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SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room
SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room

SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room

328 Reviews
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Style and convenience are at work in this uniquely functional hunter square lift-top coffee table. The top lifts up to reveal hidden storage, pulling toward you for the perfect surface to ...
product dimensions
14.4"d x 51.38"w x 18"h
table design
coffee table

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328 Reviews
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Featured 16 Reviews
I bought this used so it has a couple of scuffs inside the cubbies and the magnets don’t work (didn’t come with instructions but was assembled all but the legs). These were very easy to put on and are sturdy. After reading about the too-strong magnets, I am actually glad they aren’t working. (They are there but possibly too low to make contact?). Anyway, it shuts slowly and safely without them but isn’t a pain to open which I like because I put that part outside facing. Would be nice if it had finger placements on the sides. All this said, I love this table! It is beautiful, sturdy and modern/retro if that makes sense.
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Michael Cohen
Quality table, great looking piece of furniture that would seem to match any decor. My only issue is, it seems that maybe they made a bunch of these and had the plans upside down cause it has great looking open storage boxes that face outward which is of little use as the table lifts and opens in from the other side. So if your like me laying on the couch, you can't hide your remotes and crap easily, you'd need lift the top and hide stuff in there. It's a little bit of a big deal but it's so nice looking and made of quality wood, no veneer or particle board here. Also, real easy set up, screw the legs in, 3 screw each, done,15 min with a supplied Allen key.
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What can I say it looks awesome, the lift top is cool and impresses people. There's no laminate it's real wood. Solid and heavy, mid century design. Couldn't be happier with it. It looks better in person than in the photos
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We have never ordered furniture online so I was skeptical that the furniture would be as described. This table is exactly as described. It is a very solid piece of furniture with very heavy duty lift mechanism. We didn't think we would like the gold legs, but they are very subtle (not bright gold) and you hardly notice them once the table is in the room. The table comes completely assembled except the legs so it took about 5 minutes to put it together. It took longer to get it out of the box because it was really well packed.
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Perfect for our living room. I’m bad about clutter and I can easily hide it away by opening this and dumping it in. The side pocket is great to store books and magazines.
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SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room reviewSIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room review
Really really love this table. Like all the other folks reviewed. BUT i have to admit, the box the table came in, smells like cat piss. Seriously, no joke, it was the worst smelling box I received from Amazon or any company. No lies.
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Great looking table and excellent alternative to the West Elm table we were considering. This table is much more affordable, is solid wood, and looks great. I like the protective lacquer on it. The only assembly was the legs, which were super simple as the holes/hardware were already in the table. The color is great, ours was the same as the picture. The lift top is very sturdy and the hardware used is legit. It seems to hold good weight. The only minor issue I have is that the lift top is held down with magnets which are pretty strong, so lifting the top takes some effort, and in some cases the whole table moves. Other than that, we’re loving it and it looks great. Shipping was pretty fast also.
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After reading some of the reviews above, i'm surprised how many people got this as a alternative to the West Elm table. I am one of them. This table is definitely a quality furniture. The design looks great and the material is good solid wood. I like the open compartments on one side of the table. This way, I don't have to lift the top to put away/ retrieve my remotes. The top is indeed a little bit hard to open and close. That is my biggest complain about this table. However, I find it to be a common problem among this type of tables. Overall, I highly recommend this for those who's looking for a lift-top coffee table.
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This table is beautiful and functional. The only reason that I subtracted a star is because it is so heavy I can't move it on my own.
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S. johnson
Beautiful table with sturdy looking mechanisms - unfortunately the mechanisms were LOUD - I think the noise was coming from the hinges.Had to return it. It’s just to noisy.
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Solid wood, seems good quality, only assembly is to screw on the legs. Ordered in gray but it’s more of a driftwood brown with gray undertone - see picture against gray carpet.
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SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room review
Night Owl
I already have one of these Simpli Home large coffee tables where the top comes up and two compartments and bought my girlfriend a "gray" one. I appears very gray on the pictures but in person it is not that gray. In the words of my gf they put one coat of stain on and they were done. Doesn't look gray to me it more looks like wood that was distressed or exposed to the elements for a few years but it didn't match the picture and I would not call it gray especially if I didn't know that is what it was supposed to be. Gray in spots okay, but a clean crisp gray like the picture no! Especially considering they recently jacked up the price of the "gray." It was supposed to match her floors and I was a little envious (thinking to give her the one she had bought me - I wouldn't lol) but once I saw it I was perfectly happy with mine. Otherwise this is a great West Elm like piece of furniture, high quality, at a fraction of the price. Stick with the natural color wood, trust me I have one of each in the house as we speak...About to buy a third one for my den (36") the longer you own it the easier it is to lift but stays in place once in place. It was difficult to open when we got the first one but now, a few years later it is very easy to open the spring is not as tight as before. Still solid, no other complaints. Other than making it easier to lift the loosening of the spring has not had any ill side effects.Read more
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Ordered the table opened box and was huge scratch marks inside of draw and a lot of the wood inside was cracked. Returned the table got refund and bought same table again as it was good table and good quality wood just bad quality control where ever came from.Second table came heard a rattling noise opening the box, one of the supports inside of draws was not even attached and had been moving around in transport, the support was meant to be held in place with three screws yet only one screw was loose inside the draw which had scratched all the insides of the draw. In assembly where ever it came from they didn’t install the supports correctly causing more damageThe table is very good quality the hinges heavy duty wood is great high quality it’s just the products don’t seem like they are taken care of from the suppliers
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SIMPLIHOME Hunter SOLID MANGO WOOD and Metal 32 inch Wide Square Industrial Contemporary Lift Top Coffee Table in Natural, for the Living Room and Family Room review
Jessica N Lynch
Product is solid, easy to assemble, and the lift top works smoothly. My only complaint is the wood is stained very yellow. It’s worst on the underside but it looks as though someone took a highlighter to the wood grain.
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The lift top does not close evenly. One of the corners in the middle sticks up. The manufacturer has been no help. They've been dragging their feet for weeks (19 days at the time of this writing) with infrequent responses just asking for more information, pictures, and finally a video - all of which have been promptly supplied. This appears to be an attempt on their end to drag out my return window. So sad because this could be such a great table if it was flat. Other reviewers have documented this same problem. Beware - this uneven surface is a spill hazard.
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I was so excited for this coffee table. It was super easy to assemble, just screw on the legs. It feels very sturdy. Unfortunately, the wood on our lift top seems a bit bowed, and one side of the top does not lay flush. It sticks up a bit and there's a very noticeable gap. It's very annoying, as anytime something flat is on the coffee table, it will wobble across the gap between the lift top part and the rest of the table.As others have noted, there is also high variance in the wood used. Some neon yellow almost, some pinkish. It's okay looking from afar, and I don't mind the color inconsistency nearly as much as the uneven lift top, but be aware the pictures on the listing are not accurate to the coloration.Overall I am not pleased to have spent nearly $400 on this given the issue with the lift top, but as the package is nearly 100lbs it is not something easily returned.
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Questions & Answers

How tall are the legs? I want to get gold hairpin to replace the black. Thank you!
Floor to bottom of the piece is about 10 7/8"; the legs flare out a bit so they'll be a bit longer than that.
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Is it engineered/particle wood, or is it solid wood?
Solid wood
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What is the height of the table when it is not lifted?
Hello,Please note that the height of the table when not lifted is 18 inches.Thanks
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Can the height of the lifted part be adjusted or does it always have to be lifted to the max height for support?
It always has to be lifted to the maximum height for support.
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One of the most frequent question that many people looking for the perfect coffee table tend to ask is whether to choose a table with legs or one with frame base. But the answer is not always so direct since it all depends on your taste and type of interior décor you have in your living room. One reason why most people end up choosing a table with a frame base is the fact that a coffee table with a frame base tend to have more luxurious look and feel that a legged coffee table. If you desire to make a statement with your coffee table then you should definitely get the one with a frame base since it will standout when placed at the center of your living room, since it’s definitely a work of art.

Lift Top

A lift top coffee table is a unique and functional furniture piece to add to your home living space. The lift top refers to the table top portion of the coffee table; the table top lifts away from the bottom or base of the table, creating an elevated space. Typically, there is storage underneath the lift top section. A lift top coffee table makes a great addition to your family room or living room. The table is practical, functional, and beautiful. Lift top coffee tables are particularly ideal for homes with families (so you can store toys, books, or games) or people who have hobbies that require many items (such as sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, etc.). A lift top table allows you to store extra items, freeing up your space and eliminating the need for additional furniture. You can enhance a lift top coffee table by adding décor pieces, such as a unique tray, coffee table books, and photo frames to spruce up the look of the table. It’s best to ensure any items you add to the table top is either secure or not breakable to avoid any damage.


In case you love extra storage in your house, what a good way to get a coffee table with storage features. You can use the under-table space to store whatever you like: put pillows, blankets, books, and other stuff there. If you have a clear glass or acrylic table, they will be part of your decor, and if it's not sheer, they will be hidden, which means your space will be less cluttered. With this feature, you can also store your cups and other coffee accompaniments like sugar or tea bags. Storage units in a coffee table will make your coffee table a more chilling base. This also makes your coffee table a center of attraction for anyone entering your house. Depending on your preference one can choose the design of storage they want for their coffee table. Some coffee tables have more than one storage unit and others few.


Gray finish for your coffee table, is a unique finish that makes your table unique and modern. Grays furnish on coffee table makes your working kitchen look modern and elegant. Gray it is a shade of white or a tone of black. The furnish also portrays boldness and when a furnish is applied on top, it gives the coffee table a vintage look. Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. The furnish will blend well with the walls furnish of your kitchen, making your kitchen look modern. This furnish being neutral makes it easy to maintain and clean the coffee table. It does not fade easily when wiped. Versatile and timeless, gray works particularly well on coffee table. The furnish has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light. It is also children friendly meaning even if a toddler makes scratches on the table no one can easily notice the marks.


Natural coffee tables are tables that are neutral and subtle. Oftentimes, a natural finish coffee table is a light-colored beige or brown, but there are certainly other color options available. A natural-finish coffee table makes a great addition to nearly any type of home décor motif; the neutral/natural color element of the furniture piece allows for versatility. Natural finish coffee tables often feature and showcase the unique wood grains and patterns; this adds distinct character to each piece. A natural coffee table will seamlessly integrate into your existing home décor or give you a starting point to style your living space. Natural coffee tables beautifully complement an antique, traditional, coastal and farmhouse décor motif. Natural coffee tables can be enhanced by using bright pops of color (such as a bright flower arrangement), beautiful greenery/plants, and unique décor elements. Natural-finish coffee tables enhance your living space and create a calm, serene and relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy.


When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table for your living room setup you need to first understand the type of coffee table that you desire and whether its durable on not, so as to invest in a piece that will last long and one that will not go out of style as soon as you purchase it. A good example is the iron coffee table and one reason why you should buy it is because it’s very durable, just like any other type of metallic coffee table. Plus it also has a very sturdier frame as compared to other type of coffee table made from different materials. Another advantage is that iron is frame resistance and in case something unexpected happens the iron table will withstand anything. And in case you have pet at home chances are that it will not be able to scratch your iron coffee table as it would do with a wooden coffee table.


If you are in the market for a coffee table, there are so many choices that you can choose from ranging from glass, wooden, to metallic coffee table. However one of the most durable type if coffee table in the market is the metallic coffee table reason being, metallic coffee table are very versatile and as a result you are likely to easily find one that blends seamlessly with the type of décor that you are using. Plus metallic coffee table are always very durable and long-lasting since metal is a very strong element. Metallic coffee table are also very affordable as compared to other types of coffee table, this is because metal is a readily available product. One disadvantage of owning a metallic coffee table is the fact that it’s high likely to rust if it’s not well coated with a weather resistant plant.

Solid Wood

Solid wood tables are revered for their strength, durability and value. Solid wood coffee tables are made entirely of one wood type; the wood variety varies, but can include: oak, cherry, and acacia wood (there are many other wood types that can be used). Solid wood coffee tables are beautifully unique and distinct; oftentimes the appearance of solid wood coffee tables features wood and grain patterns, knots and other small imperfections in the wood; this serves to enhance the one-of-a-kind, distinct beauty of each coffee table. Solid wood coffee tables elevate a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home living space, providing you with a classic focal point in your home where you and your family or guests can gather around. Solid wood coffee tables complement a variety of home décor motifs, including traditional, farmhouse and coastal styles. Solid wood coffee tables also provide ample table top space and may also include storage for décor or other items. You can enhance a solid wood coffee table by adding stunning décor accents, coffee table books or a gorgeous floral arrangement.


Wood coffee tables are a beautiful way to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home living space. Wood is a traditionally used material to craft coffee tables, as it is known for its incredible strength and durability. Wood coffee tables enhance a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home and provide you with ample space and storage. Oftentimes, wood coffee tables are built to include a shelf underneath the table top (either an open shelf or storage hidden behind cupboards), allowing you to display décor items or use it for extra storage. You can enhance a wood coffee table by pairing it with beautiful décor elements, such as candles, decorative accents, unique textiles (such as a table runner) or floral arrangements. Wood coffee tables complement a range of home décor styles, including coastal, farmhouse, traditional and modern; each of these home décor styles can be further enhanced by styling your wood coffee table to suit your design preferences. A wood coffee table makes a great addition to any home.


A contemporary coffee table makes a gorgeous addition to your home living space. Contemporary coffee tables feature clean lines, modern angles, and distinctive features (such as modern hardware). Contemporary coffee tables enhance a variety of home décor motifs, including modern/contemporary, industrial, and abstract. A contemporary coffee table adds a fresh, clean look to your home living space. Contemporary coffee tables are bold in their design and will enhance the modern look and feel of your home. You can enhance a contemporary coffee table by adding modern design or décor elements, such as geometric objects, ceramic works (such as statues or a unique vase), and contemporary coffee table books. Contemporary coffee tables are typically available in neutral tones to beautifully integrate with your home décor. To create a more modern aesthetic with your contemporary coffee table, you could add it to a brightly colored or uniquely wall-papered room to enhance the modern look and feel of the space.


The coffee table comes with a spin on décor in today’s collection which will instantly fall in love with. Industrial-style coffee tables set the tone for the room. With a recent increase in the industrial style of coffee tables, put casters on décor which has become a favorite pastime for homeowners and designers. The industrial-style coffee table represents a combination of functionality, durability, and vintage designs. Industrial style coffee tables upgrade the living room with this unique, stylish piece of furniture. This type of coffee table is a real treasure nowadays. This also applies to the storage space by which we can decorate the coffee table with books or magazines or green plants which will attract visitors to your room. Industrial-style coffee tables are popular because of their quality and features. Industrial style coffee tables are made up of industrial materials such as stainless steel, seasoned wood, and other extra-strength components which makes this piece of furniture durable, brings greater usability and longevity.


Square coffee tables are beautiful furniture pieces to add to any living space, especially those that are on the smaller side. Square coffee tables can enhance a calm, beautiful aesthetic in your living space. Square coffee tables are also available with storage under the table top, either with an open shelf under the table top or using doors/cupboards to conceal your items. Square coffee tables are also available in an ultra-modern style, specifically platform coffee tables (this is when the table is essentially flush against the floor and there is no open space or storage under the table top portion). Square coffee tables are versatile furniture pieces that can complement and enhance a range of home décor styles, such as modern/industrial, eclectic, or farmhouse (among many others). While square coffee tables are a bit smaller compared to rectangular options, they still offer ample table top space, and storage should you require it. A square coffee table is an ideal selection for any home living space and can provide even a smaller family room with more than enough usable table space.


Hardwood coffee tables are made from wood sourced from leaf bearing trees, such as balsa, oak, maple, and cherry. Some of the most popular and widely used wood varieties for furniture making are classified as a hardwood. Hardwoods are known for their incredible strength, as they have a higher density than softwood varieties. Hardwoods are also extremely stable and durable, making any hardwood variety an ideal choice for high-use furniture pieces. Given the wide range of available hardwood types, there are plenty of options in terms of physical features (for example, lighter tones or rich hues, even versus uneven grain pattern, etc.). A hardwood coffee table would make an ideal addition to any home living space; with the wide range of options to select from (hardwood wood varieties), you are sure to find a hardwood coffee table that suits your needs, style, and budget.


Mango wood species is wood that is derived from the mango tree that is popular worldwide because of its amazing fruit. What most people don’t know is that the mango tree can be grown for wood production as it produces a very reliable wood species for furniture making. One huge reason to get yourself mango wood coffee table, especially if you are an environment enthusiasts, is the fact that it’s eco-friendly and sustainable, as it is only harvested for wood after the mango tree have completed its lifespan. Mango wood coffee tables are some of the most durable coffee tables in the market since the mango wood is strong and dense, and can be enhanced further using a protective finish. Despite being inexpensive another good reason to buy the mango coffee table is the fact that it’s low maintenance and you just require a moist cloth to clean it up.

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