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Homelegance Resonance 83" Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa, Dark Brown
Homelegance Resonance 83" Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa, Dark Brown

Homelegance Resonance 83" Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa, Dark Brown

MERCHANT: Amazon BRAND: Homelegance
656 Reviews
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This reclining Cranley Collection utilizes release mechanism that with a gentle pull sends you straight into your ultimate comfort zone. Black tufted bonded leather match covers the overst...
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656 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
It is not easy to find a double reclining love seat! I was a little wary of the quality of a piece of furniture I could not see in person. Especially at this low price! When it came the delivery people helped us get it up five steps and through the door. They were not permitted to come inside. Opening the box revealed a sturdy frame and detached seat backs. Because it was in sections it was easy to get in place and the backs snapped perfectly in place. The fabric is plush and comfortable to sit on. The reclining latches operate smoothly. It fits the space well. Hopefully I will be able to review again at a later date that it proves to be a long lasting value
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We have a 2009 Winnebago Access, Class C motor home. The original couch was not comfortable at all so I took it out and put it in storage. We read almost all the interviews and questions answered. The major convincing factor was that other RV owners said it would fit into their RV's. We measured our space and the love seat would fit. It was delivered six day before the scheduled due date. Great job by the company handling the delivery. The seat was in perfect shape and the bonded leather very nice. It fit through our 23" door with not problem. We put the back cushions in and then tried it out. Very comfortable seats, the release works great and putting the footrest back just takes a push by our legs.The big worry that I had was its weight. The Love seat is heavier than the original equipment and it sits on our slide out. We leveled our motor home then ran the slide out without a problem. We then moved the slide out back in and both ways the slide out sealed and had no problems. I am very impressed with the love seat and will make our traveling experiences much for comfortable now. The material is beatiful and fits in with our decor. We have four dogs, a border collie and three Boston Terriers. They love the love seat. This material, if we take care of it should last a long time. We have no worries about it. I will have to secure to the floor and that is no problem.Read more
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RLTimblin (Retired)
Moved it into our RV with no problem. It comes in ONE box regardless of what you read. The box contains the base, two backs and two side pads. We have a 24" door and it just fit through it. It takes TWO people to carry it through the door and up to the main floor. I would guess the base weighs about 100 lbs. The other pieces could be carried by a young child (there so light). We used the seat belts on our rig's floor to secure it. It reclines almost horizontal. Makes a great bed for two people.
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Dale R Smith
So far so good. Arrived today and fit thru the 24" door into the RV with room to spare. For potential buyers looking to install in an RV there are multiple holes in the steel framing that can be used to secure the seat to the floor. 3/8" lag bolts fit without issues. A little difficult to reach but workable.
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I loved this furniture when we first bought it. We bought the chair, love seat, and sofa. But we have had them less than 3 years and they are in dreadful shape. Springs pushing up, pressure in the back, and the leather... Oh my goodness. I have to add a picture for that.Nobody in my family exceeds 180 lbs. These haven't been over used or mistreated. This is just furniture that is not made to last. If you are aware of that and okay with it, this might still fit your needs. But if you want lasting furniture, look elsewhere.
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Bernie Tapetillo
Furniture shopping online was a bit nervous but now that we have received the furniture they were of better quality than expected, and believe me I tried to read every review on these pieces prior to purchased, and with that I took the risk and it was well worth it, as we both had shopped around and this was, (for the price) the best set, easy to assembly, we are very happy with them. They feel and smell like real leather, the recliners function great, a bit getting used to but I would buy again now that we have had a great experience with this set, JUST TO UPDATE NOW THAT I HAVE OWN THIS FURNITURE FOR A YEAR. I would back track and NOT recommend this furniture to anyone, the seats have sag out the center when you sit on it goes straight to the wood and that is very uncomfortable, Had I known this in advance I would not have purchased these seats, I know this doe not sound great but once One has owned something for sometime, is where we really get to know how it really is, the start was great but as time has gone on it has been one bad product, the product I refer to is Homelegance 9700BRW-3 Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather
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Greg Couture
Before purchasing i read the reviews and wondered why a lot of reviews mentioned using these couches for an RV. Now I know why. Horrible quality. I was stunned. There's nothing to them. Cheap looking. Looks like dollhouse furniture. The cushions and armrests are flimsy with hardly any stuffing material. Arm rests wiggle like they are ready to fall off. One of the couches handles to recline is broken straight out of the box. Took 4 months to get the couches due to shipping issues with couches being damaged during delivery. The backs do not "just slide on". Had to turn them upside down and maneuver the locking mechanism. This worked for half of the backs. The other backs still aren't clicked in all of the way. Tried to sleep on these. Forget about it. Would have preferred a bed of nails. Foot rests are about an inch thick. Nothing to them. I tried to save money by purchasing couches from Amazon. Biggest mistake ever. My previous furniture was purchased from BMills and worth every single penny of their high price. Those were solid. Lasted 6 years with heavy usage. These wont last 6 months. Extremely disappointed. I regret this decision immensely.
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We bought this power recliner in 2015 and got a protection plan for any damages. The quality of this item is terrible. Recently, the spring on the coach started popping up and we tried to reach out to Amazon as we had purchased the protection plan (paying an extra 100-200 dollars). However, no one responded to our email. I recommend not buying such cheap quality sofas on Amazon. The protection plan is their way of making extra money as they don't even respond to you.
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Black is a classic color in the sense that it fits easily with everything. The couch shouldn't be uniform. So you can utilize various shades of cushions to make a fascinating look. If you want a treat for your eyes, decorate your living room with a black color sofa. It will make you feel modern and royal. Black is a neutral tone it adds glamour to the living room. A black color sofa is best for a colorful mind person.

By setting comfortable cushions and cushions on your black cowhide couch! Little corner tables with lights and plants can likewise make the living room look more casual and comfortable. The decoration with a black sofa is attractive because of the clever mix of interior styles. A black sofa is one of the go-to approaches to keep the classic highlights of a living room and make the best of them. It doesn't add anything besides doesn't remove all things considered. It assists with featuring the highlights of the spot you like the most.


Brown is the most popular and elegant color for sofas. The brown color is a decent decision on the off chance that you have pets or youngsters who may follow soil onto the couch. The brown color isn't only for cowhide, it can glance great in different textures like fleeces and polyesters as well. Brown color may not be the most energizing tone around however it can add warmth and grittiness to the inside for those looking for more natural color palettes.

The brown color sofa makes your room warm and elegant. The dramatic color combination with brown color sofa makes everything appear more sophisticated and expensive. Decorative wallpapers are best paired with this color tone. It is a valuable addition to your living room, especially if it's a brown color sofa. It reflects royalty and luxury. Brown is a pretty flexible tone; it extraordinary enhances the glamour of any room and can be used in different styles.

Dark Brown

A brown sofa is a very sort after sofa color as it is known to bring out some form of practicality and liveliness in to your living room, plus it also blends in with any kind of style or décor. A dark brown sofa’s popularity is mainly because it creates a neutral environment, give you a chance to be as creative as possible with your living room décor. Dark brown as a color is one of the most forgiving upholstery color especially when it comes to stains and dirt, so if you have young children or pets getting a Dark brown sofa is a smart choice. On the other hand Dark brown may look somehow boring at first but you should always know that it’s always up to you to spice things up so as to achieve the look you are looking for.


This fantastic recliner couch includes a protected delicate back and accompanies a chair alternative. With the press of a catch, it slides forward so you can put your feet up. The recliner couch is a genuinely new sort of love seat, however has filled in ubiquity given they're extraordinary for sitting in front of the TV and perusing.

While not the best pick for a conventional living room, they're stupendous for family rooms and media rooms. Indeed, with a little carpentry work assembling a stage in a TV room and getting two recliner couches, you can make a fine home media room. This can be improved further with the expansion of characteristic foliage, a gigantically well-known adornment. A recliner sofa is the ideal blend of style and comfort. . The recliner sofa can be casual and even way simple but still looks beautiful in a family or media room.


A couch with arms flaunts perfect, straight lines that command notice. When considering furniture comfort, arm stature is most likely the most un-significant of the four components. That is the reason a great many people focus on the style of arms over what it will mean for comfort. In case you're the sort of individual who appreciates inclining toward a comfortable couch arm, it's essential to focus on arm tallness. On the off chance that you truly fall head over heels in love for the style of a piece that ends up having a more limited arms couch (or you need a more limited arm due to the style of the room), an essential cushion put against the arm might have the option to offer the help you need.

Arm couches come in pretty much every shading you can consider, just as an assortment of materials. Regardless of whether you favor calfskin, cotton, cloth, or even velvet, you can discover an arm couch in the upholstery you like. If your lounge room needs more present-day-style seating, total your arrangement with a contemporary arm couch.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.

Faux Leather

A faux leather sofa is normally substantially more reasonable than a genuine leather couch. An A faux leather sofa is truly sturdy and will keep going for quite a while. It can withstand scratches and scratches that would deface real leather. It isn't inclined to break or strip-like leather. It won't blur as effectively in bright (UV) light and is stain safe. A faux leather sofa can typically be cleaned off with a cloth and warm water. In contrast to veritable leather, it doesn't hold dampness, so the faux leather sofa won't get distorted or broken. A portion of the new presentation faux leather can eliminate ink, fluid, and food smudges with just a dry material.

A faux leather sofa can likewise be printed giving a huge assortment of surfaces and examples. Never use sharp things on it, it will make it rupture. This style-forward methodology considers more opportunity while enriching private or family rooms inside. A faux leather sofa will give a uniform look since all the pieces come from similar stock.


In the event that you love a consoling 'sink in' feeling from a couch, at that point fiber is your companion. Fiber fillings will in general be produced using polyester and it brings about a delicate, cushy feel to your couch.

Think delicate and soft, at a lower cost than its foam-filled partner. You should consistently full cushions to guarantee the air is reestablished between the strands. Normal cleaning and vacuuming is required as well, bringing about significantly more upkeep in contrast with foam. Fiber seats have a lot of air caught between the strands. At the point when you sit, the air is siphoned out and your base may wind up well underneath your knees. This is not really an open to the sitting situation as your back can't get legitimate help all things considered. At the point when you rest, the sinking is well on the way to be much more profound. The fiber couch is stain-safe.


Foam sofas are a lot firmer in contrast with fiber sofas and can give more body uphold while sitting. While there are various evaluations of foam accessible, the foam couch will likewise hold its shape obviously superior to the fiber couch. It doesn't change its shape after individuals have sat on the cushions. Foam couches are likewise more strong and seen as being safer in contrast with fiber couches. As the foam couch doesn't trap dust or different particles, a foam couch can be simpler to clean without requiring expert consideration. In the event that you have a bustling family unit with pets or children, this by itself could be a driving element in assisting you with picking them.

While foam couch will in general be the most famous decision, comfort is an individual decision and what works for one individual may not totally work for another.


The most well-known and the most generally utilized upholstery texture is leather. A leather couch isn't just agreeable, yet additionally looks rich, feels terrific, and smells costly. The leather couch glances stunning in the front rooms. A leather couch is not difficult to keep up. Contingent upon how well you deal with it, a leather couch can keep going for up to 5 years. In the event that you spill fluid on it, you can undoubtedly clear it off utilizing fabric in light of the fact that the leather couch doesn't retain fluid or messes.

Leather is an entirely strong material, which is the reason a leather couch can keep going for quite a while. It is impervious to specific items and synthetic substances which may harm the furnishings.

A leather couch is the most appropriate for you in the event that you own pets. Their smell won't adhere to your furnishings. In addition, in the event that you smoke, the leather couch won't ingest the smell of the smoke.


Microfiber is made with manufactured strands like polyester or polyamides. The filaments are better than silk, and they can be weave or woven into a piece of texture. Since the filaments are so little, the weaves can be a lot tighter, which has two points of interest. To start with, less residue or different allergens can sink into and through the texture, making your couch more hypoallergenic. Second, the tight weave implies fluid spills will globule up on the outside of the texture rather than quickly dousing into the strands, which gives you a short window of time to evaporate the fluid before it stains.

Most microfiber couch weaves feel especially smooth and delicate. Microfiber is an artificial material that is utilized to cover furniture like couches as a result of its solidness and stylish allure. Never use scalpel things it will destroy its beauty. The microfiber couch is incredibly thick and can hold shading in a way that is better than cotton or linen.


This is an incredible choice of leather, offering a less expensive option with large durability. Vinyl offers a look and feel that is like cowhide for a portion of the cost. This material is likewise quite possibly the toughest alternatives, because of its protection from stains and soil collection. The vinyl material is not difficult to clean, regularly just requiring the proprietor to wipe down the love seat with a moist fabric. Never use heavy chemicals on vinyl sofas it will harm your body immune system.

Vinyl doesn't offer great ventilation, which permits vinyl sofas to turn out to be hot when presented to coordinate daylight. At the point when these love seats are hot, the material may feel tacky. Vinyl is additionally hard to fix. In the event that the material breaks or gets an opening, it could be incomprehensible or hard to fix. It blends effectively with a wide range of tints to give your lounge an exemplary look. Therefore, it's fitting for homes with youngsters and pets.


Despite a rectangular sofa providing you with a comfortable sitting area, it's also an ideal stand-alone sofa that can also be joined together with another type of sofa. Rectangular shaped sofa provides you with a well-designed and functional living room as compared to other types of sofas. It also gives you a multitude of furniture arrangement option that help fill up your space by creating a balanced look. With a rectangular sofa you can place coffee table at the center of your living room and on each side place a rectangular shaped sofa creating a conversational set up, which is ideal especially if your living room is the room where you bond with your family. Another great benefit of buying a rectangular shaped sofa is that it's perfect for any kind of living room size may it be narrow or large a rectangular shaped sofa will be a perfect fit.


A Loveseat is a wider sofa than the normal armchair but narrower than a regular sofa, which makes it the perfect piece of furniture for a small room. Originally designed in the early 17th century, the Loveseat was meant for women to sit on with their large dresses that they wore back then. However, in the now 21st century, they can also be referred to as cuddle sofas/chairs, cuddlers, or snugglers. The Loveseat can be used as a fabulous focal point to any room, and also can be used to add warmth and style, since it can come in many styles, designs and fabrics.

The Loveseat’s popularity has mainly relied on their dual appeal and its capability to fit on those smaller spaces or rooms without compromising on comfort. It's always advisable that when purchasing a Loveseat, pay closer attention to its height and depth, plus don't forget despite everything else, comfort is key.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.

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