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Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed

Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Alcott Hill®
11234 Reviews
$229.70 - $508.35
* Prices may have changed since the last update.
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Price History
Not available
Width- Side to Side
Height- Top to Bottom
Frame Material
Solid Wood
Upholstery Material
100% Linen
Upholstery Fill Material
Box Spring Required
Recommended Box Spring Height
Low Profile
Box Spring Included
Number of Slats Included (Twin, Full, Queen, King Size)
Center Support Legs
Number of Center Support Legs (Twin Size)
Number of Center Support Legs (King Size)
Number of Center Support Legs (Queen, Full Size)
Weight Capacity (Full Size)
800 lb.
Weight Capacity (Queen Size)
1000 lb.
Weight Capacity (Twin Size)
600 lb.
Weight Capacity (King Size)
1500 lb.
Mattress Included
Recommended Mattress Thickness
Headboard Included
Yes (Finished Back)
Footboard Included
Compatible with Adjustable Bed
Natural Variation Type
No Natural Variation
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Wood Species
Minimum Recommended Ceiling Height
Adjustable Headboard
Maximum Headboard Height
Minimum Headboard Height
CAL TB 117-2013 Compliant
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
Against defects, excludes fabric

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11234 Reviews
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34/50 recommendations
Featured 50 Reviews
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Expert Review

* This Bed may have changed since we completed this review.


In bedrooms, the bed maybe the central feature of a design scheme. The low-profile bed refers to a bed frame and not the actual mattress. A low-profile bed is as simple as it sounds, it is low to the ground. People choose low profile bed frame over platform bed due to the aesthetic appeal and minimal design that it gives to your bedroom. Low profile bed is on the verge of popularity as the minimalistic and elegant design trend is continuously growing.

This Standard bed (low profile) gives a modern, elegant and stylish look in your bedroom. Crafted from solid wood frame with quality, value and style, Bed will provide look that is an ideal addition to any bedroom. This standard (low profile) bed will transform a room from ordinary into something elegant and uniquely designed.

This standard (low profile) bed gives your room more sophisticated and spacy appearance. The design purpose of this standard lower beds better suit the elegant decor with modern style. This bed is a great option for master suite or guest bedroom. It looks more elegant than higher bed frames. There’s a reason they are a top choice among the trendy millennial set. Low-to-the-ground beds instantly transform a room with a cool, traditional and modern look.

If you want a king-size bed that is not unnecessarily tall, this standard (low profile) king size bed is exactly what you are looking for. The platform elevates the mattress mere inches off the ground. Low-profile beds are comfortable to sleep on. Low bed frames typically feature slats at bottom, this standard (low profile) distance from the floor to the slats is at a good height so your mattresses won’t budge, bounce, or creek at all. Also, these bed slats can provide adequate support to your mattress which promotes more comfort and relaxation.

The timelessness of this design makes it an excellent choice for a modern or traditional environment. It is compatible with adjustable base. This piece showcases 100% linen upholstery. This standard (low profile) gives a modern minimalist look that is meant to give the appeal of hovering right about the ground. This low sitting bed frame is crafted with solid wood and built to last.


This bed will be a focal point of your bedroom. Here are some of the key features that make the bed unique.


The headboard in this bed is the most decorative piece built in this bed frame or attaches to the side rails of the bed frame with bolts. The headboard in this bed can protect the wall behind the bed from abrasions or dirt and offers a backing for pillows. Some headboards double as storage and have built-in shelves, lighting or drawers. However, in this bed it does not have storage.

Hook-On Rails

The rails have been attached to the headboard and footboard with high quality perfection to give the headboard an attractive look. Footboard are used to box the top of the mattress within the bedframe. They prevent the mattress from slipping, helps to hold covers and blankets in place. The headboard and footboard are the four legs that support the bed. Hook-on side rails connect the two large pieces with special hooks that slide into place to build the bed.

Quality footboard design

Most beds concentrate more on the headboard making it look more beautiful and elegant. In this bed the footboard is well designed and attractive. They are the timeless qualities that don’t go out of fashion, they are not essential to the construction of the bed and most are decorative, improving the aesthetic of the rest of your bedroom.


The bed size is 61.5”H × 72” W x 65” W × 80.5” L making it accommodate more than one person. This size is idle for master bedroom. Because of the size the centre support is good for your mattress-Meaning they offer a flat and firm surface for the mattress along with excellent ventilation. Centre support are perfect for memory foam mattress because they offer ventilation. By allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress, little to no moisture will remain in the bed.

Solid Wood

By far the most popular material, wood beds can be stained or painted in any colour. Because wood is such a versatile material, these beds can sport clean lines or curved headboards with moulding and carvings for accents.

Fabric Upholstery

The fabric used is high quality and though the bedframe itself is made of wood or metal, upholstered beds are covered with padding and wrapped in fabric for a plush finish. This bed is tufted for a plump, quilted look.


A low-profile bed is all about aesthetics. A lower bed is minimal in appearance and delivers a timeless style. Because it’s low to the ground, it makes the room seem more spacious. Typically, a low bed is less bulky. It is also easy for kids and pets to hop into and out of. We still don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, but if it makes you feel better, it’s completely safe to sleep with your pet.

Sleeping closer to the ground can make you feel more comfortable and cosier in your bed. When we are closer to the ground, we tend to feel more connected to our surroundings. This creates a calming, more serene environment that can help us fall asleep quicker and rest peacefully throughout the night. Low profile bed may feel cosier and promote more relaxation. Kids and pets will love too since a low-profile bed frame is more accessible, they can jump right in. Being closer to the ground means you never have to worry about falling out of bed.


Even though this bed is goo most people have complained about the challenge of sweeping under the bed. It’s also easier for dirt and dust to accumulate because it’s harder to clean under the bed.

The low height is also harder for some people to get into, as having to crouch down onto a bed might aggravate a sore back. The same goes for bending over to make the bed in the morning.


Take a deep breath. Visualize yourself simplifying everything about your life. You’re reducing clutter, bringing your home into alignment, and feeling good about life. You dream of wide-open spaces and plenty of breathing space. In that visualization, do you see heavy, old-fashioned furniture with a million superfluous carvings and accents? Of course, you don’t. You see furniture that brings zen to your home–simple furniture made from strong materials and subdued colours.

Your will be enhanced with modern frame and a base that appears to float off the floor. The open spacing of the headboard gives the overall appearance of being light and open. The modern bed has a lightweight frame that gives it a unique, timeless look, and the sleek design.it is created with bold sleek-fine finishes and straight lines giving off a modern contemporary look.

After a tiring day of work, school, and other activities, a nice cosy sleep seems to be the best way to ease this kind of exhaustion. The height of the bed affects our comfort as well as well-being. No one wants to ruin their beauty sleep just because your bed is too high. Warm air rises while cool air sinks, the lower the bed, the cooler the air which makes your sleep more comfortable. If you get hot while sleeping, being closer to the ground can have you resting in slightly cooler temperature. Heat rises because it is less dense than cool air, and the higher up or closer to the roof or ceiling of a closed room you get, the warmer the air become.

Low profile bed usually refers to a bed frame and not the actual mattress. Some low-profile beds are minimally designed. The frame may be extremely simple so as not to dominate a room. Sure, thing is those customers who used high standard beds and switched to low profile beds don’t want to return to their previous choice.

If you are installing a small bedroom, storage beds can help you make the most of your space. These styles come with built-in drawers for extra storage space under your mattress, making it easy to stay out of a tight fit. You will also want to carefully measure your room before choosing what size bed you want for the smallest space. Keep in mind that Twin and full-size beds are a few inches shorter than other mattresses and can save valuable space.

My daughter loves her bed. It was delivered quickly, easy to install and color was exactly what was expected.
Helpful Helpful 28
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
- delivery box is very very heavy! And wide- def a two person job in terms of moving it around.- pieces are well packaged- nothing was damaged or broken. All the pieces were labeled well- assembly I did it solo in about 1.5 hours- instructions aren’t easy to follow but the Allen wrench part takes a long time with all the bolts and screws. - bed and frame sturdy! Elegant, the wings are a great focal point. - this bed looks way more than what I paid for it. - for reference, I have a box spring and a mattress- 21 total inch height and I used the 3rd mark on the headboard and it’s the perfect height and look. Overall, I love this bed and it is definitely a great buy and an excellent addition to my new room!
Helpful Helpful 7
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Not yet put together - waiting still for hurricane repairs to be completed. Update: LOVE this bed! Although it arrived with missing parts, Wayfair made it right. Happy that headboard height is adjustable. Assembly was easy. UPDATE: almost 2 years later - could not be happier
Helpful Helpful 3
This bed is absolutely beautiful!! We am thrilled :) It took my husband & I about 1.5 hours to put together . everything went so smooth putting it together. & If it didn't.... Wayfair is the best for customer service ever!!! I also bought the bedspread you see in the picture it's the Pinar reversible comforter in color warm sand... excellent quality light weight & fits much better than many other king comforters. Everything is perfect.... very very happy
Helpful Helpful 2
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Love it!!!! Easy assemble, affordable price! Get it !!!!!!
Helpful Helpful 1
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
We love this bed! It’s exactly what we wanted and met all of our expectations!!! Easy to install and put together
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
This is a beautiful bed frame and headboard. The color is actually a little darker than we expected but as it turned out we prefer the darker color. It was pretty easy to assemble but since we ordered the king it was good that 2 of us were able to work on it together. I would buy again.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Great quality headboard. Fine fabric and well sewn.
Helpful Helpful 0
Excellent quality for the price!
Helpful Helpful 0
The color and quality are amazing. The assembly was super easy and it got here very fast! I would purchase it over and over again.
Helpful Helpful 0
very elegant, very modern color. if you are going for a minimalistic look, this, unfortunately, is not the one for you.
Helpful Helpful 0
This is a great looking bed. I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. We have had it quite a while and it looks brand new.
Helpful Helpful 0
Karen Denise
Exactly what I wanted for master bedroom
Helpful Helpful 0
Gorgeous! The color is beautiful, quality is great, easy to put together.
Helpful Helpful 0
We love this bed and headboard! It is a King bed and the headboard makes the entire bedroom look
Helpful Helpful 0
beautiful got the blue color great for my boys room easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
Beautiful bed, exactly as described. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.
Helpful Helpful 0
Happy with our purchase. Easy to put together. Looks great.
Helpful Helpful 0
Amazing love my bed looks elegant
Helpful Helpful 0
Love it. It makes the room look so well designed. lovely bed.
Helpful Helpful 0
Very nice product! The fabric is beautiful, and the equipment is fairly simple to put together (even by yourself if you’re able-bodied). It allows you to adjust to your box springmattress height as well. I ordered it when there was a sale so I’m very happy with the price for the finished project.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this headboard!! My daughter saw it and begged for it. It looks beautiful in HER home.
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed is a lovely touch to the room and very sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love. Looks beautiful in my room. WOuld recommend.
Helpful Helpful 0
Love this bed! Easy to put together for two people. Now that it’s assembled and in our bedroom we have hit out toes on the side and corners of the bed feet! They really close to the edge. I would also recommend using fitted sheet to cover the boxspring because the base is low profile your boxspring is visible.
Helpful Helpful 6
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Great purchase love this bed. Super easy to put together and sturdy. Gave the room a magical look.
Helpful Helpful 4
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Perfect for the price! Wasn’t looking to spend too much on a bed with a frame.. so this worked out great. I wish they had black, but this charcoal grey does the trick!
Helpful Helpful 2
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Very pretty! I have the linen tufted bed, well made, and was easy to put together! the only thing I would change; would have liked it to be a few inches taller to be able to store things under it. But that is minor!
Helpful Helpful 1
Well constructed. Easy to put together. The headboard wings bother me that they don’t go down to the floor or side rails and you can see the support legs. I would rather it be a fixed height with wings down to base. I knew this was going to be an issue but the price was too good. I tried to return before they even shipped but Wayfair didn’t get back to me until after beds were in transit. The return fee was the cost of the beds —not worth returning. Anyway, we made the best of it. Note you need a low profile box spring. You can see my standard height box spring. I plan to change the bed feet to a 4” turned leg to give this bed a more classic look.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Danielle Leandra
Love this bed. It’s not quite as sturdy as I thought it would be but looks great. I would purchase again.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks good. Fabric is clean and good quality. Easy to assemble. Sturdy construction.
Helpful Helpful 0
Everything would have been great if there wasn’t a stain on it. Kept it anyways.
Helpful Helpful 0
I love my new bed.. hubby put it together I would say within an hour or so.
Helpful Helpful 0
Big, huge box. But a corner is dented in. Not going to open until July... when they get here. Help
Helpful Helpful 0
I know you get what you pay for. The bed looks nice but it arrived damaged. One of the buttons on the headboard arrived damaged. We tried to fix it but it is impossible to get it to look right.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Beautiful bed. Before and After two years later the bed just broke down the boards underneath looks dry rot coming apart boards are shaped like a roller coaster now from dry rot. Sad 2018 2020
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Dennisted Medina
The picture of the product looks amazing but the product itself seems to be uneven. The headboard side panel stop in the middle and looks awkward having it looking like a lip and serves no purpose. The materials are good quality but its just the design of the product that is not visible in the picture./
Helpful Helpful 0
Cheaply made. Doesn't hold up to any sort of move. Already falling apart.
Helpful Helpful 0
The bed is lovely but beware, it is 1.5 inches wider than listed. (See picture.) Thus, for us, we can't use.Unfortunately, we didn't open until after the return period.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Quite disappointing after searching for over a year for a bed and really reading Wayfair’s descriptions and specs. Very flimsy in general. Not as shown in website photo. The side rails in website image are one piece of wood with no leg in the middle. What I received are side rails that were bent in half that you basically unfold and that have a very weak leg to support the middle where the bend is. However these Center legs don’t even touch the ground. When I make the bed and I hit the side rail with my toe, I am afraid I am going to break the side rail. I guess the good thing is that the side rail does fill the void between the mattress and the floor. The tufting on the headboard is not deeply inset as shown in the website photo either. The headboard is very unstable, to the point I would not sit my pillow upon it and lean against it to read. I think we will have to prop it up against the wall to make it sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Looks good! It was great for the first few months. Then started break piece by piece! First, the headboard screws fell off and the whole piece was detached, then the side rails became loose and started squeaking! fixed it few times but it become loose from somewhere else!I don’t recommend buying this one!
Helpful Helpful 0
Very disappointed in this product! Not all the hardware was provided, the slats and side rails did not fit right and there was a hole in the upholstered headboard. I was very excited about this purchase, however I was unfortunately let down... A whole lot.
Helpful Helpful 6
This bed is junk. It fell apart while we were putting it together. Save your money and buy something else.
Helpful Helpful 1
Not what the pictures shows to be. I was expecting the headboard to be very tall like in the picture buts its not no where close. Would have sent it back but was more trouble to send back..
Helpful Helpful 1
The pressboard completely cracked underneath, and the screws and holes are completely stripped and unable to go back in. I bought this bed on 3/5/20. Barely lasted a year.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
Horrible .... HORRIBLE!!! I had placed an order on this bed frame. When I placed the order last year, this color blue as shown in the picture was named silvergray (at the time). When I receive the bed frame AS YOU CAN SEE ... it wasn’t the BLUE that was shown in the picture. I called to complain about the color, how I received the grayish bedframe instead of the blue bedframe. They told me that they were going to replace it ONCE it came back in stock, which wound be NOW February 2021! Now they’re telling me it’s beyond it’s REPLACEMENT stage the color that I order is DISCONTINUED. The manufacturer is no longer producing that product. So now I’m out 400 I’m stuck with a bed I don’t want and I’m force to keep. FALSE ADVERTISING!!! This isn’t RIGHT! These people only want your money and literally don’t care about their consumers.
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
We really wanted to love this bed but once we started unpacking it and making sure we had all the materials we already found damages to our furniture. In the pictures you can see a tear in the headboard and one of the wooden pieces broken offloose from a side piece. To top it off no instructions were included and the instructions online were from a different model. Pieces came loose and not packaged together the way other beds we ordered came. Nails are missing as well. We are so disappointed as we just moved into a new home and were looking forward to creating a new look for our master bedroom. Do not risk purchasing this item! It is not worth the hassle . All wayfair customer service can do for you is reach out to the manufacturer. Now we are stuck with all this and trying to return .
Helpful Helpful 0
Majors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed reviewMajors Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed review
The bed has an unnecessary additional leg in the middle of the frame that is super easy to catch your toe on. The Headboard doesn’t attach firmly and it’s not one piece all the way down - looks cheap.
Helpful Helpful 0
The dimensions of this bed listed are not correct. I wanted a bed that was 61.5 inches tall. This one is about 12 inches shorter than that
Helpful Helpful 0
This bed fell apart after 18 months. I went to buy a new bed last week because I am tired of having to make repairs to this bed. Extremely disappointing.
Helpful Helpful 0
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Full / Double

A Full / Double bed is a bed meant for couples to share, however with the emergence of so many size options full-double beds are now mainly meant for single sleepers. Back in the 1940s a couple would perfectly fit and enjoy a full double bed, in fact you might have seen one in those 90s movies a classic full-double bed with a nightstand next to it and an old black and white TV on the wall. In modern day, full-double beds are still very popular, mainly among the younger generation who are not married yet and desire a little bit of comfort. Full-double beds fell out of favor of many couple with the introduction of king and queen size beds in to the markets. But despite that a full-double bed is still an excellent choice for single adults with limited space but still desire a bigger bed.


A king size bed is the largest standard bed that you will find in the market plus it measures 76 inches by 80 inches, making it a great and popular choice among couple. Single sleepers with the proper finances also enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a huge bed all to themselves. The King Size bed also comes in different variations which are the California size bed that’s 4 inches longer than a normal king size bed and 4 inches narrower, another variation is the California king size bed, the ideal choice if you are sharing your bed with someone who is more than 6 feet tall. If you are couple looking for a bed with extra comfort and space for the both of you I would highly recommend the King size bed as it’s a combination of unmatched comfort and luxury.


A Queen Size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s a very popular bed as it ideal for various kind of lifestyle, it can suit a wide range of sleepers such as single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed or couple who are shopping on a budget. A queen size bed can fit in most bedrooms making it ideal for couples who want to share a bed plus also its affordability. The Queen Size bed has different variations in case you need a size larger than a normal queen bed but smaller than a king sized bed. These variations include an Olympic queen sized bed which has 6 extra inches on its width and a California queen which has 4 extra inches in length. A queen size bed will fit perfectly well in large bedrooms and smaller bedrooms.


A Twin bed also referred to as a single bed is one of the smallest bed in the market with a dimension of 38’’ by 75’’. Its compact size makes it ideal for single sleepers may it be children or an adult living in a small space such as a studio apartment. It’s an affordable and versatile bed set up for various sleepers such as toddlers and college student in the dorm. For over several decades it has been one of the most popular beds among college students and young children in their early teens as you can find it in most of their bedrooms, however in this modern age where people are seeking for more comfort and space, the popularity of twin beds is been over taken by queen size beds. Despite being great for growing children it’s also very flexible and versatile especially if you are trying to maximize the space in your bedroom.

Twin / Single

A twin-single bed are two, single beds that are bought and designed to be used together, they are mainly recommended for children or teens who share the same bedroom and don’t need that much space. The term twin-single originally came about as hotels were used to placing two single beds in the same room and hence the term “twin” single beds. Twin single beds makes good guests beds or bunk beds, especially if you are trying to maximize on a small bedroom space, twin single beds are usually a good option for narrow bedrooms and if you have kids who are sharing the same bedroom. Twin-single beds allows each child to have their own bed without the room feeling too cramped up. They are usually an ideal choice especially for children who have out grown their cribs.

Box Spring Required Standard

Are you looking to upgrade your bed or make a change, but are unsure which components are important and which you can ignore? Box spring is one of those things, and there are a few things that you need to determine if this accessory is necessary or not. Depending on whether you want to put your mattress on the floor or on top of your bed, Box spring will be necessary. The box spring helps a lot by providing underlying support for the mattress. It also raises the mattress to a more comfortable height, helping absorb impact and reducing the wear and tear on the mattress. Depending on your preference, the box spring protects the mattress by absorbing impact.


A beige bed can be used to warm up an already bright bedroom without having to paint all the surfaces and bedroom walls. Beige is a warm neutral color that will definitely bring about versatility as the bed’s beige hue integrates to the other colors of your bedroom creating a warm bedroom environment that is ideal for a good night sleep. In case you have an all-white bedroom interior and want to keep white from overpowering your bedroom space you should opt for a beige bed as it will neutralize the excess light while still creating a warm environment. Beige will bring about a more simple toned down environment despite the colors you have chosen for your bedroom décor since beige offers a color blocking solution. Despite what color is overpowering your bedroom space a beige bed will definitely tone it down.


When trying to open up a smaller bedroom most people often think about bright colors with light hues, but also there is a stronger advantage for going darker and there is no better way to do that than with a black bed. Black is known to amplify small spaces and also set the right mood in your bedroom space. A black colored bed makes your bedroom fell more intimate and special in ways that you could have never imagined before, something that you would never achieve with any of those bright colors. There is nothing as important as setting the right mood in your bedroom especially if you are a couple since it’s the base of your relationship romantically. A black bed adds a touch of intrigue but still blends right into the bedroom décor colors creating a timeless look.


Even though brown is not the most obvious color to use when decorating your bedroom. A Brown bed’s warmth nook makes it worth incorporating in to your bedroom. And the fact that you would never expect to see a brown bed or bedroom décor makes it perfect for anyone who loves experimenting on colors and doesn’t like using playful pastels and bright neon’s. To avoid it from being swallowed into the dark bedroom interior, it’s recommended to be used in a bedroom with bright interior colors that bring about more lighting, which is a rich tone up especially to the brown bed and in the process creating another element intrigue. A brown bed is the only way to tone down a bright bedroom interior without having to repaint the walls.


Choosing to decorate your bedroom with a cream bed is all about creating a soothing and restful bedroom environment. And just because you have colored your bedroom wall with other colors such as dusty pink, it doesn’t mean your bedroom can’t be neutral. With a cream bed you can get to maintain that neutral, soothing bedroom environment. If you intend to make a cool cream statement you should invest in a gorgeous cream bed with that luxurious feel. One of the best colors that you can match your cream bed with is soft grey that you can use in pendant lighting and other bedroom furniture. With a cream bedroom you will always be on a trendy and yet timeless environment a place where you will spend some of your most valued time. A cream bed is definitely a lovely option that you should try out.


Gray as a color can be somehow depressing and uninspiring especially in a darker bedroom, and as you already know sleeping in a gray bedroom is not as satisfying as sleeping in a brighter bedroom. Gray might not be as inviting as other colors but that doesn’t mean that a Gray bed is not a good choice for your bedroom. All you need to know before choosing a gray bed or any other no so bright colored bed is which bedroom décor is the best for that specific bed color. With a gray bed it can be really advantageous especially if you have an all-white bedroom since it will tone down the general look for your bedroom, creating some form of contrast. In case you have a bright bedroom and you wish to tone down I would definitely recommend for you a gray bed to help tone down your bedroom décor.


A Green bed strikes a balance between the different colors you can find in a bedroom creating a more sophisticated and modern feel. Getting yourself a Green bed is one good way of adding some funk into your bedroom environment. Green also looks great on an antique or vintage bed especially if you are someone who is in love with nature. And in case you are in love with nature don’t let anyone stop you from living your green dream, go and get yourself a breathtaking green bed, and create a green paradise in your bedroom. Bringing in a Green bed in to a boring bedroom space spices up everything making your bedroom space look happier. If you intend to convert your whole bedroom into green it’s always good to start with baby steps, and no better way to do that than by getting yourself a green bed.


Many people tend to think that in order to create a dramatic high-contrast bedroom space, you need to decorate your bedroom with bright colors or moody greens, blues, and reds. Well, it’s time to think again, because now with a natural colored/themed bed you can create a dreamy, dramatic and romantic bedroom space. A natural bed gives your bedroom a cozy and romantic look which is much better that the traditional rather spooky and cave like look, that is achieved through lots of unnecessary painting. Especially if you are a minimalist a natural bed is your best option as it gives you that minimalist look since it’s perfectly fine without any clutter and unnecessary furnishing and also it provides you with a clean, serene vibe. If you intend to keep an all-natural vibe in your bedroom then you should go and get yourself a Natural bed.


Pink is a very popular color among the younger generation especially children, making it the ideal bed color for your child’s bed. Pink is known to bring about some of the mellow and also happy tones. In case you have a younger daughter you will need to consider getting her a pink bed, as it will be a heaven for her. The attributes of a pink bed is what makes a pink bed to pop up. In order to make all the attributes of your pink colored bed to pop out you should consider having a beige colored bedroom walls bringing out some classic features of your child’s bedroom, one of which is the pink wooden bed. With the growth in popularity pink beds are now considered to be modern beds. A pink bed also creates the feeling that you are in a little girl’s dollhouse dream bedroom.


A white bed is definitely a show stopper, it’s plain and simple. Despite people referring to white as lack of other colors, a white bed makes quite a statement. It gives your bedroom space a more open and timeless feel, while allowing your bedroom décor to standout even more clearly. A bed with a pure shade of white energizes your entire space giving it a vibrant new look, giving you the illusion of a more light within your bedroom. What makes a white bed a favorite for many is the fact that white as a color creates a relaxing sleep environment. And as you know choosing the right color is very important, since color is like magic and can influence your state of mind and emotions. If there is one thing you should do right is get yourself a white bed and enjoy every single moment you spend in your bedroom.


Looking for unique charming bed designs. Then look no further Standard bed designs will make your room looks luxurious, perfect for contemporary and modern bedrooms. Well, standard bed designs are always the best to go for. They are simple and outstanding. They capture all generations be it modern or old. Standard designs are Charming because they are designed with grace and distinction. Time to invest in your sleep life. Standard bed designs transform your bedroom into a luxurious and relaxing haven. The simplicity of form and classic feel of this designs gives an appeal that transcends passing trends. Depending on your taste standard design beds have varied styles, some of the designs have upholstered headboard that is button tufted, and the shelter-style edges are trimmed with nail head studs. Others have a Linen-like fabric offers body and rich texture. What are you waiting for, it’s time to invest in standard deep sleep.

Wing Back

Have you ever wished that your bed was a cozy chair? Well, the good news is here, Wing-back bed designs offer your headboard an elegant look of a chair back. The wing-back bed is a unique modern bed design. This bed offers relaxation and makes your bedroom look very classy. a wingback bed frame will certainly turn some heads and adjust the aesthetic of your bedroom in a way you might not have ever even fathomed or thought about. Wing-back beds are crafted in many designs to offer you the buyer a wide preference to choose from. You will now have a cozy corner to lay your back on as your read your favorite novel before bed or even when watching. Wing-back beds are the best to invest in if you want an outstanding look in your bedroom. The wingback bed frame is the focal point in the room, and the color of your headboard will also define the color scheme of your decor.

Compatible With Adjustable Bed

Are you looking for control in bed? A compatible-with-adjustable bed gives your control of how you want to rest. The bed is designed to suit your needs. The head and foot articulation let you adjust to the most comfortable position for sleep. The adjustable bed also is designed with a relaxing full-body massage function with three intensity levels features. The bed is designed for all ages from old age to young. The comfort is good not only for health but also reduces acid reflux, snoring, and symptoms of sleep apnea.

Headboard Included

Designed with stunning style and optimal durability in mind, this bed frame and headboard set will make a gorgeous and cozy addition to your bedroom. The sturdy design of this bed frame ensures it will be a long-lasting piece of bedroom furniture. Designed with eye-catching material and clean lines, this bed frame and headboard is a piece that can seamlessly blend into your existing home décor. Ideal for both children and adults, this bed frame and headboard will upgrade your bedroom style. This bed frame and headboard offers a modern, clean style that will create a beautiful and relaxing sleep environment! A stylish and comfortable bed is just a click away; don’t wait! It’s very convenient to purchase both the bed frame and headboard in one simple transaction. Assembly is required, and then a restful sleep awaits!

Low (under 8 in.)

Want a quick way to revamp your home? Refurbish your master suite, kids’ room, or guest bedroom with a low-profile bed frame! A low-profile bed frame still offers you enough under bed space to use for storage without compromising on style or beauty. This low-profile bed frame is also an ideal choice for younger children, older individuals, or people with mobility difficulties, as it provides an easier and safer way to get in and out of bed, without compromising on style or quality. Low bed frames provide you with a luxurious sleep space that offers you comfort with a contemporary, maximum space-saving design. These low bed frames are the ideal choice for loft apartments or contemporary condos to spruce up the space with sophistication. Modern, yet minimal, a low-profile bed frame will flawlessly upgrade your bedroom space. Assembly is required.


When looking for a bed that will bring class and comfort to your bedroom, all you need is a tufted bed. The tufted bed has a soft headboard that is not only padded but also tufted meaning the fabric is threaded together and secured with either a button or a classy knot. This kind of bed is well known for bringing elegance to a room embodying a cozy aesthetic and providing a focal point. With this kind of bed, you will have a good backrest while watching TV or reading your best novel or magazine. Tufted beds come in different array of colors, sizes, and great styles to pick from. The tufted bed is made in a way that is inviting and a wonderfully elegant way of taking this indulgent opulence to the next level.

Premium Materials

For the highest quality bed, you're going to want premium-material. Premium-material beds are the most stylish choice of all, and also the highest quality. The premium-material bed is for someone that wants the best of everything, with no sacrifices made on quality. Whether it's for a large family home, or for an inner-city apartment with a gorgeous view of the city - the premium-material bed will not disappoint, and will stand out as the star feature of any bedroom. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bed is made of the most premium materials, then this is the style of bed for you. Sleep easy knowing that you’ve made the highest quality choice when it comes to your bed. Premium-material beds look fantastic, have a stunning appearance and will last for a very long time.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.

Solid Wood

When you're after a classy, reliable and natural look for your bed - you need the solid-wood style. This style of bed is nostalgic and will be a great match for any bedroom setting. You can not go wrong with a solid-wood bed. Whether it's fitting into an elegant and inspiring bedroom that's complete with scented candles, or into a main bedroom that has a focus on simplicity and minimalism - the solid-wood style bed will be the perfect choice for everybody. With their familiar appearance, they will also feel comforting to any guests that are to sleep on them. Solid-wood frames are a nice, neutral choice - they don’t have a strong and overbearing appearance, yet they still manage to attract the eye in a subtle, comforting way. If you’re after a style of bed that can fit into every setting, yet never steal the attention away from other important features in the room - then the solid-wood bed is what you need.


Upholstered beds are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to their versatility, convenience, and comfort. It has become so common to come across a well-designed upholstered bed, for example you could be reading through your favorite home magazine and start to notice how good bedrooms fitted with upholstered beds look. With an upholstered bed you can customize you bedroom the way you want without worrying whether the bed will bring out the best of your bedroom since upholstered bed work perfectly with any type of bedroom décor. Whether you are a modern minimalist or a maximalist, an upholstered bed can be customized to fit your aesthetic or to match the rest of your bedroom furniture from your bohemian wall art to your traditional nightstands. Unlike wooden beds an upholstered bed gives you a chance to customize your bed’s design and color pattern.


A wooden bed is a very popular choice especially when you are out buying a bed for your kids as they come with a number of advantages. Such as: wooden beds are known to be long lasting. At one point in life most of us have slept in a wooden bed, plus wooden beds can be traced back in history to our Tudor ancestors. If you opt to get you kid a bed of his or her own a wooden bed is always the best choice, since they are much easier to clean and maintain since its common knowledge how messy a child’s bedroom become. What makes a wooden bed the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is its ability to withstand everything your child throws at it. This is because wooden beds are known to be sturdy and robust no matter the environment they are in.

American Traditional

With the weather changing and a zestiness to the air - there has never been a better time to consider redecorating your home! The american-traditional style bed has a hyper-focus on power. It's a bed that screams out strength and composure, but in a calm and reposed manner. The american-traditional style bed will provide a base of solidity to your room. When you're looking around your bedroom, and thinking to yourself that the room needs something that's going to feel like it has a strong, but not overwhelming presence - then you should be looking at the american-traditional bed because it's going to give you what you're after. To give the room some consistency, consider decorating it with items that exude the same air of confidence that the american-traditional style bed does - or alternatively, you can contrast this feeling by decorating with softer-themed items, to make the american-traditional bed stand out more.

Cottage Country

When you need the bedroom to feel appealing and comforting at the same time, you can't go past the cottage-country style bed. Cottage-country styled beds are a simple bed. They're excellent for rooms that need a clean, basic look. Highly recommended for people that see themselves as minimalists - if you don't like your room to feel cluttered and messy, the cottage-country bed is the choice for you because of how plain and simple they are. They’re a great choice for when you don’t want the room to be too adventurous. The cottage-country bed is also a fantastic choice for when you have other items in the bedroom that you want to stand out! This style of bed won’t take the attention away from other prized pieces that you have nearby. Keep it clean by dusting it, lightly polishing it and wiping it down with some warm water.

Farmhouse Country

For anyone out there wanting to live that country lifestyle, the farmhouse-country style bed is going to be the right bed for you. This bed gives off those classic "living on a ranch" vibes. With an old-school, rustic appeal - the farmhouse-country bed will bring a cozy and quaint feel to any bedroom. One suggestion is to cover this in a beautiful soft white quilt to really bring out the country vibes and decorate the room with country-styled decor. Keep this bed clean by dusting it often, and when you need to, just wipe it down with a little bit of warm water and dry it with a towel. If you’ve been thinking about reimagining your bedroom with a farmhouse vibe, then there is no better time to do that than right now.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern-farmhouse style bed is a clean and fresh spin on the traditional country farmhouse look. It's a great choice for people that are looking to mix the farmhouse look into their house, but in a modern and stylish way. To make the modern-farmhouse bed stand out in the best possible way - decorate the room with vintage, antique and handmade items. These furnishings will be such a great match for the modern-farmhouse bed and really help make the room feel full of life. Whether you’re the kind of person that likes a modern and minimalist room, or the kind of person that likes a quaint countryside room with lots of unique artifacts and objects around - the modern-farmhouse is going to be a great choice for you.


It's hard to go past a traditional bed. They're traditional for a reason, after all. Comforting and nostalgic, these beds are an excellent choice for homes and bedrooms that just need a simple, classic bed. Highly recommended for childrens beds, or as a bed for guests - they're the choice for when you don't want or need the bed to stand out. When you need a bed that just works and gets the job done - you're going to want to consider a traditional bed. This style of bed has lasted the test of time, and for good reason - they're the true soldier of the bedding room, always ready to get what needs to be done, done. The traditional bed is easy to maintain, you just wipe it down with some warm water and a dry it off with a towel. The simplicity of this bed and how easy it is to clean make the traditional bed your first choice for any time where you need a standard bed that won’t become the main attraction in a room.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.


Fabric is commonly designed for everyday clothing, and, because of its quality, it can also be used for furniture upholstery. Light, simple, and versatile, fabric-upholstered beds can effortlessly match any interior design theme. They are durable and long-lasting. Fabrics are also soft and comfortable and can even make your bed stand out from the rest of your furnishings.

There are different types of fabric-upholstered bed depending on the textile used and each of them has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. A linen-upholstered bed is breathable, easy to clean, and hypo-allergenic, but is prone to wrinkles and low stain-resistance. A velvet-upholstered bed is good for those with pets and can be dyed in rich colors, but high-maintenance and very expensive. A cotton-upholstered bed is abrasion-resistant and allows you to maintain a cool feeling, but not that stain-resistant and its fibers may weaken when directly exposed to sunlight. A corduroy-upholstered bed is durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive, but can be heavy. But, whichever type you choose, surely fabric can turn your bed into a comfortable one.


In case you’re thinking about investing on a good bed, get Linen upholstered material. Linen is made of fibers from the stems of flax plants. It’s durable, hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-wicking, and grow softer and stronger with use. This material is as easy to care for as cotton bedding if you don't mind a few wrinkles. It comes in different colors for you to pic from and has an elegant and simple look brings a relaxed and clean atmosphere. Its easy to clean and remove stains. The linen material also blends very well you’re your room décor. Linen materials are soft hence when your skin comes into contact with the bed material, one won’t feel roughness.

Linen Blend

Are you looking to invest on quality bed fabric that will make your room look modern and outstanding? Get the linen-blend upholstered material. It comes in several classic colors in linen fabric, making it easy and fun to pair with bedding and bedroom decor. The material is both modern and classic, meaning it will stand the test of time. The material upholstery colors to complement your existing decor. It’s easy to clean. Linen-blend is blended with other material to give a high-quality material that’s suits well on bed. It’s friendly to children you wont worry about them having to stain your bed or their bed.


Hardwood wood varieties refer to the type of tree the wood is taken from; it has nothing to do with how heavy or dense the wood is (contrary to popular belief!). Hardwood woods are sourced from trees that have leaves and lose their leaves in the winter months. Types of hardwood trees include hickory, maple, oak, birch and cherry (among others). Wood from hardwood trees is usually harder and therefore more dense, as these trees tend to grow at a slower rate. Hardwood is ideal for use in indoor furniture crafting, as it is sturdy and durable. Most hardwood varieties are bright and beautiful in their natural tone/shade, but many take well to staining, finishes and paints. The hardwood varieties offer a cozy, warm look and enrich your bedroom style. Hardwood bed frames are a great way to brighten your bedroom and enhance the overall look and feel of your sleep space!


Rubberwood is a beautiful solid wood that has a rich and inviting color and can enhance the beauty and coziness of your bedroom. Often crafted with rounded edges and gold metal accents, bed frames made of rubberwood truly enrich your bedroom style and home décor. Rubberwood bedroom furniture is simple in design, but still beautiful, eye-catching and classic. The warm color of rubberwood makes your bedroom cozy and inviting; the darker tone is best suited to larger bedrooms and complements well with a warm color palette, such as a deep red or terra cotta. Rubberwood bed frames or headboards can be accented with simple textiles of either neutral or bold color palettes, such as whites or navy’s, which further enhances the cozy feel of your bedroom. Bed frames or headboards made of rosewood is a great choice to revamp your bedroom style while maintaining a classy and traditional décor motif.

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