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Hazelridge Desk
Hazelridge Desk

Hazelridge Desk

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Novogratz
75 Reviews
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75 Reviews
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Featured 50 Reviews
I love this desk! Love that it has the adaptability to be a stand up desk as well.
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Exactly the size for my space!! Sorry it’s messy but you see why I needed it!!
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Really nice looking. Love the standing option for the desk. A bit of a challenge for me to put together but directions were excellent. Very happy with this purchase
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This desk is the perfect size to pay bills, balance a checkbook or any other paperwork that needs to be done. If interrupted by the telephone or doorbell, it is so very convenient to leave things on the desk and return to the task later. I love the three drawers on the side; they're perfect for storage of common desk supplies such as extra pens, paperclips, stapler and staple remover, tape, scissors, letter openers, marker pens, note paper, Post-It Notes, etc., etc. Great product - great planning! I'm happy!
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I love that the desk is simple yet elegant. I love that the desk gives me the ability to sit and work at it comfortably or if I like, I can adjust the top and and use that same desk to stand. The color and style of the desk will blend in lovely with your decor. Other than wishing the center drawer was usable, the desk is perfect!
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perfect size for working at home
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Absolutely love my new desk. Especially like the fact that I can actually stand to work! Desk drawers are big enough for my files
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My daughter loves her desk! Good quality for the price.
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I love this new desk. With teaching at home I needed a desk. I love that you can make it a stand desk or a sit desk. The assembly was easy. The directions were very clear and everything was nicely labeled.
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I love it. Assembly was straightforward and the drawers work very smoothly. It looks great in my breakfast area.
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Very nice and easy to put together
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This desk is perfect for using my lap top and for crafting with my Cricut
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Great for the amount of money. Sturdy and looks good.
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Super easy to put together. Absolutely love!
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I am very happy with this desk. We have it in our spare bedroom and it looks great there. I have just one complaint. There is a scuff in the front of the desk that probably happened in shipping. Going to touch it up with some white paint which should take care of it.
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As a writer, I appreciate this desk. The lift portion is pretty easy to manipulate. At 5'3" lift height is plenty. Might not be for tall people. File drawer, generous supplies drawer and open shelf work well for me. Assembly wasn't too difficult. After a couple of years in front of a wall heater, the white veneer is starting to pucker at the back. Otherwise it's proven durable.
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It brightens the room, however, the standing desk is a bit deceiving. You have to buy the standing part separately
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Great value for the money. Delivered without damage but one day late. Instructions for assembly included labeled parts which was excellent.
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Looks super cute & pretty easy to put together!
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Very happy with this desk. The only reason a 4 star and not 5 is because there was a scrape on the side and the desk top needs nailed in again as it doesn’t smoothly raise up. Other than that, easy to put together and really liking it!
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Fantastic desk! I just love it! I was looking for a desk with a drawer to hold my files and this one works perfectly!
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Great desk for my 10 year old daughter
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Bought it as a gift for my mom and it took longer assembly time than expected (about 3-4 hours). Looks beautiful but a pain to build. Worth it for the smile of my moms face when it was finally done. Looks great in its final resting place within her home.
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Love the whole set up. I like the way it looks, the desk that raises up, and the functionality. However, it was mildly damaged and the top that raises up is a little "sticky" with the way it moves. Otherwise, I like it!
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It's a good value for the money. Some weirdly painted areas on it but overall good looking piece of furniture. We are excited to have the standing capability.
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I really like the option to sit or stand with this desk. Looks good, it is a true white in color.
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Love how sturdy it is but it came with a broken leg
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I bought this for my daughter last Spring for e learning. She loves it. It is also a stand up desk. The top is made from painted particle board. The white is wearing away from seeking wipe downs. But for the price, it’s not too bad.
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Looks great and standing desk part is cool. We bought 2 and only issue (big one) was that one of the wooden legs on one of the desks broke right off the particle board base when we were setting the desk into place in the room. Too nuts to think about disassembling to return it so tried to re-secure the leg with a combo of wood glue and L-brackets. If you buy, make sure not to try to slide the desk into position...only lift it so you don’t risk compromising the legs.
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The box was badly damaged when it arrived - it was practically falling apart. After removing the pieces from the box, I noticed some were chipped and scratched. Hopefully I will LOVE the standing up while working part so much I'll forget the flaws that came with it.
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The top lifts so easily! I didn’t realize the trim is grey, which I don’t love, and the overall look is slightly cheaper than I anticipated. It shows fingerprints, but they seem to wipe off readily. It was really dinged up when it got delivered, so I’ll be contacting Wayfair about that, but as far as the desk itself, I’d say I’m not in love but I am satisfied.
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Material is not the best quality. It’s being used as the ELearning desk and serving its purpose splendidly!
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It’s a mice desk but need to put some kind of protective over finidh
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Very cute desk but I didn't realize this was a stand up desk and the front drawer (above where you sit) doesn't open if the desk is in the down/flat position.
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The desk is perfect for my small space. Not easy to put together, it takes 2. The finish is okay, there are areas where the paint on the edges is worn off....good I like a distressed look.
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Beautiful desk, but extremely fragile. Came apart when I turned it upright during assembly.
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Functionally the desk works fine. Lifting and lowering the stand up top is manageable. I've put many things together and found that the pieces don't go together precisely. Am hesitant to move the desk and I'm not sure it will be as stable. The order arrived damaged, had to wait for the new parts, and the top has a dent on the corner. For the price it is a cute desk with nice cubby and drawers.
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The finish around edges arrived rubbed off with a corner slightly smashed. There is a good size gap between the stand up part and the rest. No way to fix that. Looks cheap looking in person.
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Legs literally broke off while moving it after 2 mos.
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Showed up scratched and legs easily broke after moving it from one room to another.
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Guadalupe Ceja
The wood is not as I expected. It’s cheap wood. Also came damaged in the box.
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Looks better in the picture than reality. Be mindful when putting this together, the holes don’t always line up. Made in China wish I would have noticed that before ordering. I would not buy again.
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This desk looks beautiful, but it is very cheaply made. The paper that covers the inside of the drawers was peeling off when we pulled it out of the box. There were quite a few pieces with missing paint on the corners. When we flipped it over, one of the peg legs came off. The legs are very cheap! I would have sent it back, but my daughter needs a desk desperately since we are homeschooling because of Covid-19. I don't recommend this desk at all. For as expensive as it is, it's not worth the money.
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Over priced. Cheap finish around edges, looks like iron-on plastic.
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Desk got lost shipment and I had to request a replacement. Assembly was scheduled before the desk arrived. Replacement desk had broken pieces that now have to be replaced. Wayfair did give me a discount for the inconveniences. This is the 2nd time I had to request replacement parts on a Wayfair product.
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The first time we purchased the desk it came completely destroyed. Wayfair customer service is awesome and refunded us. As soon as came available we ordered it again. This time only one piece was broken. I had to glue it and nail it together. Than we assembled it and noticed the drawer was totally crooked. So we had to patch the original holes and drew new ones. If you do not want a diy project don’t buy this desk. I also replaced the knobs because they were atrocious. Also I think I missed the memo on having particle board visible as a nice detail.
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Not worth it. Falls apart while putting it together and some pieces don’t stay together at all. Tracks for files are plastic and cakeBroken. File drawer won’t go in all the way. Tracks are stuck. Waste of money. Very disappointed.
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Very nice to look at took a long time to put together. 5 minutes later I moved the desk and one of the legs broke off
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Very poor packaging, box was ripped, pieces of broken Styrofoam hold contents in place. NO INSTRUCTION manual.
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Installation was an absolute nightmare. There were drilled holes missing, many parts missing, and when we finally managed to get it to stay together, a leg promptly broke off. Definitely not worth the money!!!
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Manufactured Wood

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Wood is natural and renewable desk material. Wood is always safe to handle and touch and it's naturally durable for generations does not break down damaging the material. The researcher’s study says that wood surrounded in our home, school, or work gives a positive effect on our health. Wood helps improve our emotional state, lower stress level, and blood pressure gives warmth and comfort feeling and also improves air quality by moderating humidity which makes breathing easier. Wood is a material which is mostly used in constructing desk and other furniture which offers generations a timeless look. It gives strength and durability to a well-made piece of the wooden desk when it is made up of domestic hardwood such as oak, ash, and walnut. Wooden desks are a family-friendly choice. Wood can change the mood of the room and looks antique in any design. Wood offers a unique combination and structural ethics. A wooden desk gives a warmth and richness look to your office space.


A rectangular desk is a standard size for a desk. Any rectangular desk is an ideal choice for a work space, office, or even a bedroom to enhance the design aesthetics of a room as well as to provide you with adequate space to be productive. Rectangular desks are often equipped with lots of storage or drawers, so you can effectively use your space and stay organized. A rectangular desk is an ideal solution for smaller rooms or offices and allows you the freedom to put it nearly anywhere. As with most desks, you can further enhance the space and storage efficacy of your rectangular desk by adding organizational elements (such as letter holders, file systems, etc.) to increase the usable space of your rectangular desk. No matter what your design style and preferences, you’re sure to find a rectangular desk that fits your style motif and one that provides you with an adequate, productive work space.

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