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Troy 48 in. Medium Cherry Large Oval Wood Coffee Table with Shelf
Troy 48 in. Medium Cherry Large Oval Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

Troy 48 in. Medium Cherry Large Oval Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

MERCHANT: The Home Depot BRAND: Steve Silver
38 Reviews
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Sitting around the Steve Silver Company Troy Coffee Table is the best spot to entertain your guests. Featuring a classic style, this coffee table will be the ideal piece to add an antique ...
assembly required
assembly required
color family
medium wood
medium cherry
finish family
finish type
frame material
no additional items included
product weight (lb)
46 lb
single vs set
top material
Product Depth (in)
28 in
Product Height (in)
20 in
Product Length (in)
48 in

Featured Reviews

Here are 28 reviews from verified buyers that we think will help you.
38 Reviews
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27/28 recommendations
Featured 28 Reviews
It was well packaged and easy to put together my teen age grandson did it very well. It is a lovely piece of furniture
Helpful Helpful 3
This is a very nice table for especially for the price. Looks great and was easy to order, pickup, and assemble. Our first one had a defect in the staining on the top and I called homedepot.com We returned it (assembled!) to the store and picked up a replacement which arrived quickly. They even gave us a bit of a discount for our trouble. Excellent customer service! This table is a perfect size for a smaller home and the finish and design looks like it costs more than it did. We got the matching end tables, too. All in all, a great set. Would purchase from Home Depot again.
Helpful Helpful 3
it was good very nice thank you i'm a vet, how can I get my ten percent when I shop?
Helpful Helpful 2
The perfect table for our living room. Very easy assembly with no tools required. Beautiful wood work. An excellent product!
Helpful Helpful 2
I love my cherry-wood cocktail table.
Helpful Helpful 2
This coffee table is perfect! Size, Shape and price.
Helpful Helpful 1
wonderful coffee table for the price!!!
Helpful Helpful 1
Love it...
Helpful Helpful 1
Very easy to assemble. The table looks great and is very sturdy.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table is beautiful. Every expensivce looking. Add class to living room.
Helpful Helpful 0
ordered this table and love it. The color matches perfect with my other furniture.
Helpful Helpful 0
This table was way more than I expected it to be! I am very satisfied with this product,
Helpful Helpful 0
easy to put together-everything fits unlike so much furniture I have put together--this table is very solid, pretty,tasteful and nice finish- really like this table-good price and durable-like that there are no real sharp edges anywhere-finished well-
Helpful Helpful 0
Kids put it together while I was at work. Top of the table is even prettier than the picture shows. My only issue is I wish had odered something smaller.
Helpful Helpful 0
Its shape is very nice and beautiful, its color is magnificent, easy to clean, also easy to install and affordableAnd advise everyone to buy it .
Helpful Helpful 0
Only problem with pick up
Helpful Helpful 0
I was so excited to receive my farmhouse coffee table last week. The table is solid, stunning, expensive-looking! Super happy with this piece. I ordered the matching TV Console. All so Stunning!!!!!
Helpful Helpful 0
Love it
Helpful Helpful 0
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
Helpful Helpful 0
Table had some imperfections on two of the legs, but is on the inside and not worth the time and trouble to send back after we put it together. But you get what you paid for it.
Helpful Helpful 3
Very nice table. The color is a very dark brown. The two only things: It wobbled a bit after assembly (like one leg ended up being shorter). Maybe this could be adjusted with patience, using some play in the mounting of the legs before tightening the screws, but I did not have the patience to do this. I ended up adding adhesive protectors for the bottom of the legs, and that took care of the problem.The second, packaging does not seem to be good enough, and UPS probably does not handle with the required care. It came with a small dent. Not a big deal, but it is never fun when something new is not in perfect condition.
Helpful Helpful 3
Helpful Helpful 3
The material is ok. However it's hard to make the table stands firmly because one of the leg is not equal in length (a bit shorter than other legs)
Helpful Helpful 0
The drill is easy to assemble but I don’t know why I need to to remove two nail The drill is easy to assemble but I need to remove two nail pads at the bottom of legs of the drill to let it stabilize.
Helpful Helpful 0
Excellent table for the price. The dark cherry color is a match to my other furniture, it was not a darker chocolate cherry as others have mentioned. Easy to assemble and all hardware was in the box. Only issue for me was that the table legs are not tight fitting; you can see small gaps between the table side and the legs. The finish is beautiful giving the appearance of a much more expensive table. Overall a good buy!
Helpful Helpful 0
attactive furniture and easy to put together
Helpful Helpful 0
Very nice table. It did come with some minor scratches but overall quality is pretty good. Shipping was also very fast (received it within few days after ordering online). Color is more brownish instead of brown-red as presented on the pictures. Bought it while on sale so it was pretty good deal. Overall it met my expectations.
Helpful Helpful 0
Item came with a damage on side.
Helpful Helpful 3
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Questions & Answers

Dimensions please.
4 foot long--28inches wide--about 19.5 inches tall and 14 inches from bottom shelf to top
10 Helpful 10
Dimensions please.
This table is 20"H x 48"W x 28"L.
10 Helpful 10
I see it says frame and top are made of wood. What kind of wood or is it that pressed stuff?
I was problem with pick up but I need to know where I can Join it
4 Helpful 4
I see it says frame and top are made of wood. What kind of wood or is it that pressed stuff?
Yes, I bought last week and I received yesterday, I installed it under one and half hour with help of my wife. I had a great experience.
4 Helpful 4
I see it says frame and top are made of wood. What kind of wood or is it that pressed stuff?
It is pressed stuff or I would say engineering wood
4 Helpful 4
I see it says frame and top are made of wood. What kind of wood or is it that pressed stuff?
Hello,The Legs are made of Rubberwood. The table top and shelf and MDF with birch Veneer. Thanks,stacy
4 Helpful 4
What are the maximum weights the top and shelf can hold?
The top shelf can hold a recommended weight of up to 50lbs and the shelf has a recommended weight of up to 25lbs.
0 Helpful 0
Can anyone tell me if their table has any sort of design on the top? I know it has the kind of st...
There is no design on the top aside from the woodgrain.
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where can we find matching end tables for this cocktail table?
Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, We have reached out to the manufacturer and their reply is, The manufacturer is currently sold out of the end tables. Once the end tables are in stock (estimated July 2020), the end tables should show as available for purchase.
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The living area is the first place where the guest enters where people decorate which looks the most happening and entertaining place in the home. The coffee table is the one that depicts the way you blend the home interior. This is an inevitable part of the living room. It creates a lively presence in the living area. Assembled coffee tables serve as the centrepiece for seating areas as sofas, positioned facing towards them. Assembled coffee tables allow for the style which includes an assortment of sizes, shapes, colours, and materials that suits your living space. Assembled coffee tables help to complete the space and also provide a space to store items. The assembled coffee table allows getting the style and functional benefit of a coffee table without wasting time fitting parts together. The assembled coffee table is the perfect option that suits your living space. Assembled coffee tables have already come pre-built for you. Assembled coffee tables are expensive as it is already assembled and doesn’t require additional work on your part.


A decorative coffee table is a beautiful way to showcase your personal style in your home. Decorative coffee tables can range in their style/design; however, they are all stunning and unique. A decorative coffee table is the best way to showcase your personal style in your home; you can show off a decorative coffee table during parties or get-togethers with friends and family. It’s sure to be a gorgeous focal point and conversation starter! You can further enhance the beauty of a decorative coffee table by adding gorgeous décor elements such as photo frames, a plant or floral arrangement, a tray, or coffee table books. Depending on your chosen selection of a decorative coffee table, it can beautifully complement a wide range of design styles, such as traditional, rustic, antique/vintage, modern/contemporary, and coastal (among many others). A decorative coffee table is a beautiful way to enhance your home’s style in an elegant and sophisticated way.


If you’re looking to add a layer of storage to your coffee table, then shelves are a good choice. With shelves, you have the freedom to store items in an orderly and organized manner. When your shelves in a coffee table, it adds a layer of storage and immediately makes a table more useful. This feature is not only useful but also an added plus for your coffee table storage. You won’t have to worry about inadequate storage space on your coffee table. Shelves will also offer a nice display point for your decorations or another house décor that will blend well with your coffee table, hence making it an eye-catching piece of art. Shelving not only helps you to organize things precisely but also provides ample space to store things in their appropriate place, right from books to other heavy industrial products. With shelves, they won’t offer any privacy hence limiting the owner from placing confidential files.


In case you love extra storage in your house, what a good way to get a coffee table with storage features. You can use the under-table space to store whatever you like: put pillows, blankets, books, and other stuff there. If you have a clear glass or acrylic table, they will be part of your decor, and if it's not sheer, they will be hidden, which means your space will be less cluttered. With this feature, you can also store your cups and other coffee accompaniments like sugar or tea bags. Storage units in a coffee table will make your coffee table a more chilling base. This also makes your coffee table a center of attraction for anyone entering your house. Depending on your preference one can choose the design of storage they want for their coffee table. Some coffee tables have more than one storage unit and others few.

Medium Wood

A medium wood coffee table is a perfect furniture piece to add to your home living space to enhance the warmth and overall aesthetic of your family room or living room. Medium wood coffee tables are often a rich, warm reddish-brown color; the beautiful color adds to the elegance of the table. Medium wood coffee tables complement a range of home décor motifs, including antique, vintage and traditional. A medium wood coffee table can be further enhanced through the addition of gorgeous décor elements, such as beautiful candles, gorgeous floral arrangements, and unique coffee table books. A medium wood coffee table pairs especially well with gold accents; you could add a distinct gold décor piece to the table top, or potentially add gold hardware to the coffee table itself (such as a decorative chain or knob/handle). A medium wood coffee table will make the perfect addition to your home living space and will enhance the elegance and sophistication of any room.


Silver furnish for your coffee table has a wonderful and eye-catching concept. This coffee table will be a focal point in your kitchen or coffee table room, making it look unique and modern. Silver furnish on coffee table will make your coffee table look modern. Silver is often seen as the ultimate balance between black and white, allowing it to be an unbiased furnish that works well with most palettes and schemes. Silver furnish on your desk will illuminate your room or office furnish making it look elegant and unique, this furnish is calming too. A silver coffee table offers you the luxury of a medium that's easy to clean. They are attractive and fit well into any modern home. The furnish reflects light hence making it a piece of art on your coffee table. Anyone entering your house will easily notice the silver coffee table because it’s a focal point of admiration.


Wood coffee tables are a beautiful way to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home living space. Wood is a traditionally used material to craft coffee tables, as it is known for its incredible strength and durability. Wood coffee tables enhance a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home and provide you with ample space and storage. Oftentimes, wood coffee tables are built to include a shelf underneath the table top (either an open shelf or storage hidden behind cupboards), allowing you to display décor items or use it for extra storage. You can enhance a wood coffee table by pairing it with beautiful décor elements, such as candles, decorative accents, unique textiles (such as a table runner) or floral arrangements. Wood coffee tables complement a range of home décor styles, including coastal, farmhouse, traditional and modern; each of these home décor styles can be further enhanced by styling your wood coffee table to suit your design preferences. A wood coffee table makes a great addition to any home.


Coffee tables serve several purposes, from completing a look to storage and display they are much needed in a space. Large size coffee tables upgrade the look of the family room and may be a good place to start. Large size coffee tables also feature exposed storage space with an extending table surface. Large size coffee tables make your home look complete in your large living room. It gives a classy beauty to the room. Large size coffee tables give a contemporary blend by their styling. They are a modern type of coffee table that gives a modern and crisp look to the living room and can be personal furniture on the list as well. For, futuristic or minimalistic homes, this size of coffee table is perfect. Large-size coffee tables are more traditional with a cosy appeal. It also gives a lighter, neutral background as well. A large size coffee table makes it even more functional and enjoyable for the family.


From the word classic, it’s easy to paint the picture in your mind when you hear the word classic. Classic even before we go to details is something outstanding. Classic style is a unique style that is meant to lasts for several seasons, sometimes even years, and is accepted by a wide range of people. With classic style, you won’t even have to think about it, because you just know they will be acceptable from one year to the next. This style on coffee table is elegant and the colors used are bold and eye catching. The style is made with perfection to make them last for decades. With detailing such as inlay and curved or turned legs, as well as pieces with ornate detailing. Classic style is one that is enduring. With this style one is in liberty to choose from a wide variety of choices available in accordance with individual taste. This style of coffee table is also attractive and a center of attraction on your house.


A vintage coffee table is a gorgeous way to elevate your elegant taste in home décor. Vintage coffee tables are classic and timeless furniture pieces that enhance the sophistication of your home living space. Vintage coffee tables are most often crafted of wood; this ensures the quality and longevity of each vintage coffee table. Vintage coffee tables are a beautiful way to showcase your personal style. Vintage coffee tables often feature ornate detailing, beautiful hardware, and fine wood craftsmanship. You can further enhance the beauty of a vintage coffee table by adding décor elements, such as candles, plants or floral arrangements, or photo frames to draw attention to the table. A vintage coffee table pairs well with a variety of home décor motifs, including vintage/antique, and traditional styles. A vintage coffee table is the perfect way to enhance the sophistication of your home.


Oval coffee tables offer a more traditional and classic look for your family room or living room. An oval coffee table can complement different home décor styles, such as modern, vintage, and minimalistic, among many others. As with any round table variety, an oval coffee table makes an ideal addition to homes with young children as there are no sharp/pointed corners. Unlike other coffee table varieties, most oval coffee tables don’t typically have storage underneath the table top portion; oftentimes, the bottom portion of the table is made up of one pedestal or multiple leg supports. An oval coffee table has lots of table top space/area for drinks, food, or décor pieces. Oval coffee tables make an ideal addition to any type of living space and can enhance the warm and inviting atmosphere of your home. Oval coffee tables are a unique and stunning way to showcase your style.


A cherry wood coffee table will give any living room a truly new look that’s timeless. If you are in the market for a beautifully stained coffee table with amazing wood grain then a cherry wood coffee table is your best bet. Especially if you intend to lean more towards stain instead of paint. In this modern age cherry wood coffee table have become so popular with their natural color ranging from a reddish tone to a lighter blonde color. If you are a person who really appreciate wood species you will definitely love the cherry wood species especially its beautiful wood grain. A cherry wood coffee table is usually more expensive than one made from other wood types. It also helps keep your living room looking classy only if you intend to show off the natural color of the cherry would species which is a reddish brown color.


Hardwood coffee tables are made from wood sourced from leaf bearing trees, such as balsa, oak, maple, and cherry. Some of the most popular and widely used wood varieties for furniture making are classified as a hardwood. Hardwoods are known for their incredible strength, as they have a higher density than softwood varieties. Hardwoods are also extremely stable and durable, making any hardwood variety an ideal choice for high-use furniture pieces. Given the wide range of available hardwood types, there are plenty of options in terms of physical features (for example, lighter tones or rich hues, even versus uneven grain pattern, etc.). A hardwood coffee table would make an ideal addition to any home living space; with the wide range of options to select from (hardwood wood varieties), you are sure to find a hardwood coffee table that suits your needs, style, and budget.

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