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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut
Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut
Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut
Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut

Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut

MERCHANT: Amazon BRAND: Winsome
1472 Reviews
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The Shaker-style Groveland Dining Table is a classic. Its sturdy Solid Wood construction gives the table long-lasting durability, while the warm Walnut finish brings out the richness of th...
product dimensions
29.53"d x 29.53"w x 29.13"h
item weight
29.45 pounds
frame material

Featured Reviews

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1472 Reviews
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8/8 recommendations
Featured 8 Reviews
I got the walnut that was 119 then it dropped to 116 but the other walnut for 249 I could find no difference in the pics that are posted. The description is slightly different but the pic for each is the same. I couldn't be more happier. I actually wouldn't mind having the oak as well but I have no room. LOL. I actually already have a dining table that I love but I had to have this. I will try to sale my more expensive table now. I'm single and moving to a smaller apartment this fit the bill. I hope they have the weight right that is listed as it seemed perfect for me to move on my own but when this table arrived at the door it was a struggle to move. Once built, I can pick it up completely and move it but going up stairs won't be fun or possible for me maybe. Last thing in regards to putting it together, instructions were so small I couldn't see them so I just built it as I could see the pictures of the screws and washers. I used my battery operated drill to help with the hardest part and then tightened with the provided tool. However, I did put the legs on the wrong side and had to take them each off and place on the outside of the square, when the table is upside down on the floor. Also, it's not as flat looking, it has a bit of sheen to it and the bottom of the table is rough as another review stated. Not enough to make it an issue. I'll post a picture when I have it set up.Read more
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This is obviously not where the table is staying but the table is PERFECT! I love the color, it is made with real wood, totally sturdy, and was easy to put together (probably took 10 minutes by myself, the legs screw in with an allen wrench). It is the perfect size for a small kitchen or apartment and could fit two people or can still fit four comfortably if needed. Can’t beat it for the price!
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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut reviewWinsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut reviewWinsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut review
Naida C. Roden
All I needed was a table for a small space and I found it with this table. The wood is beautiful and it was smaller than expected however that suited my needs perfectly. It is sturdy and it was very easy to assemble. I love my new table. I already had chairs so it was perfect for my needs
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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut review
Honestly this was the only table I could find that would be functional in this little dining area. We are renting a small place while house hunting and out larger table doesn't fit. This one is great for the price and is very sturdy and well made.
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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut reviewWinsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut review
Linda Hulse
I got it for cheap. So, really can’t complain!
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I was impressed with the quality. Went together perfectly and the finish is excellent. Very good product.
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Critical Thinker
Real Wood! Good price for a small dining table. The table looks nice and definitely seems very sturdy. I did notice that the finish (the wood stain) was a little uneven on the legs. I arranged the two best legs to face outward into the room. Also, the table top has tiny indentations along the grain pattern. It looks okay. But if you want a table where you can sit and write on paper (Does anyone still do this?) then you will want a table with a perfectly smooth finish. Otherwise, this table is fine for eating or playing games. I also bought the Better Homes and Gardens Bankston Dining Chairs set of 2 in mocha color (from a different retailer). Total price for table and chairs was just under $200. That is a great price for a dining set that I expect will last for years.
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Winsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut reviewWinsome Wood Groveland Dining, Walnut review
Amazon Customer
This is a great little table. Sturdy and well made. Unfortunately it was too small for our needs. Had to return!
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Questions & Answers

Is there round style on this product
Yes winsome wood does have a round table similar in style the wood collection I believe is called Hannah
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Would you say that the finish is darker, lighter or about the same as what is pictured?
It is a little lighter than what is pictured. Nice table!
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What type of wood is this?
The description states Beachwood but this must be a typo. The correct way would be Beech Wood which btw absorbs a lot of moisture which makes it not good to be used in locations where air can get humid or very damp. https://www.myconcept.com.hk/blogs/news/125808323-beech-wood-vs-ash-wood-vs-oak-wood-furniture-which-is-better
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How tall is the table
The Specifications state the height of the table is 29 inches, while the Floor Clearance is 26.38".
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