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Hooda L-Shape Desk
Hooda L-Shape Desk

Hooda L-Shape Desk

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Red Barrel Studio®
925 Reviews
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925 Reviews
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Featured 50 Reviews
I normally don’t write reviews, but this desk is such a great buy! Easy, step by step instructions that are clear to understand and good pictures for assembly. Very sturdy and looks like real wood! It’s quality and a great price too. This is the larger version in Dark Gray hickory. Love it! Just have to add my monitor & I'm all set!
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Good size desk. It will accommodate a decent chair.
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This is a beautiful desk. Very sturdy. Couldn’t be happier.
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This desk is very nice! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The desk is basic and very sturdy. The top is smooth, light brown and looks like wood. It holds three monitors 27, 23 and 23 - and theres still plenty of room to use as a workspace. I am very pleased with this purchase!
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Meghan Lancaster
I love the look and size! Very easy to put together by myself. Color is a mix of grey/brown. I wish I had one storage drawer. But keeps me from cluttering it up!
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Love this desk! Looks great with my industrial theme and is the perfect size.
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Great deal. Nice and sturdy. Teacher approved!
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Im happy with this purchase, perfect addition to my new office. Shipping was fast and the desk was easy to put together.
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Great desk my twins who will be remote learning.
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I love this. It took about 15 minutes to assemble (take note of ALL the screwholes on the diagram before starting). I bought it for my home office that doubles as a sewing room. It is very sturdy and the engineered wood is nice and smooth so my fabric glides right off the machine and over the edge. No water marks either.Highly recommend.
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Assembly was easy, I did two on the same day by myself with a toddler.Desk are easy to clean!
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Easy to assemble and a great size for both computer or writing.
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This desk is very modern style and looks good for home office use.
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Dr. Tina M.
Took me three tries to get a desk order not to be cancelled by Wayfair, but it’s perfect for what we needed. This is no frills, but well built. The finish is well done and it’s sturdy with plenty of room for a laptop, lamp, etc. For the price, it’s a cute piece that fits in well with the farmhouse decor in my boys room.
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It is a tall desk with lots of space. Surface seems durable (for now). Seems sturdy for my purposes to use as an office desk.
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Excellent product. It was well packed and undamaged. It was very easy to assemble. Love the look.
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Extremely lovely desk. Sturdy, nice looking and super customer service!!
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Perfect width and height for my new work from home job.
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Great desk. Very simple and industrial looking.
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Absolutely love this desk. Super easy to put together and it looks fantastic in my new office
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Get purchase! Love the industrial element it adds to my modern bedroom. As a college student, this is the perfect size desk ~ small enough for an apartment but large enough to study. Since all the parts were labeled, the assembly was quite easy.
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Sturdy and a great height. Big enough to hold 2 monitors, keyboard snd mouse with room to spare (for a notebook, drink, and pen holder)
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Very nice and easy to assemble.
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Perfect in our office, looks great!
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Desk is perfect and solid. Only gripe is the diagonal support bar can get in the way of your legs, if you have long legs (I am 6'2"). Would have given 4.5 stars if possible as that can be a dealbreaker for some.
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Simple and practical desk. Has held up quite well for past 1.5 years. Top has a laminated finish. I think that’s the only thing I need to worry about wearing out over time. Has held up well so far though.
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Love our new desk! Perfect for the space and very sturdy.
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This desk is the perfect size for what we needed. Very attractive piece.
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Great quality, nice and heavy duty. It looks great with our home decor which is a cross of rustic and modern. The top is not bumpy to write on.
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Love this desk, airy, light, well made. And Wayfair has awesome customer service.
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The desk looks even better than in the picture. It's sturdy and sleek. Perfect.
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Excellent desk for multiple monitors. We have it in our bedroom and it still looks stylish while extremely functional. Desk is good quality and very easy to put together.
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Sturdy, handsome desk. Carefully following the instructions and lining up the holes, I put it together alone in about half an hour (70 yr old not so handy woman here). The thick top is good quality and sits higher than the frame; classy look. Very happy
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Love the desk for my double monitors. Super easy to assemble. Looks sleek and has plenty of room.
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Love how the faux wood almost matches my son's platform bed. Sturdy and great value. Looks awesome and a great size. My 11 year old son loves it for gaming and online school.
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I love this desk! Sturdy, well made and easy to assemble. Highly recommend this desk. Industrial Modern inside an airplane hangar.
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It’s perfect and was so easy to put together. Beautiful desk and for the price it’s even better.
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Absolutely pleased in every way with this desk. Handsome, easy to put together. It is deeper than many of its competition ( by 2 s).
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Easy to assemble and is solid.
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looks great in my office! I purchased one for a desk and the other as a work table!
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Perfect addition for our office. Light and functional. Easy to assemble and very sturdy. I have two 19" monitors on a stand that is clamped to the side of the desk. This desk is also easy to move.
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Desk works very well. Stable and solidly-built. Top of desk is laminate wood, but really lends to a smooth finish. Honestly looks like real wood. Surprisingly spacious. Frame is strong and secure. Great option for a home office.
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Nothing to brag about. Needed a desk for home. The particle board top is decent.
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Beautiful & sturdy but wish the top were wood instead of laminate
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It looks decent and serves its purpose, but it isn't well made. DO NOT get tape on it. It will take off the wood print. The edges also peel up with time.
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It is sturdy and assembles easily. We didn’t like that the top is not flush with the frame.
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Looks great. The grey top I thought would be more brown and it’s a little cheaper looking than I expected
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Looks better in picture. Looks cheap when put together.Instructions were vague and had to use trial and error, but at least it only took 1 hr
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Jessica Gerety
Screws fall out all. the. time. The base is nice, might want to replace top with real wood.
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Terrible , lost half my desk for forever, during this work from home time had to work in my garage, spit on this company
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When looking to invest in an office, studio or home desk, there are a lot of factors to consider. The size, color and storage of desk matter a lot. Gray color on desk makes your working room look modern and elegant. This home office desk works on many levels, be it a modern farmhouse or a rustic design. Gray desk comes with handles and a file drawer to hang standard or legal sized documents. The smooth desktop has enough space for a laptop, a lamp, and accessories to keep it all within each reach. Finished in a contemporary two tone black and gray, this computer desk will. This collection invites you to choose a unique solution for your entertainment, storage and office needs. By combining flexible open shelving, spacious cabinets and adjustable drawers, you have the flexibility to decide what configuration works best for you.


A study or a home office does not have to be filled with traditional grey desks where you can choose a white colour desk for your workspace. A white colour desk gives a fabulous look to the workspace. A creative white colour desk will grow interested to make you sit and work on something. A white colour desk has a modern, clean look which works well with any interior style. Any type of colour will go with white and it gives the flexibility to change up theme as preferred. You can go for white coloured desks with wide drawers. We all know that colours have a deep psychological effect. It helps us to relax and concentrate on our work. White desks can be the best choice because it will give you relaxation, which is necessary as you are going to spend hours at work. It also creates a feeling of airiness. White desks give a clean and minimalist look. Thus, white desks can never go out of style.

Manufactured Wood

Manufactured wood is made through the process of heating, gluing, and compressing wood chips and sawdust together creates a wood-like thing. Manufactured woods are generally stable and cost-effective. Manufactured woods are more moisture resistant. It does not warp or change dimensions which generally happen due to moisture. Manufactured woods are medium hard and can be sanded and refinished lightly more than once. This type of wood is affordable and environmentally friendly as it is created using wood products. Desks made up of manufactured wood, the surfaces are finished with natural wood veneers. Manufactured woods are easily manufactured and are also durable. Manufactured woods allow achieving the density and strength of old timber and it also reduces waste while making furniture. Manufactured wood desks can be decorated in many ways which will go with the décor of your room or office space. They are also found in large pieces used for large desks without joining pieces together.


Wood is natural and renewable desk material. Wood is always safe to handle and touch and it's naturally durable for generations does not break down damaging the material. The researcher’s study says that wood surrounded in our home, school, or work gives a positive effect on our health. Wood helps improve our emotional state, lower stress level, and blood pressure gives warmth and comfort feeling and also improves air quality by moderating humidity which makes breathing easier. Wood is a material which is mostly used in constructing desk and other furniture which offers generations a timeless look. It gives strength and durability to a well-made piece of the wooden desk when it is made up of domestic hardwood such as oak, ash, and walnut. Wooden desks are a family-friendly choice. Wood can change the mood of the room and looks antique in any design. Wood offers a unique combination and structural ethics. A wooden desk gives a warmth and richness look to your office space.


An l-shape desk is an ideal desk choice for larger rooms or offices. An l-shaped desk can add a unique and distinctive look to your office or work space. These types of desks are available in many different styles, designs and colors, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find something that you love and suits your particular needs and style. An l-shaped desk is an ideal choice for adults and children alike; they provide ample space and storage without compromising quality or style. L-shaped desks are strong and sturdy and will be a long-lasting piece of office furniture. Assembly of l-shaped desks is fairly simple and straightforward; once correctly assembled, an l-shaped desk can be placed in different areas of a room (such as against a corner or facing outwards from a corner) to create a different vibe and aesthetic. No matter how you position your l-shaped desk, its sure to look beautiful and provide you with a gorgeous work area that will promote productivity.

Cottage Country

If you’re looking for a desk style that focuses on comfort, relaxation and an element of elegance, the cottage-country style is the best choice. This style of desk focuses on making you have a comfortable working space for your table by ensuring it achieves relaxation and elegance. The style has a colorful, comfortable look characterized by paint and decorations with graceful lines, weathered finishes, textural elements such as baskets, beadboard walls and natural-fiber rugs. This style will indeed illuminate your room making it elegant and brightens up everything. It also as unique curves on the legs to give a cottage look on your desk. The style can also give your room a vintage look because of the curves hence making it a focal point of view. Cottage- country desk styles will provide you with a mind-blowing working environment for your house.

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