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White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed
White Bonded Leather Platform Bed

White Bonded Leather Platform Bed

MERCHANT: Overstock BRAND: AC Pacific
21 Reviews
$961.99 - $1114.99
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So Tuft. This dressed-up bed frame brings sartorial elegance into the bedroom and a careful attention to detail that differentiate this bed frame. Diamond tufting accents the headboard, si...
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Modern & Contemporary
Frame Material
Bonded Leather,Chrome,Wood
Bed Design
Platform Bed
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Featured Reviews

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21 Reviews
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7/10 recommendations
Featured 10 Reviews
Easy to put together and very beautiful! I love the crystals and tufts all around they look very nice without being over the top. The pieces were hiding inside the headboard in case I can save anyone time haha
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This is a beautiful headboard! I get compliments from everyone that looks in the room. The only downside is the boards that need assembly, it's very tedious. But worth it.
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Anne P.
I took a risk and ordered this bed that had gems on it, knowing that it could either be really cute or really tacky. Well, I got lucky! The bed is adorable as well as sturdy. I'm so glad I purchased this!
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J Mitch
This. Bed. Is. Gorgeous! It is truly stunning. It has a nice bright white color which is exactly what I wanted, and the crystals add the perfect amount of bling with being too over the top. The leather feels high quality, and I'm sohappy with this purchase!
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Louann M.
Love that it's a platform bed, very sturdy!
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great value
I love this bed and the design of it. It lasted so many movings and still going strong. The material is easy to clean and it's a nice off white color, matte not glossy, which is how I like it.
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Kimberly P.
Middle supports were crap so my contractor had to make some wooden supports for me. After he fixed it it has been a good bed for the price. Didn’t not know when I purchased it that it had rhinestones on the headboard...but it ended up working.
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Kiersten M.
This bed is gorgeous, however it came with a few troubles... First, Overstock shipped it with XPO Logistics. They’re a relatively small freight shopper, and they LOST my package for two weeks. Overstock attributed that to XPO’s growing pains. XPO customer service was downright RUDE and hard to deal with. Needless to say I was displeased with that. Now for the item itself. It arrived and I thought they had just shipped me the headboard. No other parts to be seen in the box. Turns out everything else was stuffed INSIDE the headboard (which has a Velcro accessible back) but there was nothing that pointed that out so I was quite alarmed at first opening of the package. Once I figured that out I unpacked and started to assemble and I found three large black scuffs on the white leather in various locations (thankfully not on the headboard which is what you primarily see) and a small rip in one of the sideboards. The bag of hardware had the improper number of screws and washers for the job so I had to improvise with my random collection of hardware I had at home. One of the large bolt “receptacles” (no idea what those are called) on the headboard was completely cross threaded and you simply could NOT get the bolt in so I had to drill it out and replace with an even bigger bolt. Clearly the manufacturers QA is not on point. Also, the wooden support slats are pretty flimsy. Plop on the bed too hard and you’ll head a crack. I may invest in something better. Overall it’s a lovely bed and seems to be relatively stable (no squeaking or wobbles) but long term durability remains to be seen. It’s pretty so I’m happy but next time I think I’ll shop local to avoid the headaches involved with receiving the product and finding all of the flaws that came along with it.
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White Bonded Leather Platform Bed review
Juliana M.
Never received! I've been on the phone for weeks! Still no bed! I'm sleeping on the floor! Really!!
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Letecia M.
The color was cream/ivory not white! Disappointed with color needed it to match my white dresser and nightstands.
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Questions & Answers

Is this bed a true snow white or a bit off white?
My monitor shows off white.
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Why did you choose this product?
This product also has good ratings and most of the feedback was positive.
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Can I use this with a tempu pedic adjustable bed?
Yes you can
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Does this bed require a box spring?
This is a platform style bed and does not require a box spring.
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Does a standard box spring fit?
A standard queen box queen.
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Hello. The measurements for the queen are: 69.5/60 wide . What does this mean? Why are there two measurements?
Hello Linda, the dimensions listed are the outer dimensions and the inner dimensions of the frame. Thanks for shopping with us!
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Who manufactures this bed?
Hello renee2002, we are unable to disclose the manufacturer of some of our products; however, Overstock.com stands behind every product we sell. When necessary we can contact suppliers if a product issue arises. Thank you for shopping with us.
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Does this bed have a support in the middle that extends to the floor?
Overstock,That is not true. It does have support in the middle that extends to the floor. I have this bed.
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what are the dimensions INSIDE the mattress area of a king size?
Thank you for your question sjsj6. We offer this in a Cal King and a Eastern King. The Cal King is 74 inches width x 86 inches length. The Eastern King is 78 inches width x 82 inches length. Have a great day.
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Does a mattress and low profile box spring fit in this bed?
Hello lisa423, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the information you have requested is currently unavailable. We will continue to try and answer this for you. You will receive an email notification once an answer is posted. Have a great day.
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Whats an E king? Would a california king mattress fit on this bed? either the king or E king?
Thank you for contacting us jessicalynntx. For our mattress size a Cal King would be 72 inches width x 84 inches length. A E King would be 76 inches width x 80 inches length. I hope this will help. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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Are the buttons plastic or crystal rhinestones ?
Hi muffin67, the buttons on this bed are made of plastic. Thanks for shopping with us.
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Hi- I received this Bed and my mattress needed to be squeezed in the box on the sides but there is a 7 inch gap by the headboard. Is this typical?
Hello tanajakupi, This bed is beautiful! Yes, it is normal that there is some space at the top and bottom of the bed. I hope this helps. Thanks for shopping with us.
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Thank you for your question msan46. Unfortunately, there is not enough of a clearance under the bed to store plastic bins. I'm sorry, have a great day.
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What is the clearance on the side of the bed to slide something underneath? Just considering storage options
Thank you for shopping with us neveraging. We are sorry but the information is unavailable at this time. Have a great day.
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Product Tag

California King

A California King Size bed is usually 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. At 7 feet tall the California King Bed is ideal for most of the tall sleepers, in certain scenarios a California King Size bed can also be referred to as a Western King mattress that is specifically designed to accommodate anyone who is more than 6 feet tall as it offers more leg room for tall people. Aside from the slight difference in length and width by 4 inches a California King Sized bed has a lot in common to a regular King Sized bed such as they both provide unmatched comfort and room for couple, and also they are in the same price range. In case you are 6 feet tall you will definitely find the California Size bed more comfortable than any other standard bed mainly due to the extra legroom, plus I would definitely recommend you to get yourself a California King Size bed.


A king size bed is the largest standard bed that you will find in the market plus it measures 76 inches by 80 inches, making it a great and popular choice among couple. Single sleepers with the proper finances also enjoy the luxury and comfort of having a huge bed all to themselves. The King Size bed also comes in different variations which are the California size bed that’s 4 inches longer than a normal king size bed and 4 inches narrower, another variation is the California king size bed, the ideal choice if you are sharing your bed with someone who is more than 6 feet tall. If you are couple looking for a bed with extra comfort and space for the both of you I would highly recommend the King size bed as it’s a combination of unmatched comfort and luxury.


A Queen Size bed is usually 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s a very popular bed as it ideal for various kind of lifestyle, it can suit a wide range of sleepers such as single sleepers looking for a luxurious bed or couple who are shopping on a budget. A queen size bed can fit in most bedrooms making it ideal for couples who want to share a bed plus also its affordability. The Queen Size bed has different variations in case you need a size larger than a normal queen bed but smaller than a king sized bed. These variations include an Olympic queen sized bed which has 6 extra inches on its width and a California queen which has 4 extra inches in length. A queen size bed will fit perfectly well in large bedrooms and smaller bedrooms.

Box Spring Not Required Platform

Platform beds do not require a box spring mattress, as they can support any mattress at all. This makes platform beds highly versatile beds that can be the main bed for a large family home, all the way to being the spare bed in a guest bedroom. The versatility of these beds makes them easy to use, and very easy to work into any bedroom. They can also provide a clean minimalist look, because there is no headboard sticking out and drawing attention. Platform beds are an excellent fit for anyone that wants their bed to be subtle and not draw too much attention. The box-spring-not-required-platform bed is easily customised to look exactly how you want, as there is no headboard dictating the overall style and look of the bed either. The platform bed is recommended for those times when you need a bed to fit into any bedroom setting and can be moved to another room at any time where it will also be a great fit.


A white bed is definitely a show stopper, it’s plain and simple. Despite people referring to white as lack of other colors, a white bed makes quite a statement. It gives your bedroom space a more open and timeless feel, while allowing your bedroom décor to standout even more clearly. A bed with a pure shade of white energizes your entire space giving it a vibrant new look, giving you the illusion of a more light within your bedroom. What makes a white bed a favorite for many is the fact that white as a color creates a relaxing sleep environment. And as you know choosing the right color is very important, since color is like magic and can influence your state of mind and emotions. If there is one thing you should do right is get yourself a white bed and enjoy every single moment you spend in your bedroom.


You may be looking for a bed that is timeless and cost-effective and maybe your life quote is "simplicity is beauty," then you can swear by platform beds. A platform bed is a simple bed frame that has a solid foundation capable to hold any type of mattress without the need of a box spring. It also comes with built-in slats to allow airflow and breathability. And since box springs are unnecessary, you can save money if you decide to buy a new mattress.

Though simple, it doesn't mean that this type of bed is boring. Platform beds come from various materials, such wood, metal, and fiberboard. You may even have them upholstered for an added classic touch! Ideal for all ages, they are also available in different sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. Interestingly, platform beds are great for storing extra stuff since many of them come with drawers and headboard shelving, perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy.

Mattress Included

There’s no time like the present to upgrade your bed and mattress! A good night’s sleep depends on a high quality, comfortable mattress and an eye-catching, practical bed. Included with the beautiful bed frame is a high quality, comfortable, durable mattress. While other brands don’t offer this value, this company provides you with a mattress when you purchase a bed frame/headboard. The mattress included with your purchase is comfortable and long-lasting, and will ensure you get a relaxing, good night’s sleep every night. This mattress is tested for supportive comfort, quality, and durability and will exceed your expectations. Create an inviting, restful and comfortable sleep area while preserving your style and design aesthetics. This bed and mattress are sure to be long-lasting, comfortable, and beautiful. A good night’s sleep is just a click away!


When looking for a bed that will bring class and comfort to your bedroom, all you need is a tufted bed. The tufted bed has a soft headboard that is not only padded but also tufted meaning the fabric is threaded together and secured with either a button or a classy knot. This kind of bed is well known for bringing elegance to a room embodying a cozy aesthetic and providing a focal point. With this kind of bed, you will have a good backrest while watching TV or reading your best novel or magazine. Tufted beds come in different array of colors, sizes, and great styles to pick from. The tufted bed is made in a way that is inviting and a wonderfully elegant way of taking this indulgent opulence to the next level.


If you are looking to get yourself a new bed or you are just refurnishing your bedroom a chrome bed should be a top choice among the categories of beds you intend to get. Chrome beds are now becoming increasingly popular especially with how they are known to transform the way your bedroom looks giving it that classy, modern, and sophisticated look and in addition it’s very easy to maintain. However if you are on a lower budget then a chrome bed might be out of your reach and that’s why it recommend before making a huge purchase such as the chrome bed make sure you have finances in order. With a chrome bed you will not need to be concerned about for how long it will maintain its good posture and looks, with proper maintenance a chrome bed can serve your for over ten years.


Are you looking to improve or upgrade the aesthetic of your bedroom? One great way to do it is through a leather bed specifically designed to meet all your needs. A leather bed can quickly transform the look of your bedroom and make it look more stylish and modern. Over the last decade leather beds have grown in popularity as they bring that luxurious, and contemporary styles into your bedroom. A leather bed also has the tendency to grab the attention of anyone as it acts as the focal point and in the process it enhances the ambience of your bedroom. Cleaning and taking care of a leather bed is very easy, for example when cleaning all you need is a wet cloth. Real leather beds are also very durable, and if your leather bed is made out of real leather you will not need to be concerned about longevity all it needs is proper maintenance and the leather bed will serve you for years.

Single Material

When you need to kick back and unwind on your own, you need a single-material bed. Single-material beds are an excellent choice for anyone that likes simplicity and practicality. Without combining materials, you get a clean and uniform looking bed that will match any bedroom. The con of a single-material bed is that they won’t stand out as much as other beds, but this can also be a pro as well, as it means they’ll easily blend into any room and not take attention away from other features that are nearby. The single-material is recommended if you’re after a bed for a minimalist setting, something that looks very simple and neutral - then you’re going to be satisfied by the single-material bed. Single-material beds also look great when you have two separate beds in the same room - the single-material look really gives the room a strong, matching and consistent appearance.


Upholstered beds are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to their versatility, convenience, and comfort. It has become so common to come across a well-designed upholstered bed, for example you could be reading through your favorite home magazine and start to notice how good bedrooms fitted with upholstered beds look. With an upholstered bed you can customize you bedroom the way you want without worrying whether the bed will bring out the best of your bedroom since upholstered bed work perfectly with any type of bedroom décor. Whether you are a modern minimalist or a maximalist, an upholstered bed can be customized to fit your aesthetic or to match the rest of your bedroom furniture from your bohemian wall art to your traditional nightstands. Unlike wooden beds an upholstered bed gives you a chance to customize your bed’s design and color pattern.


A wooden bed is a very popular choice especially when you are out buying a bed for your kids as they come with a number of advantages. Such as: wooden beds are known to be long lasting. At one point in life most of us have slept in a wooden bed, plus wooden beds can be traced back in history to our Tudor ancestors. If you opt to get you kid a bed of his or her own a wooden bed is always the best choice, since they are much easier to clean and maintain since its common knowledge how messy a child’s bedroom become. What makes a wooden bed the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is its ability to withstand everything your child throws at it. This is because wooden beds are known to be sturdy and robust no matter the environment they are in.

Modern Contemporary

Are looking to Give your modern bedroom design a platform. The design that even after many years you will still feel its modern. I have the answer for you. The modern-contemporary style gives you the new cutting age. The modern- contemporary beds are crafted from the highest quality materials. They give you a feel of form and classic feel of this designs gives an appeal that transcends passing trends. The style is Charming because its designed with grace and distinction. Come get yours today and make your bedroom a haven of dreams. This style may not be your personal taste, but we have a wide variety for you to pick from. Especially during summer, the contemporary style will be awesome when Natural light from your windows emulates the all bedroom making it look like a small haven. Contemporary-modern styles are modern and current with the styles of the moment and future.


A bed can be referred as a piece of furniture which is used as a place to fall asleep and relax. In this modern age beds consist of a soft cushioned mattress and a bed frame, the mattress is usually resting on a sprung base, solid base, or a wood slats. Beds come in different sizes ranging from infant-sized cribs to small beds that can just accommodate one person, to large king and queen sized beds designed for two or more people. Most bed are usually a single mattress and a fixed frame, however there are other varieties such as a sofa bed, which folds out of a sofa or a murphy bed that folds in to a wall. Other beds can be referred as temporary beds as they contain neither a bedframe nor a mattress, a good example is the inflatable air mattress or the folding camp cot.


Leather is a traditional upholstery material for a reason. It looks great, feels fantastic and is long-lasting. It also has some symbolism attached to it - leather upholstery says things without verbalising them. It says "class". It says "luxury". It says "style". If you've got a need or a want for an upholstery material that's ticks the classic and traditional boxes, as well as the box that says "magnificence" at the same time - then it's the leather upholstery material that you're going to wish your bed was made from. Leather is a strong and durable material, that is scratch-resistant and won’t wrinkle or crease up - it’s an excellent choice for anyone that needs their bed to be not just a status symbol, but also a good long-term, practical decision. Treat yourself to something special, and choose leather.

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