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Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed
Leonard Upholstered Bed

Leonard Upholstered Bed

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Zipcode Design™
8581 Reviews
$259.99 - $449.99
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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Available Options
Price History
Not available
Headboard Height - Top to Bed Frame
40.39'' H x 39'' W x 79.2'' L
Overall Product Weight
Frame Material
Manufactured Wood
Manufactured Wood Type
Plywood/Laminate Board
Upholstery Material
100% Polyester
Upholstery Fill Material
Box Spring Required
Number of Slats Included
Slat Material
Center Support Legs
Number of Center Support Legs
Weight Capacity (Twin Size)
250 lb.
Weight Capacity (Queen, Full, King Size)
500 lb.
Mattress Included
Recommended Mattress Thickness
Headboard Included
Yes (Finished Back)
Footboard Included
Compatible with Adjustable Bed
Natural Variation Type
No Natural Variation
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
All Tools Included
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
5 Years
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
Worry free

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8581 Reviews
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Featured 50 Reviews
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* This Bed may have changed since we completed this review.


Rest well in the Leonard Upholstered Bed, a gorgeous and minimal bed frame and headboard combination. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is a beautiful, neutral colored bed frame that boasts stunning buttoned tufting along the headboard and clean lines throughout the entire piece. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in four sizes to suit your current mattress; no box spring is required! A beautiful addition to any bedroom (including master, guest, and kids), the Leonard Upholstered Bed can enhance a variety of room styles and décor motifs, including traditional, coastal, minimalistic, and modern/contemporary. The subtle, yet sophisticated design of the Leonard Upholstered Bed will help create a calm, peaceful, and relaxing ambience in your bedroom. Keep reading for more information on the incredible features of the Leonard Upholstered Bed, styling tips, assembly information, and the pros and cons of the Leonard Upholstered Bed.


The Leonard Upholstered Bed features a neutral-colored polyester upholstered frame (headboard and bed frame) and sturdy, richly-colored support legs. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in one beautiful neutral color, namely cream. This neutral color perfectly complements any room style or design and can be enhanced through the use of contrasting bedding textiles. The Leonard Upholstered Bed has clean lines throughout the entire furniture piece, a button tufted headboard, and a 6 inch under bed clearance, perfect for additional storage space or left on its own to create a minimalistic appearance. The frame is crafted of manufactured wood, which is sturdy and durable. The Leonard Upholstered Bed also comes with wooden slats (for your mattress to rest on top of) and center support legs for additional strong support for the bed frame. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in four sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

No matter the size, the Leonard Upholstered Bed does not require a box spring. The Leonard Upholstered Bed can accommodate different types of mattresses, including innerspring, latex and memory foam mattresses. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is a low-profile bed, meaning the bed/mattress is lower to the ground than other bed types. Full assembly of the Leonard Upholstered Bed is required, there are more details on assembly below.

Styling Tips for the Leonard Upholstered Bed

The Leonard Upholstered Bed is a gorgeous and simple bed frame and headboard combination that can enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom. Boasting subtle cream tufted upholstery, the Leonard Upholstered Bed is a perfect addition to any bedroom, including master bedrooms, guestrooms, and even children’s bedrooms. There are a variety of ways to enhance the style of the Leonard Upholstered Bed, including adding gorgeous colored textiles, placing the Leonard Upholstered Bed against a window or accent wall, and using art or décor around the Leonard Upholstered Bed to create a focal point around the piece.

Add Luxurious, Contrasting Textiles

You can add plush, luxurious bedding textiles to the Leonard Upholstered Bed to enhance the overall style and aesthetic of your bedroom. Adding textiles in a contrasting color (like a rich navy blue or bright red) will complement the neutral cream color of the Leonard Upholstered Bed very well and create a gorgeous visual masterpiece in your bedroom.

Place the Headboard Against a Window or Accent Wall

By placing the Leonard Upholstered Bed against (or between) a window (or two) or against an accent wall, you can enhance the style by creating a stunning focal point around the beautifully designed headboard. By positioning the Leonard Upholstered Bed near natural light from windows, you are creating a calming and spa-like ambience for your bedroom. Accent walls are a perfect way to showcase your personal style and placing the Leonard Upholstered Bed against said wall can enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Use Art or Décor Pieces to Enhance the Style of the Leonard Upholstered Bed

You can place beautiful art or other décor pieces (such as photos, wall décor or murals) on the wall around or beside the headboard; doing so enhances the overall style and aesthetic of your bedroom and creates a focal point around the Leonard Upholstered Bed.

Assembly Information for the Leonard Upholstered Bed

The Leonard Upholstered Bed will require full assembly; all parts and hardware are included with the purchase of the Leonard Upholstered Bed (including spare hardware in case you lose any or if any pieces are missing or damaged). The assembly instructions are clearly depicted through visual aids, accurately showing you where parts need to go and how to assemble them together correctly. It’s best if two people assemble and position the product, as it is quite heavy and awkward to position once assembled.

It’s highly recommended to assemble the Leonard Upholstered Bed in the bedroom that it will be used in, as it won’t fit through standard size door frames once fully assembled. The complete assembly guide and information/Owner’s Manual are included online for your convenience (however, you should receive a physical copy with the purchase of the Leonard Upholstered Bed).

Pros Available in 4 Different Sizes

The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in four different sizes, including twin, full, queen and king. This is very convenient if you already have a certain mattress that you love; you won’t have to purchase a brand-new mattress to have the Leonard Upholstered Bed.

Plenty of Under Bed Storage Space

With a 6 inch under bed clearance, the Leonard Upholstered Bed has plenty of space for storage (for example, you could store specialized storage totes underneath the Leonard Upholstered Bed). If your bed happens to be on a hard surface floor, rather than a carpeted floor, this clearance also makes it easy to clean or dust under the bed.

Box Spring Is Not Required

The Leonard Upholstered Bed does not require a box spring, as the low-profile bed frame is designed to eliminate the need for a box spring. This is very convenient for everyone, as you would not have to purchase an additional piece for your bed.

Beautiful, Clean Look

With a gorgeous neutral color, clean lines and subtle details, the Leonard Upholstered Bed is a beautiful bed frame that will enhance the calm ambience of your bedroom. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is perfect for enhancing a variety of home décor motifs, including minimalist, traditional or coastal.

Can Accommodate Different Mattress Types

The Leonard Upholstered Bed can accommodate different mattress types, namely box spring or innerspring mattresses, memory foam, or latex mattresses. As the Leonard Upholstered Bed doesn’t require a box spring, any type of mattress (as long as the size of the mattress is compatible with your chosen size bed frame) will be able to be used in conjunction with the Leonard Upholstered Bed.

Cons Mattress Not Included

The Leonard Upholstered Bed is not sold with an accompanying mattress. However, this shouldn’t deter you from the Leonard Upholstered Bed; the Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in four sizes and can accommodate a variety of mattress types, so you can use your current mattress with the Leonard Upholstered Bed.

Only One Color Selection Available

The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in only one color, cream. Some people may wish to have a larger selection of colors to choose from. Although it’s only available in the one color, the neutral cream is perfect because it can seamlessly integrate into any home décor motif or design.

Full Assembly Required

Complete assembly is required for the Leonard Upholstered Bed. Some people may wish to purchase a bed that is partially or fully assembled. For your convenience, there is an option upon purchase to request full assembly service (for an additional fee).

No Footboard Included

There is no footboard included with the Leonard Upholstered Bed. Some individuals may wish to have a footboard included as well, either for appearance or functionality. The beauty of the Leonard Upholstered Bed is the clean, minimal design that.


The Leonard Upholstered Bed is a sophisticated, elegant, and classy headboard and bed frame combination that can enhance a variety of home décor motifs, including minimalist, traditional, coastal and modern/contemporary. The gorgeous neutral cream color of the Leonard Upholstered Bed can be enhanced through the addition of contrasting bedding textiles, wall décor or art, or by placing the Leonard Upholstered Bed against an accent wall or windows. Although there is full assembly required of the Leonard Upholstered Bed, you can rest assured that the bed frame is solid, sturdy and is built to last. The Leonard Upholstered Bed is available in a range of sizes and can easily adapt to your current mattress. The Leonard Upholstered Bed would make a beautiful addition to any master or guest bedroom and is even a perfect choice for kids bedrooms.

Wow! Very well-made and very simple to put together. I did it by myself in about 35 minutes. It is very sturdy and I love how the slats attach with Velcro instead of screws that could easily split this wood. It comes with everything you need to do the job except a pair of scissors to open the box. I found it to be very sturdy. all the screws tightened up very nicely. The only tip I could give you is when you’re putting it together and you’re putting your last side rail on it might fight you a little bit trying to get it in. Loosen the center bolts on the foot rail so you can get the side rail in properly and then come back and tighten the center bolts in the foot rail. I would give it six stars ifccould
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Leonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed review
What a wonderful bed frame! I was impressed to see that it came double boxed which protected the upholstered headboard. The coolest thing was that the headboard itself had the rest of the pieces zipped inside! So clever! The instructions were excellent, AND the parts box was excellently organised. The screws were all clearly labeled and they ever had one extra of each screw included. It only took an Allen Wrench to build (and again, they added a cool mini-Allen Wrench Socket doo-hickey that I used quite a lot and really helped tighten the screws well. The fabric and the color (we bought beige) are nice, linen-like. And best of all, I was able to assemble the entire bedframe by myself in under two hours and I am "more mature" very petite woman! This was great quality for the price!
Helpful Helpful 6
Leonard Upholstered Bed review
I bought this for my daughters college house. Let me just say that this bed was so well packed and marked, it made assembly so easy. Had it up in no time! Would highly recommend this product. This is a well made bed.
Helpful Helpful 4
Leonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed review
I love this bed. It took no time at all to assemble it. Everything was there...........no missing parts. It looks great! The bed is comfortable.
Helpful Helpful 4
Leonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed review
It took about 2.5 months to arrive but I think there was a glitch. Customer service was very helpful and by the time I called the bed had shipped. It was worth the wait! I assembled it myself under an hour. Super easy! Would highly recommend!
Helpful Helpful 4
Leonard Upholstered Bed review
This bed is STURDY and beautiful! When looking for an upholstered bed I noticed that a lot of them didn't have both vertical and horizontal support for the slats (just vertical), and most of the supports were made of wood. This bed has both vertical and horizontal support and the bars are metal. The only complaint I have is one side of the headboard leans a little forward (like it's twisted) but not enough to reduce the 5 star rating.
Helpful Helpful 4
Beautifully crafted bed for the price, great deal! One person can put together, very nice materials, great company. Super comfortable, favorite bed frame I have owned. Would highly recommend!
Helpful Helpful 2
Beautiful bed in every way. I’ll nominate the designer for best packaging job of the year. Very sturdy, easy assembly with two people, and lovely upholstery. I’m really impressed with everything about this product for the price.
Helpful Helpful 1
Leonard Upholstered Bed review
First of all, when you think you are missing pieces, looking inside the headboard and nicely packaged in your bed. LOL. Easily put together. I am really surprised how much I really like it. Sturdy. Fits against the wall of my lofted bedroom. I am keeping the box spring on since I don't have anywhere for it at the time so I removed the legs of the bed and folded the frame. Perfect height now and the dog won't craw under it. Very satisfied.
Helpful Helpful 1
I purchased a size full. It was pretty easy to assemble and with instructions design thoughtfully very well done! More power to you folks
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Beautiful bed n sturdy. Easy to assembly. I love it!
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
So far, so good. It is a pretty bed! I read the comments before buying it and many people said it is heavy. That is very true. However, if you can get the product in your house, open up the boxes, and take out all of its components from the headboard, you’ll be able to carry the headboard by yourself. All of the components are stashed in the headboard, so I took them out and brought them upstairs (it took a few trips) and then finally the headboard was easy to bring upstairs by myself. I was able to put it together in about 60 to 90 minutes. Very easy instructions.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Beautiful bed. Very creative shipping packaging. Feels very sturdy and well made. Easy to put together. I did it by myself I. About an hour.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Very happy with these beds. Bought them over a year ago. My husband was so excited when all the parts were stored in the headboard, they were very easy to assemble.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Love this bed. The linen is beautiful and as shown in the pictures. It’s easy to assemble alone.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed review
I am a 71 year old woman I had this assembled in under an hour. Just beautiful great quality!
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
This was awesome for my mother in law!! I purchased this for her and redid her bedroom (and entire house) this is perfect height for her.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
My daughter was thrilled!!! Beautiful bed and made her room look so much more like a sophisticated teenager.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Love our bed. Love it, so far! Easy to assemble and the packaging was amazing. The bed is a bit lower than we are used to, but not too noticeable. If you think that might bother you, get a thicker mattress. Ours is a 12 inch memory foam. The bed looks great. We’re stoked. )
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Goes great in a neutral themed room! Took 30 min to assemble with one person
Helpful Helpful 0
Bianca Den
Sturdy bed, looks like in the picture, love it for our guestroom
Helpful Helpful 0
Super easy to put together. Like that all the parts were stored in the headboard. Looks great in our spare bedroom!
Helpful Helpful 0
Had this for a couple years now and it’s held up great!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great quality and easy assembly!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great delivery experience and super easy to assemble. This was probably the easiest piece of furniture to assemble. So far it seems very sturdy and looks exactly as pictured
Helpful Helpful 0
Stylish and my house guests love it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Absolutely love this bed. Great quality and we love that everything years down and goes into the headboard for easy moving.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this bed. Easy to put together. Gorgeous!
Helpful Helpful 0
Shawndra Graham
Beautiful well made, quality bed, I love it!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this bed , great fit for my bedroom
Helpful Helpful 0
Although the backboard could be a little higher this bed was very easy to build and is made well. I would recommend this purchase.
Helpful Helpful 0
Just as it looks in the picture and sturdy!
Helpful Helpful 0
Was able to assemble by myself. Simple and pretty.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a lovely addition to our guest room. The color and quality are great.
Helpful Helpful 0
I love this brand, very simple to put together and looks well made. I bought one for my daughter as well, its great for toddlers who are prone to hitting their head on the back board
Helpful Helpful 0
Very sturdy and beautiful! Took us maybe 45 mins to put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
Simple, good quality, easy to assemble
Helpful Helpful 0
Great bed! Very high quality and fairly easy to assemble.
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed is so easy to put together!
Helpful Helpful 0
Great and easy to assemble thank you. Also arrived a few days early.
Helpful Helpful 0
So thankful for the reviews that said everything was in the headboard. It was pretty easy to put together even for someone who never puts anything together. Two of my panels were mislabeled left and right but you could visually see that it was incorrect. I also initially realize that the screws were already in the bed. Bed looks nice and so far seems stable.
Helpful Helpful 1
Leonard Upholstered Bed reviewLeonard Upholstered Bed review
The description states that the bed is cream color. It also looks cream in the photo; however it is not that color. The bed is more a beige or tan not cream.
Helpful Helpful 1
The packaging and delivery of the product is amazing. Super impressed although I felt bad for the FedEx guy carrying 125lbs. The missing star has to do with handling in the factory. If you look at the photo, there are fingerprints on the fabric. There was also a small snag on the bottom of the bed. Seems like the manufacturing process could be tightened up to keep this great product 100 up until delivery. Wayfairs communication was very good throughout the process.
Helpful Helpful 0
Leonard Upholstered Bed review
LOVE IT ! I got this platform last week, it was supposed to be at my new place last Tuesday and I got it on Thursday but besides the delay, everything is great The box was huge! with my friend we could not take it to the apartment so we opened the box in the porch and took piece by piece upstairs. I did put it together by myself in around 90 minutes. Instructions are clear and simple
Helpful Helpful 0
Leonard Upholstered Bed review
Holding up great so far but some of the seams on the upholstery are mighty tight so I’m hoping they don’t tear with time. I’ve only had the bed for about a month so it’s too soon to tell—keeping my fingers crossed.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very nice bed frame, not bad to put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
Dae Hwan
Looks pretty good and not difficult to assemble. In terms of durability I will have to see going forward as the supporting frame doesn't look super sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
We had trouble with the first bed shipped. It had a defective footboard and side section that was missing the necessary hardware to complete the assembly. After speaking with Wayfair representatives we ultimately received an entire second platform bed from which we were able to use the necessary pieces to complete the bed assembly. It took three weeks to get the second bed and completely assemble the bed. Wayfair was cooperative. I think the problem was with the manufacturer.
Helpful Helpful 0
At first I really loved this bed frame, but I've only had it for two months and one of the bolts in the middle of the frame has completely come out making it impossible to make the frame sturdy again. My bed sinks in the middle now. This should have never happened, especially because I make sure to mount and dismount my bed with care. Will need to buy a new frame ASAP
Helpful Helpful 2
So bad. The entire experience with this bed deserves negative stars.The side panels for this came in 3 different colors and the headboard was defective. After over a week of trying to get a replacement (speaking with customer service several times) the manufacturer deemed it not an issue and decided they wouldn't send the replacement. Wayfair issued a credit and gave me a 10% discount code, but sometimes it isn't all about the money. I have guests sleeping on a mattress on the floor now and it sucks. I was also told a few times the replacement would ship shortly. I tried hard to get this resolved and super last minute the decision was made to cancel my replacement. Then they say keep or donate the bed. Literally it wasn't even usable as the side panels were for different sized beds. It sat in my house for over a week waiting and finally got tossed in the garbage. Super disappointing experience, but at least I didn't waste my money? Fun times.
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Leonard Upholstered Bed review
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A king size bed is the largest standard bed that you will find in the market plus it measures 76 inches by 80 inches, making it a great and popular choice among couple. Single sleepers with the proper finances also enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a huge bed all to themselves. The King Size bed also comes in different variations which are the California size bed that’s 4 inches longer than a normal king size bed and 4 inches narrower, another variation is the California king size bed, the ideal choice if you are sharing your bed with someone who is more than 6 feet tall. If you are couple looking for a bed with extra comfort and space for the both of you I would highly recommend the King size bed as it’s a combination of unmatched comfort and luxury.


A Queen Size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s a very popular bed as it ideal for various kind of lifestyle, it can suit a wide range of sleepers such as single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed or couple who are shopping on a budget. A queen size bed can fit in most bedrooms making it ideal for couples who want to share a bed plus also its affordability. The Queen Size bed has different variations in case you need a size larger than a normal queen bed but smaller than a king sized bed. These variations include an Olympic queen sized bed which has 6 extra inches on its width and a California queen which has 4 extra inches in length. A queen size bed will fit perfectly well in large bedrooms and smaller bedrooms.


A Twin bed also referred to as a single bed is one of the smallest bed in the market with a dimension of 38’’ by 75’’. Its compact size makes it ideal for single sleepers may it be children or an adult living in a small space such as a studio apartment. It’s an affordable and versatile bed set up for various sleepers such as toddlers and college student in the dorm. For over several decades it has been one of the most popular beds among college students and young children in their early teens as you can find it in most of their bedrooms, however in this modern age where people are seeking for more comfort and space, the popularity of twin beds is been over taken by queen size beds. Despite being great for growing children it’s also very flexible and versatile especially if you are trying to maximize the space in your bedroom.


Choosing to decorate your bedroom with a cream bed is all about creating a soothing and restful bedroom environment. And just because you have colored your bedroom wall with other colors such as dusty pink, it doesn’t mean your bedroom can’t be neutral. With a cream bed you can get to maintain that neutral, soothing bedroom environment. If you intend to make a cool cream statement you should invest in a gorgeous cream bed with that luxurious feel. One of the best colors that you can match your cream bed with is soft grey that you can use in pendant lighting and other bedroom furniture. With a cream bedroom you will always be on a trendy and yet timeless environment a place where you will spend some of your most valued time. A cream bed is definitely a lovely option that you should try out.


Many people tend to think that in order to create a dramatic high-contrast bedroom space, you need to decorate your bedroom with bright colors or moody greens, blues, and reds. Well, it’s time to think again, because now with a natural colored/themed bed you can create a dreamy, dramatic and romantic bedroom space. A natural bed gives your bedroom a cozy and romantic look which is much better that the traditional rather spooky and cave like look, that is achieved through lots of unnecessary painting. Especially if you are a minimalist a natural bed is your best option as it gives you that minimalist look since it’s perfectly fine without any clutter and unnecessary furnishing and also it provides you with a clean, serene vibe. If you intend to keep an all-natural vibe in your bedroom then you should go and get yourself a Natural bed.

Low (under 8 in.)

Want a quick way to revamp your home? Refurbish your master suite, kids’ room, or guest bedroom with a low-profile bed frame! A low-profile bed frame still offers you enough under bed space to use for storage without compromising on style or beauty. This low-profile bed frame is also an ideal choice for younger children, older individuals, or people with mobility difficulties, as it provides an easier and safer way to get in and out of bed, without compromising on style or quality. Low bed frames provide you with a luxurious sleep space that offers you comfort with a contemporary, maximum space-saving design. These low bed frames are the ideal choice for loft apartments or contemporary condos to spruce up the space with sophistication. Modern, yet minimal, a low-profile bed frame will flawlessly upgrade your bedroom space. Assembly is required.


Foam bed usually compromise of a foam mattress and a foam pillow, which has really soared in popularity over the last two decades. Making some of us to wonder what might be so great about these foam beds? And for sure it turns out to be a lot. One main reason is how a foam bed evenly distributes your weight and pressure over a specific point giving you as the sleeper a pressure relief point. Foam beds are known to last to a period of up to ten years making them very economical and beneficial. With such benefits in mind a foam bed can only be described as hybrid beds mainly due to their unmatched benefits. Plus with the latest foam technology a foam bed can help you keep you warm or cool depending on room temperature.


One of the most asked question when it comes metallic beds is, are they safe for younger children? And the answer is always, yes they are. One of reason to why metal beds have grown in popularity over the last couple of years is the fact that they require less maintenance since as we all know metal does not dent or scratch easily making it even a more attractive option as compared to wooden and plastic beds. When it comes to durability also metal beds are currently the most durable beds in the market more durable than the wooden beds and would even handle more weight than a wooden bed frame. Metal beds are also highly portable since they are lighter than other types of bed, and in case you are the kind of person who love rearranging their bedroom setup you will definitely love the metal bed.


Mainly due to its popularity many homeowners now prefer plywood over traditional solid wood to produce their furniture .A good example is the plywood bed, it’s an affordable option especially if you are looking for a bed and you have a very small budget. A plywood bed is not only very versatile but it also hold in the beauty of wood. A plywood bed can be available in softwood, hardwood, and other various finishes. It’s highly resistance to moisture especially in humid and damp conditions, making it a favorite piece of furniture in tropical areas. Its high resistance to water has made it suitable for any kind of weather conditions, especially in the colder regions. Plywood has many uses of its own which include making furniture such as plywood beds and it’s also used for other decorative purposes. A plywood bed is very durable as compared to other types of beds due to its sturdy nature.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.


Unlike other kind of metallic beds a steel bed is entirely susceptible to developing rust. A steel bed is usually a simple, elegant bedroom furniture, plus no matter your bedroom style a steel bed will complement your style may it be modern, vintage, contemporary, etc. A steel bed design will make your bedroom look even more stylish and chic, and not forget with a steel bed you can easily change the color to match that of your bedroom walls. Steel beds are popular in kids bedroom since many kid’s bedroom usually have a pop of many different colors making a steel bed the perfect fit due to its brightness. Before buying that steel bed make sure its genuine steel since steel is known for its good quality and a good quality steel bed will definitely serve you for years. A steel bed will definitely be a perfect choice for your bedroom.


Upholstered beds are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to their versatility, convenience, and comfort. It has become so common to come across a well-designed upholstered bed, for example you could be reading through your favorite home magazine and start to notice how good bedrooms fitted with upholstered beds look. With an upholstered bed you can customize you bedroom the way you want without worrying whether the bed will bring out the best of your bedroom since upholstered bed work perfectly with any type of bedroom décor. Whether you are a modern minimalist or a maximalist, an upholstered bed can be customized to fit your aesthetic or to match the rest of your bedroom furniture from your bohemian wall art to your traditional nightstands. Unlike wooden beds an upholstered bed gives you a chance to customize your bed’s design and color pattern.


A wooden bed is a very popular choice especially when you are out buying a bed for your kids as they come with a number of advantages. Such as: wooden beds are known to be long lasting. At one point in life most of us have slept in a wooden bed, plus wooden beds can be traced back in history to our Tudor ancestors. If you opt to get you kid a bed of his or her own a wooden bed is always the best choice, since they are much easier to clean and maintain since its common knowledge how messy a child’s bedroom become. What makes a wooden bed the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is its ability to withstand everything your child throws at it. This is because wooden beds are known to be sturdy and robust no matter the environment they are in.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.


Fabric is commonly designed for everyday clothing, and, because of its quality, it can also be used for furniture upholstery. Light, simple, and versatile, fabric-upholstered beds can effortlessly match any interior design theme. They are durable and long-lasting. Fabrics are also soft and comfortable and can even make your bed stand out from the rest of your furnishings.

There are different types of fabric-upholstered bed depending on the textile used and each of them has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. A linen-upholstered bed is breathable, easy to clean, and hypo-allergenic, but is prone to wrinkles and low stain-resistance. A velvet-upholstered bed is good for those with pets and can be dyed in rich colors, but high-maintenance and very expensive. A cotton-upholstered bed is abrasion-resistant and allows you to maintain a cool feeling, but not that stain-resistant and its fibers may weaken when directly exposed to sunlight. A corduroy-upholstered bed is durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive, but can be heavy. But, whichever type you choose, surely fabric can turn your bed into a comfortable one.

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