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Treska TV Stand for TVs up to 70"
Treska TV Stand for TVs up to 70"

Treska TV Stand for TVs up to 70"

MERCHANT: Wayfair BRAND: Latitude Run®
24 Reviews
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62.99'' x 21.46'' H x 15.55''
9.3'' x 38.7'' W x 12.6'' D
Maximum TV Screen Size Accommodated
Weight Capacity
Overall Product Weight
Open shelving
Manufactured Wood
Material Details
Walnut, Particle Board
Sound Bar Shelf
Adjustable Shelving
Drawers Included
Number of Drawers
Wheels Included
Tipover Restraint Device Included
Product Care
Wipe with clean damped cloth
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
Level of Assembly
Full Assembly Needed
Suggested Number of People for Assembly/Install
Adult Assembly Required
Additional Tools Required (Not Included)
Avoid Power Tools
Commercial Warranty
Product Warranty
Warranty Length
1 Year
Full or Limited Warranty
Warranty Details
Against defects

Featured Reviews

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24 Reviews
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11/18 recommendations
Featured 18 Reviews
Was not actually solid wood, but looks great! We have a 55” TV on it and it looks so nice!! Our cats love it too.
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Perfect and went well with my basement concept
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It's sturdy and very nice looking. We really like it.
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Looks great and perfect for my 55" TV! Assembly instruction is a bit of a challenge. It's not solid wood but it's a good quality item to be included in my furniture sets at home.
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Beautiful and it add alot to my living room...loved it
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nice piece. a little hard to put together. as described.
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Its a very nice unit and looks really nice but the directions were horrible. Very unclear. One of the pieces did not fit together but I was able to work around it.
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Good piece of furniture and has a nice look. The directions in the manuel however, are put together with such low quality. I’d almost reconsider a different piece simply because the build was so painstaking.
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Hamed Sadeghi
The TV stand looks good and similar to description. We had a little problem assembling it, but it wasn't a big deal. Overall, very good looking product.
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Really like the unit, super heavy, 4 stars instructions not easy to understand.
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It took a very long time to put it together myself . My tv stand looks a lil dislocated in some way . The Manuel wasn’t really helping at all. But it looks good in my room
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unfortunately first one came in with some cracked pieces, but wayfair replaced it right away.
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TV stand draw isn’t even on the left side...
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Instructions poor and incorrect. Screws and parts bad quality. Long Assembly time. It would have been better to use screws only rather than the plastic rods.
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Looks good but hard to build
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Assembly went smoothly until the upper tier right side. Particle board will not take to much pressure or maneuvering. Because of this I snapped several of the locking holes and plastic dowel rods. I was able to finish this project several days later but can’t speak to the over-all integrity and strength of the cabinets. Also, the under planks (4) were to short and both the planks and forward brace were miss drilled on there hole placements I was disappointed with the ease of construction.
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Oh dear. Unless you can work miracles, steer clear. The instructions to build are the worst I have ever seen in my life. Beyond comprehension. I tried, I have put together so much flat pack lately I'd consider myself an expert...but no, labelling is poor, pictures worse and the flow of instructions just diabolical. To be fair, Wayfair Sent me a new one without cost. This time round knowing the instructions are rubbish I got a team of friends to help. Unfortunately this item is no good for anything other than a bonfire it is a nightmare and a waste of time, steer clear like the plague
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Questions & Answers

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Product Tag

Tall(over 32 in.)

A tv stand with over 32 inches can accommodate TVs up to 78". This stand is perfectly ideal for those who want to have a broad view of their living room. Anyone entering your living room will notice your stand because of the height. On average, people spend up to 6 or more hours watching tv. This time may pose a big difference on your health, hence tall in tv stand will provide the comfort you need. Tall TV stands might make all that sitting time more comfortable and the screen easier to see — not to mention adding ample storage space underneath. However, when it comes to portability, this height will demand an extra workforce to carry the stand. With tall over 32 inches, you rest assured of enough storage units and shelves for you're personal items or display purposes. This height is best suited for more giant TVs, forming an eye-catching view.


Wood tv stands are one of the most popular types of tv stands available on the market-and for good reason! Wood is a versatile, beautiful, and natural way to enhance the aesthetic of your home living spaces. A wood tv stand can be different colors/tones or finishes, including painted, stained, or airbrushed. Due to the extreme versatility of wood tv stands, they are able to complement nearly every home décor style, including traditional, modern, coastal, farmhouse, antique and mid-century modern. A wood tv stand would make a great choice for people who enjoy DIY projects; wood is very conducive to painting or staining, so you can easily change the look of a wood tv stand should your style preferences change. A wood tv stand would make a perfect addition to your home living spaces and will create a beautiful and relaxed ambience in your home.

70-79 inch TVs

For television of range 70-79 inches, consider getting a sturdy tv stand of 61.1 into 36.8in. With these screen sizes, they tend to occupy the whole top surface of the tv stand leaving behind a tiny space that can not be used to add other accessories. The recommended viewing distance for this screen is 8.75" to 15.5". This screen size on your tv stand is elegant, and anyone entering your living room will notice the blending of your tv and the stand. It is also comfortable to watch tv from this distance mentioned above. Cleaning and maintenance of the stand and tv may, however, be a tedious task; wiping the dust from the back of this tv may be a challenge. Getting a more significant-sized tv stand for this range of screens is an excellent idea to help sort clearance space issues for your tv. A small tv stand may not be suitable for this range of inches for tv.

TV Stand

Modern and contemporary tv stands are the new way of life. They come in various designs and styles, some are usually floating, and others are mounted on walls and floors. Tv stands don't house too many media items; unlike entertainment centers, tv stands are meant to save on space and use the smallest space available. They are classic and elegant; when blended well with the rest of the living room decor, they make the living room an excellent chilling spot. Tv stands are functional, meaning they can fit in all areas depending on the dealing selected. It is easy to decorate this stand and finish it with artifacts to bring it to life. Tv stands tend to make your living room modern no matter what the rest of your decor is. Some tv stands are composed of shelves to allow you to house minor accessories like remotes or players.

Standard(48-67 in.)

The word standard is a universal size for tv stands width. This size is ideal for a living room and will offer plenty of clearance to place your Tv. With this width, the stands will offer just the right amount of surface area and storage capabilities, making it easy to elevate the height and style of your TV – no matter the size of your space. The width can accommodate any tv screen of 49 inches to 70" comfortably. Safety risks must, however, be checked in the event if you have toddlers; they might push your tv down. The width clearance is comfortable to set up and helps your media look visually balanced. Depending on the size of your screen, you can decide to mount the tv on the wall to hang below the stand, or you can place it on top of the surface.


Hardwood is a robust wood species that is long-lasting when used on furniture, especially tv stands. The wood species is highly preferred for suitable materials for making tv stands; this is because the species is durable, designable, and has classic appeal. Owing to its durability, the wood species produces sturdy tv stands that will serve you for decades. It is easy to maintain, and when treated well with oils, it withstands or elements that may cause decay or wood borers. Hardwood produces numerous styles and designs of tv stands, making them much easier for you to pick from. Since the species is durable, it can withstand and tv weight. Unlike other species, this wood species has hues and lines that make it look even more attractive. The tv stand made from hardwood species can be part of any design scheme or blends well with the rest of the living room decor.


Walnut wood tv stands are durable and long-lasting furniture pieces that will last for years to come. Walnut wood has a gorgeous wood grain pattern, a rich and subtle brown tone, and is highly resistant to cracking or splintering of the wood (with normal use). Walnut wood is also an ideal wood variety to stain, finish or polish, as it takes to these veneers quite well. Walnut wood is a beautiful, muted brown that is very subtle and natural-looking. The rich and warm tone of Walnut wood is an ideal choice to create an inviting ambience in your home. Walnut wood tv stands would make an ideal addition to any home décor motif, as they are versatile and adaptable. Walnut wood tv stands would beautifully enhance a traditional, coastal, farmhouse or rustic home décor style. Walnut wood tv stands are also a great choice for people who enjoy DIY and renovation projects; Walnut wood takes well to stains and finishes, so if you ever want to change the look of your tv stand, it will be easy to do so.

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