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SONGMICS Industrial Wide Dresser, 10-Drawer Storage Tower, Metal Frame, Wooden Top and Front, Rustic Brown + Black
SONGMICS Industrial Wide Dresser, 10-Drawer Storage Tower, Metal Frame, Wooden Top and Front, Rustic Brown + Black

SONGMICS Industrial Wide Dresser, 10-Drawer Storage Tower, Metal Frame, Wooden Top and Front, Rustic Brown + Black

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179 Reviews
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179 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
D. Arcadi
My son loved this dresser. Super easy to put together and love the sleek design. I was a little concerned about the fabric drawers, but happy it’s wood on the outside. Overall, definitely worth the buy.
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Kelsey Bollenbach
Love this dresser. It took awhile to put this dresser together but was happy with the result. It is super lightweight but still sturdy enough to hold things in the drawers and a large tv on top. Perfect for the kids bedroom.
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K Grayson
I absolutely love these pieces.
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Colten C
Even with fabric drawers they are very sturdy and work fine without railings. Killer dresser for the price.
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The dresser is ok. Easy enough to assemble, great for minimalist (not clothes hoarders—lol). Great for small apartment size room.
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It came in with no holes on one side and cannot be out together. It's huge. It's difficult to even think of returning. Tried contacting Songmics for just the one part to be replaced.. so far I have an unusable dresser still. It is beautiful, I love their line of "rustic brown" products (as long as it's not the fabric front drawers... I accidently bought those and they're simply not the same!!)Will update once however resolved.
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Cristi V
Well, I can honestly say, this piece would probably be amazing if parts C and D actually fit together like they are supposed to in the instructions. I’ve got the 2 main pieces of metal that are supposed to form a T shape and the one piece won’t slide into the other piece because of what is soldered into place. I’m going to have to get my landlord to cut the metal with some very sharp blades in order to make this work. For the price, I would not have expected this much hassle. Beyond annoyed here. And to think, I have 2 more matching dressers in the set coming. Oh joy.
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I received one of the defective boxes so the manufacturer error seems to still be an issue (C doesn’t fit into D). Could someone please do their job at Songmics and send Amazon serial numbers to reference so their inventory can be cleaned up. Annoyed about having to deal with returning or replacing parts. Not going to take my chances with asking for a replacement but plan to call Songmics on Monday (p.s. their weekend phone number is invalid they only take calls during business hours per phone recoding so someone at Songmics isn’t doing their job with updating information on their website so there you go). Anyway… not worth the trouble for the price. Caveat Emptor. Find products with no bad reviews. By the way, Amazon, would like the option to give a no star rating.
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Versatile and hardworking dresser and chest contain multiple drawers but differ in design and size which is up to you while choosing for a dresser and chest. With the selection of storage furniture, the dresser and chest will be a great choice but also have to keep in mind the colour of the dresser which will match your interiors. the black colour dresser and chests are just delightful and look charming in the house. It adds sophistication to space wherever you put it and allows different touches to your room. The black finish modernizes your home and also the construction of the dresser and chest with this finish gives a stunning look. Bring bold style into your bedroom with the addition of a black dresser and chest. This makes a statement in your space with a rich and deep finish. A Black dresser and chest with sleek finish spice things up and become a unique piece of furniture that is sure to stand and will help to create the bedroom of your dreams.


A dresser and a chest function the same, but the difference lies in the piece which is designed. A dresser and chest of drawers are some of the most important elements serving both as storage and décor piece. Organize your interior with a brown colour dresser and chest finish. The streamlined brown colour drawers offer a modern style with minimal fuss. A wood dresser and chest in a neutral, classic, or contemporary finish will work with any décor. This type of dresser and chest finish is very luxe and are also versatile giving a warm rustic beauty that fits comfortably into any bedroom décor. The rich look flows beautifully over the decorative framed details and flawlessly captures the true feel of the rustic design which is the perfect choice for any home environment. No matter its style, colour scheme, and design, the dresser and chest have a lot of functions from storage to creating an atmosphere that will also serve you for years to come.


A dresser with a fabric upholstery brings about a certain level of softness and warmth in your bedroom, providing you with a calm and relaxed environment that will ease all your stress away. When it comes to maintenance and care of a dresser with a fabric upholstery, the level of wear and tear you are likely to experience all depends on the quality of fabric. So, if you are in the market for such a dresser, ensure that the fabric is durable and able to withstand traffic. However, a fabric dresser is quite easy to clean and maintain. Another advantage of a dresser with a fabric upholstery is that it is a statement piece with a great sense of style as the fabric can come in different textures, colors, or patterns. When it comes to cost, better quality fabric means higher prices.


Back in the day, there was a time when wood was always the go to material for all things furniture. However, homeowners are now willing to use different materials for various reasons. A good example is a metal dresser. However, unlike a wooden dresser, it's much more durable as it does not wear and tear easily. And with very little care, it can stand firm from one generation to the next. A metal dresser or chest is much more stylish as compared to wooden ones, and no matter your décor or theme, a metallic dresser or chest will complement your current interior decor. Metallic dressers are also quite popular for their low maintenance needs, which is a common trait among most metallic furniture. All you need to do is wipe it with a piece of cloth to get rid of the dust, and in case of rust, a fresh coat of painting can always do the trick.

Solid Wood

If you like having durable and outstanding material for your dresser &chest, solid wood will be a perfect choice for you. Solid wood is one of the best classic choices for dressers & chests. Firstly it is easy to craft and design elegant products. This wood is available in different colors and materials available in solid wood; hence making it easier for one to select in accordance to taste. Solid wood is durable and sturdy making both the dresser & chest last for a long time while giving you adequate or enough service. Care and maintenance for this wood are easy and to maintain one doesn't require constant care. However, solid wood is more susceptible to changes in climate, which may cause it to crack or warp. Generally, this material will produce a great dresser & chest for your room. It is also important to note solid can be a victim of termites and others wood borers. Ensure you check to see if your material was treated.


Wood is classified into two major categories, that's is softwood and hardwood. Softwood is easier to work with hence making elegant dressers and chests in your room. On the other hand, hardwood is the most durable material when it comes to furniture making. Wood is well treated to the longevity of dressers & chests. Users can pick either softwood or hardwood for their preference. Both kinds of wood need care and maintenance and from time to time wipe your wood perfectly. If you love personalized touch in your dressers and chest, you can always go for these materials because it's easier to work with compared to metals. Wood does not rust but if not well treated it can get attacked by wold borers or termites. A wooden dresser can be enhanced by applying a finish to give your dresser an attractive final look. Wood is sturdy and durable hence making your dresser & chest give you service for decades.


Industrial furniture are quite unique as they are manufactured and produced to serve industry or factory worker, however, it’s impossible to not notice how industrial furniture such as industrial dressers and chests have become quite popular over the last decade. Industrial furniture have gained such a huge influence over the furniture industry such that it is impossible to walk into a home and not notice a couple of industrial furniture such as industrial chests and dressers. One main reason why you should go for an industrial dresser or chest is the fact that they are deliberately designed to take a beating with material such as stainless steel or cast iron. Hence if you are in the market for durable dresser or chest then you should definitely go for industrial ones, as they can take a knocking down and not even leave a single scratch or damage.


Gone are the days of ‘ugly’ kids’ furniture; kid’s dressers or chests are now simpler, more beautiful, and more versatile than ever before. Decades ago, when people thought of kids’ dressers or chests, images of brightly-colored pieces with graphics adorned on every obvious surface were prevalent. Nowadays, kids’ dressers and chests are available in gorgeous, mostly neutral colors, and can range from simple to more ornate designs. A huge shift towards minimalist-styled nurseries and children’s rooms have led to more and more designers creating pieces that are simple, beautiful, and practical. Not only can these simple pieces be used in a kid’s bedroom, they can be used throughout the child’s life, making a ‘kids’ dresser or chest a versatile furniture choice. Kids dressers or chests are often made of solid or manufactured wood, or a combination of materials, making them a durable and long-lasting piece.


If you are the kind of person who loves a of a piece of furniture that portrays it’s true elements then I would highly suggest that you get yourself a rustic dresser and chest, as they are the true definition of rustic. A rustic dresser or chest doesn’t have to be smooth it appears in its naturally weathered or distressed form. In short a rustic furniture is a piece of furniture that is made out of organic elements may it be wood or stone, in their most natural state. One of the main reason that you should go for a rustic dresser or chest is the fact that they create a warm and inviting environment. Another major reason is the fact that a rustic dresser or chest can be easily incorporated to any type interior décor as long as it is well-calculated and measured.


Chests of drawers look narrow, tall, and provide maximum storage while conserving floor space. With this chest being narrow and tall, it is also a great space saver. The chest has got multiple drawers for the storage of private documents or jewelry, however, one can arrange what they want inside the. If you're living in a tightly spaced room, the chest comes in handy because of its size. In a big-sized room, a chest becomes the center of attraction because it can be decorated using a flower vase. The top surface reflects lights. Depending on your preference of colors, chest age is available in different arrays of colors for you to pick from. With this product, one gets extra space to add other furniture compared to dressers which tend to occupy large space. The chest can be placed in an office or bedroom and still serve users perfectly.


Dressers are one of the few categories of furniture that are commonly made of one material, wood. They usually are wide and short, making them ideal for small and large spaces rooms. Beyond mere tradition, wood construction in dressers is simply the most versatile and reliable building material. While the majority of dressers will be wood, there are notable exceptions and eye-catching in a room, making them a focal point of admiration. They are also meant to provide a space you can dress in front of the top serves as a table to place clothes and space for a mirror. The overall design of a dresser is its most defining feature, giving way to the considerations of build, style, and any other features. Dressers function perfectly in a bedroom, where you or your guest can have easier access to clothes or mirrors if installed.

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