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Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch

Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Red Barrel Studio®
436 Reviews
$690.00 - $730.00
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41.259'' H x 59.45'' W x 59.45'' D
Knee Space
29.25'' H x 23.31'' W x 20.75'' D
Overall Product Weight
Desk Type
Computer desk
Top Material
Laminate Over Engineered Wood
Top Manufactured Wood Type
Laminate Over Engineered Wood
Base Material
Laminate Over Engineered Wood
Base Manufactured Wood Type
Laminate Over Engineered Wood
Gaming Configuration
Finished Back
Exterior Shelving
Number of Exterior Shelves
Cabinets Included
Number of Cabinets
Number of Interior Shelves
Drawers Included
Drawer Glide Mechanism
Ball Bearing Glides
Number of Drawers
Office Chair Included
Hutch Included
Desk Return Included
Cable Management
Weight Capacity
200 lb.
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use; Non Residential Use
Base Type
ANSI/SOHO S65 Small Office/Home Office
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty

Featured Reviews

Here are 44 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
436 Reviews
Would Recommend
36/44 recommendations
Featured 44 Reviews
Like! Good for storage, computer stand, printer stand, etc. Nice and heavy. Works with my other collection pieces.
Helpful Helpful 2
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Super easy to put together! A bit bigger than I anticipated but I’m hopeful I will find plenty of things to fill it up with. It goes perfectly with the l-shaped desk and still has so much space!
Helpful Helpful 2
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Nicely made, but annoying that the back of it has screws visible. Meaning your desk needs to face a wall so that the back of this is not visible.
Helpful Helpful 2
Exactly what I needed and came as described
Helpful Helpful 1
The quality of this desk exceeded my expectations and I love it. Heavy duty. Highly recommend
Helpful Helpful 0
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
OMG can I just say that I absolutely LOVE these? I got 2 for my desk after not being happy with the last few that I purchased, and these blow ANY other stands out of the water. They are so easy to assemble (takes about 20 minutes) and they are so nice to look at! I got the shiplap gray and I am so thrilled with how they look! Highly recommended, and absolutely worth the price!
Helpful Helpful 0
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Love the organization I’ll have and I love the color
Helpful Helpful 0
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Nice color and good size for my desk.
Helpful Helpful 0
Great for on top of the filing cabinet
Helpful Helpful 0
Samantha Junieth
This ended up as a great way to add some space and storage to my desk.
Helpful Helpful 0
Solid piece and looks neatly like a built-in on my desk.
Helpful Helpful 0
Stephen Thomas
I ordered two of these for my home office desk. they look great and adds storage to keep things looking clean & neat. The were easy to assemble and arrived quickly.
Helpful Helpful 0
It was pretty easy to assemble though the instructions are very vague. It's sturdy and well made and fits the spot nicely.
Helpful Helpful 0
What a help on my desk. Just lovely. Looks like it will last a long time. Thanks for the great experience.
Helpful Helpful 0
I work from home and needed a monitor stand. I really like the fact that this one has drawers to help keep my desk organized. Its large size was perfect for my monitor and lots of space to add extras on the side.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a really good item. Drawers are deep and wide enough for my office supplies. It did come scratched up and it took a long time to put together. Overall, it's a keeper.
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble and exactly as described. Quality piece.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this and so glad I added when ordering the matching desk. Nice to have a couple drawers as the desk didn't come with any. Drawer is wide enough to fit an iPad or small laptop and since there are 2 drawers you can place all other needed items in other one. Assembly is easy and height is perfect. Quality is great as well.
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble the perfect thing for my ultra-widescreen monitor.
Helpful Helpful 0
Can’t say enough about these! They raise the monitor just enough and give a bit of extra storage. Cleaned up my cluttered desk top and matches perfectly!
Helpful Helpful 0
It’s exactly what I was looking for!
Helpful Helpful 0
I absolutely love these for both my office and on top of my coffee table in my bedroom! Lovely color, easy to pit together, and good quality
Helpful Helpful 0
I love my desk organizer. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this.
Helpful Helpful 0
This desk top is beautiful well made.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love my new desk with the stacked cubicles
Helpful Helpful 0
Love the combination of file holders + shelf
Helpful Helpful 0
Adds a layer of organization under my monitor. Totally love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this collection. Perfect for my new office space!
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect addition to my new desk! And puts my monitors at the right height!
Helpful Helpful 0
Very sturdy. I am very happy with this purchase. It was easy to put together. The plastic nonslip pads do not stay in place very well, that is really my only complaint.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect for adding a little extra storage on top of my dresser
Helpful Helpful 0
Easy to assemble and good quality piece.Matches desk perfectly.Great for desk organization and to raise my laptop up to the right height.
Helpful Helpful 0
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Very nice after putting together. I like it so much that I ordered another one. The drawers are easy to manage. It's perfect for my working area. Cons: too many pieces to assemble and be careful to follow the instruction "a la lettre" because it's compressed wood.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very easy to use, but took a while to assemble. Attractive on my desk, but quite heavy and awkward to move around.
Helpful Helpful 0
Perfect size but the quality could be little bit better. Overall it's exactly what I needed for a little bit of added storage.
Helpful Helpful 0
Good desktop storage that goes well with the desk from this same line
Helpful Helpful 0
I didn’t realize I had to build it and it is just a outer case with draws they are not connected
Helpful Helpful 0
Hard to put together, one of the drawers still doesn’t open correctly.
Helpful Helpful 0
Quality was ok, not amazing. Assembly was a pain and took a long time. Parts fit well enough and all hardware was included. Would I buy again? Probably not
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks great but drawers use whatever surface they are on to slide. Need to roll back my Mouse pad to open.
Helpful Helpful 0
I expected it to come assembled and it was in pieces. Not sure about the paint job on the boards looks a little distressed. I plan to repaint and hope that putting it together is not a big deal
Helpful Helpful 0
This looked like good quality on website, but not the case when it arrived. It has a cheap papery veneer with painted on wood grain look. Three obvious defects/dents in veneer material all on (top) areas that are visible. Some of the hardware was ill fitting. Pretty heavy and substantial size for what it is though.
Helpful Helpful 0
It arrived damaged. Even without the damage its definitely not worth the price. The drawers are too small to be functional and the shelf is too small to hold two monitors.
Helpful Helpful 1
Gilbertown L-Shape Desk with Hutch review
Total nightmare. About 1000 pieces and poor instructions. Would return but opened box and my son threw the box out. I consider myself pretty decent at most assembly. This one is ridiculously bad
Helpful Helpful 0
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A study or a home office does not have to be filled with traditional grey desks where you can choose a white colour desk for your workspace. A white colour desk gives a fabulous look to the workspace. A creative white colour desk will grow interested to make you sit and work on something. A white colour desk has a modern, clean look which works well with any interior style. Any type of colour will go with white and it gives the flexibility to change up theme as preferred. You can go for white coloured desks with wide drawers. We all know that colours have a deep psychological effect. It helps us to relax and concentrate on our work. White desks can be the best choice because it will give you relaxation, which is necessary as you are going to spend hours at work. It also creates a feeling of airiness. White desks give a clean and minimalist look. Thus, white desks can never go out of style.


A Laminate desk is a unique piece of furniture that made out of synthetic materials that looks like wood, as a manufactured product laminate is usually made resistance to scratches and heat, meaning that with a laminate desk you don’t have to be that careful as with a wooden desk, and as a result making it more popular than regular wooden desks and other types of desks. As it is resistant to heat and scratches, this gives it a certain level of strength and as a result it doesn’t require strict maintenance like other types of desks, plus it can be used in a place where there is huge traffic as it can withstand being regularly touched or scratched. One of the downside of a laminate desk is that it’s quite expensive, however with a laminate desk you get quality, in short you are getting what you are paying for, there is no compromise when it comes to quality and durability.


Wood is natural and renewable desk material. Wood is always safe to handle and touch and it's naturally durable for generations does not break down damaging the material. The researcher’s study says that wood surrounded in our home, school, or work gives a positive effect on our health. Wood helps improve our emotional state, lower stress level, and blood pressure gives warmth and comfort feeling and also improves air quality by moderating humidity which makes breathing easier. Wood is a material which is mostly used in constructing desk and other furniture which offers generations a timeless look. It gives strength and durability to a well-made piece of the wooden desk when it is made up of domestic hardwood such as oak, ash, and walnut. Wooden desks are a family-friendly choice. Wood can change the mood of the room and looks antique in any design. Wood offers a unique combination and structural ethics. A wooden desk gives a warmth and richness look to your office space.


An l-shape desk is an ideal desk choice for larger rooms or offices. An l-shaped desk can add a unique and distinctive look to your office or work space. These types of desks are available in many different styles, designs and colors, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find something that you love and suits your particular needs and style. An l-shaped desk is an ideal choice for adults and children alike; they provide ample space and storage without compromising quality or style. L-shaped desks are strong and sturdy and will be a long-lasting piece of office furniture. Assembly of l-shaped desks is fairly simple and straightforward; once correctly assembled, an l-shaped desk can be placed in different areas of a room (such as against a corner or facing outwards from a corner) to create a different vibe and aesthetic. No matter how you position your l-shaped desk, its sure to look beautiful and provide you with a gorgeous work area that will promote productivity.


A hutch is a set of self or cabinets that are placed with a counter comprise of either a sideboard or a buffet. Hutches are used as a desk as well as dining or kitchen furniture. For decorative purposes, you can add Hutch behind the mirror on the back of the shelf to add an illusion. Hutch is a storage space to store large items and is convenient. Modern hutches are made up of solid timber which gives an extraordinary look to your home or your workspace. A desk with a hutch allows more storage space and creates an inviting work environment by keeping personal things to your desktop within your arms. An office desk with a hutch means showing off the décor. A hutch desk leaves more room on the actual workspace. A desk with a hutch is found in lots of styles, colours, and materials. A desk with a hutch warms up your room with a traditional look.

Computer Desk

Not all desks can be used to serve the same purpose. A computer desk is one of the special desks specially designed for placing your desktop computer or laptop. They come with special features to make you operate your computer easily without getting tired. Computer desks are designed to comfortably and aesthetically provide a working surface and house or conceal office equipment including computers, peripherals, and cabling for office and home-office users. Instead of having computer cables hanging carelessly, the table is designed to house the cable making it safe for toddlers and your child. Some of the computer desks are designed for two individuals to share while others are designed for one user.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat table style work surface mainly found in offices, schools, and homes. A desk is that one single piece of furniture where you can work from, or play from when you are either in the office or at home. In most scenarios every single desk is usually dedicated for a specific activity. A good example is the office desk, this a desk that you are likely to find in an office may it be your normal work place or your home office, it provides a good surface or setup from where you can work from and carry out all your daily activities. Most office desk are usually manufactured with the quality and comfort of the employee in mind so as to provide a good working environment that is inspiring and motivating.


If you are looking to invest in a desk that is more durable and easier to maintain, the hardwood desk is your choice. The hardwood is usually visually characterized by the darker color, which has made them much more expensive than other types of wood. The wood has got a high density making durable and resistance to termites and other wood-boring insects. Hardwoods often have very strong wood density, which is closely connected with the species of tree that yielded it. Hardwoods are also stronger and more durable due to their more condensed and complex structure. This means your desk will last longer. They are also easy to clean, maintain and scratches or dents can be fixed. The wood is also known to produce fine furniture’s that are attractive or eye-catching for anyone entering your house. Desk made from hardwood will not only be good but also the furnish give it a fancy look to admire.


The Oak wood is durable and long-lasting, which is mainly contributed by the trees’ slow growth rate, plus the wood is usually very dense which makes it quality of the wood to skyrocket. Oak wood is ideal for both traditional and modern types of furniture as it quickly adapts to various types finishes. One huge advantage of owning an Oak desk is its durability, as it will rarely need to be replaced, since longevity is one of the factors that most of us consider before buying any piece of furniture and as a result money invested in an Oak desk will definitely be repaid by its long life. On the other side of the biggest drawbacks of an Oak desk is it’s very expensive, but this is usually compensated by its many strengths and good qualities.


The pine wood species that produces desks that are durable and strong. It’s also slightly lighter compared to other woods in the same species. This wood is also very stiff. However, the wood is not quite strong, but it does offer durability. Desk made using this wood are usually elegant and eye catching. The wood takes paint very well, making it friendly for kids. Because pine is a softwood, it's prone to scratches and dent. They also develop a nice, rustic patina from age and use, and it resists shrinking and swelling. Depending on our preference, the wood produces good desk that have different styles to enable you to select your option. It may not last quite as long as oak, but pine is still a strong, shock-resistant material suitable for furniture, particularly if you like the rustic or country styles While furniture made from pine is still moderately heavy and sturdy, it is lighter than oak. Pine has its own benefits such as wood hardness, color and durability. It depends on what you need as to which is better for you. The wood is also resistance against rot and decay making it a good choice for a good desk or other furniture’s.


Softwood wood species is easier to work with and it’s used to make great tabletops or generally the whole table or desk. The wood can be cut using machines into desirable shapes, hence producing good desk. The lower density of softwood timber means it's weaker and less durable, however there are some 'hard' softwood options with a higher density making great tabletop. The wood being soft can easily be attacked by termites and other woodborers, making your table to be weak. They also come in more reliable sizes and qualities than hardwoods. The wood is also prone to scratches and dent. Softwood is not always suitable for high amounts of use like floors for example and can be easily worn down after periods of time. They have a poor fire resistance, which should be considered carefully before placing table or desk down in different areas where they might be exposed to those sorts of environments.

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