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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home
Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home

Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Christopher Knight Home
98 Reviews
$435.59 - $515.69
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Lounge in mid-century modern style with the Jalon sofa from Christopher Knight Home. The retro frame features birch wood legs and sides, while soft foam fill offers lasting support. Button...
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Bohemian & Eclectic,Mid-Century Modern
Assembly Required
Arm Style
Flared Arms
Back Style
Cushion Back
Cushion Fill
Foam Fill
Seat Comfort
Seat Style
Tight Seat
Seats Up To
Upholstery Material
90 day Limited Manufacturer
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Featured Reviews

Here are 17 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
98 Reviews
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13/17 recommendations
Featured 17 Reviews
Dora alicia R.
Perfect sofa , the fabric is soft ! I simply love it
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I always hesitate to purchase seating of any kind without having an opportunity to sit on it first. But, I went ahead with this one. I'm so glad I did! It fits my space perfectly. It's a beautiful MCM piece that was relatively easy to assemble (for 1 senior lady). I absolutely love it! I took a nap on it on the third day! So comfy. I hope my quilt doesn't cover too much of it!
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
Hamsa M.
Beautiful couch I got it for my office
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David B.
This sofa is so comfy! I really liked how it was packed so efficiently, holding screws and legs inside the cushion base. I think that could be a useful storage space in the future as well, just unzip the base, store extra throw pillows, and go about my day.
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
Love this pop of color. The wood accents makes this couch have a rich look. Easy to assemble ( 2 senior women put this together). It' a little stiff, long enough for a great for an afternoon nap, or leisure reading.
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michael C.
The Mid American couch goes well w/ the 2 Mid American chairs and 3 tables I inherited from my mother.
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Lori S.
This couch has passed the nap test - it is great for napping on! I love the color, the size, the quality, everything about it. I was scared about buying online but I've had good luck before so after a lot of searching, I went with this and do not regret it at all.
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
Rahel F.
It is a nice sofa. Modern and pretty sturdy. Assembly was easy except sliding the back part to the place need some ones help, other than you can assemble it by yourself in 30 minutes.
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home reviewJalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home reviewJalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
Mandey P.
Bought this for video and photography shoots for our office. The back isn’t super sturdy but for a couch that isn’t used too often, it’s fine! I love the look!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Patricia D.
Great sofa. It is pretty comfortable and was easy to assemble.
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Brandon H.
It was really easy to put together it took maybe 15mins.The red color looks great I only wish that the small round pillows were bigger
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
Brian F.
Good sofa for the price. Very firm if you like that. Throw pillows make it more comfortable. The wood edges are a bit sharp on the arms.
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sean g.
It was easy to assemble even by myself, but the box looked like it had gone through a meat grinder and there were some scuffs in the fabric (especially on the bottom)
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Erin M.
It’s a very fashionable couch and looks great in my house. I will say this is not a wildly comfortable couch, it’s firm so don’t expect to sink into it. I mean, it’s expected with these kinds of pieces. It did also come with some damage on the wooden end caps.
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Jalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home reviewJalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home reviewJalon Tufted Fabric Sofa by Christopher Knight Home review
stanley M.
A bit hard to sit on, would like to see the buttons removed as they tend to move and almost tear out. Not a lounging couch.
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Brenda H.
Looks nice but is not comfortable for seating, only for laying down. The material and length of seating area does not feel like similar sofas I has before.
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Looks great but the foam they used for the cushions is the worst!, It’s super uncomfortable!
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Questions & Answers

How do you clean the fabric
"* Vacuum your sofa’s upholstery to draw out all the loose dust and dirt from both under and above the surface. Use a soft brush attachment and gentle movements for this task to avoid scratching or marking the material. This is especially important for delicate fabrics like velvet.* When you’re giving your sofa a quick clean, you should take care of any grime or light marks with a damp cloth. However, once or twice every month, you should use a fabric-friendly cleaning product to perform a much deeper cleanse — we recommend the Mild Fabric Foam Cleaner. Apply some with a small amount of water (without soaking the material) and leave it to work.* Leave your sofa to dry naturally before sitting on it again. This will prevent creases forming, which usually means you have to start over. In the warmer months, you should open your home’s windows and doors to improve air flow and speed up the drying process."
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I have a small stairway - what are the package dimensions? I want to be sure I can get it upstairs
The carton dimensions are 69.25"L x 29.75W x 15.75"H for your reference.
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What kind of assembly is required for this sofa?
There is a base, backrest, left arm, right arm board, legs, seat cushion and arm pillow. It takes 9 steps to install them all together.
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What is the weight of the sofa?
The weight of this sofa is 86.42Lbs.
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3 seater or 4?
This is 3-seater Sofa.
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Is the seat cushion attached to the base or a separate piece?
The seat cushion is not attached to the sofa base. It's separated.
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ARE THE ARMS REAL WOOD OR LAMINATE? Want to know if I can stain them. Thanks.
It's made from MDF with wooden veneer outside. We suggest not refinishing because it will void the warranty.
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1. What is the fabric specifically?? I hope it is NOT the thin, cheap "Tee-Shirt" fabric.2. Does the back of the sofa fold down completely flat like a Futon? 3. How "thick" are the cushions/mattress?
1.It is 100% polyester for the fabric. 2. The back of the sofa is finished with fabric. 3. It is 4.72" thickness for the seat cushion.
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What is the max weight capacity?
The sofa seats three people and up to 500 pounds.
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what assembly is required
You need to install the sofa base, backrest, arm board, legs and seat cushion.
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Is the bottom cushion removable?
Yes, the seat cushions are removable.
0 Helpful 0
Are the cushions are foam firm ? Not too soft
It is moderate soft and hard.
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What is the dimensions from the floor to the top of the seat?
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you. It is 18.25" height from the floor to the top of seat.
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What’s the weight limit
500 pounds
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How many boxes does it come in, and what are their dimensions? Can it fit through a 26" door?
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you.  The sofa will be shipped into one box and with the package dimensions of: 70" * 30" 16"
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Are the gold tips on the legs metal or painted?
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you. It is painted for the gold tips.
0 Helpful 0
What kind of wood are the sides made of?
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you. The legs are made of Imported Rubber Wood and the frame is made of PINE AND PLYWOOD.
0 Helpful 0
What does the back of this sofa look like? Does the wood go all the way around? Photo please.
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you. There is the fabric on the back, not the wood present.
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Is the "blue" color a real blue, or is it more 'teal' like it looks in the picture??
Thanks for your inquiry! We're delighted to assist you. All the items we sell are taken in kind, but it is inevitable that there will be slight color difference due to lighting or display.For the actual product color, please refer to the picture on white background
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Does this have matching loveseat or chair?
No, there is no matching loveseat or chair.
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Product Tag

Flared Arms

A flared arm sofa is the type of sofa that blends with any type of room no matter the design. However, with its gently sloping arms this type of sofa bring about a delicate and cozy feeling in to your living room space without taking up large space. A flared arm sofa usually provides you with extreme comfort due to the well-designed armrests. This type of sofa combines a clean lined design with a modern look making it one of the most compact picks for any apartment or small spaces. Despite all that this type of sofa does not compromise when it comes to comfort, since its arms offer the right amount of softness. A flared arm sofa is the kind of trend or design that everyone is always praying and hoping it never goes away, mainly because of its superior level of comfort.

Cushion Back

Over the years the Cushion-back style sofa has become the most common type of sofa, design wise the Cushion-back style sofas are versatile. They can have either a casual or formal look depending on the style and look of your living room. Due to its contrasting and well exposed legs it has more of a formal look. For sure you know how some type of sofa’s look like you would just sink into them and experience lots of comfort the Cushion-back style sofa is exactly like that, however some types will keep you’re back popped up giving you that perfect posture. However the Cushion-back style sofa back height is what determines whether you are going to rest your head against something when you’re sited down making you feel more or less supported.


Beige is a beautiful impartial tone that works out in a good way for plenty of tones and configuration styles. Thusly, it's the ideal tone for a love seat. This is particularly significant considering the way that beige is perhaps the main household item in a front room plan. If you want to keep a steady nonpartisan shading plan in the room, at that point an enormous, overstuffed beige sofa will fit in impeccably.

A beige sofa mixes directly into a room loaded with natural surfaces. The rattan seat, wooden furnishings, and branch-style structure a warm look. Incorporating beige couches into the room creates harmony with different components. The beige color sofa has a unique texture and pattern and best for a lovely one. This will break up any dullness in the living room. A beige sofa allows you to evaluate the accents in the living room. It makes your room feel welcoming and complete.


Blue is a neutral color sofa it mixes and matches colors from all hues to create a classic or dramatic setting. It pairs well with energetic tones, flavors up highly contrasting tones, and plays pleasantly with different neutrals. When it comes to sofas, the blue color is a unique color option and also true to your style. You can make the room bold or vivid or let the blue color sofa set the tone while it highlights the neutral colors you paired with it.

Blue is a very adjustable shade it can be adjusted in any type of room. Blue functions admirably with various tones so it won't lose your shading range, yet can add a dash of surprising tone. A blue color sofa in your living room provides a perfect canvas and you can invest in it because it gives a cooling effect to your eyes and the living room's overall setting.


Gold is a cool color to work across larger surfaces. A gold sofa color will enhance your room décor. The gold color sofa is bold, elegant, and luxurious. For an exquisite, complex look, a gold couch makes the ideal focal point for space. It can also be used as an inspiration for monochromatic light. It will give you a warm tone when mixing with light neutral tones. It can be relaxing and creates just the right contrast with other colored sofas.

Gold makes a rich vibe without being excessively showy. At the point when gold is utilized for accents and extras, the eye is attracted to the gold, which warms the mind-set. Gold is very adaptable when blending tones for the home. These warm tones additionally function admirably with dark and charcoal tones. It will give your living room a warm and luxurious finish.


A sofa in a gray tone can beautifully anchor the living space. The gray color sofa in the living space is an ideal shade to supplement some exquisite, quieted colors. A neutral gray is an excellent shade that compliments nearly every shade scheme. In a room brimming with nonpartisan tones, a gray sofa appears to be a characteristic decision. A gray sofa mixes into the room plan and fills in as an incredible background for improving pieces with complex patterns.

The gray color sofa helps highlight other features in the room such as artwork and various accents. Lighting is the main part of your living room it is best paired with a gray color sofa. It pairs excellently with light color wood and bold patterns. A gray color sofa is the ideal blend of style and comfort. Complete the appearance of your dark-themed living room with a dark sofa. Its dark color fills the space pleasantly. The gray color sofa is an eye-catching color. This gray color is rich in texture which makes it attractive.


Red is a very attractive color. This tone can change the game for your front room. You can go for a red cowhide couch for the lounge or design with a red sofa that can do wonders Red's adaptability is not difficult to see as the shading voyages easily through a wide scope of styles Red truly increase a front room stylistic layout plot. Indeed, even straightforward unbiased scenery can wake up with the presentation of red lounge chairs and organized red table light, or a couple of red window wraps and a coordinating mat. Red adds a ton of visual warmth, so does an especially incredible alternative for those who need to change a virus-looking room.

Red is a pure color tone it gives peace to your eyes. The red color couch gives a romantic and refreshing view in the living room. It will lighten your room as well.


A couch with arms flaunts perfect, straight lines that command notice. When considering furniture comfort, arm stature is most likely the most un-significant of the four components. That is the reason a great many people focus on the style of arms over what it will mean for comfort. In case you're the sort of individual who appreciates inclining toward a comfortable couch arm, it's essential to focus on arm tallness. On the off chance that you truly fall head over heels in love for the style of a piece that ends up having a more limited arms couch (or you need a more limited arm due to the style of the room), an essential cushion put against the arm might have the option to offer the help you need.

Arm couches come in pretty much every shading you can consider, just as an assortment of materials. Regardless of whether you favor calfskin, cotton, cloth, or even velvet, you can discover an arm couch in the upholstery you like. If your lounge room needs more present-day-style seating, total your arrangement with a contemporary arm couch.

Wood Frame

A wooden couch is the untouched most loved furniture unit for all. Furthermore, the wooden couch is solid, prudent, and supplementing the inside settings. With the enormous sort of couches accessible on the lookout, picking the one is very troublesome now and again. Wooden couches have gotten famous over these years, and it has so for some reasons. One of the essential and principal purposes behind purchasing a wooden couch is its high strength. It's clean and construction will longer last without requiring additional clean and final detail routinely. Its normal and wonderful characteristics make it strong, and dependable with the least mileage in such countless years.

Wood contains countless various segments it which makes it profoundly safe. Wooden furniture is impervious to water, microbes, contagious rots, distorting, growing, and bowing. It has a high level of oils that makes it repellent for mosquitoes and creepy crawlies. This gets your wooden couch far from bugs, ants, termites, and different creepy crawlies, and this will expand its sturdiness.


Birch sofa is popular because of its strength and beautiful pattern. It will make your room more creative. Birch sofa is stainless if something is split on it you can easily remove it simply by using a cloth. Birch is a local hardwood that comes from the class Betula. There are over twelve types of birch trees, yet the most well-known are white birch, yellow birch, and dark birch. Yellow birch and white birch are the two most usually found in carpentry.

The most valued piece of the tree where birch is concerned is the sapwood or peripheral part of the tree. It's normally to a greater extent a smooth white, however can be practically unadulterated white now and again.

Birchwood was utilized a considerable amount in home goods and sofas. These days, it's to a great extent utilized for utilitarian purposes like racking, boxes, and compressed wood. Birchwood gets utilized in sofas today, it's valued for its strength and will in general move concealed under layers of upholstery instead of putting in plain view. At the point when these highlights are combined with a wavy or twist grain, it turns out to be significantly more obvious.


Agreeable and adaptable, texture couches can now and again as of now feel "broken in" when they show up at your home. With regards to furniture, "texture" is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "alternatives." With the flexibility of texture, you can make any conventional couch into a special augmentation of your own style. Furthermore, texture lounge chairs can likewise be more affordable than cowhide ones. So you can make the ideal persona in your front room without burning up all available resources.

You may locate that even the cleanest of homes can draw in colors, smells, and residue to your furnishings and it very well may be hard to get them out of texture once they're there. Moreover, the strength of your sofa material might be of worry in families with little youngsters and pets, as the most texture are produced using either cotton or a combination of both cotton and polyester.


Foam sofas are a lot firmer in contrast with fiber sofas and can give more body uphold while sitting. While there are various evaluations of foam accessible, the foam couch will likewise hold its shape obviously superior to the fiber couch. It doesn't change its shape after individuals have sat on the cushions. Foam couches are likewise more strong and seen as being safer in contrast with fiber couches. As the foam couch doesn't trap dust or different particles, a foam couch can be simpler to clean without requiring expert consideration. In the event that you have a bustling family unit with pets or children, this by itself could be a driving element in assisting you with picking them.

While foam couch will in general be the most famous decision, comfort is an individual decision and what works for one individual may not totally work for another.


Sofas made of wood are durable and long-lasting. Wood is moderately hard it very well may be impervious to scratches and imprints. It has an even grain and is non-harmful. The wood couch is normally climate safe. The wood couch finishes well and has a delightful completed look. Additionally known for its ubiquity use for old-fashioned furnishings, wood is a centuries ago with the legitimate consideration. It is viewed as a valued wood sofa among experts. The wood couch is frequent speculation that will take care of the long haul.

The species' delightful appearance and fair shading make it an incredible wood type for the present-day sofa. it has an exquisite, clean-line grain that supplements the shortsighted inside plan. This wood can only with significant effort be broken or harmed, so comes in as quite possibly the most wood couches. It additionally has a delicate to-contact surface so can be cleaned off with no issue.


It's a well-known fact that we love to lounge around huge and pleasantly molded couch, however, space impulses channel our decisions, and on the off chance that you have a little family who has confidence in sitting and discussions together to veneer an upbeat life, at that point purchasing a 4 seater couch is an ideal decision. A 4 seater couch set not just saves the majority of the region in your family room however does has a charming visual allure around. They are neither too enormous nor too little and offer the most extreme usefulness in the home. Notwithstanding, the 4 seater couch, alongside giving various alternatives concerning the shape, plan, and material, additionally offers a few advantages.

This furniture unit functions admirably for little parties. Purchasing and keeping up your 4 seaters couch is an extraordinary investigating venture towards accomplishing the ideal setting for your home. There are numerous wonderfully planned 4 seater couches, which are known for their in-vogue appearance and inventiveness - that can serenely fit the style of any home.


A stylish sofa at the center of any social space will always act as the focal point, whether you’re all hosting a game night or just curled up to the latest Netflix series, on your sofa is where you will be spending most of your time. It might not only be the centerpiece of your living room, sofas being some of the priciest pieces of furniture. They are choice that you have to ensure that you get it right. As long as your cushions are holding up the sleepover will always erase all the signs. Remember that many people prefer sitting across from each other at an angle. So there you have it, whether you want a modern or a mid-century styled sofas, sectional sofas are always the best sofas to go with.


Bohemian sofas tend to be colorful, fun, and texture. However there are so many materials for a bohemian sofa plus it comes in different shapes. Picking the right bohemian sofa can be a tough decision, so take your time and consider your needs before making a purchase. After all sofas are the main element of your living room. The big question for sure is how identify the perfect Bohemian sofa? A bohemian sofa style sofa can come in many different designs with features such as: it may be upholstered in a single color such as turquoise or yellow. A bohemian sofa can still be a simple linen sofa that is decorated with a bohemian style pillows and rugs, with frames made out of natural wood or rattan. A bohemian sofa is all about comfort and relaxation plus bright colors and eclectic decorations is a must have for bohemian sofa.


Coastal sofas come in different shapes, sizes, and materials from wood to rattan to wicker giving you different options when trying to choose the right sofa for your beach home. Whether you live near the coast all year round or you’re looking forward to a beach vacation next summer since the ocean holds a special place in your heart these coastal sofa’s will transform your living space into a breezy cottage getaway. Since coastal sofas are the main focus of a coastal home living space, you will want to ensure you pick the perfect coastal sofa for your summer home so as to provide you with the much needed comfort after a long day on the beach. A good example is the beige striped sofa, it creates a refined coastal environment with its toned down nautical stripes making it perfect for an upscale seaside community home.

Mid Century Modern

A Mid-Century Modern sofa is characterized by geometric shapes, clean lines, a tweed or velvet covers. This return of the 1950s and 1960s sofa have been there for a while and shows no sign of it slowing down. A mid-century modern sofa comes with a low-slung seating and tapered legs and a distinctive look, making it the focal point of your living room’s throwback vibe. The best part of owning a mid-century modern sofa is that when it’s bought strategically it maintains its value in a tremendous way, for example if you buy a normal sofa and a mid-century modern sofa after a few years the normal sofa is likely to be worth a quarter of what you paid it for, while the mid-century modern sofa will have held its value or even improved its value. Recently the Mid-Century Modern sofas have become everyone’s favorite, whether it’s in vintage pieces or some new old aesthetic.

Modern Contemporary

Modern-Contemporary sofas are sofas that were built after the 19th century and were heavily influenced by the modernist art movement that was more involved in simple visual designs. The Modern-contemporary sofa takes its cue from the popular trends in the market. It comes in a dynamic design that makes it look different from the normal contemporary design. A Modern-contemporary sofa incorporates various features from a variety of styles such as clean lines and simplicity, making the interior feel more comfortable and welcoming. The main purpose of a Modern-contemporary sofa is to make a bold statement while still being simple and uncluttered. Any sofa with a simplistic design and have modern materials can be referred to as a modern-contemporary sofa. Today’s trends in modern-contemporary furniture design can create a stunning finish to your living room.


The look of this eco-friendly sofa is fun in a nutshell! Available in over 53 different variants and bold color schemes, this sofa can add vibrant colors to even the dullest spaces. Choose from shades of pink lemonade, blue, orange, and many more colors. The sofas are made from a soft, hypoallergenic fabric that is friendly to the skin and also strong enough to prevent wearing out. The cushions are also made with high-quality fiber to prevent thinning due to pressure. Aside from that, these sofas come with three-leg finishes to choose from. There is so much that is taken into consideration when creating the natural sofa so as to ensure they maintain their quality and comfort. There are hundreds of designs to choose from and you can select your ideal design depending on your preference. If you are looking for that natural look in your living room for sure this is the sofa to go with.

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