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Kerrogee 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet with 3 Flip Drawers Wood/ Grey
Kerrogee 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet with 3 Flip Drawers Wood/ Grey

Kerrogee 18-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet with 3 Flip Drawers Wood/ Grey

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$118.49 - $142.99
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Still worried about the mess of your entryway with too many shoes lying on the mat? This is exactly what you need!With good looking color and simple design, this shoe storage cabinet prov...
22.4 In. L X 9.4 In. W X 42.3 In. H
Modern & Contemporary,Scandinavian
Assembly Required
Shoe Cabinet
Dresser Type
Shoe Cabinet
Product Features
Hidden Storage,Includes Hardware
30 day Manufacturer
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A dresser and a chest function the same, but the difference lies in the piece which is designed. A dresser and chest of drawers are some of the most important elements serving both as storage and décor piece. Organize your interior with a brown colour dresser and chest finish. The streamlined brown colour drawers offer a modern style with minimal fuss. A wood dresser and chest in a neutral, classic, or contemporary finish will work with any décor. This type of dresser and chest finish is very luxe and are also versatile giving a warm rustic beauty that fits comfortably into any bedroom décor. The rich look flows beautifully over the decorative framed details and flawlessly captures the true feel of the rustic design which is the perfect choice for any home environment. No matter its style, colour scheme, and design, the dresser and chest have a lot of functions from storage to creating an atmosphere that will also serve you for years to come.


No bedroom is complete without a nice dresser to keep your clothes neatly. A Chic-style dresser and chest make your living space feels more comfortable and casual. The construction showcases the finish in a neutral colour. The grey dresser and chest finish are widely popular and are seen in many rural and coastal homes globally. The Gray finish is surely the style you choose melding your existing interior décor. The grey option in the form of a dresser and chest showcases the lodge panel front and the straight lines surrounded by moulding which provides a traditional look in a warm finish combined with modern functionality. This piece of furniture is meant to be practical and also has an attractive design that makes a statement. On the overall colour scheme, the grey finish dresser matches them all no matter what the theme of your home is. Dresser and chest styles from mid-century to modern to traditional but this grey finish will look modern, coastal, feel simpler, and often comes brighter.

Medium Density Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard is a material that consists of recycled solid wood leftovers, resin, and fibers all glued up together with wax. One huge advantage of a medium-density fiberboard dresser is that it is quite affordable as compared to solid wood dressers. This is because medium density fiberboards are readily available in the market. In addition, it's quite easy to paint when it comes to customizing your medium density fiberboard dresser, unlike a solid wood dresser. It also comes with its own disadvantages, such as it's relatively easy to damage, especially if you have little kids who are always playing around the house. Unlike most people would imagine, a medium-density fiberboard dresser is relatively heavier than a solid wood dresser, making it quite hard to move around when you rearrange your space. Plus, it cannot support too much weight as it risks breaking down.


Wood is classified into two major categories, that's is softwood and hardwood. Softwood is easier to work with hence making elegant dressers and chests in your room. On the other hand, hardwood is the most durable material when it comes to furniture making. Wood is well treated to the longevity of dressers & chests. Users can pick either softwood or hardwood for their preference. Both kinds of wood need care and maintenance and from time to time wipe your wood perfectly. If you love personalized touch in your dressers and chest, you can always go for these materials because it's easier to work with compared to metals. Wood does not rust but if not well treated it can get attacked by wold borers or termites. A wooden dresser can be enhanced by applying a finish to give your dresser an attractive final look. Wood is sturdy and durable hence making your dresser & chest give you service for decades.


A contemporary-styled dresser is the perfect way to enhance a clean, sophisticated and modern aesthetic in your home. A contemporary chest or dresser often has modern design or hardware elements, such as drawer handles or knobs and a sleek finish. A contemporary chest or dresser can be crafted from wood or metal; most often, a contemporary chest or dresser has clean lines, a minimalistic design, and simple hardware elements. A contemporary chest or dresser can be lighter or darker in color and can have either a matte or shiny finish appearance. A contemporary dresser makes a perfect addition to modern design styles (such as industrial, modern-contemporary, or art deco), but can also be used with other design motifs. The simplicity of the design aesthetic of a contemporary chest or dresser allows you to integrate the piece with your existing furniture and style it according to your particular tastes.


Modern day furniture are some of the appealing furniture you will find in the market, with advancement of technology modern day furniture such as dressers and chests are now being designed with the outmost precision to meet all your needs. If you are in the market for a dresser or chest some of the main reasons why you should go for a modern day dresser or chest is because they have designed to complement some of the most popular modern day interior decors. Plus when it comes to durability there is no better furniture that you could go for than a modern-day furniture, as most likely it is newer, hasn’t been used, and has been designed to withstand the modern day harshest environments. Modern-day dressers and chests are also quite affordable as they have been produced in larger quantities as compared to traditional dressers and chests, this is due to the economics of scale and demand.


Scandinavian style on a dresser and chest will portray stylish, functional storage for your bedroom. This style of dresser and chest is minimalist and practical. The dresser and chest are crafted using softwood and supported with four simple legs. This style also focuses on clean, simple lines, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. The colors used in this style are neutral making your product sleek. With Scandinavian style, create a warm ambiance in a bedroom that is inviting peaceful, and relaxing. It is also full of vitality without being chaotic. The style on your dresser and chest seeks to complement the art of living well by promoting a simple home environment. With this style, the environment is filled with quality that enhances an unencumbered lifestyle devoid of excess consumerism. Scandinavian style dressers tend to be reminiscent of mid-century modern furniture. Scandinavian style also offers abundance of storage for keeping clothes and other belongings in your bedroom.

Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is a furniture piece or built-in storage unit which keeps pairs of shoes together and organized. Inside a closet or walk-in closet, shoe storage can be built-in as shelves or wall units and is typically low to the ground for convenience. With a shoe cabinet, the storage is lockable to hide the view of shoes, unlike shoe racks which tend to display pairs in a disorganized manner hence making your room cluttered. Since shoe cabinets are lockable, users can place the cabinet in a corridor or even a bedroom and access it when the need arises. Apart from the storage of shoes, the face of the cabinet displays an elegant view in a bedroom or corridor, making guest crack their minds to know what's in. To enhance this cabinet's looks, you can dress it with a flowers vase. Shoe cabinets are available in different colors and designs for you to pick from your choice.

Gray Wood

If you embrace neutral-toned wood dressers gray-wooden tone is a cool and neutral-toned color for you. The shades can be dark or light. it’s also well-balanced tone color. This tone is typically associated with meanings of dull, dirty, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated. The Gray wood tone is warm and creates a warm environment in a room Dressers & chests made from gray-toned wood usually makes the room look modern and elegant. Gray tone creates a peaceful environment when used. It’s easy to clean and maintain. However, this tone will illuminate your dresses partially due to its neutrality. Gray-toned wood will give you a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. The tone does not fade easily compared to other tones. To ensure you maintain the looks in this table, experts advise one to finish the table with a clear finish to maintain the tone originality.

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