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Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood

Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood

MERCHANT: Houzz BRAND: Safavieh
30 Reviews
$1191.00 - $1223.00
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A long summer holiday at a Burgundian chateau filled with beloved antiques inspired this French country settee. Crafted with the precision of artisans, its neutral beige palette and refine...
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W 53" / D 28.75" / H 31.5" / 81.6 lb.
Beige/Rustic Gray Wood
Linen, Rubberwood, MDF, N, C, Foam,FillFiber, H, Metal, BlackPlating
Assembly Required

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30 Reviews
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3/7 recommendations
Featured 7 Reviews
Just prepare to built the country Settee
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Winnie Wu
The shape and look is just like the picture, and it is really good quality. Only problem is that one of the screw holes was stripped and would not take the screw. Second issue is that it is much more pink than the picture looks (but that may just be the lights).Overall though, I'm happy with this purchase.
Helpful Helpful 1
Couch is great. It does not come assembledAs the description states. The throw pillows will be thrown away because they have a bad shape.
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Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood reviewLeandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood review
This settee was bought with the purpose of sitting my guests while visiting. It looks nice, it gave an elegant touch to my room. One problem I found was that I can barely touch my feet on the floor while sitting on it and I am 5’6” tall. Also it is not a comfy soft place like a loveseat so keep that in mind.
Helpful Helpful 1
Hard to put together and it is very uncomfortable. However, it is good looking.
Helpful Helpful 2
First of all it came with dirty fingerprints on the fabric. I was able to use a damp cloth to remove most of them. Do not buy this if you actually want to sit on it. It’s beautiful but extremely uncomfortable. The biggest problem is that I ordered two and they are completely different colors of wood. Will be returning one in hopes that the next one will match the first one...
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Leandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood reviewLeandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood reviewLeandra Rustic French Country Settee, Beige/Rustic Gray Wood review
Luke Investments
Not in love with this, cushions seem cheaply made
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In today's designs, a settee's closest version is the famous loveseat, however historically settees were usually narrower than the modern day loveseats. Since settee are designed like dining room chairs only wider, they can turn out to be really uncomfortable. Despite being a nice foyer piece, a settee can hardly fit two people, plus no one would wish to sit there for a longer period since they are slightly uncomfortable despite their beauty.


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The country sofas comes in different neutral colors. They are also made of natural materials and have simple designs. These chairs are both practical and functional. Country sofas are a great investment for any country style home. Country sofas can be used to relax, unwind or even just have an enjoyable conversation. These quality country sofas are made from strong hardwood which can last for many years if well maintained. The fabrics on these chairs are also durable and soft to the skin. The cushions are soft, smooth and made with high quality, durable fiber. In addition to this, the country sofas come in different styles and designs to suit your personal needs. Make the decision to get these worthwhile pieces for your living room today.

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If you are looking to introduce the Farmhouse-country style in your living room, the best way to start is by going on a hunt for the perfect farmhouse-country sofa. The big question on your mind must be how does a farmhouse country sofa look like? Well am glad you asked. There is no single answer to that question, which is absolutely a good thing. A perfect Farmhouse country sofa must have one of these characteristics: Tufted back, creamy off-white color, cotton or linen fabric and skirted. Such traits are not always mutual since you're likely to spot each trait individually rather than all of them together in one sofa; however, they occasionally mix. A Farmhouse sofa eschews itself from the modern sensibilities and goes back to simpler times, giving your living room that perfect farmhouse style that is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm. When buying a farmhouse-country take your time and make the right choice since charm and character cannot be bought in a single day.

French Country

Over the last couple of years the French country style has become very popular and in case you’re looking to give your home that Provence new look, then you need to get yourself that French country sofa. A French country sofa provides you with that classic design and European charm, plus it comes in various shapes, sizes, however in terms of color you can only get it in beige or white. Luxurious French country sofas are made a fabric pattern that resembles a beautiful floral print. The perfect sofa should not only be beautiful and comfortable but it should also fit in well within your aesthetic too. French country sofas are made out of fabric such as linen or cotton and any solid color such as: white, beige, light blue, or ivory. If you are looking for a budget-friendly French country sofa you should consider getting a French style settee or simple slipcovered sofa.


If you have finally settled on having a rustic style living room, there is no better way to start than purchasing a Rustic sofa. Rustic sofas emphasize on handcrafted, homespun, timeworn, and distressed. While the colors are coined from clay, stone, wood and other natural materials. A rustic sofa will act as a beautiful focal point in your living room bringing in that natural charm hence providing a solid gathering point after a long day at work by creating a natural aesthetic in your living room. When designing and creating a Rustic sofa only the highest quality hardwoods are used, this is to ensure durability and quality of your sofa, some of that sofa include white Oak, Cherry, Hard maple, walnut, brown maple, and Hickory. As a potential owner of a Rustic sofa you should take pride that only the best quality of wood is being used. A Rustic sofa isn’t that kind of sofa that is not likely to end up in a landfill.


When buying a vintage sofa even at bargain prices shouldn’t mean that you will have to settle for low quality, for sure you have heard the phrase “They don’t make it like they used to” one too many times. You should always keep in mind that the condition of the vintage sofa is as of much importance as its value. It does not always need to cost you a fortune to furnish your house with vintage furniture. Furnishing your house with Vintage sofas can be fun and creative plus it can also help you save a large amount of money. However before making the decision to purchase a vintage sofa you should always make sure that the sofa meets all your need and that you are not compromising on quality.

Gray Wood

Gray is undoubtedly the one color that the world cannot seem to get enough of, in fact, a large percentage of living room furniture in every home include a Gray wood sofa. It's not only the leading pack of neutral colors, but it's also an era defining feature in the current generation of sofas. If you've never tried a Gray wood sofa, it's high time you try it out; you can even choose to experiment with the different shades of gray, it's time you start dipping your feet into this gray pond of gray furniture. A gorgeous grey wood sofa can be used to make a huge style statement in your living room. For long, the white and beige wood sofas have dominated the living room landscape, however in the last couple of years, homeowners have moved away from white and beige towards Gray wood sofa due to its versatility over the traditional white and beige sofas.

Light Wood

Many of today's living rooms are anything but gloomy, with shades that range from wispy dove to rich charcoal, a Lightwood sofa is easy to effectively incorporate into any living space despite the style. Light wood sofas are timeless and versatile such that they work particularly well in any living space despite the décor or style. You should consider a light wood sofa especially for your living room sofa or outdoor sofa due to its versatility, since it can adapt to any given style or decor. A Lightwood sofa is a natural wood-accented furniture that gives your living space that organic feel and touch. You can always choose a Light-wood sofa to define your style and make your living room stand out by acting as the focal point and balancing out your living room general look.

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