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Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair, PU Leather High-Back Desk Chair, Swivel Rocking Chair with Flip-up Padded Armrest and Adjustable Height, Black
Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair, PU Leather High-Back Desk Chair, Swivel Rocking Chair with Flip-up Padded Armrest and Adjustable Height, Black

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair, PU Leather High-Back Desk Chair, Swivel Rocking Chair with Flip-up Padded Armrest and Adjustable Height, Black

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643 Reviews
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It is easy to install in 20 minutes and the package contains the tool for installation. The only tricky part from my experience is to install the seat pad and attach it to the arm holder using four screws. I originally install one side and then the other. The result is that after installing one side, it is hard to install the other side as one side has been tightened and it is hard to align the other side to the two screw holes. So for the best result, it is better to put all screws into holes without too much tightening and then adjust the seat pad to keep it in horizontal line, and then tighten screws all together.I like the high back feature the best, as I can rest my neck and head on the back. It is really more comfortable than those chairs without high back feature.The leather seems to have a better quality than the others. But a common problem for leather is that it is a little hot to sit on it especially in the summer time. So as I show in the picture, I put a cooling pad (bamboo mat) on it and I feel way much better.
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I've had this chair for a couple weeks. It's exactly as advertised and as comfy as it looks. No bad new-material smell. Seems like quality materials were used and should last a long time. I assembled it without issues in about 20 minutes. I'd prefer if it were able to recline a tad bit further but that's just my personal preference. I see I can file down a couple pieces of metal if I want to modify how far it reclines. It's also amply wide so if you're a bigger person it should accommodate you fine. If you're skinny like me you can still comfortably rest your arms on the widely spaced armrests. The flip up armrests are an essential feature for me since I use this chair for music production in addition to office work. I can flip the armrests out of the way to play my music keyboard without bumping them with my elbows. For the price, and not being able to test it before purchasing, I'm pleased with my selection. 5 stars
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A rare find on Amazon given that this isn't a chair that I see often. In fact, as I write this review, there isn't any inventory left at the moment. The chair arrived quickly and looks & feels great, especially given the price. There are countless chairs out there that command a much higher price but feels rather cheap or isn't well built. This chair is very well engineered and does not feel cheap at all. The assembly does take a bit of work but with some patience, not an issue. Where I do have an issue is that the seat should be tilted slighted back especially if this is considered an "ergonomic" chair. Right now while using it, I lean a bit forward and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it.
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David Reichert
Seat sits like an overstuffed chair. The back is like a car seat with side bolsters. Cushy and comfortable. Seat is long enough to reach the back of your knees, very nice support.Seat Back is shorter than I expected based on the published measurements. Back height is not measured from the top of the seat, the back drops below the seat to lose 2-3 inches. This makes headrest a little to low for me. Understand that I am long waisted, an average person is probably fine.I was surprised that the base and legs are made of plastic, heavy duty plastic, yet plastic. Only time will tell if this is an issue.Overall, I am satisfied, I think most people would like this.
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Dan Fendel
About once a year I get a new chair--I'm big and no matter how comfy they claim to be or are, by that time the old one feels like a hard wooden bench instead of a cushy thing to sit on for hours. So I really don't care about "lumbar support" and certainly don't need more wires for a "heat and massage" toy, and I'm not really a rocker or recliner either. I just want good support and a VERY plush and resilient seat. THIS HAS IT! Seriously the most comfy chair ever AND a much higher quality of build, materials, documentation, etc. etc. than chairs I've paid many more bucks for in the past. Looking at the many, many chairs on Amazon it always seems like a crapshoot as to which will be best so you order and hope. Happy to say this chair met my hopes and, so far, exceeded them. Building it was easy--in fact easier than many that misalign and make you struggle to get them together. ALSO interesting that the "spider" base comes with legs and hub separate and easy to put together rather than in one piece like most others. ANYHOW, very satisfied so far (just got it up and sitting) and it will extend my time at the computer whereas with other chairs sent back or resold or my old worn one I'd be in pain in less than an hours. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that ONE of the screw holes in the armrest that's supposed to have an inner ring/washer for the screwhead to stop on was drilled clean through instead so that one screw is technically a post, not a tight hold, but I don't think it'll cause problems.Read more
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Brian Hay
UPDATE: I've used the chair daily for about 7 months. The mechanism that adjusts the height has started to fail causing the chair to sink lower over the course of an hour or so and, worse, it's the seat is now tipping to the left so my bum is as an angle to the side. This make the chair unusable.The chair arrived with minimal assembly needed. The bolts were vacuum packed and well market. Overall pretty good.I like the chair, everything works as it should, it's comfortable, the arms are perfect for me and flip up if preferred. It will raise higher than most chairs and it's plenty large for my 6'5" 240 lb frame. There is a support brace across the lower back that the padding doesn't completely mitigate but it doesn't bother me. The seat is extremely wide which I like.The only negative is perceived. It's solid but doesn't 'feel like its gong to last a long time. That may just be me.Over all I like it and my comments are relative to the $200 price. I'm glad I bought it and might by another.Read more
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