting what you are paying for, there is no compromise when it comes to quality and durability.

Plastic Acrylic

Plastic-acrylic being one of the oldest synthetic material, is becoming more popular within the furniture industry as more people are purchasing Plastic-acrylic furniture. A good example being the Plastic-acrylic desk. One main reason of owning the plastic-acrylic desk is its unmatched beauty and strength, plus it’s easy to clean and maintain as compared to other types of desks. When it comes to durability a Plastic-acrylic desk is very durable, in fact it cannot be easily broken as compared to other types such as the wooden desk. Plastic-acrylic desks are also non-toxic and does not have a negative impact on the environment as many people would like to believe. However one con of owning a Plastic-acrylic desk is that they react adversely when they come into contact with some chemicals you are likely to find on certain detergents and cleaners, leaving behind a yellowish layer.


Polypropylene is a thermoplastic made from a combination of propylene monomers. Polypropylene has a slippery surface which can make a substitute for plastic-like acetal to use as a contact point for furniture. Polypropylene has a low density which translates to weight savings for manufacturers and distributors. It has resistance at room temperature. The major benefit of polypropylene is it can be manufactured through injection molding, thermoforming, or crimping into a living thing. Living hinges are thin pieces of plastics that can bend without breaking. Desks made from polypropylene are lightweight and are more durable than the traditional type of furniture. Desks made up of polypropylene look stylish for home ad office use. Desks made from good quality plastics like polypropylene are rated good quality and strong plastic furniture. This type of desk material has no effect on moisture. Polypropylene desks require less maintenance than wooden desks. This type of materials are less costly and are more economical and makes an ideal choice for home or for office.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat table style work surface mainly found in offices, schools, and homes. A desk is that one single piece of furniture where you can work from, or play from when you are either in the office or at home. In most scenarios every single desk is usually dedicated for a specific activity. A good example is the office desk, this a desk that you are likely to find in an office may it be your normal work place or your home office, it provides a good surface or setup from where you can work from and carry out all your daily activities. Most office desk are usually manufactured with the quality and comfort of the employee in mind so as to provide a good working environment that is inspiring and motivating.

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