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Simply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection
Simply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection

Simply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection

MERCHANT: Bed Bath & Beyond BRAND: Simply Essential
63 Reviews
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Natural paper veneer top gives off a faux wood grain effect
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63 Reviews
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Featured 10 Reviews
Love it! Don’t think twice
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Great desk for small spaces. I love this desk because it's foldable and sturdy. I use it every day, and sometimes just leave it in place. It looks great!
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Im loving it: it serves a purpose and easy to assemble!
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BB&B Customer
This table is perfect for remotes or beverages. The picture is a bit misleading and does need to be plugged into to be able to charge your devices.
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The frame wasn't square and the wood was not pre-drilled for the screws as stated in the instructions. I returned it and they sent a replacement. The replacement was slightly better, but still not quite square and the wood still had no pre-drilled holes for the screws. I opted to drill my own holes and inadvertently drilled too deep on two of the eight holes. It doesn't quiet sit level on the floor, but it's close enough. The welds should be even, the frame should be square and the holes should be pre-drilled as stated in the instructions. If it wasn't the best suited table for our purpose I would have returned the second one as well.
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I don't love this shelf. It was unclear when ordering that you have to attach it to the wall to prevent it from falling forward. That speaks loudly to the dimensions being incorrect. Plus, the desired attachment to be used is a cheap plastic strap that will be in full view. YUK!
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Table is great for what it is supposed to be, but i wasnt impressed with a visible scratches on the surface and dings on the corners.
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Simply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection reviewSimply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection reviewSimply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection reviewSimply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection reviewSimply Essential™ Metal Furniture Collection review
Every shelf was damaged upon arrival.
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BB&B Customer
Couldn’t screw the wood to the metal pieces because there were no holes for the screws to fit into.
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Questions & Answers

Hello, can they be put outside underneath a covered pergola? Will they hold up ok? Also, is it real wood? Thanks!
Hi there, thank you for checking out the Simply Essential C-Shape Side Table! This item is manufactured of MDF and is recommended for indoor use only. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any additional questions or concerns, we're always glad to help!
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What is the depth of the desk, needing to know how much surface space I'll have to work on.
Hi Darlene, the desk top measures 23.5" L x 47.6" W. We hope you'll enjoy, thank you for shopping with us at BB&B!
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What is size? Dimensions?
Hi there, thank you for your interest in Simply Essential™ 3-Shelf Metal Bookcase in Black. The dimensions for this item are 27.75" W x 11.75" D x 37.75" H when assembled. We're happy to help if you should have any further questions, thanks again and have a great day from BB&B!
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Hi it says it's 30 inches height.. I don't think this is right...
No answer yet
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How tall is table
Thanks for shopping with us! The dimensions for the Simply Essential™ Metal Console Table in Black are 14" L x 42" W x 30" H. We hope this was helpful, please reach out if you have any further questions!
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If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’ve probably been working from home at some point in the last year. Now is a perfect time to update your workspace and office furniture by purchasing a new, natural color desk! A natural color desk has the appearance of untreated, unstained, authentic wood. A natural color desk enhances your workspace or office, adding a beautiful, classic, and rustic look and feel. A natural color desk enriches a minimalist design motif and can also easily mix into your existing style, whether it’s modern and contemporary, or traditional and old-fashioned. Natural wood is strong, sturdy and long-lasting; a great benefit to a natural wood desk is that you have the option to refurbish it with a stain or paint to enhance the furniture piece to keep up with your ever-changing style and design preferences. Natural wood desks are fairly simple to assemble and carry, if you wish to change the layout of your work space.

Medium Density Fiberboard

With the rapid growth of technology, the popularity of medium density fiberboard is growing higher by the day as its durability is also enhanced. In the early days the medium-density-fiberboard was unreliable and many people used to rely on the normal wood for furniture but with technology it has become more reliable and even comes at a much lower cost than other materials such as wood. A good example being the Medium density fiberboard desk, which is a very popular piece of furniture in most offices as it helps reduce the cost of running an office and it’s also very reliable. However, the medium-density fiberboard being a solid, engineered wood also has its pros and cons. One of the advantage of such a desk being that it’s affordable and locally available. While the disadvantage of owning such a desk is that it’s very vulnerable to extreme heat and that it cannot support much weight.


Metal furniture has become one of the interesting topics in planning and design for the current generation. Metal desks combine both form and function. It comes in natural colours that can transform your desk into an aesthetical look. Metal desks are extremely durable. Metal desks can tolerate extreme use which is perfect for the living environment. Metal finishes are well-sealed for general heavy use. Metal desks are easily affordable which good quality metal. Metal desks are far more flexible for everyday wear and tear. Metal is much harder, stronger and heavier and survives for many years. Metals are safer as it is flame-resistant which makes less dangerous. Metals are also weather resistant and can be kept outside at any time. This is the main reason people are starting to use metal furniture. Metal furniture is pet resistant. It cannot scratch or damage the furniture. Thus, Metal desk is a good choice because of its durability.


A veneer desk is a desk that has a thin layer of hardwood applied to the work top. Veneer hardwood is typically applied to desks made of less expensive materials, such as plywood or metals. Veneer work tops can be made of either hardwood or laminate (designed to look like real wood), and both are beautiful, functional and ideal choices. Veneer is extremely durable and isn’t susceptible to the same wear and tear of traditional wood desk tops. Veneer finishes are available in many different colors and designs and will enhance the overall beauty of any desk top. A veneer desk is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of desks, as it uses less real wood. Assembly of veneer desks is straightforward and simple. Veneer desks are an ideal choice for budget, beauty and practicality.


Wood is natural and renewable desk material. Wood is always safe to handle and touch and it's naturally durable for generations does not break down damaging the material. The researcher’s study says that wood surrounded in our home, school, or work gives a positive effect on our health. Wood helps improve our emotional state, lower stress level, and blood pressure gives warmth and comfort feeling and also improves air quality by moderating humidity which makes breathing easier. Wood is a material which is mostly used in constructing desk and other furniture which offers generations a timeless look. It gives strength and durability to a well-made piece of the wooden desk when it is made up of domestic hardwood such as oak, ash, and walnut. Wooden desks are a family-friendly choice. Wood can change the mood of the room and looks antique in any design. Wood offers a unique combination and structural ethics. A wooden desk gives a warmth and richness look to your office space.

Modern Contemporary

The modern-contemporary style of desk is a simple but classy style, that seeks to portray both old and modern styles. It has a basic, bare, bold, and structural look that makes its outstanding. These piece makes a bold statement but at the same time it’s simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. The desk style has got storage drawers and a top surface that is contemporary, for you to write or place your desktop computer. The desks legs are exposed, to give it a modern look. The color is cool and warm, with a top furnish of contemporary color to make it outstanding and a focal point of view. The surface is smooth and clean making them easy to clean and maintain. Some modern-contemporary desk is geometrically shaped to give them the old stylish look.

Sleek Chic Modern

A desk that is designed in the sleek-chic modern style motif is typically a bold desk that features clean lines, minimal materials and statement details. Generally speaking, a sleek-chic modern desk is available in a range of colors and styles; most often, common features include a streamlined, sleek design, modern or minimal drawer handles/hardware and dark or neutral colors. Sleek-chic modern desks are typically smaller in size and not as ornate as other desk types. Assembly of sleek-chic modern desks is relatively simple, depending on the intricacy of the design style, and they tend to be a lighter weight when compared to other desk types. Sleek-chic modern desks complement a contemporary design motif very well and are ideal for smaller rooms or offices. A sleek-chic modern desk is a great way to enhance your work environment and create a professional, polished atmosphere.

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