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Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use
Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use

Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use

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123 Reviews
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123 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
Please remember that this desk comes in two boxes. Both of my boxes arrived at the same time, but I bet it is possible that they could get separated.Do not tighten up your bolts until everything is put together, and I mean everything.The desk is beautiful. I use it in my home office and I couldn't have a better desk. True, it doesn't have drawers, but there is plenty of storage. I love the dark wood grain and black metal.It fits my style and I plan on getting more office furniture in this style.
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Brian Pepple
the pieces didn't fit perfectly and had to be forced into place but it definitely was worth the effort. great desk
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Was pretty scared to order desk on line but very pleased with what I received. Except that is not real wood which I knew I love everything about it.
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happy with this purchase.
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Amazon Customer
Love this desk! It’s very sturdy and gives you a ton of space to work with. It was also super easy to assemble.
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Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use reviewTribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use reviewTribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use review
Like many of you, I need space. I searched and search and finally chose this one. I am going to try to be as detailed as possible and hopefully it will help.Delivery- my desk came in 2 separately shipped packages. Amazon will only give you 1 tracking number and considered it delivered but if you contact the seller they will send you the other one. It only came 2 days apart.* Packaging- my first one was perfectly sealed and packaged. The second one got ripped up, but that’s because of fed ex. It was heavy so she was scooting it everywhere and it ripped up the box pretty good but everything was fine inside.* Initial product open- everything was there along with instructions and nothing was damaged. Now here’s where I tell you, if you expect complete perfection from shipped faux wood and metal furniture, you are delusional. There were minor little scrapes here and there on the metal but the wood was relatively fine with the exception of some very minor and unnoticeable blemishes.* assembly- you are going to need space. I also suggest sorting out each half of the desk pieces and assemble each half one at a time. Instructions only had pictures so take your time to study them and familiarize yourself with the pieces. My pieces were labeled with tiny little stickers on the edges. 9/10s of the assembly is done with an Allan wrench. It’s not difficult to put together. My second piece took no time at all. My only complaint, and one of the reasons I gave it 4 stars is the curved connecting piece. To put the bottom piece on you have to screw it in from the bottom. It’s impossible because the desk is completely together by then with no way to reach underneath to screw it in. I wound up having to improvise. The top piece despite not having anything corrected to the curve part is pretty sturdy once screwed in.* look- it’s nice. The wood is richer than I thought, so it has a more natural look. It is sturdy when it’s all put together as well. The top riser is 8 inches wide so plenty of room for wider monitor bases.Overall- I liked it. I needed to separate spaces for work and personal. It does leave some awkward empty space on the corner, I’ll be using an led corner lamp to fill that gap in. I will caution you that if you have a larger computer, it’s gonna be a hard fit in a closed corner and there are metal tabs that stuck out where the second shelf would go. I made it work but it wasn’t ideal for me so another reason it got 4 stars. Each desk will fit 2 22” monitors on the risers with maybe just a little space to put a Nic nac left, a small one. Also, the surface isn’t completely smooth, so you’ll need something under your paper when writing. However, overall I am pleased.Read more
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Andrew W.
First, once assembled, this is a great desk. It looks just like in the pictures, is sturdy, and I particularly like all the extra surface space for storage. The finish on the surface is nice, and the parts fit together nicely with minimal gaps. The product also perfectly matches the published dimensions, which means it fits into the space I planned like a glove.The assembly is a bit tricky; many of the parts seem interchangeable at first glance, but minor differences mean they very much aren't. Because the parts aren't individually labeled, you have to pay very close attention to the fine details in the illustration. Even after realizing this, I still mistook one support beam for another. All told, I had to disassemble my work perhaps a half dozen times. So assembly was a pain in that respect. On the other hand, all parts used the same hex wrench, which simplified tool use greatly, the components were clearly packaged, and the general assembly style was intuitive.One final word of warning: four of the bolts included in the package were too short to actually reach the anchor they were supposed to fit into. (See attached picture.) As a result, one of shelves is unstable. I contacted customer service, per the instructions in the manual, and as of three weeks later, have had no reply. I'm going to just buy my own bolts; it'll be a couple dollars at most, so it's not a major issue. But the utter silence from customer service is disheartening.Read more
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Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use review
Daniel S. Geurin
I assembled it exactly as the instructions are stating, and low and behold, on of the end supports has the middle bracket on the wrong way haha. Everything is oriented the way it is meant to be, but this is a pretty big error to miss in quality control. Overall it is a good desk, but that’s a pretty dumb thing to miss. Hopefully I can get a replacement sent.
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Tribesigns L-Shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Modern Corner Computer Desk Study Writing Workstation with Monitor Riser & Corner Shelf for Home Office Use review
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Questions & Answers

Does the monitor stands have to be used or no?
No. You could get away without using them.
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How would you create the U shaped configuration in the picture?
A second desk would be required. It's actually just two of the desks pushed together.
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how much height can the feet adjust to? I'm looking to use a current drawer unit to sit under the desk but may be too tall by an inch...
There is no adjustment. Unless you but something under the legs.
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How wide is the monitor shelf and how long is each side minus the corner piece?
Wide enough to hold large monitors I have two on each side of desk
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