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7 Drawers Dresser With Marble Top, Dark Burl
7 Drawers Dresser With Marble Top, Dark Burl

7 Drawers Dresser With Marble Top, Dark Burl

MERCHANT: Houzz BRAND: Simple Relax
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Add a traditional look to your bedroom with the inclusion of this sophisticated and elegant seven-drawer dresser. Crafted with a dark burl finish, it features a beautiful, refined open car...
Manufactured By
Simple Relax
Sold By
W 63.75" / D 17.75" / H 38.25" / 218.46 lb.
Dark Burl
Wood, Marble
Assembly Required

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Marble is one of the most popular as an elegant and high-quality material for dressers and chests. Marble produces an outclass look and the majestic appearance can instantly elevate the look and atmosphere of your dining room. These dressers and chests are available in a huge range of lovely shades and colors. You can even have mosaic inspired marble dresser by mixing different marble types and coming up with a brilliant piece of art. When it comes to durability, be assured that your dresser and chest will serve you for decades. If you want to know how to maintain this feature, simply ensure during installation you either get qualified personnel to do it for you. You can also wipe the surface top using a clean rug. It is also important to note that marble is a soft rock and can get easily scratched over time if not well maintained.


When it comes to durability, stone used to make dresser and chest will give you as long a duration of time. The Stone dresser and chest are virtually life-proof because, it resists water, scratches, and take well. This feature is incredibly durable and hardy so the lifespan of the stone dresser and chest is very long. You can enhance beauty by placing a flower vase on the top surface the results are always stunning. Stone dresser and chests your home’s value in case you are planning to sell the property in the future. It is also naturally cool to the touch and the texture. It does not cause a room to heat up or contribute to the humidity of the weather. Surprisingly, stone radiates heat and conducts heat very well. They keep your home nice. However, it makes dressers and chest heavy hence limiting portability.


Over the last two decades traditional furniture such as traditional dressers and chests have really grown in popularity. As they are basically the representation of a style that is prevalent to a particular era, which can still be used today as they have maintained a certain level of elegance. Some of the advantages that are associated with traditional dressers and chests is that they never go out of style, instead they tend to have a special place in the modern day décor. Having lasted for a good amount of time since they were manufactured a traditional dresser or chest is a clear indication of the furniture’s quality, a dresser or chest ability to survive for a couple of decades. Another reason why you should go for a traditional dresser or chest is because they are cost effective and some of the pieces might be quite valuable.


Dressers are one of the few categories of furniture that are commonly made of one material, wood. They usually are wide and short, making them ideal for small and large spaces rooms. Beyond mere tradition, wood construction in dressers is simply the most versatile and reliable building material. While the majority of dressers will be wood, there are notable exceptions and eye-catching in a room, making them a focal point of admiration. They are also meant to provide a space you can dress in front of the top serves as a table to place clothes and space for a mirror. The overall design of a dresser is its most defining feature, giving way to the considerations of build, style, and any other features. Dressers function perfectly in a bedroom, where you or your guest can have easier access to clothes or mirrors if installed.

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