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Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak
Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak

Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak

MERCHANT: Amazon BRAND: Winsome
591 Reviews
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Product DescriptionStraightforward and economical, this Winsome Wood 42-inch round drop leaf table doesn't scrimp on quality: sturdy solid/composite wood construction and subtle tailoring ...
light oak
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591 Reviews
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Featured 5 Reviews
David Liguori
Not rock solid compared to a good fixed table, but plenty sturdy enough to serve a meal without spilling your soup and beverages. Even if it were less sturdy, unlikely to be kicked since it seats 4 comfortably. Could probably seat a couple more in a pinch. As attractive as the pictures. Assembled easily without bothering with the instructions. Folds easily, unfolding takes some practice. In summary, I am pleased with the product. On the minus side, packed with Styrofoam that crumbled easily. Box was full of crumbs that got all over the carpet and, ultimately, a cat's fur, during unboxing and assembly. It seems unlikely it couldn't be packed in a way that is effective, economical, more environmentally friendly and less of a nuisance.
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As you can see in the picture, with one side folded down it will still fit three people and be very comfortable. If a fourth person needs to sit, the table is just pulled out and the back leaf is put up. It is very good looking, very sturdy, and easy to assemble. The only thing on assembly is please read the instructions first. Had we done so that would’ve helped.
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Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak review
Jane Williams
Sturdy table, good quality for the price.
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Jessy Kihs
I needed a 42" round dining table for my small dining area and I searched for over a year and didn't find anything reasonably priced. I saw this double-drop leaf table during one of my insomniac Amazon travels and thought for the price it was worth the try - at least in the interim! All wood, right size, great price, and I really liked the simple shape/style (most gate leg tables are pretty ornate).The first and second table I got came badly dented but Amazon was fantastic and made the returns super easy and shipped the next table with Fedex and this time it arrived unharmed.The leafs don't line up perfectly*, and you can see the wood finger joints, and the folding brackets are exposed across the legs -- but for the price I don't care. BUT as others have mentioned the legs do need something to keep them in place - this is partly a design flaw (which most gate leg drop leaf tables seem to have) and partly due to the crappy furniture leg feet/pads they provide. If you have this table on a rug the issue might not be as bad but on hardwood floors it's downright dangerous. The whole table/legs can slide and leafs can drop with just a gentle push! I knew rubber feet were the answer. So here's my fix: This table requires M6 Adjustable Thread Screw On Leveling Feet. So I bought some uxcell M6 16mm Male Thread Rubber Vibration Isolator Mounts.Now the table and the gate legs do not even budge. The tabletop still wiggles a little when I try shaking it... or when I'm cutting a steak. But for under $100 this table might stick around for far longer than I first gave it credit for.Read more
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Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak review
Victoria Wang
After searching online for a month for a 42in round dining table, I decided to order this one due to its high ratings and affordable price. Although my package arrived on time, the box was completely ripped open. Luckily only a small part of the tabletop was dented (not enough for me to go through the hassle of sending it back), but I still deducted stars due to poor packaging/shipping.Pros: Assembly was basically nonexistent and took 5 minutes- I was able to do it by myself, and I'm not particularly very handy or strong. Perfect size for four people to sit comfortably. The wood color is very warm and very attractive- much better than I thought it would be. I paired this table with four Eames style chairs and it looks gorgeous; all of the chairs are able to slide under the table as well since it is a good height. I don't predict that I will use the drop leafs but it's nice to have the option of folding up the table. The table is pretty versatile in terms of style which is why I originally liked it- you can make it more modern or traditional depending on your chairs/decor.Cons: Obviously the packaging was horrible as mentioned above and resulted in a dented product. Also as other reviewers have mentioned, the table is a little wobbly but usable. As another reviewer recommended, I attached M6 x 16mm rubber mounts on the legs which has stabilized the feet so the leaves don't fall if you accidentally kick one of the legs, but this doesn't completely get rid of the wobbliness. Also, the drop leafs have gaps when you have them fully open (again, liveable and usable, but I predict crumbs might build up inside the gaps over time).Overall, it was a good buy for the price and exactly what I needed. I wish the packaging had been nicer and that the drop leaves matched up a little better, but as I had scoured the reviews beforehand, I knew what I was paying for.Read more
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Winsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak reviewWinsome Wood Hannah Dining, Light Oak review

Questions & Answers

Diameter with leaf Dia. without leaf?
Lizzie, we couldn't have purchased a more appropriate table for our needs, a tight little rental that we own. Kitchen is so tiny no regular dining table would fit. The family drops the "leaves" after the meal, and it sits tidily under a window at only 10-12" wide. The two chairs are sturdy enough, fit okay at the si… see more
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What is the height from the floor to the underside of the top?
I think it's slightly less than 28 inches. The leg struts that also hold the table top flat jut down about three inches from the underside of the table top, but don't get in my way.
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Can table be painted?
Not sure. It has a light finish - some kind of clear - shellac or something. I would imagine that a light sandpaper treatment would be enough to prepare the table for paint! Good luck! We LOVE this table!
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how well does the finish hold up?
Holds up very nicely. I do use place mats or table cloths when using.
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The legs of tables vary with the styles that the carpenter choose to use while making the table. The legs of the table might be looped legged that allow the table to have a round legs that originate from one end to the other end. Other designs include pedestal legs that have a single stand that connect the slated potions that touch the ground. The pedestal tables are perfect due to the strong arm that hold the table diligently. The tables are also ideal for dining usage but not ideal for kitchen use as its looks do not portray the best look for kitchen use. This base provides strong anchorage for tabletop, making the dining table not to wobble. It is also suitable because, it gives the table the power to ease movement and minimize on the space. With this base one can choose from a wide variety of styles, depending on one’s preference. The base can support many chairs making suitable for large family set-up.


We always want a cluttered free clean space. For this, we must increase storage options in our home, but the problem we face most of the time we run out of space. This problem can easily be solved if you add the storage option to your dining tables. So if you choose the right storage furniture then this will reduce cutter to a great extent. Instead of some clunky chests, you can choose storage dining tables. These storage dining tables also look very stylish and organized. We place some necessary things on dining tables you can easily make your table more spacious if you go for a storage option for storing. You can get a variety of styles and sizes for storage dining tables. They can fit in any space whether large or small and also in any interior design. These storage kitchen dining tables are generally lightweight and are not too much heavy. Their glossy finish and bold colours are the main reasons for their choice. Though you can choose any colour of your preference. Thus, for an organized look, you can choose storage kitchen dining tables.


The Kitchen dining area is a space where you get together with your family members and enjoy your meal. You can come across different materials used for dining tables. A dining table is a centrepiece in a dining room. So, you have to think before choosing the right materials for your table. Wooden table tops increase the warmth of your dining area. You can opt for wooden dining tables. You can simply add a touch of elegance to your dining area by using a wooden dining table with some mixed colours of chairs. You can also choose some dark wooden shade. If you want to create some pastel theme then you can also use some lighter wooden shade. You can simply use wooden logs as your table top. You can also choose any hardwood or softwood like oak, pine, etc. Wooden dining tables can perfectly with any of your interior themes. There are a lot of styles available for wooden tables which will give your Kitchen dining Table area a new dimension.


The dining table is more than just a place to eat but it is the social centre of the household. Many of the dining tables come in various sizes and shapes. You can prefer round kitchen tables, it will add a touch of elegance to your dining area. Round tables occupy very little space and you can easily attach them to your kitchen area. It will offer you a cozy family meal. Round dining tables give a sober and clean look. Round dining tables utilize better use of space in a small area. The main advantage of round tables is that you do not need to think too much to decorate. You can choose some dark shades of colour for your table in contrast to a lighter room. Catching someone’s attention is much easier at round dining tables. This gives a pleasant experience. Round dining tables have the same size as there are no corners that waste space. This also gives you a light and airy feel while having food with your family or friends.


The Casual style of dining table is a style that gives you freedom to either customize according to your preference. Casual styles are informal, hence making the colors used are neutral and soft colors. The dining table style is extra elegant and eye-catching, hence making them a focal point of view. Casual style has unique features to that are modern and comfortable dining. With causal style it gives the user a chance to decide on the kind of dining table they want for kitchen or dining room. The designs are also modern and crispy. The furnishings are inviting and comfortable, offering a relaxed boho feel that is enhanced by natural materials and fabrics. Casual styles of dining table will give your kitchen or dining room a cozy or comfortable look.

Drop Leaf

With the drop-leaf extension, the user can simply decide to add a few more chairs and extend the table to its full potential if needed arises. Drop leaf tables are designed to give you the space you need. When your living space is limited, having furniture that doesn't dominate your home is essential. For those that have small apartments or want more space, drop leaf tables can be a great solution. The extension matches well with the rest of décor in your house. Combine a drop leaf table and other décor in your room and you'll create a very flexible space, which can either be a cozy breakfast nook, a work desk or the seating area in your spacious kitchen. The classic design creates a simple but contemporary look. Drop-leaf is also suitable for people who love to economize on space, meaning you can save on space but when more guests come to your house you can simply extend the tabletop.


When furnishing your kitchen or dining room choosing a dining table is a very crucial decision you have to make. The dining table whether it’s in the kitchen or dining room it serves the same primary purpose, as a place where you, your family members and at times even close friends come together to share a meal. A dining table comes in different sizes from one that can accommodate either a large family or a small family. They also come in different shapes from square, rectangle, to round. The popularity of the dining table can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and since then the dining table has appeared in many dining rooms across several centuries. For example, during the Victorian era dining tables were used to display of social and family status. And up-to-date dining rooms with dining tables are considered to be fancy especially when the furniture matches the design or décor of the entire dining room or area.


Hardwood wood types are extremely versatile and easy to work with. Some examples of hardwoods include oak, cherry, maple, ash and poplar wood. Hardwoods come from trees that have leaves and produce a fruit or nut. Any type of hardwood variety can be used to craft very durable, long-lasting furniture pieces. Hardwoods often have distinct markings in the wood and beautiful variations in the colors, grain patterns and textures of the wood. Hardwood varieties vary in their tones/colors; however, most are a warm, rich color. Kitchen or dining tables crafted of a hardwood variety are available in a range of designs to suit different home décor motifs; for example, some kitchen tables can be crafted to be more modern or industrial by adding glass or metal to the table. Hardwoods are an ideal wood to create distinct and ornate details on the tables; this enhances the beauty and elegance of the table.


If you’re looking for durable dining table wood, Oak is a smart choice for you. This wood species is dense and hard with a deep natural grain that has the texture you can see and feel. It's one of the most durable dining tabletop options you'll find. With a wide and open grain, it holds up especially well to surface scratches and can very easily be sanded and refinished. The wood is easier to clean and takes scratches and dents well. Oak dining table is best for everyday use especially for families with young children. The wood is hard and can withstand constant use. The wood can last decades with simple care. Kitchen dining tables made using this wood are usually beautiful and elegant. The furnish makes them illuminate the dining room, and anyone entering the room will automatically notice the dining table. Oak is very practical and functional because it is resistant to dings and dents.

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