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Tuoze 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sectional Outdoor All Weather PE Rattan Wicker Lawn Conversation Cushioned Sofa Set with Glass Coffee Table (Grey), Gery
Tuoze 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sectional Outdoor All Weather PE Rattan Wicker Lawn Conversation Cushioned Sofa Set with Glass Coffee Table (Grey), Gery

Tuoze 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sectional Outdoor All Weather PE Rattan Wicker Lawn Conversation Cushioned Sofa Set with Glass Coffee Table (Grey), Gery

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137 Reviews
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Tuoze outdoor patio furniture sets provide elegant and unique sense of design. The PE rattan with super flexibility, and can accept all-weather test without fading. Solid metal frame with ...
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137 Reviews
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Featured 8 Reviews
It takes more than two hours to put together.I should have checked the Walsunny outdoor patio exact set. It is $239 and shipping was $80. I wrote an email to the seller to see if he would match the price but he didn’t. Will order Walsunny from now on. Same set. I spent $349
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Nathan Groom
I had been looking at this set for a few months and found it through this vendor at a great price. Even with paying for shipping this set was cheaper than other vendors selling the same set. Comes in two boxes and takes 2-3 hours to assemble (with 2 people) but it’s comfortable and sturdy. It fits great on my smaller deck! Color is exactly the two tone grey wicker pattern shown.
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This set is very classy, pretty! It is small and very low. Can seat 3...but, two comfortably. Fairly easy to put together. Have not used it yet, storing it in the house until weather clears. Seems sturdy, I’m not sure if tall people would be comfortable sitting in it a long period of time. It’s fine for what I want, I have a lot of other seating and price was right.
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Just like the picture. Easy to assemble. Good quality for the price. Came in two boxes on separate days.
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Elizabeth E Warren
First, I want to say how great customer service was. The 2 boxes came weeks apart, but when I emailed for the status of the 2nd, they answered on the same day and the box was only a day away. The packaging was AMAZING. Beautifully done to minimize boxes, and perfectly organized. Assembly was a BREEZE. I love the set for half of my small sunroom!
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Jenae jones
I have read reviews on putting this product together and some say it took 3 days with 2 people to put together but honestly it only took my nephew and I 2 hours. It’s a little smaller than what it looks in the picture on Amazon but was a perfect fit for what I needed. So far I’m liking it.
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Ive seen this set floating around amazon for awhile & finally decided to go for it! It comes with both red pillows and is actually pretty easy to put together. It took my roommate and I about an hour and 30 to open both boxes (which came on different days so dont panic), organize, and put together the pieces.I read other reviews from people saying that holes dont line up or the directions are confusing and my conclusion was that they must have never bought something from Ikea! It is fairly easy to put together and it looks very nice. Perfect for a small patio. The cushions are thick which was important to me but they really aren’t comfortable at all so that is a bummer. Also pay attention to the dimensions people! This set is the corgi of all patio sets- she is lowww to the ground. BUT I do live in a building where all of my neighbors patios are lined up butts-to-nuts style with mine, so I actually like that its low because it adds some privacy.Overall, this is a pretty nice set for the price.
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Not too difficult to set up...BUT because I'm sure these sit around for a while waiting to be shipped all of the cushions have indentations in them that I am hoping come out over time. The cushions you sit on are sort of comfortable, although the back/side pillows are absolutely horrible!!!! They are constantly falling over and don't serve the purpose of comfort that they should. They are just rectangles and useless. This set also does NOT come with clips to keep the furniture together so you need to make sure you order the right ones. The cushion covers are also not machine washable which is a bit aggravating. I did a bunch of searches to find something I liked, but now it looks like I need to spend more money to have better cushions and pillows. The only good pillows are the side red pillows.I haven't put the table together yet that is why there are no photos of it, but if it like the ottoman it will be fine.Spend more money to get better quality, I usually have good luck with these kind of purchases but not this time.
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Rattan couch shouldn't be permitted to absorb water, however, with a covering of veneer; it can sit outside in the downpour. Contrasted with the strong wood couch, the rattan couch is agreeable and more ready to hold cushions that make it simpler on the posterior.

Beautiful cushions will add magnificence to the rattan couch out on your deck at any rate.


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