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Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard
Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard

Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Kotter Home
15 Reviews
$133.12 - $530.49
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This robust metallic headboard and footboard marry sloping curves with straight lines to create a soft, yet strong silhouette. Topped with detailed castings and constructed of carbon steel...
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Platform Bed
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Featured Reviews

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15 Reviews
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9/10 recommendations
Featured 10 Reviews
Tana B.
This bed frame is gorgeous! We have had so many compliments on it when guests and family have seen it! It’s antique looking and goes perfectly in the bedroom with antiques from my grandmother!
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Robin O.
I purchased a headboard only and it is really beautiful. I am very happy with the purchase and the quick delivery.
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This headboard and footboard are SO PRETTY! Feminine and a great touch to my guest room. Lightweight and easy to put up and store when I’m not using them. Would definitely recommend anyone to buy! Love!
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This full size head and foot board set dresses up the bed in our granddaughter’s bedroom. The color is between a taupe and grey. It is pretty lightweight but seems like it is sturdy enough. Our granddaughter loves it. Assembly was straightforward.
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This headboard and footboard are even more beautiful in person! I love the design. To me it’s timeless and will work with numerous design themes. The finish says it’s taupe over black, but it looks like a warm grey from a few feet away. I can see brush strokes of taupe up close. I haven’t put it together yet because our room is being painted next week.
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Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard review
This headboard and footboard are just as described! Very pretty and structurally sound. I love the vintage look! It can go well with just about any style but especially farmhouse. Would highly Recommend!
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Heidi K
I absolutely love this bed frame! It’s exactly what we were looking for when in the market for a bed frame for my daughter. The nice tall headboard is perfect if you have shams and a lot of pillows! It’s absolutely beautiful!
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only better - it doesn’t squeak! The two pieces arrived perfectly and are exactly as described. They were extremely easy to attach to the bed frame that I already had. Once assembled, I added my mattress set and bedding. It was almost like stepping back in time to my great grandma’s house - minus the smell of mothballs and no squeaks! These pieces create a beautiful bed. The reduction of one star was because it feels slightly over priced for just the headboard and footboard.
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Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard review
Hostess with the mostess
The headboard and footboard arrived well packaged and protected. I am using this in our guestroom that was renovated. It gives the room a cottage feel that is warm and welcoming. The soft rounded design accompanied by the brushed finish gives it an antique look. The frame is very light but sturdy which makes installation easy for one person. I exchanged the old footboard and headboard on my existing team easily by myself. Definitely happy with the product!
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Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard review
The color finish on this headboard/footboard set is gorgeous! From far away it looks expensive and elegant. Up close, however, the flaws are noticeable. The paint has random black dots in it, which look like puncture holes from far. There are actually punctures in the metal as well. It came well packaged and the outside box was not beat up so I’m assuming the punctures happened at the factory. The footboard is low so it doesn’t get in the way of viewing the TV at the door of the bed, that’s a good thing!
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Kotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard reviewKotter Home Kayson Metal Headboard and Footboard review
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Questions & Answers

Since this is a platform bed, does there need to be anything between the frame and the mattress. I have never had a platform bed before, so not sure how it all goes together. Thank you.
For this product, it is just a headboard and footboard so a frame would be required. A box spring may be optional depending on the frame you choose.
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Will the headboard and footboard work with an adjustable frame. I have attachments for both. Thanks
Yes, this headboard and footboard should work fine with standard adjustable frames.
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Can anyone recommend what bed frame would be best for this bed? Would the Ca King foldable, platform frame by Lucid work for this bed? Also, I am confused about the dims for the king and cal king. I am ordering a cal king - is this going to be difficult to put together? Thank you.
Any standard bed frame should work just fine, even foldable, as the headboard has standard attachment holes. While the headboards and footboards are the same size, Cal king orders are shipped with a modification plate that is used during assembly. This plate allows you to attach the wider headboard to the narrower bedframe (by 2 inches on each size to be exact). It should take just a few minutes to put together!
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Will this headboard and footboard work with a platform bed that requires a bracket to attach both?
Hello,The headboard and footboard have holes in each post - this is where you will screw in hardware to attach to your bedframe. All of the hardware is included with the head and footboard. It is recommended to be used with a metal frame. Thank you, Customer Service
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I noticed the king and cal king dims are the same - is that correct? Isn't the king size narrower than the cal king?
The dims are correct. While the headboards and footboards are the same size, cal king orders are shipped with a modification plate that is used during assembly. This plate allows you to attach the wider headboard to the narrower bedframe (by 2 inches on each size to be exact). Thank you!
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I'm sorry for not posing my question properly. I realize that there are holes in both the headboard and footboard for attaching them to a bedframe. Do they attach to "most" bedframes? Will I have to purchase specific parts in order to attach them? It would be most helpful if you would provide the instruction document on the website as I cannot purchase this item without adequate information. Thank you
Hello - this bed's headboard and footboard are designed to attach to a standard bedframe. The hardware is included to do so. While we cannot upload our assembly instructions to this listing, we can assist you further if you submit a documentation request to Overstock's customer service. Thank you!
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This item is headboard and footboard only. How does it attach to a standard bedframe?
The headboard and footboard have holes in each post - this is where you will screw in hardware to attach to your bedframe. We also provide specifics of how to attach the posts to your bedframe in our assembly instructions.
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Is this bed compatible with an adjustable base,?
We are unfamiliar with the specifications of the different adjustable beds that customers have purchased. For this reason, we cannot answer the question of whether or not your adjustable bed will work with our bedframes. I would advise using a bedframe that is verified to work with your adjustable bed to avoid any issues.
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WHat color is this ? Is says "nickel", "silver" and "blackened taupe". Which is it?
The digital images we display have the most accurate color possible. However, due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.
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Is there a weight limit for this bed frame?
This would depend on which frame you use as this is a headboard/footboard or just the headboard.
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Product Tag

California King

A California King Size bed is usually 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. At 7 feet tall the California King Bed is ideal for most of the tall sleepers, in certain scenarios a California King Size bed can also be referred to as a Western King mattress that is specifically designed to accommodate anyone who is more than 6 feet tall as it offers more leg room for tall people. Aside from the slight difference in length and width by 4 inches a California King Sized bed has a lot in common to a regular King Sized bed such as they both provide unmatched comfort and room for couple, and also they are in the same price range. In case you are 6 feet tall you will definitely find the California Size bed more comfortable than any other standard bed mainly due to the extra legroom, plus I would definitely recommend you to get yourself a California King Size bed.

Full / Double

A Full / Double bed is a bed meant for couples to share, however with the emergence of so many size options full-double beds are now mainly meant for single sleepers. Back in the 1940s a couple would perfectly fit and enjoy a full double bed, in fact you might have seen one in those 90s movies a classic full-double bed with a nightstand next to it and an old black and white TV on the wall. In modern day, full-double beds are still very popular, mainly among the younger generation who are not married yet and desire a little bit of comfort. Full-double beds fell out of favor of many couple with the introduction of king and queen size beds in to the markets. But despite that a full-double bed is still an excellent choice for single adults with limited space but still desire a bigger bed.


A king size bed is the largest standard bed that you will find in the market plus it measures 76 inches by 80 inches, making it a great and popular choice among couple. Single sleepers with the proper finances also enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a huge bed all to themselves. The King Size bed also comes in different variations which are the California size bed that’s 4 inches longer than a normal king size bed and 4 inches narrower, another variation is the California king size bed, the ideal choice if you are sharing your bed with someone who is more than 6 feet tall. If you are couple looking for a bed with extra comfort and space for the both of you I would highly recommend the King size bed as it’s a combination of unmatched comfort and luxury.


A Queen Size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s a very popular bed as it ideal for various kind of lifestyle, it can suit a wide range of sleepers such as single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed or couple who are shopping on a budget. A queen size bed can fit in most bedrooms making it ideal for couples who want to share a bed plus also its affordability. The Queen Size bed has different variations in case you need a size larger than a normal queen bed but smaller than a king sized bed. These variations include an Olympic queen sized bed which has 6 extra inches on its width and a California queen which has 4 extra inches in length. A queen size bed will fit perfectly well in large bedrooms and smaller bedrooms.

Box Spring Not Required Platform

Platform beds do not require a box spring mattress, as they can support any mattress at all. This makes platform beds highly versatile beds that can be the main bed for a large family home, all the way to being the spare bed in a guest bedroom. The versatility of these beds makes them easy to use, and very easy to work into any bedroom. They can also provide a clean minimalist look, because there is no headboard sticking out and drawing attention. Platform beds are an excellent fit for anyone that wants their bed to be subtle and not draw too much attention. The box-spring-not-required-platform bed is easily customised to look exactly how you want, as there is no headboard dictating the overall style and look of the bed either. The platform bed is recommended for those times when you need a bed to fit into any bedroom setting and can be moved to another room at any time where it will also be a great fit.


When you are redecorating your bedroom your first thought are always to lean towards the traditional methods, but with this new trend you will have to break away from the norm by getting yourself a metallic themed/colored bed. A metallic bed has the ability to coax ambient lighting to linger by adding a shimmering glittering style into your bedroom space. A metallic bed offers you a high-end look with a smooth, dense finish for extra durability as compared to other colors. A touch of a glimmering metallic bed makes your bedroom space infinitely more glamorous, also note that when it comes to incorporating a metallic theme into your bedroom décor there is an art that you should consider in order to strike a right balance and the best way to do that is by using a metallic bed.


Sliver is a monochromatic color that creates a clean and elegant bedroom space. A silver colored bed goes perfectly well with a wooden flooring or any other dark wooden furniture in your bedroom. It’s also mainly used in bedrooms with bright blue accent walls to create a perfect environment for to relax after a long day’s work. To many people, silver is still considered a luxurious color and as a result a silver bed is definitely a representation luxury. Silver also has sleep inducing characteristics that will help you get more sleep, on average you are likely to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. A silver colored bedroom on the other hand doesn’t look boring or washed up, but instead it creates an amazing bedroom with a lot of depth without even considering the contrasting colors.


In the decorating world Taupe is one of the most versatile and neutral color, despite it being considered as a neutral color it also has warm and cool variation. A bed with a cool shade of usually have a more grey base instead of a brown one, which is accompanied by a limey yellow or green hue. On the other hand a bed with a warm shade of taupe is usually easier to spot as it usually have pink, rich purple, or soft red undertones. A taupe bed brings out the best of a modern or contemporary bedroom interior décor. It also blends seamlessly with a vintage bedroom décor, giving your room that calm, smooth look. A bed with a warm shade of taupe on the other hand a more cozy feeling making your bedroom feel more inviting after a long day at work.


Are you wondering what type of bed to get? Interested in investing in a panel bed? If so, then we have the information you need. Get yourself a panel bed design. Panel beds are a luxurious and elaborate type of bed to have. If you’re just looking for a bed that can speak for you, panel beds are the best. Panel beds are better suited for people who want their bed to make a statement and stand out. Typically designed with beautiful, intricate patterns, panel beds can give your room a lot of flairs. If you’re working with limited space in your apartment and want a beautiful bed that also provides additional space to keep your items, a panel bed might be a good choice. Panel beds are ordinary beds and there are a variety of panels to choose from, depending on your taste.


You may be looking for a bed that is timeless and cost-effective and maybe your life quote is "simplicity is beauty," then you can swear by platform beds. A platform bed is a simple bed frame that has a solid foundation capable to hold any type of mattress without the need of a box spring. It also comes with built-in slats to allow airflow and breathability. And since box springs are unnecessary, you can save money if you decide to buy a new mattress.

Though simple, it doesn't mean that this type of bed is boring. Platform beds come from various materials, such wood, metal, and fiberboard. You may even have them upholstered for an added classic touch! Ideal for all ages, they are also available in different sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. Interestingly, platform beds are great for storing extra stuff since many of them come with drawers and headboard shelving, perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy.

Tall (over 10 in.)

Are you tired of getting squeezed at corners when sleeping because of bed size, well look no further and get yourself the tall (over in) bed? These beds offer next-level freedom in bed. They are crafted to maximize space and offer comfort. This kind of bed gives your room a new touch of elegance and a cozy aesthetic feel. They are durable and come in different sizes for your topic. It’s time to invest in space. Get yourself the tall (over in) bed today. Every detail, down to the custom-designed hardware, this bed develops perfectly to deliver a unique experience, inspired by global designs. The bed comes with classic features of different variety for you to choose from.


One of the most asked question when it comes metallic beds is, are they safe for younger children? And the answer is always, yes they are. One of reason to why metal beds have grown in popularity over the last couple of years is the fact that they require less maintenance since as we all know metal does not dent or scratch easily making it even a more attractive option as compared to wooden and plastic beds. When it comes to durability also metal beds are currently the most durable beds in the market more durable than the wooden beds and would even handle more weight than a wooden bed frame. Metal beds are also highly portable since they are lighter than other types of bed, and in case you are the kind of person who love rearranging their bedroom setup you will definitely love the metal bed.


Selecting a bed for your new crib is a crucial decision as with one wrong mistake you can end up with a long bed resulting to sleepless nights, and health problems such as back and neck pains. To ensure you make the perfect decision there are several things you should consider, one of them being the material used to make the bed. Taking a look at a bed such as the nickel bed you will first realize automatically that the bed is made out of nickel and nickel being a metal your nickel bed will require very little maintenance and can serve you for a very long time as its prone to damages such as fires that can exhume a wooden bed, plus a metallic bed is not as easily affected by insects and other types of pets as a wooden bed would be.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.


Unlike other kind of metallic beds a steel bed is entirely susceptible to developing rust. A steel bed is usually a simple, elegant bedroom furniture, plus no matter your bedroom style a steel bed will complement your style may it be modern, vintage, contemporary, etc. A steel bed design will make your bedroom look even more stylish and chic, and not forget with a steel bed you can easily change the color to match that of your bedroom walls. Steel beds are popular in kids bedroom since many kid’s bedroom usually have a pop of many different colors making a steel bed the perfect fit due to its brightness. Before buying that steel bed make sure its genuine steel since steel is known for its good quality and a good quality steel bed will definitely serve you for years. A steel bed will definitely be a perfect choice for your bedroom.

Modern Rustic

When you aspire for an exquisite dream bedroom then your bed style should be very unique and fashionable. For this, you can go for a unique mix style, a fusion of both modern and rustic style. Before choosing your bed style, you have to be conscious about your bedroom theme. You can use white paint wooden walls with rot iron bed frames. If you have pastel colour wall paint then you choose wooden platform bed or wooden log beds. If you want to give a chic look with this mix style then you go for brick wall with unique upholstered bed frames for your bedroom. If you want to add some modern elements with farmhouse style bedroom then you can go for wooden log walls with polished wooden or metallic platform beds you can also go for modern style velvety headboard bed style. This modern rustic bedroom decor will make your bedroom a masterpiece.


We all dream for a farmhouse style bedroom. Generally, we think that a rustic bed style will be appropriate for a cabin bedroom. No, we can easily install rustic bed style with any vintage style of interior designing. You can find a huge variety of rustic bed styles. Most common variety one notices is log beds where bed side frames are made of wooden logs. Headboards can also be beautifully carved out. Different types of woods are used for log beds like pine, cedar. Another style which is very famous is canopy bed style. Rustic canopy bed style is made of wooden logs and creates a square canopy with long side bed stands. If you are looking for a single bed, then you can blindly go for bookcase log canopy bed style. Wooden logs are hand peeled. This style requires less craftsmanship and gives a natural feel. You can also choose high poster beds with high bed side stands. Thus, through these rustic bed styles you can easily give a very dignified look to your bedroom. It also gives you a serenity of a country side.


It's hard to go past a traditional bed. They're traditional for a reason, after all. Comforting and nostalgic, these beds are an excellent choice for homes and bedrooms that just need a simple, classic bed. Highly recommended for childrens beds, or as a bed for guests - they're the choice for when you don't want or need the bed to stand out. When you need a bed that just works and gets the job done - you're going to want to consider a traditional bed. This style of bed has lasted the test of time, and for good reason - they're the true soldier of the bedding room, always ready to get what needs to be done, done. The traditional bed is easy to maintain, you just wipe it down with some warm water and a dry it off with a towel. The simplicity of this bed and how easy it is to clean make the traditional bed your first choice for any time where you need a standard bed that won’t become the main attraction in a room.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.

Footboard Only

A footboard-only bed is a type of bed that is constructed with a footboard, some people tend to see it as a mandatory requirement for their bed while others see it as a decorative element to their bed. Footboard are pretty annoying especially if you’re a tall individual whose feet tend to always stick out from the end of your bed. Since instead of having your feet hanging at the end of the bed you will have feet scrunched up against the footboard and as a result you will have to bed your legs so as to fit comfortably. However, in small bedrooms a footboard-only bed makes the room feel smaller as there is less free space available for your feet. Some people prefer a footboard-only bed as it provides a sense of completion to the bedframe, unlike one where the footboard is missing.

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