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Perreira Sled Coffee Table with Storage
Perreira Sled Coffee Table with Storage

Perreira Sled Coffee Table with Storage

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Wade Logan®
10 Reviews
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18.9'' H x 47.2'' L x 23.6'' D
7.6'' H x 20'' W x 16'' D
Drawer Interior
4.5'' H x 18.1'' W x 14.4'' D
Cabinet Interior
11.9'' H x 10.6'' W x 14.5'' D
Overall Product Weight
Top Color
Base Color
Top Material
Manufactured Wood
Top Manufactured Wood Type
Base Material
Manufactured Wood
Base Manufactured Wood Type
Wheels Included
Integrated Wireless Charging Surface
Weight Capacity
50 lb.
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Number of Tables Included
Storage Included
Shelves Included
Number of Shelves
Drawers Included
Number of Drawers
Drawer Glide Mechanism
Wood Slide
Cabinets Included
Number of Cabinets
Top Design
Main Wood Joinery Method
Cam Bolt
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
90 Days
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
Replacement Parts

Featured Reviews

Here are 9 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
10 Reviews
Would Recommend
9/9 recommendations
Featured 9 Reviews
Great addition as well. It took a bit long to build, but nothing was too difficult. Take your time putting together the magazine side of the bottom cabinets (Works better with a small electric drill than a screwdriver to put together.)
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Awesome table. Live it
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This coffee table took me forever to put together ! I actually realized that I made a mistake when I was almost done. Because of this, I had to dismantle the whole thing and start over. When I finally finished I was absolutely in love ! This coffee table is modern and stylish. Only thing Is, I would be careful when screwing the screws because the wood is kind of cheap so it scratches easily.
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There were LOTS of parts and pieces, but my husband and I put it together in a few hours. My mom LOVES the table. Very rich looking.
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Bought this as a gift and they absolutely loved it.
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Exactly what I wanted! And perfectly matches the side tables
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Very Nice, Product.........
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love it and it’s beautiful
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Great table for a home that has kids. It took too long to assemble.
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Coffee tables are always the centerpiece or focal point of your living room, and the living room being the one place in your house that you and your family spend the most time in, that’s why when choosing a coffee table you should ensure that you get it right. And nothing brings out the best of your living room like a coffee table with a sled base, as it is designed to give your home a sophisticated charm creating a sleek modern vibe in your living room. Whether it’s a wooden or a metallic sled base the coffee table bring about a modern industrial design with a little bit of chic aesthetic in to your home design. This specific type of coffee table tends to add subtle into the design of your space especially if you have a small living room.


A brown furnish for a coffee table is a cool finish that stands well on its own, hence brown is the perfect furnish to pick. This brown furnish on your coffee table is easy to clean and it is durable. Brown symbolizes strength and support. The beauty of brown is that its unusual hue and natural elements. Brown is a stunning shade that boasts many facets. Brown is most prominently associated with strength, stability and support. This furnish is unique and will easily blend with the rest of your kitchen décor or coffee table room. Depending on your preference, brown colored kitchen coffee table come with a variety of shades to choose from. Brown tends to feel like a solid, earthy color, but it can sometimes seem drab and boring. The furnish does not easily show dust, and hence making the coffee table furnish suitable for kids or toddlers. Brown is friendly and approachable. it's also an earthy and warm furnish and this makes it a perfect option for cozy areas such as an intimate seating area, a reading corner or a small breakfast nook.


Wood coffee tables are a beautiful way to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home living space. Wood is a traditionally used material to craft coffee tables, as it is known for its incredible strength and durability. Wood coffee tables enhance a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home and provide you with ample space and storage. Oftentimes, wood coffee tables are built to include a shelf underneath the table top (either an open shelf or storage hidden behind cupboards), allowing you to display décor items or use it for extra storage. You can enhance a wood coffee table by pairing it with beautiful décor elements, such as candles, decorative accents, unique textiles (such as a table runner) or floral arrangements. Wood coffee tables complement a range of home décor styles, including coastal, farmhouse, traditional and modern; each of these home décor styles can be further enhanced by styling your wood coffee table to suit your design preferences. A wood coffee table makes a great addition to any home.


Most often when you select a coffee table, you’re selecting one individual coffee table. In other words, you are only seeking to purchase the coffee table that will likely be the focal point of your home living space. A sole (or individual) coffee table is a typical furniture choice for many people; it is easy to select an individual coffee table that will complement your existing home décor motif or enhance a particular style you have in mind. Having one coffee table allows you to create a focal point in your home living space and enhance the beauty of your coffee table. You can enhance your individual coffee table (and create a focal point in your living space) by positioning the coffee table in the centre of the room, adding unique décor pieces or floral arrangements, or using gorgeous textiles to spruce up the look of your coffee table.

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