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Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk
Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk

Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: Simple Living
1421 Reviews
$183.34 - $222.77
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Set up a comfortable home office with this Como modern writing desk from Simple Living. Ideal for maximizing a small space, this desk features one file drawer, two accessory drawers, and t...
20.0 In. L X 49.5 In. W X 29.75 In. H
Modern & Contemporary
Desk Type
Computer Desks,Writing Desks
Assembly Required
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Featured Reviews

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1421 Reviews
Would Recommend
23/25 recommendations
Featured 25 Reviews
Arnela M.
I have it for three years still in good condition
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I love how easy it was to assemble and how sturdy it is
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shenenia w.
Super cute fits perfect in my office
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This desk is perfect for the room that I converted to my office, fits well in front of the window and the drawers and extra shelf area makes reference books in easy reach.
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Sandra M.
Perfect for a small space. The edges are a little sharp but ir looks nice and it serves the purpose for which I bought it. I like the open shelves for plants and pictures.
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VIcky B.
Great for a teenagers room!
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Preeti D.
My teenager daughter needed a new desk and picked this one. She loves her new desk. My husband & daughter assembled it in half an hour or so. The desk looks good and is sturdy. I would recommend it.
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Alana G.
a little difficult to assemble but beautiful and stylish. lots of storage
Helpful Helpful 0
Whew! Just finished assembling this piece. I wouldn't call it a small desk, it's a good size piece. Lots to put together but I found the instructions some of the best out there, easy to read and interpret. Going to be a great gaming desk for my son.
Helpful Helpful 0
Ron M.
Sleek look for small spaces. Easy assemble instructions.
Helpful Helpful 0
Sharon R.
I needed a desk for my at home office. I was very happy with the desk once my son assembled it. It seemed like a lot if pieces to put together, but the assembly effort was definitely worth it! I love it and it looks great in my office
Helpful Helpful 0
Kristina Y.
Bought this for my daughters door. Great purchase. It is a little bigger then I was expecting and some compartments don’t make a lot of sense but it was prefect for what it was intended to be used for.
Helpful Helpful 0
Nice, sturdy, modern looking desk with plenty of space. The only little issue I would have with it is that I think one of the drawers should have a locking option or at least the possibility of adding a lock.
Helpful Helpful 0
Looks great, nice quality but be prepared to put in the work to put it together.
Helpful Helpful 0
JIll W.
Was very satisfied with this desk. Liked the quality and the color was true to the color in the listing. Arrived on time and was pretty easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
Chastity B.
For the price it’s perfect!
Helpful Helpful 0
Teresa P.
Desk was very sturdy and looked great!
Helpful Helpful 0
David S.
I really love this desk. Very sturdy and high quality. I have the one that is dark grey/white. I love the white which adds a great contrast. I wish the desk was a bit bigger but that would be my only negative comment - although not a big deal for me.
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Jason W.
Nice desk very functional. Modern feel. We’ll put together and seems to be sturdy enough I also like the colors choices that it comes in I would recommend this product
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Laila M.
The desk had too many pieces but directions were proper. The table/ top came scratched. I called support and they quickly sent me a replacement table top. It’s a cute little desk for my sons room. Love the grey and white combination.
Helpful Helpful 0
This desk is awesome .... once you suffer through putting it together. One tip, the cam-lock screws that bend only go in the plastic lined holes. My instructions did not make this clear. I love putting things together but this was not fun and took a long time. But I would do it again because the desk is really great. So just plan to spend a lot of time building.
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Berenice L.
This desk is absolutely amazing! It was easy to assemble which is great for non handy girls like me! The pieces seem to be of good quality. The wood is nice and smooth seems sturdy. I love the color and I am completely satisfied with it!
Helpful Helpful 0
Riley M.
Purchased this for my son’s bedroom. It’s fine for him to do homework and draw, but the material is particle board so I’m not sure it will hold up for years. The look of it is nice.
Helpful Helpful 0
If I could give this desk no stars I would. It fell apart every time we tried to put it together. After 4 hours I packed it back in the box and returned it.
Helpful Helpful 0
Worse item ever, I wouldn't recommend this too no one. Never used it tossed it out right after I put it together. That was the next day :-(
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Questions & Answers

Could this be used like a dispensing desk - where you can have someone sitting at both sides of this desk without hitting knees on any support board?
No you cant. There is no provision for sitting at both ends.
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Could this be used like a dispensing desk - where you can have someone sitting at both sides of this desk without hitting knees on any support board?
No, this desk is not wide enough that two persons can sit both sides without hitting .
0 Helpful 0
s the back side of this desk finished material?
Yes, the back of this item is in finished material.
0 Helpful 0
Do these drawers open up all of the way?
Yes they do.
0 Helpful 0
Would it be possible to assemble this desk in a manner where the drawers and the shelving would be on the opposite sides they are pictured?
No. The orientation of the parts are fixed. They are not interchangeable.
0 Helpful 0
How wide is the leg space in between the file cabinet and shelving?
The leg space in between the file cabinet and shelving is approx.. 24" inches.
0 Helpful 0
What tools are needed to assemble this desk?
A Phillips Screwdriver, a Hammer and a Mallet. FYI, this item will require an approx.. 2 hours, 2-person assembly
0 Helpful 0
What are the dimensions of the packaging?
The carton dimensions are:- 4.5" H x 52.5" W x 23" D
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How long does it take to assemble this product?
The recommended assembly time is approx 2 hours by 2 persons.
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Does this desk feature soft close drawers?
No, the drawers are standard manual sliding types. Hope this clarifies.
0 Helpful 0
Hi there, Is there a way of having the filing cabinet on the opposite side? Thank you
No. The orientation of the filing cabinet is fixed on the left side of the desk.
0 Helpful 0
Do you know when the white and grey will be available?
The ETA for this color is Feb 2, 2021
0 Helpful 0
Do you know when the white and grey will be available?
i just ordered the grey and white a few days ago. its arriving today 1/29/22
0 Helpful 0
When will the all white version be back in stock?
It will be back in stock by Dec 10, 2020.
0 Helpful 0
Hi, when will the Simple Living Como Modern Writing Desk colored white be available?
ETA is by Dec 10, 2020
0 Helpful 0
Will this item be available anytime soon?
It will be in-stock tentatively mid of august
0 Helpful 0
Can you please tell me if the simple living Como modern writing desk in the color black will become available again?
The black desk is currently available for purchase.
0 Helpful 0
How spacious is the leg room?
The space under the desk top for your legs is 28 inches wide and 20 inches deep.
0 Helpful 0
How can I clean the desk? I have some pencil marks on the surface.
Manufacturer recommends a mild cleaner and soft cloth for cleaning.
0 Helpful 0
Are the two sides reversible? Meaning can you put the cabinet section on the right end (pictured on left end) and the leg support on the left end?
No, you cannot reverse which side the cabinet is on. It only assembles as shown.
0 Helpful 0
When will grey and white come back in stock?
All three finishes are currently instock.
0 Helpful 0
Does the file drawer have a lock?
This is out of stock
0 Helpful 0
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Black colour desks are just delightful, efficient and charming for offices and also for home workspace. It adds sophistication to the space and also allows giving different touch to your home office from rest of the house. Work desk in black and cabinets in dark wood gives a dashing look to the home office. A black colour desk gives a modern touch than traditional wood styles. Few decades ago, we usually didn’t experiment much when it came choosing the colour for office furniture. But now there is a drastic change in our work culture and also for choosing office accessories. Desks play a very vital as it’s the where we most of our office time. For some exciting office look, you can go for black colour desks. You can choose black coloured wooden desks or black metallic desks. Due to the current Pandemic situation, we created a small workstation in our home itself. In this case black desks can be the safest choice as they go with any kind of home accessories.


When looking to invest in an office, studio or home desk, there are a lot of factors to consider. The size, color and storage of desk matter a lot. Gray color on desk makes your working room look modern and elegant. This home office desk works on many levels, be it a modern farmhouse or a rustic design. Gray desk comes with handles and a file drawer to hang standard or legal sized documents. The smooth desktop has enough space for a laptop, a lamp, and accessories to keep it all within each reach. Finished in a contemporary two tone black and gray, this computer desk will. This collection invites you to choose a unique solution for your entertainment, storage and office needs. By combining flexible open shelving, spacious cabinets and adjustable drawers, you have the flexibility to decide what configuration works best for you.


A study or a home office does not have to be filled with traditional grey desks where you can choose a white colour desk for your workspace. A white colour desk gives a fabulous look to the workspace. A creative white colour desk will grow interested to make you sit and work on something. A white colour desk has a modern, clean look which works well with any interior style. Any type of colour will go with white and it gives the flexibility to change up theme as preferred. You can go for white coloured desks with wide drawers. We all know that colours have a deep psychological effect. It helps us to relax and concentrate on our work. White desks can be the best choice because it will give you relaxation, which is necessary as you are going to spend hours at work. It also creates a feeling of airiness. White desks give a clean and minimalist look. Thus, white desks can never go out of style.

Medium Density Fiberboard

With the rapid growth of technology, the popularity of medium density fiberboard is growing higher by the day as its durability is also enhanced. In the early days the medium-density-fiberboard was unreliable and many people used to rely on the normal wood for furniture but with technology it has become more reliable and even comes at a much lower cost than other materials such as wood. A good example being the Medium density fiberboard desk, which is a very popular piece of furniture in most offices as it helps reduce the cost of running an office and it’s also very reliable. However, the medium-density fiberboard being a solid, engineered wood also has its pros and cons. One of the advantage of such a desk being that it’s affordable and locally available. While the disadvantage of owning such a desk is that it’s very vulnerable to extreme heat and that it cannot support much weight.


A rectangular desk is a standard size for a desk. Any rectangular desk is an ideal choice for a work space, office, or even a bedroom to enhance the design aesthetics of a room as well as to provide you with adequate space to be productive. Rectangular desks are often equipped with lots of storage or drawers, so you can effectively use your space and stay organized. A rectangular desk is an ideal solution for smaller rooms or offices and allows you the freedom to put it nearly anywhere. As with most desks, you can further enhance the space and storage efficacy of your rectangular desk by adding organizational elements (such as letter holders, file systems, etc.) to increase the usable space of your rectangular desk. No matter what your design style and preferences, you’re sure to find a rectangular desk that fits your style motif and one that provides you with an adequate, productive work space.


A desk is a very important piece of furniture. Desks have become the standard furniture nowadays in most of offices and homes and come in different shapes and sizes according to the home and offices. A Desk drawer added more space, safety, and compactness to a desk. A desk comes with storage drawers where you can easily keep necessary things inside them. A standard desk gives enough space and extra comfort and also comes in storage drawers where you can store important papers, books, and other necessary things. A desk also offers efficient storage space to organize your home. The specific benefit of drawers is the flexibility. It not only impresses with its storage but also adds charm and elegance to the desk. You can customize your desk regarding drawers as per requirement. The office desk with drawers is durable and sturdy. It gives large capacity and convenient organization and high-cost effectiveness. Organization and accessibility keep the office working smoothly. An office desk with drawers comes in various types, sizes, shapes, prices, and colors.


A desk with ample space to store the accessories, office materials, acts as a bonus. So, a desk with shelves helps us in storing all our work needs. You can also use some kind of decorative object to decorate your shelves. You can also install lights which will help you to work properly on your desk. You can keep books on the desk shelves which will help you to relax whenever you need a break from your work. For children, a desk with shelves proves to be very helpful as they can keep their books and other school supplies properly. They can also do their school work properly. Desk with shelves gives a neat and organized look and helps you to find anything you require without any mess. Shelves can be of different heights, you can install any of them according to your requirement and availability of space. You can also install a desk with shelves even in the small corner of your room. Thus, through desks with shelves, you can create clean minimalist home offices easily as they are very easy to install.

Modern Contemporary

The modern-contemporary style of desk is a simple but classy style, that seeks to portray both old and modern styles. It has a basic, bare, bold, and structural look that makes its outstanding. These piece makes a bold statement but at the same time it’s simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. The desk style has got storage drawers and a top surface that is contemporary, for you to write or place your desktop computer. The desks legs are exposed, to give it a modern look. The color is cool and warm, with a top furnish of contemporary color to make it outstanding and a focal point of view. The surface is smooth and clean making them easy to clean and maintain. Some modern-contemporary desk is geometrically shaped to give them the old stylish look.

Computer Desk

Not all desks can be used to serve the same purpose. A computer desk is one of the special desks specially designed for placing your desktop computer or laptop. They come with special features to make you operate your computer easily without getting tired. Computer desks are designed to comfortably and aesthetically provide a working surface and house or conceal office equipment including computers, peripherals, and cabling for office and home-office users. Instead of having computer cables hanging carelessly, the table is designed to house the cable making it safe for toddlers and your child. Some of the computer desks are designed for two individuals to share while others are designed for one user.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat table style work surface mainly found in offices, schools, and homes. A desk is that one single piece of furniture where you can work from, or play from when you are either in the office or at home. In most scenarios every single desk is usually dedicated for a specific activity. A good example is the office desk, this a desk that you are likely to find in an office may it be your normal work place or your home office, it provides a good surface or setup from where you can work from and carry out all your daily activities. Most office desk are usually manufactured with the quality and comfort of the employee in mind so as to provide a good working environment that is inspiring and motivating.

Writing Desk

A writing desk is a desk with a flat top for reading, writing, or using equipment such as a computer, to hold writing materials and a surface for writing. A writing desk with drawers and plenty of space may be just what you need. Writing desks are used in a school, office, home, or the like for academic, professional, or domestic activities. Writing desks have different varieties to choose from, some choices may include optional features such as an integrated power source or a pull-out keyboard tray. It usually has a top that closes to hide current work, which makes the room containing it look tidy, maintains privacy, and protects the work. Modern writing desks are designed for laptop computers. A good writing table should also have storage space to a side or both sides.

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