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SIMPLIHOME Amherst SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 72 inch Wide, Transitional, Living Room Entertainment Center, Shelves, Cabinets, for Flat Screen TVs up to 80", Light
SIMPLIHOME Amherst SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 72 inch Wide, Transitional, Living Room Entertainment Center, Shelves, Cabinets, for Flat Screen TVs up to 80", Light

SIMPLIHOME Amherst SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 72 inch Wide, Transitional, Living Room Entertainment Center, Shelves, Cabinets, for Flat Screen TVs up to 80", Light

66 Reviews
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Color:Light Golden BrownHaving just purchased your dream large flat screen TV - you need the perfect TV Stand to enhance your viewing pleasure. Look no further. The Amherst TV Stand is per...
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66 Reviews
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Featured 5 Reviews
I was a little worried when the box arrived with a few punctures and such but once opened, everything was in good shape as it was packaged well. Unpacking and sorting everything was easy as everything was clearly labelled.I like to take my time reading the instructions carefully to make sure I put it together correctly and I also didn't use any power tools so it did take a lot of time to put together...but the directions, materials and pre-drilled holes were all spot on!Previous reviews had me concerned that I would run into difficulty but my only problem was my abilities to screw the door hinges using my left hand, lol. I put everything together but the doors in about 4 hours. Then moved it in place and made sure it could handle the weight of our 75" TV which is 110 lbs.This stand is solid! As you can see from the photo, all 110 lbs is focused in the center so we were concerned about the stand supporting the TV but it really is solid and we are thrilled! If this wasn't going to work out, we were going to go with a $1200 stand from another site and wait 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Amazon delivered in 3 days, ordered on Monday night and it was here Thursday morning, just as expected and cost half the price.So, putting on the doors was a bit difficult. I've worked with the same hinges before and while they can be a challenge to understand how they adjust to make the doors fit perfectly, the hinges worked perfectly once adjusted as there are two screws in the hinge that moves the door in closer or tighter as needed to hang and fit perfectly. The pre-drilled holes for the hinges were spot on. Just screw in the hinges and fine tune the alignment...easy peasy. Then get all the magnetic closures in and done. The doors did take a few hours for me to finish but I'm not that quick or experienced. I am happy that I was able to put everything together by myself since I have a bit of a perfectionist/controllaholic in me and prefer to not ask the hubby for help until I need help.Read more
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My original shipment was received with damage to the box that resulted in a visible dent right in the middle of the top of the cabinet. The picture shows how a little dent in the box, probably from another box's corner being dropped on it, damaged the top piece because there was nothing but a thin styrofoam sheet and a 1/4" styrofoam slab between the top and the thin cardboard shipping box. Thicker cardboard both on the shipping box, and another layer of cardboard directly against the top would've prevented that damage. . .or just don't ship the pieces with exterior facing the vulnerable exterior of the box.Assembly was easily done in a few hours with my son helping. All four doors rubbed against the side of the frame when opened. . .there were no further instructions provided to adjust anything. Fortunately, I figured it out on my own. (Although I did see one other review mentioned adjusting hinges, but provided no detail).As shown in the second photo, two screws (circled in red) on the hinge allow you to adjust the doors so they're better centered in the frame. Adjust by screwing in the outer screw, and alternate by unscrewing the inner screw until it's adjusted and no longer rubs against the frame. I went back and forth a couple times on the top and bottom hinges to get them just right.Distressed grey is more of a brownish grey, but i love the color and this piece of furniture looks great in our room.Read more
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Matt A.
This is a very good quality TV stand and I am very happy with it.That being said there needs to be some better quality assurance at the factory. Assembly was pretty easy but the biggest problem was the holes for the wood dowels were way too big and I had to glue them in, which lengthened the assembly time while the glue dried. Also there were several places where the door hinges did not line up with the marked placement holes and I had to eyeball it. All in all it took about 3 hours to assemble.
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Robert N.
Product was delivered on time and the delivery team was great. Product was will packaged with multiple layers of protection. Despite strong packing one piece was broken (pictured). Had to re drill and glue the edge suport, however much better than having to send it back.Set up time is a few hours as it's involved, however instructions are very good with easy to follow graphics. Even some extra parts are supplied.Final product looks great!
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I'm 70/30 on this product. I did a great deal of research on TV Media Stands and read a ton of reviews from a lot of different sites before deciding to to purchase. I ordered it on a Wednesday my order came back said delivery was going to be a week, no problem. It arrived two days later, surprise!. By the looks of the box I was doubtful it was going to be intact and not with huge dents and gouges.. Upon opening the box the packing was good, there was a small amount of damage on the top corner and a few other areas but not to the point where I would go thru the trouble of packing and shipping it back.I was looking for something that would give me a place for the Cable Box and Blueray/DVD Player and storage for other items along with it being sturdy. This met the criteria. First off almost all of it is solid WOOD! The exception is the back and the bottom of the inside of the draw and pull down unit, its still wood but not solid and very thin. The instructions are GREAT! It will take you 5 or more hours to put together (6 hrs with coffee breaks). But, the predrilled holes were not complete or just a shallow indentation where a hole should be. Thank goodness my hubby had a drill and also the knowledge how to balance the doors. The other thing was that the finish/stain was missing in prominent places or had an extremely light coating. We were able to get a stain to match and did the touch ups. I was hoping for full use of the storage but the opening with the door limits the full use without tilting the items and is not as big as I had hoped for. The drawer doesn't open/close smoothly but clicks shut. For the price very good and works for our purpose and much better quality than that Swedish Company where you also put together the furniture.Read more
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Keep clutter to a minimum in your living room by getting a TV stand that is fitted with some storage area that can be used to conceal and organize all of your living room necessities, starting from your children toys, magazines, remote controls, novels, to any other form of clutter you might have in your house. Such a piece of furniture do really come in handy as it allows you to store more both in style and without having to occupy so much space. For most living room, TV stand fitted with storage such as cabinets, shelves, safes, or hutches are stylish storage additions especially for modern or traditional living room designs, as they tend to bring some sense of style to your space while still providing you with plenty of storage.


A black finish on your tv stand is one of the best options for a tv stand. Black establishes an eye-catching relationship between the rest of the living room decor and your tv stand. It also makes the furniture complement each other. The black finish will most likely blend in with the rest of your decor and walls unless you choose a different option. The tv stand itself won’t stand out, but you can use elements around it that do. For example, white flower vases are a great bet. The exact role can be taken on by the area rug or the lighting in the room. Each black tv finish stand has its own set of properties, which allow it to stand out in various ways and to interact with the surrounding space in its path. However, the black finish will easily show dust hence making you clean more. This finish does not take scratches and dents well, therefore expensive to maintain.


A brown finish for a tv stand is an excellent finish that stands well on its own. This brown finish on your tv stand is easy to clean, and it is durable. Brown symbolizes strength and support. The beauty of brown is that its unusual hue and natural elements. Brown is a stunning shade that boasts many facets. Brown is most prominently associated with strength, stability, and support. This finish is unique and will easily blend with the rest of your living room décor or tv stand room. Depending on your preference, brown-colored living room tv stands come with various shades to choose from. Brown tends to feel like a solid, earthy color, but it can sometimes seem drab and boring. The finish does not readily show dust, making the tv stand friendly for kids or toddlers. Brown is friendly and approachable. It's also earthy and warm and makes a perfect option for cozy areas.


A distressed tv stand is a unique way to enhance and style your home. A distressed tv stand typically shows signs or elements of ‘distress’, namely uneven paint finishes or vivid wood detailing. Distressed tv stands are very complementary to a variety of home décor motifs, including farmhouse, rustic, coastal, and traditional. Of course, you could also tailor a distressed tv stand to other décor motifs and styles by adding décor elements that suit your preferences. Oftentimes, a distressed tv stand is available in a small selection of colors, including natural-toned wood, light or darker colored wood, and sometimes a stunning turquoise blue. One thing that all distressed tv stands have in common is the natural beauty that is subtle and creates a relaxing atmosphere for your home living space. A distressed tv stand would be a particularly great choice for smaller rooms, as the fine detailing and intricate characteristics would create a gorgeous focal point in your living room.


Lacquer is a type of shiny hard coating, or finish that is applied to material such as metal or wood. A Lacquer TV stand is a TV stand that has been applied the lacquer finish. A lacquer TV stand is more durable as compared with other types of TV stands mainly due to the lacquer finish as it makes it last longer without any chipping or flaking. It also has a durable seal as lacquer tends to penetrate deeper protecting your TV stand inside out. A lacquer TV stand has a much tougher or stronger finish as it makes the TV stand more durable as it is now resistant to acid, water, alkali, and the regular day to day knocks and bumps. However the only downside with a lacquer TV stand is that with time it can be easily scratched and even start to discolor, hence it’s always advisable to keep an eye on it as time passes.


Wondering which best tv material for your tv stands? Worry no more. For a tv stand that is contemporary and modern, metal is the way to go. Metal produces rudimentary designs that are attractive and elegant. The tv stand made from this material is sturdy and will serve you for decades. Metal is easy to maintain. Metal can easily be curved into different shapes that make it easy to work with. Depending on your choice, metal, when furnished with paint, your tv stand will be attractive. This material, when used on tv stand it is shinny, and the edges can be seen. Metal being ductile makes tv stands look fantastic. Metals stands can also be blended with wood to make final tv products. Even though metal can rust, special alloys are applied to reduce or evade rust. Metal materials are readily available and easy to work with.

Solid Wood

A solid wood tv stand is a stunning way to enhance a regal and magnificent style in your home. A solid wood tv stand can be finely crafted of a variety of wood types, including pine, cherry, mahogany, and spruce; the list goes on! There are numerous wood species that are ideal for crafting tv stands, and they will not only enhance the beauty of your home living space but will also enhance the elegance of your home. Fine wood furniture is associated with class, distinction and beauty-all of which your home will have with a solid wood tv stand. Solid wood tv stands have gorgeous and unique characteristics that will enhance the beauty of your home living spaces, including knots and intricate wood grain patterns. A solid wood tv stand is a perfect complement to a traditional, regal/royal, or antique home décor motif, but can also enhance other design styles as well.


Wood tv stands are one of the most popular types of tv stands available on the market-and for good reason! Wood is a versatile, beautiful, and natural way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces. A wood tv stand can be different colors/tones or finishes, including painted, stained, or airbrushed. Due to the extreme versatility of wood tv stands, they are able to complement nearly every home décor style, including traditional, modern, coastal, farmhouse, antique and mid-century modern. A wood tv stand would make a great choice for people who enjoy DIY projects; wood is very conducive to painting or staining, so you can easily change the look of a wood tv stand should your style preferences change. A wood tv stand would make a perfect addition to your home living spaces and will create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in your home.


If you like a style that blends traditional and modern contemporary design elements, then transitional style is your option. This style of the tv stand is eye-catching and crystal fresh. This style speaks for itself, meaning anyone approaching your living room will feel a big difference in class. Novelty may be the shared experience of a new cultural phenomenon or the subjective perception of an individual. Transitional style tends to balance masculine and feminine styles. It also incorporates a combination of sleek, straight lines and ornate, curved lines. This style is well entertaining and makes the guest or homeowner feel a sense of uplifting spirit because of its magnificent look. This style is classic and can last for many generations. This style will uplift your living room, giving it a modern look that is blended rustic and contemporary. This style creates a moderate look that's neither too stuffy and traditional nor trendy and contemporary.


Do you love old but classic furniture? Well, If you love old but classic styles, then the vintage style of the tv stand is your choice. Vintage style is for those who love ‘old age’ or ‘ageless’ taste in furniture. A vintage tv stand is made using materials or cutting equipment that date back 20 years ago. Suppose you look carefully at the bottom, sides, and back of the tv stand. If the wood shows nicks or cuts, it was probably cut with a plane, a spokeshave, or a drawknife. Some have Straight saw marks that also indicate an old piece. Vintage tv stands style has bold colors that make them elegant in your room. The legs are made uniquely, giving them a touch of art. The colors and shades are many for one to pick according to taste. Vintage style on your living room will make it a focal point of admiration due to its uniqueness and magnificent ‘old age’ styles. The vintage style of tv stand will give your living room a cutting-edged stand feeling.

Entertainment Center

The Entertainment center is one of the critical points in any living room. The center houses the media, that is, television, radio, recorder, and other media players. The wall unit plays a crucial role in brightening the house and bringing family members together after a busy day. Depending on the choice of design, the wall unit range from units with many storage units on shelves. They are used to house the media electronics, and in other departments, the media center is lockable. Anyone entering your living room will notice the entertainment center due to its size. Most units cover a wide surface of the wall. The shelves play a crucial role in housing the media accessories like remote and compact disks players. Typically the entertainment center is also used to display other decorative pieces, such as framed photos and family artifacts.

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