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Homelegance St. 92" Claire Fabric Chesterfield Sofa, Almond Brown
Homelegance St. 92" Claire Fabric Chesterfield Sofa, Almond Brown

Homelegance St. 92" Claire Fabric Chesterfield Sofa, Almond Brown

MERCHANT: Amazon BRAND: Homelegance
140 Reviews
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Style:SofaThe grand chesterfield traditional style sofa offers classic, and sophisticated look. It's substantial size aims to offer maximum comfort. This collection comes in calm tone neut...
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140 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
I ordered both the sofa a loveseat for my formal living room. I love Amazon and knew from the reviews I would be satisfied for the price either way. My only worry was if they wouldn't look right in my space as it's a large open room and most review pictures were of small apartments. They came and looked as I hoped and and comfortably firm and look fantastic in our large space. They had a slight smell but it was gone within a few hours and my 6'5" husband approves them as well! We will update of quality does not hold up, but honestly, for the price you can NOT beat these!!
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Piyu Sen Miglin
Love this couch. It exceeds our expectations in how well made it is. It is firm but has enough bounce to be comfortable. It is fairly large, with a little less than 90 inches of sitting space. Delivery was also great.
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Arrived today and I am in love with this loveseat! (ha) It's absolutely adorable and exactly what I was looking for in a mid century modern couch. I got the loveseat in an Amazon Warehouse deal because I am downsizing my living space and the deal was too great to pass up. The cushion is firm, and I'm short enough to use this as my primary couch, I would have liked to get the set but I just won't have the room.Delivery was within the time frame provided by the company used and the delivery guys were very nice, called when they were an hour away to give me a heads up, and brought the loveseat right into my living room. I'd absolutely order furniture again off Amazon due to this experience and will recommend to others.
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The picture does this chair no justice! This chair is so nice and very comfortable. I was afraid the cushion would be stiff, but it's not. The only thing is Scotchguard is very necessary because the cushion is made into the chair and cannot be removed for cleaning. Otherwise this chair is classy and charming! It deserves a 5!
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Compared to Amazon furniture, this might seem "expensive," but it is very high-quality furniture. It is 1000% comfortable. (yes one THOUSAND percent) I stretch out on this loveseat for HOURS every week and read. The fabric is comfortable. It is neither over nor under stuffed. The bolting is soft. This couch is so elegant and classic in design, I can't imagine having a home without it for the next 50 years.
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Nick Evgeniev
Ok, these loveseats look great. This is why I've ordered them after all. Yet this is the only plus.Instead of two loveseats after two weeks of waiting I've got just one. And it took 3 days to schedule redelivery (still waiting for it to happen).It arrived damaged from beneath check attached photos.Legs aren't fixed well enough inside the loveseat - you can easily shake loveseat in place with just one hand. If two persons are sitting on it legs seems to be easy to broke. Also as legs can be easily displaced... it's kind of triky to get them perpendicular to the floor - meaning you can SEE that leg's aren't parallel to each other after some period of time
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its heavy, sturdy, firm, and comfortable.I reduced to one star as the delivery company refused to bring it into my apartment. I had to bring in with the help of the doorman. If he wasn’t there to help, I would have been stuck with the couch on the curbside. This couch is heavy. Amazon, This is not acceptable. if you read the delivery options, it clearly states that the free delivery will bring into the apartment if you live in a complex (but not the room of preference).
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Sofa arrived with two holes in the dust cover. There were no punctures in the shipping box, which means it left the factory defective. Let it slide since it isn't visible damage. Now, one week into owning this, we lost a button on one of the tufts. We'll see if Amazon stands behind their product. Completely underwhelmed with the quality of this couch.UPDATE - After contacting Amazon, they offered to refund or replace the sofa and loveseat free of charge. They arranged to has the defective couches picked up as the new items were delivered. Sadly, less than a month later we are losing buttons on the tufts. Beautiful design and comfort, but not built to last.
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Brown is the most popular and elegant color for sofas. The brown color is a decent decision on the off chance that you have pets or youngsters who may follow soil onto the couch. The brown color isn't only for cowhide, it can glance great in different textures like fleeces and polyesters as well. Brown color may not be the most energizing tone around however it can add warmth and grittiness to the inside for those looking for more natural color palettes.

The brown color sofa makes your room warm and elegant. The dramatic color combination with brown color sofa makes everything appear more sophisticated and expensive. Decorative wallpapers are best paired with this color tone. It is a valuable addition to your living room, especially if it's a brown color sofa. It reflects royalty and luxury. Brown is a pretty flexible tone; it extraordinary enhances the glamour of any room and can be used in different styles.

Light Brown

Light brown is the most adjustable color tone that lightens up your living room. It gives a touch of comfort to your room. It merges easily with all types of hues to give your living room a classic look. It can hide strains. Light brown is a calming tone and the reality it's a shading found all through nature makes it a fantastic couch tone for a living room. The light brown-colored couches aren't restricted to a solitary enlivening style. It merges well together because of the coordinated color palette.

Light brown is a natural color and best fit with a nature-loving person. Light brown-colored couches function admirably with cool blues and greens. Use highlight seats, window boards, or brilliant cushions in cooler tones to add calming shading to a space secured by a light brown-colored couch. The light brown color sofa anchor the living room and also easy to clean. It will make you feel brighter as well.

Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield couch is known for its "sewed" or "tufted" style. Some have the tufted plan on just the back and arms, while others remember it for the seating seat segment also. It keeps on being a famous style with current couch patterns. The chesterfield-sofa attracts peoples because it gives a cooling effect to the eyes and the living room's overall texture. It will highlight the space of the living room with its beautiful texture and intricate patterns. The living room with the chesterfield-sofa looks excessively exquisite and contemporary.

A chesterfield-sofa can be used to make a large living room feel more acquainted. . The chesterfield sofa is an ideal choice for home decoration. Chesterfield sofa is a great choice because it is gender-neutral, advances well into various seasons, and is smooth also. It glances extraordinary in any room and can be utilized in a wide range of styles.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.


Despite a rectangular sofa providing you with a comfortable sitting area, it's also an ideal stand-alone sofa that can also be joined together with another type of sofa. Rectangular shaped sofa provides you with a well-designed and functional living room as compared to other types of sofas. It also gives you a multitude of furniture arrangement option that help fill up your space by creating a balanced look. With a rectangular sofa you can place coffee table at the center of your living room and on each side place a rectangular shaped sofa creating a conversational set up, which is ideal especially if your living room is the room where you bond with your family. Another great benefit of buying a rectangular shaped sofa is that it's perfect for any kind of living room size may it be narrow or large a rectangular shaped sofa will be a perfect fit.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.

Sofa Chaise

A Sofa-chaise is the backbone of any living room due to its comfortable and stylish seating. It’s definitely the sofa to go for. To many buyers, their first choice might be a standard sofa. However, if you are in need of a more comfortable and exciting living room, the Sofa-chaise is your best bet.

In a case where you only have a small living room to contend with, a backless Sofa-chaise will make the room look bigger. As we all know, a standard sofa is not always the best choice, especially if you have a living room with an unorthodox shape. In such a scenario finding the perfect furniture can be a puzzle. However, a Sofa-chaise will effortlessly solve the puzzle by providing comfort while still maintaining some serious style. A well-crafted and well-designed Sofa-chaise is the perfect choice to breaking a monotony, especially if your living room is only made up of boring stuff.


A Traditional sofa utilizes different decorative elements as compared to a modern sofa, it tends to focus on the luxurious, extraordinary, and classy vibe. With a Traditional sofa you get a chance to showcase your refined taste, plus it portrays an atmosphere of elegance and wealth. Fabrics being popular upholstery options for traditional sofas, it can range from linen, microfiber, velvet, and polyester. Due to the use of solid wood such as Oak, Walnut, Beech, and Mahogany, traditional sofas are more expensive than modern sofas. Some sofas especially those made out of natural bamboo, have a high level of durability, rich texture, and coloration of exotic hardwood. Owning a traditional sofa has its own advantages such as: It has quality framework and upholstery, It has an eye-catching design element, and it helps creates an impressive and comfortable living space since it automatically blend with any style and color.

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