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Kerlin Desk
Kerlin Desk

Kerlin Desk

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Winston Porter
461 Reviews
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461 Reviews
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Featured 50 Reviews
Condition and color,style easy!!
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This desk is perfect for my granddaughter. I got it for her 8th grade promotion and the quality is really great!
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Lovely desk! I have been looking for a desk for my craft room and this one was perfect. The quality and color right on!
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Love this desk so much!!! This is made very well. Drawer slides smoothly. Came packaged the best I have ever seen a piece of furniture packaged. Color is true to photo in website. Excellent quality. * it doesn’t come with a glass topper so I added one to protect my investment. This will be a piece that I have for a long time.
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I received the desk, well packaged, and in perfect condition. It is of high quality in the workmanship and the creme coloredfinish work matches kitchen cabinets exactly, however, I have to agree the drawer was initially a problem since it did not pull out smoothly nor did it glide right when sliding back in on the roller tracks. I tried using WD40 for a better glide and it helped somewhat. What worked best though was pulling it out all the way and forcefully and firmly sliding it back in, and into place so it was evenly aligned, over and over again til it began to work properly. It eventually slid in perfectly and all is well!
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Great Desk! Arrived quickly, well packaged, fast assembly and very well made. I may have to fight my granddaughter over this Desk! We put a piece of glass on top for protection and this desk will be in our family for years to come.
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I wanted to add an "L" to the desk I previously purchased from Wayfair. This works perfectly. Took my husband 20 minutes to asemble.
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Size is perfect, not too big or too small. Great desk for the price. Easy to assemble.
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Love it! Perfect color nicely made!
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Very well made and easy to assemble.
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This desk is excellent! It is sturdy and easy to assemble. The dimensions of the drawer do not match reality. It's quite shallow, definitely not 5 inches. Otherwise a lovely desk.
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This desk exceeded expectations and I expected perfect! It came well packed. It was easy to assemble (though I did screw the bolts in the legs off the desk when they were easier to reach to clean off the little bit of paint that was in the threads). Then they went on easy. The paint is a beautiful creamy white. The desk drawer has runners and the front flips down if you want to use it for a keyboard or laptop. It has clean lines but with nice extra style. Feels expensive and well made. Looking forward to having this for many years.
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Gorgeous! Packed exceptionally well, very easy to assemble (just add legs). Very solid. Ivory is pretty, off-white not too yellow.
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We ordered this desk for our son's room, and we are very pleased with the wood quality and finish. A single box arrived at our home, well packaged with large Styrofoam protecting the desk top, and assembly was easy with only the 4 legs to install, each with two large bolts, and completing the drawer knob installation that comes pre-installed in reverse, I assume to avoid damage to it. We placed a small laptop and a 24" monitor that we pushed towards the corner, and still has enough room for his homework. Great value for the quality and functions well for him.
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Love the look and size. Fits perfectly in the space I chose for it. I do wish the drawer fit a little better. Since I'm disabled I had someone else assemble it for me. It went together easily and quickly. Great piece for the price.The first desk I ordered arrived with a 1 1/2" gouge in the center of the desk top. When I requested a replacement top, Wayfair sent me a whole new desk! Thanks, and kudos to Wayfair!
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It is a very nice writing desk that I will use for my make up. Visually it will take getting use to only because it is so different than what I had been using there. I bought the ivory and the other desk was a darker finish and quite different. This ivory desk has a nice drawer and was one of the reasons I chose this desk. It is a nice size so can easily be moved to another area when you want to change things around. It is in my bedroom now but at sometime I may move it into the living room for a writing desk.
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Originally purchased for my college aged daughter, it has now been turned into my very nice sewing desk. This piece was easy for me to assemble and it moved across several states and stayed in great condition.
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Steven M.
Good quality. Fits where we need it too and serves it’s purpose. Good buy.
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Nice desk. However it seems to scratch easily on top.
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Bought for my son’s college room. Good quality and size.
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I bought this to use as my crafting table. The drawer holds all my tools needed. Overall the desk is very study and easy to assemble.
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This desk is beautiful. The cherry stain is reddish but the style of the desk is classic and stylish. Everyone who sees this desk raves about it. A very nice and substantial piece of furntiure. Thanks, Wayfair!
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Was simple to put together. Bought the charcoal color and love it as a desk for the bedroom
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Style is great/ wayfairHas really nice stuff.Thank you!!
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This desk is sturdy and fits well in our bedroom. The one drawer is large enough to hold a lot. It was easy to assemble; however, the “tools” sent were not usable at all. We had to use our own! Otherwise. All is good !!!
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Exactly as described. Perfect size and great price
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Perfect, love everything about it. Easy to put together, great service, arrived in just two days ,price sale fit my budget, beautiful style,quality built, just perfect for my style and decor in the room it's in. Way to go!,Wayfair.
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This is a beautiful sturdy desk with handsome lines!It was very easy to assemble!
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Beautiful, easy assembly, exactly what I wanted. True to color online.
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Perfect size and color as in the picture.
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I agree with the other 5 star reviews. What a bargain and so sturdy. I bought the white and it looks fresh. It dresses up my den and the desk is a nice addition. Easy assembly, just screw in the legs. I needed these measurements for study with several books. I love it.
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I have owned this desk for well over a year now and I still love it. It is so sturdy and such a beautiful piece! No regrets here!
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Needed something to fit a small space. This was perfect and nice looking as well.
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Great for a small desk. Great for limited spaces
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Very nice little desk! Smooth finish, in a pretty cottage white. Used it as a vanity in a girl's bedroom.
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Beautiful desk! High quality. Looks great in our library nook. It was easy to assemble and has held up well for over two years now.
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Cute desk for my office! super easy to put together
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Received my desk on 10/19/2018 slightly damaged, called customer service. No problems, very helpful, replacing damaged drawer. very pleased with customer service, because I love the desk.
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Decent, substantial little desk. I needed something small for a den and this is exactly what I was looking for. Four starts for three reasons: 1) I ordered the charcoal/black color, which is what I was expecting, but with a lamp on the desk the color sometimes looks a bit purple. 2) The drawer isn't a traditional drawer, but more like a keyboard holder - meaning when you pull the drawer out, the front of the drawer folds down. In addition, it's not the smoothest sliding drawer. 3) Although this claimed one day shipping, it took five days for this to be delivered. But, it will definitely work for what I needed and overall I'm pleased with the quality for the price. It definitely looks nice in my space, and nothing was damaged in packaging/shipping.
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Very nice desk. The color is more of a light black (almost dark grey). I was looking for jet black, but it still looks really nice in my office.
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We purchased two! Right size for a bedroom. Right price. Two for the price of one. Easy to assemble and sturdy.
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Nice looking, and sturdy. But, one leg did not line up correctly. It has a visible gap. The fit could have been better and that's why I gave it four stars.
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I ordered this desk for my daughter. I did put a piece of glass on the top to protect the paint from chipping. Overall quality is good. Drawer could be a little better. However it is a good sturdy desk.
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Nice desk but the color was much darker than the picture so doesn't really match the foom
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While I love the style and quality of the wood, the legs do not attach tightly causing a wobbly situation. One of the height adjustment pieces was missing.
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it should have given desk chair choices
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The drawer is defective. It doesn't pull out smoothly. I have to go underneath and push it up so that the drawer would come out.
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Still Love the desk itself but did not keep it becuz of the"prop 65 warning" and the potential health risk to my Pets and Myself. A huge hassle for Wayfair & Myself!!
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Ordered 2, neither drawer opened on the desks and one was chipped on the front of desk.
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Not even close to Black as described. Grey/Brown is what it is. Not happy but a hassle to return since you have to destroy the box to unpack.
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When looking to invest in an office, studio or home desk, there are a lot of factors to consider. The size, color and storage of desk matter a lot. Gray color on desk makes your working room look modern and elegant. This home office desk works on many levels, be it a modern farmhouse or a rustic design. Gray desk comes with handles and a file drawer to hang standard or legal sized documents. The smooth desktop has enough space for a laptop, a lamp, and accessories to keep it all within each reach. Finished in a contemporary two tone black and gray, this computer desk will. This collection invites you to choose a unique solution for your entertainment, storage and office needs. By combining flexible open shelving, spacious cabinets and adjustable drawers, you have the flexibility to decide what configuration works best for you.


An ivory colored desk is the perfect way to add a beautiful, classy focal point to your office or work space. Ivory is a gorgeous off-white color or finish that is added to a desk that will give your work environment a stunning look and feel. An ivory desk creates and/or promotes a whimsical, romantic vibe, without sacrificing quality, ergonomics or design. An ivory colored desk complements almost any color pallet, but looks especially gorgeous with lighter colors, such as soft baby blues or a dusty rose color. A fun, romantic way to play up your ivory desk is to pair it against a unique, flirty wallpaper or to adorn it with distinctive accent pieces, such as gold tabletop décor. An ivory desk is perfect for people of all ages and can be enhanced for any work space or room through the use of complementing colors or design accents.


A study or a home office does not have to be filled with traditional grey desks where you can choose a white colour desk for your workspace. A white colour desk gives a fabulous look to the workspace. A creative white colour desk will grow interested to make you sit and work on something. A white colour desk has a modern, clean look which works well with any interior style. Any type of colour will go with white and it gives the flexibility to change up theme as preferred. You can go for white coloured desks with wide drawers. We all know that colours have a deep psychological effect. It helps us to relax and concentrate on our work. White desks can be the best choice because it will give you relaxation, which is necessary as you are going to spend hours at work. It also creates a feeling of airiness. White desks give a clean and minimalist look. Thus, white desks can never go out of style.

Manufactured Wood

Manufactured wood is made through the process of heating, gluing, and compressing wood chips and sawdust together creates a wood-like thing. Manufactured woods are generally stable and cost-effective. Manufactured woods are more moisture resistant. It does not warp or change dimensions which generally happen due to moisture. Manufactured woods are medium hard and can be sanded and refinished lightly more than once. This type of wood is affordable and environmentally friendly as it is created using wood products. Desks made up of manufactured wood, the surfaces are finished with natural wood veneers. Manufactured woods are easily manufactured and are also durable. Manufactured woods allow achieving the density and strength of old timber and it also reduces waste while making furniture. Manufactured wood desks can be decorated in many ways which will go with the décor of your room or office space. They are also found in large pieces used for large desks without joining pieces together.

Solid Wood

Whether working from home or in a corporate office, you spend a lot of time at your desk. The perfect solid wood desk material makes your office space an attractive and comfortable place and improves workflow. Solid wood desk material lasts long and doesn’t have to worry about surface chipping or peeling. A solid wood desk for the home office will be functional and convenient for years. Solid wood desks will retain their beauty for decades which can be enjoyed by generations. Solid wood stands for the type of timber, give an old-fashioned look that can go with the home interiors. A desk made of solid wood has no hollow spaces. Generally, hardwood trees like pine, mahogany, oak, teak, Oregon, etc are used for solid wood desks. Solid wood desks are simply beautiful for their natural texture. An interior with a solid wood desk can increase the face value of your home. Solid wood desks come in various shapes and styles which can match the interior trends.


Wood is natural and renewable desk material. Wood is always safe to handle and touch and it's naturally durable for generations does not break down damaging the material. The researcher’s study says that wood surrounded in our home, school, or work gives a positive effect on our health. Wood helps improve our emotional state, lower stress level, and blood pressure gives warmth and comfort feeling and also improves air quality by moderating humidity which makes breathing easier. Wood is a material which is mostly used in constructing desk and other furniture which offers generations a timeless look. It gives strength and durability to a well-made piece of the wooden desk when it is made up of domestic hardwood such as oak, ash, and walnut. Wooden desks are a family-friendly choice. Wood can change the mood of the room and looks antique in any design. Wood offers a unique combination and structural ethics. A wooden desk gives a warmth and richness look to your office space.


A rectangular desk is a standard size for a desk. Any rectangular desk is an ideal choice for a work space, office, or even a bedroom to enhance the design aesthetics of a room as well as to provide you with adequate space to be productive. Rectangular desks are often equipped with lots of storage or drawers, so you can effectively use your space and stay organized. A rectangular desk is an ideal solution for smaller rooms or offices and allows you the freedom to put it nearly anywhere. As with most desks, you can further enhance the space and storage efficacy of your rectangular desk by adding organizational elements (such as letter holders, file systems, etc.) to increase the usable space of your rectangular desk. No matter what your design style and preferences, you’re sure to find a rectangular desk that fits your style motif and one that provides you with an adequate, productive work space.

Cottage Country

If you’re looking for a desk style that focuses on comfort, relaxation and an element of elegance, the cottage-country style is the best choice. This style of desk focuses on making you have a comfortable working space for your table by ensuring it achieves relaxation and elegance. The style has a colorful, comfortable look characterized by paint and decorations with graceful lines, weathered finishes, textural elements such as baskets, beadboard walls and natural-fiber rugs. This style will indeed illuminate your room making it elegant and brightens up everything. It also as unique curves on the legs to give a cottage look on your desk. The style can also give your room a vintage look because of the curves hence making it a focal point of view. Cottage- country desk styles will provide you with a mind-blowing working environment for your house.


Cherry wood is an eye-catching, luxuriously rich colored wood. Cherry wood is well-known for its strength, longevity and density, which has made it an extremely popular wood choice in furniture making for hundreds of years. A cherry wood desk not only adds a beautiful decorative touch to your home or office, it provides you with a work space to increase your productivity and organization (many traditional cherry wood desks have ample storage/shelving included). A cherry wood desk complements a traditional and classic style motif, as the warm, rich color of natural cherry wood is elegant, eye-catching and traditional. A cherry desk can enhance a classic design motif and elicits a vintage or antique feeling within the room. Cherry wood is more dense compared to other wood varieties, meaning it is a bit heavier than other wood desks, so it’s best if two or more people assemble and/or move a cherry wood desk.


If you are looking to invest in a desk that is more durable and easier to maintain, the hardwood desk is your choice. The hardwood is usually visually characterized by the darker color, which has made them much more expensive than other types of wood. The wood has got a high density making durable and resistance to termites and other wood-boring insects. Hardwoods often have very strong wood density, which is closely connected with the species of tree that yielded it. Hardwoods are also stronger and more durable due to their more condensed and complex structure. This means your desk will last longer. They are also easy to clean, maintain and scratches or dents can be fixed. The wood is also known to produce fine furniture’s that are attractive or eye-catching for anyone entering your house. Desk made from hardwood will not only be good but also the furnish give it a fancy look to admire.

Espresso Wood

The espresso wood tone is a very dark brown color. Espresso is a cool-toned shade that is deep and rich while maintaining an incredible shine that never looks flat. It’s also warm-toned color. The espresso is a color that stands between black and brown. Espresso color portrays boldness and it’s a low-maintenance color. This color makes the furniture a focal point of view because it's elegant. Espresso is a dark brown that is usually mistaken to be a true black. The shade is easy to clean and does not show dust. Espresso wood tone can be used in all furniture and easily matches with other home or office décor. The shade is black.

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